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Embracing Quincy, Our Journey Together

by Katie Marsh

“I received my copy of Embracing Quincy in the mail yesterday. I thought I’d read a page or two after putting the kids to bed and then head to bed myself. Wrong! This book captured my heart and spoke to my soul… Katie Marsh tore my heart open then stitched it back together in way that gives me more reverence for life and beauty both dark and light.” – ISM

“I recommend this book to be read by all women. This book shows how strong, compassionate, blessed, scared and confused a woman can feel, all at the same time… My heart was with this family the whole time I read this book. Their little Quincy is an angel.” – Debbra

“Katie, I wish I could tell you personally that I believe you are an amazing, talented author, genuine, loving and sweet and a true free spirit, connected and tapped in. Quincy knew what she was doing and who she was choosing to usher her in and usher her out of this earthly plane.” – Carole Thorpe

“It’s raw, honest, surprisingly funny, spiritual, and inevitably a Celebration of Life. Quincy was born Alive with so many odds stacked against her, but she Lived and she was Loved.” – Tahnee Cracchiola

What happens when you’re told your baby will not live? And if by some miracle she does live, she will be extremely disabled? When a high-tech ultrasound at 22 weeks revealed that Quincy may have a rare genetic disorder called trisomy 18, the Marsh family was given a choice: to terminate or to continue Embracing Quincy.

Embracing Quincy takes you on the path almost never traveled by a couple that is decidedly not religious but very spiritually oriented. It shows you a naked glimpse into their personal lives, their travels and their mystical journey with their trisomy 18 baby Quincy.

Embracing Quincy is full of stories of love, humor, psychic phenomena and mystical coincidences that will make even the most skeptical start to question their beliefs. This book will take you to far away lands as it weaves Quincy’s story in and out of the Marsh’s moves and travels and search for creating a sustainable farm on which to raise their family.

This book non-judgmentally explores issues such as “pro life” versus “pro choice” abortion decisions, karma and reincarnation, the possibility of effecting miracles through quantum physics and the law of attraction, and the power of prayer in large numbers.

Most of all, Embracing Quincy shows what a mother and father will do for the love of their unborn baby.

Please feel free to click on the “Look Inside” feature on the book cover above or use the Kindle “Try a Sample” feature to see the Table of Contents and first chapter to get a feel for this book. And remember, you don’t need a Kindle to read a Kindle eBook. You can read it on your computer or other device.

If you liked Eat, Pray, Love and Expecting Adam, you’ll love Embracing Quincy.

Hypocrite Consumer Societies Dna


Serious and in-depth DNA of sickening consumer societies!

21st Century Security Officer: Situational Awareness

by David Roach

Situational Awareness is a core discipline within the Security Officer’s skill set.

Each and every day you will be exposed to potentially hazardous situations, and your level of awareness with greatly impact your success and safety on the job.

Are you listening to your surroundings while you are writing that report? Have you read the warning placards posted on a door before you enter a room? Do you know what to pay attention to when confronting a trespasser that may save your life?

Find out in our second installment of the 21st Century Security Officer.

The Woman You Want To Be: Simple Steps to Get Out of the Box and Find Yourself

by Sydney Woods

What is your idea of living a fulfilling and happy life? Do you think that money, success or fame can bring you the peace and happiness you want in life? Have you ever doubted your actions and find yourself unanswered to your life purpose? Neither money nor fame can bring you the happiness you have always wished for from your life.
Many women emotionally make themselves suffer due to many doubts and remain clueless about many routine situations. Women across the world are changing their point of view toward many concepts, and surely, you can do to. In order to get out of the box and find your true self, you need to learn how to better manage your time, resources, relationships, and career. Being perfect is not the answer, being rich is not the answer; the answers you seek for are within you. You just need to realize your values, goals, and priorities to take full control of your life.
This book is a defining guide for all women to truly understand their life purpose, reinvent their lives, motivate themselves, and wake up every day full of self-confidence. The book provides valuable insights on how to visualize your life purpose, take better decisions, feed positive affirmation, simply how to be yourself, and rock the world.

A pluriatividade na agricultura familiar (Portuguese Edition)

by Sergio Schneider

Este livro se propõe a examinar as relações da agricultura familiar com a emergência e a consolidação das atividades não-agrícolas no espaço rural e a formação de unidades produtivas crescentemente identificadas com a pluriatividade das famílias rurais. Neste sentido, agrega-se, às pesquisas que vêm sendo realizadas para aprofundar os conhecimentos sobre a agricultura familiar e suas possibilidades de desenvolvimento social e econômico no espaço rural. Nos anos recentes, vários cientistas sociais vêm dedicando seus estudos e análises às formas familiares. Esse trabalho intelectual tem sido desenvolvido sob variados focos, podendo-se extrair pelos menos dois ensinamentos. O primeiro indica a existência de diferentes estratégias sociais e econômicas através das quais as populações, grupos e indivíduos identificados com a agricultura familiar vêm viabilizando sua reprodução social e sobrevivência econômica nas sociedades contemporâneas. O segundo e maior aprendizado demonstra que, pelo menos nas nações mais desenvolvidas, o Estado tem sido o maior responsável pela manutenção de políticas públicas e formas de apoio à expansão e à consolidação das unidades que se organizam e estruturam com base no trabalho familiar. A presente obra situa-se no primeiro veio citado, alinhando-se às pesquisas cujo objetivo tem sido o de demonstrar os mecanismos e as estratégias que viabilizam, e em certos casos até ampliam e fortalecem, as formas familiares no campo.

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