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Where Elves Come From

by Santa Claus

With this book, we try to bring a modern twist to the old style of fairy tales when stories had nice, and important morals to learn from. It has many great positive, and self-affirming messages.

Beautifully illustrated, the book, as though written by Santa himself, brings up important fundamental morals for parents to start conversations with their child. In the book we provide easy tools and ideas to teach kids about setting goals, gratitude, always looking for the positive side of things, to have a happy, loving life through strong family bonds, etc. Additionally, the book is divided into 16 chapters, perfect for bedtime stories, and most episodes have one of our favorite bedtime prayers to enjoy together.

This book is also beneficial in confronting sensitive subjects like illness and death, and we all know how curious kids can be about these types of topics. We have a sweet spot in our hearts for kids with cancer, and with our story, we would like to support them by writing this book in a way to make a legend for them, and in a way that our young ones can relate too.

Our story is a heartwarming children’s chapter book that expands on two girls whose friendship forms when the two meet on a playground, and then blossoms as their single parents fall in love and get married. However, their faith is tested when the oldest girl is stricken with cancer, allowing the family to embark on adventures and make long-lasting memories before it is too late. The family will make you laugh and will make you cry, but most of all, they will make you feel good inside for all the small things we should enjoy in life.

With this story, we also encourage kids to use their imagination and their thoughts in a way that can help them find answers to their problems. We have adventures, talking dogs, a magical Christmas Tree, a magic bell and of course a beautiful angel. In the end, as the mystery of where elves come from is revealed, we hope that they will also believe in the power of a little magic! This is probably the most important lesson for kids; to “believe.” If they believe in themselves, they will see that they can have and do anything they want.

Our Mission:

Our mission with this book is to give young children a positive base from which to have a meaningful life. We can determine our kid’s future by helping them evolve through the use of their imagination and creativity. From an early age, we can help children to be compassionate for others, have self-confidence, be enthusiastic, have the courage to act on their beliefs and to succeed in their lives in every way so that they may have a happy, joyful life.

We also want to have this book as a dedication to children with cancer for their spirit and no quit attitudes. We want to make them known and unforgettable, and we want to give them a little hope until someone comes up with the cure to save them all!

Perhaps, along the way, we will also create a legend for Santa’s Elves?

Under Goblin Hill (The Swift Chronicles Book 2)

by J.I. Bartholomew

Dwarflings in the village, peering out of midnight shadows and stealing things away!

Poppy Swift was starting to think that things were getting back to normal in the village of Brookton, but something magical is stirring in the forest. She and the children are soon drawn into another adventure, travelling deep underground to the kingdom of the dwarflings.

What ancient curses and mysteries hide away in the dank darkness under Goblin Hill?

This is the second novel in the series “The Swift Chronicles” from author J.I.Bartholomew.

I Escaped The Terrors Of North Korea: A Survival Story For Ages 9 12

by Ellie Crowe

Fans of New York Times Bestseller Lauren Tarshis’s I Survived Series have an exciting new book to look forward to.

From multi-award-winning writer Ellie Crowe and bestselling children’s historical fiction author Scott Peters comes a daring novel about a young refugee’s escape from North Korea.

14-year-old Dae has been taught that his country’s leaders are like gods. Yet the painfully skinny boy can’t help wondering if something’s off, because all his family has to eat is watery porridge made from grass.

At school, Dae and his friends are so hungry that it’s hard to play ‘Bash the American’ in the schoolyard. In class, the boys and girls bow before the leaders’ giant portraits, their clothes flapping around their bony limbs. Dae begins to question why their rulers look so well fed.

When Dae’s father is hauled away, things go from bad to worse. The young teen dreams of rebellionâ??of escaping across the forbidden border and becoming a defector. For how else can he hope to survive?

But can he make it past the armed guards and high fences?

Dae knows he’ll starve to death if he stays.

He must escape!

This is a journey you won’t soon forget. Start reading now.

Alphabet with Gina , Childrens picture book about alphabet. Audio book

by Mykola Bilichenko

This is Ms. Gina’s alphabet book. She is a dinosaur that loves children and teaching. Her favorite subject is the ABC’s, because they’re an important first step for every child on the journey of knowledge. That’s why Ms. Gina made this fun book that gives students the opportunity to learn alphabet with her.

The Little Lemons Detective Agency Collection!: The Case of the Missing Suspect – The Stiff in Suite 901

by Grant Fieldgrove

Oh dang! Two books in one handy-dandy collection! Together for the first time, The Case of the Missing Suspect, and The Stiff in Suite 901, form into one giant book of awesomeness featuring thrills, chills, and huge laughs!
Recommended for grade-schoolers all the way up to adults.
In The Case of the Missing Suspect, Eric and Elliot Lemons are sent off to summer camp where they uncover a theft. They finally get a suspect but the only problem is that the suspect doesn’t seem to exist.
In The Stiff in Suite 901, the first murder mystery for kids, the stakes get raised! While on a field-trip with their dad as a chaperone, a fiendishly evil crime is committed on the top floor of their hotel. It’s up to the kids, and their officially licensed private-investigator dad, to solve the case and put a murderer behind bars where he belongs!

Life Hacks: Reading these changed my way of thinking: Tips Tricks and a Guide to Living an Easier, Healthier Life

by Cameron Miller

This Book of Life Hacks covers everyday life in so many ways. It seemed that what affected me, with thinking, â??Life needs to be easier!’, also affected so many others. Energy and Sleep were two things that interested all, so I have begun with Hacks on â??How to Increase your Energy’. As you move through this Section to Sleep, I believe there will already be things that will change your way of thinking. Other Hacks will simply make your life easier, as those under â??Make Travelling Easier’, â??Apple Computer and Internet Tips’ and â??Youtube Gems’. I believe that, even knowing these Hacks opens our minds to the possibilities that are before us. I hope you enjoy reading through this Book.

Ghost & Cat Whisperer: 3 Book Bundle

by Zoe Black

Readers will love this Cat Whisperer series. A fantastic three-story bundle about extrasensory ability, loyalty, family, friends, deception, betrayal, murder, and justice!

Mark is a remarkable young man with an extraordinary talent. Mark can communicate with animals. When a cat named Elizabeth confides her terrible secret to Mark at the animal shelter where he volunteers, Mark’s life changes dramatically. Elizabeth’s owner, Victoria Calloway, was poisoned by her nephew. Elizabeth asks Mark to help her get justice for Victoria. Starting down this path, Mark begins a series of extraordinary adventures.
-In the first tale, despite the danger to himself, Marks works with Elizabeth to solve the murder of Victoria with the help of another Calloway family member named Rose, the daughter of Victoria’s sister, Lily. Rose can speak to the dead and wants to reach Victoria. Can she and Mark achieve justice for Victoria?
-The second tale continues the story of Mark and Rose, who work to uncover the identity of Rose’s birth father. Mark and Rose find her father living under the assumed name, Zach Anderson. However, behind the scenes, someone is plotting Zach’s death. Can Victoria help Mark and Rose save her father’s life?
-In the 3rd tale, Rose’s father has a devised plan to bring the man responsible for all the tragedy suffered by the Calloway family to justice. However, when his scheme fails, Rose and Mark must again use their abilities to try and rescue Nathan from the trap into which he has fallen. Will they be too late?

These three terrific murder mystery stories with just a twist of the supernatural will delight and entertain readers, and show why Zoe Black is an author who is here to stay.

A Sleepy Snail Tale

by Jacob Daniel

A Sleepy Snail Tale:

Join Simon the snail as he searches a world full of noisy creatures to find a quiet place to sleep. Your little one will love reading along and trying to guess what could be making those strange sounds. This book is full of bedtime fun and will keep your child engaged and entertained.

Kitten Connection! Paws in Time

by Tom Lavery

Katie is thrilled to finally be the proud owner of an adorable little kitten. This isn’t just any kitten though; he has magical gifts and sinister enemies.

A heart-warming and exciting chapter book of adventure and friendship for 5-8 year olds (well, my 5-8 year old liked it anyway!).

Here are just some of the comments already made about Kitten Connection! Paws in Time:
“I loved it!” Rebecca, 7
“It’s just like a real book!” Rachael, 10
“You wrote a book about what!?!”, Patrick, 14

Please note: there are no illustrations yet.

Stone Keeper: Book 1 of the Middengard Sagas

by June Wilson

“The day Alice met the twins her life changed for ever. Not like the day she cut her hair off and hated it. Or even the day her father told her she had to spend six months in Australia. No, this was a big change, a huge change – almost, you could say, an impossible one. Because it was the day she got mixed up in Middengard. The day she stepped into the prophecy. Not that she knew that. Not then.”

Fourteen year-old Alice Morgan is homesick and miserable, out of place with her rich relatives in Melbourne. All she wants to do is return to England and solve the mystery of her mother’s disappearance.

But you should be careful what you wish for. When Alice is unwittingly lured to Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance, she finds herself in Middengard, a realm hidden from the world of men and peopled by an ancient warrior race, the Hilderinc. To make matters worse, her cousin Toby and her annoying friend Jess have followed her, putting their own lives in jeopardy.

Placing her trust in the aloof girl-warrior Iris and Iris’s father Stanor, Alice is astonished to learn that the pendant left to her by her mother is one of the Doom Stones, powerful stones needed to protect both Middengard and the world of men from destructive forces.

Soon Alice, Toby and Jess become embroiled in a battle to help the Hilderinc defeat one of their own, a rebel intent on upsetting the balance of power. But how does Alice’s mother fit in? As Alice learns more about Middengard and her part in it, she has to make the hardest choice of her life: rescue her mother or save Toby and Jess.

The Moops

by J.I. Bartholomew

The Moops is a children’s book about magical furry creatures running amok in a school. A fun and exciting bedtime story.
What is a Moop? A Moop is troubleâ?¦lots and lots of trouble.
No one knows why they are so much trouble,why they play so many tricks or love breaking and smashing things so much.
That’s just how they’ve been for as long as anyone can remember.
Just ask Sophie Fisher, the girl this story is all about. She’d nod at you and say, â??Yes, it is hardly ever a good thing… but, sometimes it is.’

The Riddle, The Stones and The Sorceror

by John Bright

Magical, exciting and filled with suspense, The Riddle, The Stones and The Sorceror will keep you turning page after page.
When 4 children look into an ancient local legend they discover way more than they bargained for when the legend turns into a reality and they find themselves thrown into the treacherous and fantastical world of Alsager.

Now there is no turning back, the four are trapped and must now navigate a long and dangerous journey filled with adventure, fantasy and mystery. In a race against time and evil they must find and harness the stones of truth before the dark side consumes them and the world they left behind.

“Amazingly written and if you like fantasy you will love this book”

“Awesome, what imagination”

“Adventure and action from page one, very exciting”

Don’t Eat The Turkey!: A Rhyming Minecraft Inspired Search And Find For New Readers (The Guild Crafters Block Books Book 2)

by Ty The Hunter

Who wants to end up as dinner on Thanksgiving?

No turkey wants to end up roasted and sitting on a plate for someone’s feast on the biggest day of the year, and this Minecraft turkey is no exception. He’s determined that he won’t end up on the menu and he’s hiding all over town as he looks for a place where he will be safe.

Now you can try to find him on every page in this fun-packed and exciting book that is suitable for the whole family.

Told in rhyme and with colorful illustrations accompanying our hero’s adventures, this book is perfect for young children and is fun for older ones and even adults, too.

But will our turkey find a safe haven? Or is he destined for the oven?
Surely there will be a happy ending to his plight!

Diary of a Random Middle School Kid (An epic and funny book for kids 4 to 10)

by Daniel Flame

Hey! My name is Adam Jackson, I’m 11 years old, and this is the first book of the crazy happenings in my hilarious life! And the first book of me trying to survive the horrible place known as Middle School… Ugh.

In the first book of Adam’s life, young readers will laugh about Adam’s first adventure. With big text and short words for younger kids to read and enjoy, and funny situations and fun for our older ones, along with laugh-out-loud illustrations on nearly every page, this book is great for any kindle library or home bookshelf.

Moonmirror (Moon Series Book 1)

by Catherine Bond

Join brother and sister, Eddie and Ellie and Scottish friend Patrick, in their exciting adventures with the buzzards and owls of the Woodland and the seals and dolphins of the Seafarers. Experience the invention of the Moonmirror and an unusual Lunar eclipse. Travel back in time to the English Civil War and relive the dangers and heartaches they face. All with the help of a ghostly Sea Captain John Avery, his dog Syracuse, Freddie the loyal robin and Sargasso the one legged seagull. This story is part historical fact, part fiction and explores the spiritual powers that possibly rule the Sky, the Sea and the Woodland. Who knows what lurks in the secret corners of our world ?

African Animals ABC : How many favorites will you see?

by Fleurie Leclercq

African Animals ABC is a beautifully illustrated book that children and adults will return to time after time. With colorful, quirky illustrations for each animal, and facts about where they live, what they eat, and how they spend the day or night, there are plenty of talking points. How much water does Elroi the Elephant drink each day? How fast can Obi the Ostrich run? Why does Polo the Pangolin curl into a ball? How does Wasee the Warthog use his tusks? Children can find out about the wild, weird and wonderful animals of Africa as they learn their ABC!

Alix Wilder and the Deadfire Champions: Book One

by John Kepler

Alix Wilder has never won a computer game championship. He’s never been kidnapped, built a flying trash droid, or invented shoes that defy gravity. All Alix knows is a terrible life at the orphanage repairing droids for Headmistress Oda McBride. Alix spends most of his time slaving away in the basement workshop, and he has no hope for a better life.

But everything changes when Alix wins the Deadfire championship game online and starts an internship at Gametek, Incorporated. There he discovers not only friendship, human-inhabited robots, and a virtual reality game that includes pain and death, but a frightening future that’s waiting for him, his friends, and the world!

The Christmas Flash Couldn’t Even (The Flash Series Book 2)

by Kari Martindale

This story follows Christmas Eve. No one in Flash’s house is ready! Tree up? Nope. Presents wrapped? Nope. Flash’s family is unprepared for the holidays, and his girl Squirt is being her exasperating self. It’s one mess after another, and Flash is just trying to make it through the day. But even Flash isn’t prepared for what’s to come. When evening comes, Flash and his girl wait up for Santa. Boy, is Flash in for a surprise–and Squirt sleeps through it all!

Story intended for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade.

A Furry Tale (Heroic Fairy Tales Book 1)

by Alexis Noe

Heroes aren’t always men with swords who fight dragons, slay monsters and win the hand of fair maidens. Sometimes heroes arise from the most unlikely of places. Join Sabrina on her journey as she discovers what it takes to be a true hero.
Sabrina dreams of the day when she can be like the heroes of old. Even her older sister, Selena, has had a few adventures of her own, but Sabrina has never left the safety of the Fairy Wood. One night, her dreams come true in the form of a small flying squirrel who knocks on her window.
Join Sabrina and Ella as they set off through The Fairy Wood to reach Riverwood Park before morning. Along the way, they encounter fairy rings, frightening humans, and a strange river with a unique story behind it. One final surprise awaits Sabrina as she and Ella reach Riverwood Park.

Green Wings The Guitar Picking Chicken

by Matthew B. Mayes

A humorous children’s book about a rooster with green wings that plays the electric guitar and travels around the barnyard with his band. Perfect the the beginning reader with wonderful illustrations. Matthew B. Mayes is the co founder of the popular Jam rock band Jupiter Coyote. As the principle songwriter and multi instrumentalist for the band for the past 27 years, his songs are filled with eclectic charters, heartache, and soul searching while musically running the gamut from rock, southern boogie, bluegrass and country rock. He has been writing and playing music for over 35 years, played over 5000 shows and sold close to a million records and downloads independently while traveling all over the US and beyond. Green Wings is loosely based on a real rooster that Matt’s family had on their farm when he was a kid. Matt also has a kids chapter book in the works, with all kinds of wild characters and adventures with Green Wings.

How Sammy And Lilly Beat Mr Fear – A Fun Childrenâ??s Tale Teaching Kids About Emotions And Self-Help NLP Strategies To Overcome Worry and Build Self Confidence

by Anastassia Doynova

How Sammy & Lilly Beat Mr Fear is a fun and playful book written to empower children aged 4-12 to become confident and joyful by using proven self-help strategies to overcome their fears and experience self-assured and fulfilling childhoods.

Sammy is tossing and turning in bed worrying about his math exam the following day. Thoughts of his scary teacher, Mrs Dewsbury, are racing through his mind. When morning comes, Sammy is frozen with fear about his test. Luckily his sister, Lilly comes to the rescue in this wonderful and uplifting tale.

How Sammy and Lilly Beat Mr Fear embeds powerful NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) strategies, which are hidden in the story presented with brilliant illustrations, so kids can focus on the play vs the theory aspects. This inspiring book concludes with practical techniques and exercises designed to help children master new skills to reduce uncertainty and anxiety and grow their confidence and achieve their potential. To see the video for the book, please visit the Author’s Amazon page

Las voces de �tervan: Serie de fantasía y aventura épica (Enlil nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by Iray Millet

Voces que la llaman en sueños, un mapa con pasadizos secretos y la oportunidad de ser parte de los arqueros reales de su ciudad podrían ser la respuesta para conocer su verdadera identidad.

¿Cuán lejos llegaría para descubrir la verdad?

Fei Céfiro, una joven elfa, sin advertirlo protagonizará una de las grandes leyendas de su pueblo.
Durante toda su vida le atormentaban en sueños unas voces lejanas. Sus abuelos, por temor, le habían ocultado quiénes fueron sus padres y cómo murieron. Esto cambiaría antes de cumplir sus 16 años. Una mañana -al iniciar el otoño- mientras ella se dirigía a la academia con sus mejores amigos un miembro de la tribu de los subelfos los interceptó. Según él, los dioses les habían revelado que ella era el producto de una abominación y sería la ruina de la ciudad. Ellos no podían permitirlo. Sin esperar que Fei reaccionara y sin compasión, la atacó con su espada.

Ella y sus amigos se vieron forzados a usar sus poderes para defenderse aún sabiendo que estarían violentado uno de los códigos de su ciudad. La pena por la infracción: muerte. Durante su convalecencia Fei recibió un mapa que la llevaría a conocer la verdad sobre sus padres. Pero antes debía enfrentar la sentencia del rey.

Las voces de �tervan es la primera parte de la serie de fantasía y aventura épica llamada Enlil. Si te gustan las historias al estilo El Señor de los Anillos (Lord of the Rings) y Divergente (Divergent), con un toque mágico al estilo de la serie Harry Potter, Las voces de �tervan te encantará.

The Myth : Prince Chandra and the Demonâ??s War

by Dr. Piyush Kumar

Chandra, is the newest recruit in the Elders’ army, a peacekeeping force in Aryavart. As he begins his new journey, a deadly threat looms on the common folk, the Demon and his menacing Mrityusena. But for the Elders’ army it is not easy to track down this elusive Demon. As Chandra and his friends, try to track down the evil incarnate, several intriguing secrets tumble out which point to a larger conspiracy.

The stage is set for a war with the Demon. But, in the midst of all the turmoil and mayhem, Chandra’s hidden past confronts him. As a child, his very identity was snatched and he was thrown in a life that was not supposed to be his. And now, he must deal with it and save himself and his friends from the Demon’s rage. How will the knowledge of his past impact his present and future? Can Chandra weather the storm and emerge victorious in the war against the Demon?

CEREZO El Sello de Oro (Cerezo Tree nº 2) (Spanish Edition)

by Dominga Delgado

Muchos años han transcurrido desde que Min Ho se convirtió en el ama de Argos, su cuerpo es tan joven como el primer día de la herencia de su Sello pero en su interior una lucha se lleva a cabo desde ese mismo instante.
Sus seres queridos se han marchado igual que el Camino de los Cerezos y ahora ella se ha quedado a cargo del poderoso Clan del Dragón. La memoria de la Dama del Sello de Oro guarda muchos secretos, entre ellos el recuerdo de un regalo que le hiciera su padre antes de heredar su Sello, un obsequio que tiene una finalidad y que la llevará a conocer la historia de su destino.
Al mismo tiempo el motivo que durante siglos durmió en el pensamiento de los integrantes del Clan del Dragón se acerca y una infame batalla está por comenzar con numerosos enemigos que saldrán de los confines de la Tierra para acabar con su objetivo principal; La Dama del Dragón Dorado.

“Crono brilló como el mismo astro rey en medio del Cielo, opacando el esplendor de Argos que yacía detrás de su ama, de sus ojos brotó un relámpago nevado que parecía estar completamente hecho de hielo y atrapó a Min Ho en un parpadeo para sumergirla en un profundo sueño. Y la Dama durmió”.

Vmax: HISTÃ?RIA DE UM PEQUENO CRIME (Portuguese Edition)

by M. A. Bassili

Dizem que a fome aguça a ingenuidade, às vezes o ditado também se cumpre com a falta de carinho e a falta de boa sorte continua. Este ditado tem algo a ver com este livreto.
Essa história é muito curta, mas real como a própria vida. Ele vai lhe contar um segredo, mas você não poderá compartilhá-lo com ninguém. Você pode suportar a pressão de ser o único que sabe como ter um salário sem fazer quase nada?
      Cuidado com esta crítica sutil do atual mercantilismo, porque trará cauda.
      A fraude de que estamos falando é possível. � certamente uma ficção, mas é muito mais do que possível, repetimos.
         Bassili não se resigna a ser um mero escritor descritivo fora de seu tempo. Nesta pequena história, reflete a era atual, seus objetivos malucos e suas modas efêmeras.
Até agora não tinha sido possível mostrar no presente, mas a partir de agora novas surpresas certamente surgirão.
Uma história real de como você pode sentir alguém que foi deslocado desde a infância pela sociedade, e como você pode mudar toda a sua vida – melhor – como resultado de apertar um pequeno cérebro – e também por acaso – e terminar Como um conto de fadas, mas projetado nos tempos modernos.
� uma história muito curta, divertida e autodidata que nos diz passo a passo, embora eles não revelem todos os detalhes de como fazer isso, como contornar os algoritmos e, ao mesmo tempo, nos permite vislumbrar, entre o ridículo e desajeitado que pode tornar-se um mundo de negócios todo-poderoso que nos intimida apenas olhando para nós, porque a sua altura é medida pelo quão seguro e invencível é (ou o que parece ser).

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