Free philosophy Kindle books for 19 Nov 18

A Glimpse Of Heaven

by Anna Anita

A Glimpse into Heaven

God Realization (Essence of life Book 2)

by Mohan Pandey

This book is a reflection of common understanding of various religious studies and congregations of a universal brotherhood mission that Author has attended during last 30 years of his life. The book discusses the existence of a Supreme Power, as narrated in all religious books. Who is generally referred to as One God father for all and his creation the universe. The benefits of submitting to the Will of God and understanding his creation,benefits of coexistence within mankind and love for all is explained .Also how this planet can be saved by eliminating false ego and developing common understanding . Living in this world like one lovely family of God, realizing him with oneself always after getting true knowledge from a true master. This may be achieved by giving importance to works of great Saint/Philosophers of time immemorial. Every thing possible to save the human race should be practiced. Collectively we live or we perish should be decided. It is mainly based on Hindu philoshophy and present day works of Sant Nirankari Mission with a study and common doctrine suggested in other religions. Author has explained how God knowledge is essential factor in it. How human being is separated from oneness with God. Fighting on the name of one God father; who’s creation are all being.
All achievements of human being are useless if love is vanished and Ego takes the seat. So the book suggests awakening our conscious for living with peace and tranquillity. Lastly reminding world is our family and wishing happyness all-round.

GOD – The Secret Revealed

by Abhay Samant

God exist? If he does where do I find him? Many questions like this come into our mind, but we are never able to find answer to them.
This book answers all our questions regarding God, his existence, our existence and way to find God in our daily life, etc. The book explains us the truth behind all existence. The book has knowledge inspired by Vedas, Upanishads and Gita.
We can’t change situations but we can surely change ourselves. We can change ourselves if we know who we are. This book helps us in finding the answer to who we are and how we can be strong enough to face all situations with proper knowledge.
Even the richest of the person is unsatisfied and sad. This is because he thinks he is responsible for everything he is doing. This book helps in removing this misunderstanding in our mind.
We are apart from our karmas. We are apart from each and everything happening around. We are actually in complete peace always but because of ignorance we get involved with each and everything around. This book will help to shed away the ignorance and attain knowledge. Ultimately leading to peaceful life.
This knowledge in this book is very important for each and every one of us, in spite of whatever religion we are following. This knowledge is important for kids. Lot of religious books have been manipulated with time and now whatever we read is very different from the original text. After reading this book and gaining the basic knowledge whenever we read any other religious book, we can understand them in much more depth.
This book is a medicine for stress free life. The book is a stress reliever. The people who have read this book have actually reduced their stress level leading to a healthy life. People have stopped getting angry and nervous after reading this book. Most sickness are due to stress and ignorance is major cause of stress. Let the knowledge wipe out all the ignorance in us and make us more stress free.
The knowledge that the book has, was being taught in gurukuls (schools) pre British arrival in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal etc. But due to new educational system it was stopped. This book tries to get that knowledge back to everyone.
Nowadays we teach lot of things to children in school and colleges. But the truth about ones existence is not taught. The knowledge about “Who we are?” should be taught to children.
Teaching children to earn and run after materials, is what is taught in current educational system all over the world. But to be satisfied and to be in peace is never taught. Are we making our next generation into a money earning machine? We are making our next generation so weak that, they can’t handle competition and stress. The life of people in ancient ages was much more difficult, but they used to face it happily because of the knowledge they had. Let us again give the upcoming generation the same knowledge and make them strong enough to face all the situations.
It is very important for us to provide this knowledge to our kids, right from very young age. This may help them in understanding the world better. This may help kids to be a better and more confident human being.
We can make the world better place to live, rather than making it racing ground.

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