Free historical fiction Kindle books for 19 Nov 18

Painting Kuwait Violet

by Pamela Q. Fernandes

In 1996, a young graduate, Violet Baretto leaves Goa to work in oil-rich Kuwait as a maid for a wealthy Kuwaiti woman. To her horror, she finds herself accused of theft, her colleagues assaulted, thrown from moving cars or performing ‘favors.’

Sabah Dashti, the Kuwaiti matriarch can’t tell Violet the truth; nine of Sabah’s previous maids have absconded, five of them were found pregnant or that the police think she’s running a prostitution ring. Sabah has no idea who’s responsible.

Kuwait is still patriarchal and women are second-class citizens. Despite their differences, both Sabah and Violet are hungry for success as it will give them a chance to live life on their own terms. Together they build a thriving business. But a woman-hating, killer has set eyes on them and will not let them succeed at any cost.

Poignant, chilling and honest, Painting Kuwait Violet underlines the reality of women on either side of the country’s class divide.

A Branch Too Weak (The Golden Empire Series Book 1)

by Richard Roux

Danny Vance was an ambitious young man. Like thousands of other Americans, he was enticed west when word of gold in California reached the rest of the United States. It became his goal to reach California to “see the elephant.” Faced with struggle, sacrifice, violence, and himself on a daily basis, he pushed his limits to achieve his dreams. The journey west wasn’t what he expected; it rarely was. Will Danny Vance make it to California, or give up like so many others? Will he find his fortune? Will he find himself? Only he could provide the answers.


by Kate Hamilton

Little Deeping, Westshire in the mid 1950s and internationally renown concert pianist, Viktor Schapansky unexpectedly inherits the beautiful Stardene Manor. But should Lily – wild and bizarre as she is – have inherited? After all she was Sir Thomas Neville’s ward.
She and Viktor find their lives become closely entwined. But the very walls hold dark and tragic secrets, that Lily is terrified will emerge.
A story of mystery, drama and enduring love, set in deepest English countryside.
If you enjoy Daphne du Maurier, E. M. Forster, Kate Morton, L.P. Hartley, you will love this.

The Glass Planet 5: The Apocrypha of Gwydion

by N. Morgan Reed

Our characters, Antony and Bethany continue from earlier in the Glass Planet series, and they make a new life in Egypt. The grandson joins them and finds adventure in discovery of the Apocryphal texts of the ancient Bible. Antony translates them and for Gwydion, who is slightly autistic, these stories come alive in his imagination.
Using fictional characters, the author takes the reader through a journey of discovery, uncovering the secret Extra-terrestrial origins of the bible and other god centered religions around the world. By combing through the new translations of the Nag Hammadi Library and the Dead Se Scrolls, N. M. Reed through her characters, an autistic boy of dubious breeding, his strange angelic sister, and his grounded rancher wife, and a host of others, find passages and old stories that seem to be the log of experiences of encounters of a third kind: actual contact and instruction from alien visitors. Stories that were the inspiration for the final draft of the bible, but were taken out and literally buried in the sands of time, only to be discovered haplessly by travelers thousands of years later. The progenitors of our civilization were describing aliens encounters, but didn’t know how to say that. They just viewed these powerful “star-people” as gods. All of the great religions seemed to have been formed this way. Why else would humanity be so enthralled and have such a devotion and reverence to anything, if it weren’t something absolutely amazing and out of this world. So instead of god being an unknowable, unfathomable force to human kind, lurking in the unknown void of heaven or hell, our gods are the blood spirit and intellectual ancestors and genetic makeup of our own selves. And interestingly, this brings us full circle back to the true-believers who are sure that the bible is a literal translation of the word of god. And looking at it as the experiences with the alien progenitors of our modern human race, providing the missing link in our evolution, it just might be so.

Phantoms of The Past

by Hitesh Goenka

An old woman reminisces her childhood filled with inconsolable suffering. She gives courage to another victim by narrating her story.

Amethyst (La Saga dei Chase Vol. 1) (Italian Edition)

by Lauren Royal

Londra, 1666

Amethyst Goldsmith fabbrica gioielli favolosi, ma il suo futuro non è brillante come i pezzi che crea. Anche se la tradizione dice che deve sposare l’apprendista di suo padre, il suo cuore si ribella a questa unione. Pochi giorni, e Amy sarà condannata a un matrimonio opprimente, senza amore e non vede via d’uscita, finché il terribile incendio del 1666 devasta Londra e la tragedia la fa finire tra le braccia di un affascinante aristocratico che sa riconoscere un diamante grezzo quando lo vede…

Colin Chase, il Conte di Greystone, ha già programmato tutto il suo futuro. Sta cercando di riportare all’antica gloria il suo castello in rovina e la sua tenuta, e la chiave di tutto è la sua futura, ricchissima, sposa. Ma il Grande Incendio scombina i suoi piani, scaricandogli addosso un grosso problema, nella persona della figlia di un umile mercante, della quale, purtroppo, si innamora…

Schwert und Schild â?? Sir Morgan, der Löwenritter Band 22: Verrat! (German Edition)

by Tomos Forrest

Schwert und Schild РSir Morgan, der L̦wenritter Band 22: Verrat!

Ein geheimer Waffentransport wird überfallen und alle Beteiligten hinterrücks getötet. Es sieht nach Verrat aus. Doch wer war es, der die Lieferung an die Räuber verraten hat und dessen Name einem sterbenden Fuhrknecht unmittelbar vor seinem Tod über die Lippen gekommen sein soll? Au�er den Fuhrknechten, einer erlesenen und äu�erst vertrauenswürdigen Truppe von Männern, die extra vom Sheriff für diese Aufgabe erwählt wurden sowie einer ganz kleinen Gruppe von Rittern, die mit dem Sheriff eng zusammenarbeiten, wusste nur noch ein einziger Mann von diesem Transport- Sir Morgan of Launceston, der Sohn Sir Ronans, dem High Sheriff of Cornwall�

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