Free fiction Kindle books for 19 Nov 18


by Kelly Slamrump

Ready to experience those taboo, forbidden fantasies of yours…

Then jump right into this 90 story collection of stories so hot, so sexy, and so explicit that they’re barely even allowed to be read!

A Man Too Old for a Place Too Far (The Forgotten Child Trilogy Book 1)

by Mark W Sasse

If she wanted help changing the world for one forgotten child, she chose the wrong man. Seventy-two-year-old Francis Frick would scorn his own family to close another deal, but that doesn’t bother Bee, the small, childish, flying being that haunts his bedroom each night. She is an optimist, seeing potential where none exists, and so she hovers above Frick’s bed, eating pomegranates, and waiting for his eyes to open to the possibilities. One night, it finally happens. A rogue droplet of juice slips through her fingers and hits the sleeping Manhattan businessman on the forehead, thrusting him on a series of baffling adventures to some of the twentieth century’s most brutal regimesâ??all to help Bee save a forgotten child of history.

A Man Too Old for a Place Too Far is part one of The Forgotten Child Trilogyâ??a one-of-a-kind adventure that mixes time travel, magical realism, and historical fiction into a contemporary story about an old man, his estranged daughter, and a tiny flying being in a white robe, who chooses to believe that anything can happen with enough prodding and an endless supply of pomegranates.


by Sasha Slamhard

Think you can handle these panty-melters!? Then crack this 90 story collection WIDE OPEN and find out!


by Amelia Wilde

My newest secretary has a secret.
How dirty can it be?

The first time I see her, she’s on her knees. One the sidewalk. In public.

Any man would want her on her knees in private.

I’m not any man.

I don’t intend to want her. I intend to have her.

But the more I learn about Vivienne, the more I know one thing for sure: she’s hiding something.

I’ll have her secrets if it’s the last thing I do.

Undercover is book one in the Reckless Kiss duet. Finish the story in Caught, the thrilling conclusion!

ROUGH STUFF WITH THE MAN OF THE HOUSE – Explicit Stories of Putting it in Forbidden Places!

by Stacy Swallohs

Punish me… pretty please?

A deliciously naughty collection, all about messy finishes and the good, dirty stuff…


by Temptation Tales

Hot, delectable older women… curvy, thick and tempting!

Sound good? We know it does! If you love those sexy MILFs and all of their mouth-watering appeal, then these 20 stories are sure to get the job done…

Hottest Mommy Taboo Collection: Adult Erotika Explicit Rough Short Stories – Daddy, First Time, Milfs & More…

by Anita Charles

35 stories of the hottest, dirtiest, hardcore stories around!

Think you can handle them?

Strange Surprise: Lesbian Taboo Short Storys Collection for Adults

by Milana Reilly

Taboo stories of the hottest, dirtiest, hardcore stories around!

Think you can handle them?

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