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Mechanical Ventilation Practice Questions: 35 Questions, Answers, and Rationales to Help Prepare for the TMC Exam (TMC Exam, Respiratory Study Guide, Respiratory … RRT Practice Questions, RRT Exam)

by Johnny Lung

Are you preparing to take the TMC Exam?

Or do you just need some extra practice with Mechanical Ventilation to help you study? Then this is the right book for you.

In this book, you will find 35 practice questions all about Mechanical Ventilation! They are in the exact format as the ones you’ll see on the actual TMC Board Exam. Each question also contains the correct answer, along with a detailed rationale explaining why that answer is correct.

This book is broken into two sections. Section 1 is for practicing. It includes the question, answer, and rationale all on the same page, for an easy-to-read, and learn, review. Section 2 is for testing. It contains the same questions, however, the answer is no longer given. This way, you can quiz yourself to see what you’ve learned. This is great for practicing while on the go because you can highlight using the Kindle app. Then, you’ll be able to go back and see which questions you answered incorrectly.

Are you ready?

Let’s get started with some practice questions that are guaranteed to boost your Mechanical Ventilation knowledge and help you pass the TMC Exam on your next attempt!

Debt-Free Degrees: College without the debt!

by David Miretti

More than twenty-five easy to understand practical tips for how anyone can save tons of money on a quality college education. This includes great advice for students and parents. Topics range from scholarships and choosing the right part-time job to selecting majors and schools, buying books, and much more. This is based on my experience and explains how I got a $130,000 private college education practically for free and clearly explains how you can do it too!

Habits of Highly Effective Teachers: The Ultimate Guide to Practical Behaviour Management that works!

by Marie Amaro

What do I do when students won’t stop talking?
How can I stop students wasting time and disrupting other students?
What can I do about disrespectful students?
Sound familiar?

Difficult student behaviours can keep you awake at night! Effective classroom management can feel elusive and you feel isolated and incompetent dealing with students. Problematic student behaviour can lead to teacher stress, frustration and yes, even tears. You didn’t learn about this at uni!

If you dream of a classroom where you can get on with the business of teaching and learning without being interrupted by poor student behaviour, Habits of Highly Effective Teachers is the book for you. Well-regarded trainer, speaker and author Marie Amaro, has over 30 years’ experience in the classroom. As a teacher, she really understands the unique challenges that face teachers today, the difficulties and demands on teachers and how to provide solutions that are achievable and easily implemented.
Learn what good teachers do, so you can do it too!

-How to establish clear expectations for behaviour in the classroom
-The secret to building rapport with students while maintaining appropriate boundaries
-How to reduce conflict with students through prevention and early intervention
-Simple ways to reinforce expected behaviour throughout the day
-How to skilfully redirect inappropriate student behaviour
-Highly practical teaching strategies to motivate and engage students


Habits of Highly Effective Teachers details the proven methods of effective classroom management that every teacher needs to be successful.
With simple, easy to follow tips illustrated by clear, everyday examples and case studies this book is a little gem!
With the focus on building and maintaining positive relationships and developing an effective learning environment, we are reminded of our power as teachers and the necessity for continuous self-reflection about the way we relate to students.
Dr Rich Allen, Educational Psychologist, Teacher, Speaker and Author

Providing opportunities for self-reflection and consideration of the impact we have on our students and the power we have to shape young minds; Habits of Highly Effective Teachers is a timely reminder of what is important in the classroom. Everything in education comes back to relationships and by emphasising this aspect, the book can help teachers to refocus when there are the inevitable classroom challenges.
Margaret Thorsborne and Peta Blood, Implementing Restorative Practices in Schools

“This is a book for all teachers, beginning to experienced. Between these pages lies helpful hints and tips, supported by extensive research, that anyone can implement in their classroom. Marie’s book has helped me rediscover the enjoyment and connection in teaching, as her strategies help me to plan my reactions to behaviours as much as I plan my lesson content. This is a comprehensive and well-written book that I have utilised over and over again in my classroom management. I’m so grateful to have found something so useful and incredibly easy to understand. Without a doubt the best teacher-help book I have ever read!”
Stephanie White, Classroom Teacher
“This book should be seen as the next new bible for all teachers. No one prepares you for the onslaught of changes to routine, changes to the classroom environment and most of all changes to students’ wellbeing.
This book presents the reader with tools to navigate through the hectic life of a classroom teacher and beyond.
New teachers will love it and older teachers can use it to answer some of their eternal questions about discipline and behaviour management. It has been well researched and well presented!
A must read!
Roz Nisbet,Head Teacher, Teaching & Learning, Leeton High School

Essentials of Ethical Hacking: A Beginner Guide

by Noor Alam

Learn the basics of Ethical Hacking to get started in the field of Cyber Security. This book covers all the essential fundamentals of Ethical Hacking with step-by-step instructions to perform the practicals in very intuitive way.

Seven Steps to Improving Your Writing

by Kokab Rahman

What steps should you take to improve your writing? How should you go about planning your story? What topics should you research and how should you go through the research process? This great short book provides answers to those questions and more! Included are common errors made by new writers and a suggested reading section. A must-have for any writer and especially the fiction writer!

PHP รข?? HTML for setting parameters: IT Easy Solutions Programming & Office Automation

by Gian Piero Taricco

This book introduces you to an “easy and ready to use” PHP code that automatically generates a setting parameters form by which the parameters of your PHP applications can be set.
The coder types the definition of parameters and the type of controls to be set and the procedure does the rest of the job.
The procedure also generates the Session variables by which the values of all parameters can be accessed throughout your PHP application.

KOMUNIPASS: A Comprehensive eBook Training for Intercultural Communication and Competence Development (CORPORATE EDITION)

by Heiko Saeger

A unique world innovation: the first eBook-based seminar series for smart phones, tablets, PC & Co worldwide, entitled KOMUNIPASS – The Intercultural Certificate.
Five smart training modules replace approximately 60 hours of expensive classroom education and prepare learners equally well for assignments and studies abroad as well as for intercultural cooperation.

About this Training:
Six consecutive training modules provide you step by step with practical knowledge and systematically enhance your most important methodological and social competencies. In this way, you can quickly achieve sustainable results in the development of your intercultural competence.

The capabilities acquired will help you to

– identify conflicts well in time, and avoid or adequately deal with them,
– interpret and understand unfamiliar behaviour that often seems incomprehensible,
– better assess your intercultural work and private environment,
– develop and apply your action strategies when meeting people with different cultural backgrounds,
– understand and bring about cultural change processes,
– better assess the chance of success and the cultural potential of ongoing and future cooperation and relationships,
– quickly develop new perspectives and use them to adequately solve tasks and challenges in different environments,
– sustainably develop and maintain intercultural networks,
– build an intercultural group into a team, and apply different potentials appropriately,
– quickly orient yourself in foreign cultures and in a way more convenient for you.

Due to its interdisciplinary content and exercises, the eBook Training is suitable for virtually all areas of life.

The eBook Training does not teach you about individual, country-specific dos and don’ts, nor will it teach you about the how-to’s of doing business in Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, North and Latin America, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, India, China (BRIC states), or Japan, and there will be no need for you to learn all this by heart. What you will learn, however, is how to build up an orientation system, or model, at any time by means of your newly acquired competencies in order to understand, adapt yourself to every individual situation, and act accordingly. Even to newbies, this is a most helpful topic.

The KOMUNPASS Training provides you the necessary framework for intercultural competence development: its didactic structure ensures the completion of competence building processes, and specially designed reflections help you to consolidate feedback in your daily practice.
You can acquire your intercultural certificate, so to speak. You will become aware of the functions, rules, and risks involved in intercultural situations. You will quickly understand what really matters in intercultural communication. Moreover, numerous knowledge bases, hints and reflection tasks give you personalised guidance.

By purchasing the eBook Training you contribute to financing the KOMUNIKI PROJECT. Get to know more about it at

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