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Success Secrets: If You Don’t Follow These 3 Prerequisites To Personal Success, You’re Headed For Trouble

by Sekke SESSE

Have you ever wondered why some people work hard and honestly without achieving anything in particular? And on the other hand, others don’t seem to work hard and yet seem to get everything? Well it’s because those who are not making it and say they would like to, do not follow these 3 prerequisites. ALL of the people who make it follow these 3 prerequisites.
And this book reveals what these 3 prerequisites are…

Success Secrets: How A Christmas Tragedy Led To The Discovery Of The Secret Turning Point Of All Success

by Sekke SESSE

Turning points are those moments in life when everything changes. And like rivers flowing in many differents directions, turning points have the same source. And, in this book, I am taking you to that very source…and Christmas tragedy that to its discovery.

Smoker Cookbook: Complete Smoker Cookbook for Real Barbecue, The Ultimate How-To Guide for Smoking Meat

by Gary Mercer

                             Smoking Meat!

  The Art of Smoking Meat for Real Pitmasters!

The ultimate how-to guide for smoking all types of meat, poultry, fish, and game. This book on smoking meats for beginners is the guide to mastering the low and slow art of smoking beef, lamb, fish, seafood, poultry, pork, vegetables, and game at your home. This guide is an essential book for beginners who want to smoke meat without needing expert help from others. This book offers detailed guidance obtained by years of smoking meat, includes clear instructions and step-by-step directions for every recipe. This is the only guide you will ever need to professionally smoke a variety of meat. The book includes full-color photographs of every finished meal to make your job easier. Whether you are a beginner meat smoker or looking to go beyond the basics, the book gives you the tools and tips you need to start that perfectly smoked meat.

Where there is a smoke, there is a flavor. With white smoke, you can boost the flavor of your food. In addition to this statement, you can preserve the nutrition present in the food as well. Smoking meat or making BBQ is not only a means of cooking but for some individuals and classy enthusiasts, this is a form of Art! There are several ways to smoke your meat but in all actuality its all the same concept. Smoking is something has withstood the test of time, it will continue to stand the test of time for years to come. Not only is it a method to preserve your catch or kill, but it’s also one of if not the best-tasting food there is.

In this book, you can find irresistible recipes of smoked:

  • Beef

  • Pork

  • Lamb

  • Chicken

  • Turkey

  • Fish

  • Seafood

  • Vegetables

  • Game!

Herbal Medicine Cooker: The Best Solutions to Cook and Transform Herbs for Healing and Losing Weight

by DB Publishing

Did you know that herbs have been used across time for healing? Even into prehistoric times? Did you know that rosemary can boost your memory potential and that dill can purify the air?
Did you know that cooked stinging nettle – the herb that burns your skin like a jellyfish sting when you touch it – has the ability to add luster and length to your hair and reduces inner pains from inflamed joints and arthritis?
Whether you believe it or not, herbal healing is real, and the recipes in this book are jam-packed with medicine. None of the recipes are very difficult, and all of them are easily adaptable into any variety of diet.
In no time, you’ll be on your way to weight loss and healing with meals such as:
ï?§Spring Herb & Dandelion Salad
ï?§Lemon Fennel Soup
ï?§Soulful Thai Stew
ï?§DIY Healing Aromas
ï?§Healing Green Juice
ï?§Valerian Thyme Tea for Longevity
ï?§Apple Martini Popsicle
ï?§& so many more!!!
Enjoy your future of healing! It’s sure to be full of remedies and progress now that you have this book in your possession.

IIFYM & Flexible Dieting: The Easy Way to Burn Fat & Build Muscle Eating the Foods You Loveâ??Includes Over 40 Macro-Friendly Recipes!

by Thomas Rohmer

Finally a Simple Approach to Burning Fat & Building Muscle That Actually Works!

If you want to burn fat, build muscle, feel great, and do it all without having to be a slave to the kitchen, then this book is for you.

Here’s the reality:

Dieting used to suck:

  • You’re tired of eating the same boring healthy foods.
  • You’re tired of eating 6 small meals a day to “boost your metabolism.”
  • You’re tired of low carb diets that leave you feeling miserable.
  • And finally, you’re tired of gaining all of the weight back.
  • Luckily there’s a better way to go about this and it’s called If It Fits Your Macros (aka Flexible dieting)

    If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) will finally give you a flexible dieting approach that’ll allow to lean down while eating your favorite foods.

    And the best part is that because it’s so easy to do, you’ll be able to maintain this diet for life, which means no more rebound weight gain.

    Here are a few things you’ll discover in this book:

  • Over 40 done-for-you recipes with calories and macros already counted for you.
  • How your body actually works in regards to burning fat.
  • How many calories you need to eat to start losing weight or build muscle.
  • What the IIFYM diet is and how to get started with it today.
  • Best macro percentages for burning fat and building muscle (hint it’s not what you think!).
  • The best (and easiest) way to accurately track your macros.
  • How to implement exercise in with your IIFYM diet.
  • A done-for-you exercise routine is included.
  • And a whole bunch more!
  • Imagine 12 weeks from nowâ?¦burning off more fat than you ever have, and easier than you ever have. Imagine having more energy and looking better than ever beforeâ??without going through all of the strain and stress of a typical diet.

    By doing flexible dieting, you can build the body of your dreams without having your life revolve around fitness 24/7.

    Scroll up, click the buy now button, and start your path to the best looking body you’ve ever had!

    With this book, you’ll also get access to an exclusive free ebook that will teach you how to build the Hollywood physique that many actors are sporting around today. You’ll make noticeable changes to your physique within the first 12 weeks.

    Imagine you only had one life What would you do with it?: A guide to figuring out what you really want to do with your life and directions on how to actually make it happen

    by Paul Green

    Do you sometimes look at your life and think, “How did I end up here? This is not where I wanted to be? This is not the life I would have chosen”

    In fact, research shows that at any one time up to 70% of people are either disengaged or dissatisfied with their current job or career.  But of course, living a happy and satisfying life is much more than just having a good job. We also need to be true to the person we really are, and live a life where what we do is fully aligned with our ambitions, beliefs and values. It is this that gives our life fulfilment, purpose and meaning.

    But how can we make sure that if we do make a change and set off in a new direction we won’t end up in another place we don’t want to be; in another place that doesn’t fit who we are?

    This book will take you step-by-step through a well defined and very useable model that will help you to visualise a â??preferred future’ that is fully aligned with your needs, desires, beliefs and values. It will also show you how to turn that vision into a solid motivational goals-based plan that goes right down to the level of answering, “What do I need to do today?”

    Everything in this book is practical and based on real-world experience. You won’t be introduced to any outlandish fantastical theories simply grabbed from thin air. The overall combination of the tools, techniques, methods and metaphors in this book, and the way they are presented, are all designed to help you on your journey towards making your â??preferred future’ a reality.

    Open The Gates For DREAM INTERPRETATION By Using These Simple Tips

    by Hemal Gandhi

    Dreams are the things, we try to fulfill during sleep because either we may not fulfill during day hours. The reason may social concern, hard to achieve, not accepted by family or society.

    Other way, so many people can see the upcoming events of their or others life during sleep. In dream form they see the exact sequences. In short, they can see the future.

    Whatever it is but need to understand our dreams. As per few medical experts, dreams are necessary for healthy life. Those who cannot see dreams, may feel more tension, stress, unable to concentrate.

    Here we will see how to see the Dreams and will work on interpreting them. Through this, you yourself will be able to interpret your dreams without even dream dictionary.

    Blank Comic Book: Blank Comic Book for Kids and Adults: Blank Comic Panels to Draw Your Own Comics: 130 Blank Comic Book Pages (Blank Comic Book Notebook 1)

    by Zoya Houck

    Here comes the blank comic book that you can just grab and start drawing your own comics. Let loose your imagination with this 130 Blank Comic Book Pages.

    This Blank Comic book come with:
    1- High Quality white paper.
    2 – Large Size (7 x 10).
    3 – High quality Glossy cover.
    4 – Perfect for sketching and drawing Comic strips.
    5 – Suitable for students, artists, teens, kids and adults.
    6 – Variety of Blank Comic Panels.

    Meditation for Anxiety: How to Remove Stress and Achieve Peace

    by Matt Farina

    Meditation for Anxiety: How to Remove Stress and Achieve Peace

    Meditation. It exists for a reason.

    It’s not just about reducing stress or letting go and taking a few moments for ourselves to try and recompose and regain our thoughts. Meditation is about more than that.

    It is about finding balance, inner peace, and calm in a world where it seems almost every aspect of our lives is capable of triggering stress, worry, or anxiety. Our bodies and minds may be strong and tough, but there is only so much negativity that it can take before it starts to take its toll and affect our health, sometimes to a point where it could become unbearable.

    If only there were a magic formula of some sort where we could keep out these negative feelings that are capable of causing such destruction within our minds and bodies, but there isn’t. Which is why, we need to turn to meditation as a way of managing our worries and anxieties, to find a way to find that balance within ourselves and recharge our energy.

    The beauty of meditation is that it is simple yet powerful. Simple enough that anyone can learn how to do it effectively with the right tools, teachings, and techniques. Anyone can learn the art of meditation, and it isn’t as difficult as you may imagine. Sure, you may have tried it a few times and found yourself struggling in the early stages to quiet your mind and achieve a focus, calm, and mindful state, but that is perfectly normal, especially if you’re a beginner just starting out on this journey.
    Mastering the art of meditation, like everything else, takes patience, time and practice. You’re putting far too much pressure on yourself if you expect to get it right from the moment you sit cross-legged on your mat and shut your eyes hoping to achieve deep meditation right from the get-go. No, it takes time and practice, and you need to be patient with yourself. In this book, you will find a four-week plan that will help you achieve deep meditation, and the key to succeeding in this is to remember that you need to be patient. Practice makes perfect, which is why your goal of achieving deep meditation is spread out over four weeks. You need time to master each stage and phase of the process before moving onto the next. With repeated effort and your goal clearly in mind, you will see results at the end of the four weeks.

    In this book you will find:
    -What is Anxiety?
    -How does stress and anxiety affect your life?
    -Benefits of Meditation
    -Achievimg Peace, Calmness and Serenity

    How to Analyze People: Understanding the Human Mind, Psychology, Behavior and Body Language

    by Edwin Oscar Lee

    “How do I properly analyze people?”

    Ever struggled to tell whether or not you understood someone’s intentions correctly? Just when you start thinking you’ve got it right, you are proven to be completely wrong. Often times embarrassingly wrong?

    Don’t worry, we’ve all been through that. It’s very common nowadays. I’m here to tell you that with this book you’ll learn everything you need to start analyzing other people.
    Did you know that most of our social interaction is nonverbal? That’s right. The words are just a tiny little part of a bigger picture. Being able to understand other people’s intention is one the most important skills you can learn. It grants benefits in many different areas of your life.

    Here are some of many key factors you’ll learn:

    • Detailed overview to analyzing people
    • Main benefits of analyzing people
    • Basics on emotions & human psychology
    • How the mind works and why we do what we do
    • How to understand yourself
    • Body language

    Quick and effective read. Order now for instant access!

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