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Sticky Fingers: 12 Deliciously Twisted Short Stories (Sticky Fingers Collection Book 1)

by JT Lawrence

Diverse, dark-humored, and deliciously bite-sized, this compelling collection of 12 short stories by JT Lawrence include:


A suicidal baby knows he was born into the wrong life. He has to get creative to correct the mistake, much to his mother’s horror.


An intense, uncontrollable, unexplainable itch lands the protagonist in a mental institution.


In this poignant and charming short story, a daughter yearns to connect with her absent father through the letters they exchange. She’s not put off by his pedantic corrections of her writing, despite the slow reveal that he is less than perfect himself.


A woman gradually poisons her husband so that she doesn’t have to break his heart.


“Each story is masterfully constructed … Humorous, touching, creepy, but most of all entertaining, this collection is superb.” — Tracy (Amazon review)


If you’re a fan of Roald Dahl or Gillian Flynn you’ll love these unsettling stories with a twist in the tale. 

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Rashmi’s Story: The Story of a Girl’s Pursuit of Freedom, Love and Happiness

by Indika Guruge


For young Rashmi, a girl born into a middle-class family, this statement holds particularly true. She is beautiful, impetuous and courageous but most importantly, she is constantly in a fight with her childhood demons.

However, her life is about to take a twist for the worst as she discovers her family’s well-kept secrets . . .

Merely at the age of seventeen, Rashmi is forced to leave her home and pursue her dream of becoming a successful actress. Finally, when she manages to reach her dream, she finds out that her life is far from what she thought she wanted. She realizes that the people around her are not who she thought they were. All these realizations directly lead to her ending up kidnapped and trapped by a brutal psychopath . . .

As she struggles to align her flaws and sufferings with her tragic childhood memories, she realizes her survival is limited and the only tool she has to survive is simply hustling.

After an intense battle with those childhood traumas, she is compelled to overcome them and become the ultimate warrior she always knew she was, facing the most vicious antagonist in her life. She is forced to see her loved ones die one by one and to fight for the true meaning of life.

After Rashmi wins her inner battle of self-realization, she finally knows what her true goal is: to help people and make sure all women are treated equally.

With wisdom and courage as her weapons, Rashmi gives us a rare glimpse into what it’s like to be a truly courageous woman. This is a poignant and fascinating look at the dark, disturbing, yet wonderful moments of her life.

Will she sacrifice her life to save her loved ones? Start with page #1 and find out!


Fall of Tristan

by Timothy Jang

America has devolved into a feudal system where rich and powerful families control everything from politics to the dwindling food supply.

General Joseph Connick is the famed leader of the Tristan Legionnaires with only days left until retirement. He’s given one final task to lead his army into the walled city of Phoenix and quell a group of rebels. The ensuing battle unearths a sophisticated political plot that threatens to completely destroy the Tristan Republic.

Armed with the truth, Connick finds himself in the cross hairs of the Prime Senator and must decide how far he’s willing to go to protect the Republic he swore to serve.

FALL OF TRISTAN is a fast-paced, character-driven, science-fiction tale that’s full of jaw-dropping action sequences and complex political intrigue.

Gagyu no uta (Japanese Edition)

by Izatoi Takeaki

ã??ã?つてæ?è??証å?¸ã??ã?³ã¨ã?て業ç??で活躍ã?てã?ã?é´¨å¿?ç?°ã??ä¸?輝ï¼?ã?«ã?¢ã?·ã??ã??ã?¤ã??ã?­ï¼?はã?è?¥ãã?てæ?¯ç¤¾é?·ã«å°±ä»»ã?ã?ã?とã??å¥?æ©?にã?å??落のæ??きç?®ã«é­ã?ã?ç¤¾ä¼?ç??æ?å??のみなã??ã?ã?è?ªèº«ã®äººæ ¼ã??ã??否å®?ã?ã??てã?まã?ã??


by Scott Michael Decker

Orphaned on a backward planet, Lydia observes with inoculated indifference as the nearby Gaean Empire plans to crown its new Empress.

But on coronation day, someone tries to stop the ceremony. His investigation shows that Lydia is far more than just an ambassador’s daughter.

Her life goes haywire. Pursued across the galaxy, Lydia tries to discover why her fellow humans have taken a sudden dislike to her, and why her adopters are going to such lengths to protect her.

Going into hiding takes her deep into the seedy underground of New Athens – the Imperial capitol – where the secrets of her past lie, her parents’ deaths no accident.

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