Free horror Kindle books for 19 Nov 18

Sarah’s Wishing Box (Sorbrin’s Twisted Treasures Book 1)

by Lisa Vickery

Sarah gets more than she bargained for when she finds her grandmother’s wishing box. The box will grant her every desire, but it wants something in return. We have all been warned to be careful what we wish for, Sarah will learn the hard way what this truly means. Journey with Sarah as she finds her way from typical housewife and mother to the strong heroine her family needs her to be. This book is full of heartbreak, family tragedy, seduction, and magic, with many twists and turns.

B-Movie Attack

by Alan Spencer

No B-movie monster stays dead forever!

It was supposed to be a fun screening of an old schlocky horror film at a university auditorium. Unfortunately, Morgue Vampire Tramps Find Temptation at the Funeral Home was possessed by demons able to bring the hideous title characters to life. Now the vampires are aliveâ?¦and they want company. After gaining access to a vault filled with horror films confiscated by film censors, the vampires have set out to unleash an army of monsters on Chicago with each reel they show. Who will survive an invasion of creatures from B-movies like The Intestinator, Slasher Girls, and The 500 Foot Hooker? And what will be left of them?

The Reality of Perception

by Verwayne Greenhoe

Ever have an experience that left you wondering, ‘What just happened?’ Have you ever thought you’ve seen something that, upon second glance, wasn’t there? Ever wake up, positive someone or something was watching you, perhaps touching you? I’m not sure what I believe but I do know I’ve witnessed and unwittingly and many times, unwillingly, participated in some weird stuff. Reality and perception are intertwined concepts easily confused, especially when physical pain or emotional stress is involved. These short stories may test you… was it real? Or… was it something else?

Demon Mansion

by Alan Spencer

The handsome and very rich investment tycoon Remy Bitterman is retiring. Celebrating the occasion in high style, Remy is inviting all of his rich friends to his huge LA mansion for a party to remember. Food, spirits, and music will be offered up in decadent excess, as well as some serious death and dismemberment.

Remy Bitterman has a big secret. He is a demon in human disguise. After the demon tires of living in one body over a period of time, he moves on to another host to occupy. With each body change, this demon enjoys a bloody sendoff of the highest order. Tonight, this demon has many deadly surprises tucked away in the sub-levels of his lavish abode for his guests to enjoy.

One thing’s for certain, this demon’s bloody bash will be an occasion to remember. Read Demon Mansion, and RSVP for an evening of carnage and mutilation.

Muñeca de Porcelana (Spanish Edition)

by �scar González Pardo


Muñeca de porcelana no es un poemario al uso, no es un poemario más, es un poemario especial para quien lo ha escrito, ya que en el año que lo ha finalizado es el décimo aniversario de la publicación de su opera prima, y para los autores su primer libro es algo muy especial, es el salto al atrevimiento de dar a conocer sus pensamientos y lo que esconde su alma.

Por ello, Muñeca de Porcelana está escrito como homenaje a aquella opera prima, pero también está dedicado a todos los autores que alguna vez publicaron su primera obra. Aparte, Muñeca de Porcelana es un libro de realidades y de ver el mundo como es. Es otro homenaje a los lectores, que sin ellos ningún autor llegaría a hacer realidad su sueño de cada día.

Muñeca de porcelana alberga una etapa del autor en la que se encuentra investigando nuevas formas de poesía, y como en un laboratorio, está probando nuevas formas de expresión y nuevos tipos de versos, estrofas y metáforas para dar más brillo y más musicalidad a cada una de sus obras.


Ã?scar González (Logroño, La Rioja, 1983) Publicó su primer libro de poemas titulado “POESIA DE CRITERIO”. Ha colaborado con la revista literaria Remolinos, fundada y dirigida por Paolo Astorga en Perú. Ha sido publicado un poema suyo en la antología poética INSPIRACION OTOÃ?AL, editado y publicado por el Centro de Estudios Poéticos en el año 2011. En 2014 publica “SUEÃ?OS Y SOMBRAS”. En septiembre de 2014, es publicado un poema suyo en la Antología de Poesía Española Contemporánea: “Del Uno al Otro Confín”. En 2015 se le publica un poema en la Antología de Poesía Española Contemporánea “Y LO DEMAS ES SILENCIO” (Volumen I). En 2016 publica “MIENTRAS DUERMAN LOS VERSOS”. En 2017 publica su último libro “MUÃ?ECA DE PORCELANA” con Ediciones Alféizar.

The Tide of Terror

by Stuart G. Yates

A telephone call to the local veterinarian’s office breaks the peace of Alderney Island.

After several reports of injured animals in rapid succession, vet Jenny sets out to examine what might be causing the injuries.

Later the same night, she’s roused from her sleep by strange sounds and an unnerving chill in the air. Something unnatural is lurking in the shadows, causing her stomach to churn with fear.

But what connects the mysterious attacks, the remains of a concentration camp on the island, and the dark, grotesque figure who consistently appears in Jenny’s dreams?

On the small channel island, she must uncover the mystery… or die trying.

Praise from readers:

“A hidden gem with great characters, wonderful pace, and an engaging story. The story really sucked me in with its mood and mystery. I will certainly read more from this author and recommend this.” – Kindle Customer

“Truly has a little bit of everything… A great book.” – ChristinaB, Amazon Review

66 días ante el reinado de la bestia: libro 1 (El inicio) (Spanish Edition)

by Uriel G. Raga

Puedes leer bajo tu propia responsabilidad. Los sucesos descritos en este libro, son hechos ficticios.
La historia relata los 66 días antes de que inicie el reinado de la bestia sobre el mundo y el hombre. Damon White, sufre un contratiempo que cambia toda su vida en un instante.
En medio del caos y la desesperación, Damon hará lo imposible para sobrevivir a las hordas de los que no pueden morir; la gran pregunta es, ¿vale la pena sobrevivir en el infierno?
Con castigos y afrentas que torturan la mente y el cuerpo, el protagonista tendrá que enfrentarse al peor enemigo de todos, para entender qué hará cuando el mundo se vuelva un abismo oscuro y estéril.

Creepypasta! : Fifteen Tales of Horror and Suspense

by Gregory West

The Internet is haunted.

An entire town in rural Pennsylvania disappears without a trace…until a chilling 911 call reveals their final moments.

A graphic artist ends up Photoshopping his own murder scene.

Five identical vacant lots sit unused in some of the wealthiest cities on Earth – and they’re growing.

A strange sitcom plays late at night on an unlisted TV channel, and the characters have a message for you…

Immerse yourself in some of the darkest tales of the Internet with these fourteen tales of the terrifying and the macabre, written by Gregory West and Hayley Wicker.

Death’s Dark Horse: Supernatural Mystery (January Chevalier Supernatural Mysteries Book 1)

by Silver Nord

A missing sister.

A supernatural crime that reeks of a setup.

January Chevalier wishes she’d never come home to Hailfield.

No one ever tried to frame her for murder when she was still working as a vampire-slaying bounty hunter.

But apparently someone knows her secret.

Is it the same person who’s been leaving Voodoo death curses on her doorstep?

Or does it have something to do with the tyrannical new pack leader, who uses black magic to get his way?

All January wants to do is find her sister and bake her cakes.

But the past she ran from is still waiting for her in Hailfield.

Pick up this supernatural mystery today and you’ll be up all night turning the pages to catch the killer!

Praise for Death’s Dark Horse:

“I always love novels that portray fierce female protagonists, and Death’s Dark Horse does not disappoint.” – Ashley

“This book was sheer fun and a joy to read.” – S.J.Foulkes

Celestial Magic (Celestial Marked Book 1)

by Emma L. Adams

Devi Lawson has a talent for breaking the rules. It’s second only to her skill at hunting down demons — too bad the angelic guild of celestial soldiers didn’t appreciate her efforts. In fact, they kicked her out.

And now she’s being accused of murdering one of their own.

To clear her name, she must work hand in hand with the demons she used to hunt, including the sexy warlock Nikolas Castor. Not only is his magic entirely too close to the killer she’s pursuing, but he seems to think Devi is marked by a demon, too.

Before long, Devi is neck-deep in trouble. Distrusted by her former allies and in serious danger of the real reason she left the guild making it into the light, Devi must catch the killer before he unleashes literal hell on Earth.

The Tomb: A Supernatural Horror Thriller

by Gregory West

Deep in the desert, a crew of archaeologists have found something impossible.

Buried beneath a strange obelisk is a tomb larger than any in recorded history: the final resting place of a Pharoah who shouldn’t exist.

Between the treasure and the historic relics, the crew realizes they’ve made the find of the century. But as night falls in the desert and a sandstorm cuts them off from civilization, the group starts to turn on each other.

Something is down there, preying on their darkest fears. Something with sharp teeth and an endless hunger. Something the world’s mightiest empire cut out of their own history to seal away, waiting patiently for its chance to live again.

And if they survive, they might bring it back with them…

Chasing Spirits – The Memoirs of Reginald Weldon

by Glynn James

What Readers are saying about CHASING SPIRITS:
“Spooky, captivating mystery.” … “A glimpse of a strange world behind this one.” … “Great story telling!” … “If you are a fan of this genre give this book a try you will not regret it.” … “I was sorry when it ended.” … “an epic journey through a mans life” … “This was a wonderful story.”

There is an old man sitting in a bed on Angel ward, telling stories.

He says he has to tell someone, because he is dying.

He says he doesn’t care if you believe the tales are true or not, because he is not sure that half of them ever happened at all.

Reg Weldon claims that he has seen things that would make your skin crawl.

He claims a lot of things…

“I was born four seconds before the strike of midnight, on the 31st December 1900. As far as I know that makes me the last person to be born in that century. My mother, god bless her soul, she may well have been the first person to die in the century that followed, because no sooner had I taken my first breath, than she took her last.”

Mary Choppins

by Alan Spencer

This nanny was known to be strict. Now she’s downright homicidal!

Brandon Huggins is reunited with his childhood nanny, Mary Cunningham, after she decapitates his fiancée. Mary insists she’s only trying to give him back something that was taken from him as a child. She shows him a syringe filled with a neon green substance. The nanny will stop at nothing to administer this strange concoction.

He runs from the lunatic woman with questions flooding his mind. The police can’t help him. An old family physician who knows Mary Cunningham’s story can’t save him. He only knows Mary and her followers are murderous and hellbent on turning the world into innocent fun-loving children. It’s all about playtime, and Mary will ensure those who deserve this life will get it, and those who don’t will surely perish in the most macabre of ways.

Only Brandon can stop the newly dubbed Mary Choppins from inflicting her plans upon the world. One thing is for certain. A spoonful of acid helps the screaming come out!

Gravelord: RYP#9

by Trevor R. Fairbanks

ZOMBIES IN THE OLD WEST!!! Arbor, California is a tiny gold rush town filled with people who are very good at minding their own business. But when a man in black rides in, his first stop is Lead Mountain, the local cemetery. There he will confront an evil capable of destroying the world and the people of Arbor will no longer be able to ignore their destiny.
GRAVELORD is a different sort of western, filled with strong horror elements. It should only be read by those who appreciate fine pulp fiction.

This is Gonna Hurt: Scary Horror Short Story (Scare Street Horror Short Stories Book 3)

by A.I. Nasser

Philip is terribly upset.

Things have not been going well. He lost his job, his home, and his girlfriend is sleeping with his best friend. Life just doesn’t seem worthwhile anymore.

But he has a plan. He will bring suffering to every single person who hurt him. Every cruel act visited upon him will be met with grave retribution.

Revenge has never been more horrifying.

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