Free romance Kindle books for 19 Nov 18

Seducing Her Husband

by Amanda Martinez

Ashley woke up in a strange hotel room, next to a strange man. They were both naked and she quickly learned that the night had taken a crazy turn, once she saw the wedding ring on her finger.

Justin wasn’t like other men that Ashley had dated. He was a business man, but he brawled like he was from the streets.
With dark brown eyes that saw right through her, Ashley knew that her life was never going to be the same again.

Justin wanted her to leave with him and she was tempted. It was time for Ashley to leave it all behind and start a new life.
All he had to do was convince her and Justin was more than happy to handle the task, because he could only think of one way.

Rule Number Two (Rule Breakers Book 2)

by Nicky Shanks

I used to live my life by two rules.

Then I ended up breaking them. But she was worth it.

If I had to do it all over again, I would break every damn rule a thousand times if it meant having her. My love for Julie runs deep in my soul. She’s the fire in my veins, and I want her to burn me from the inside out.

But I screwed up, and I let her slip through my fingers.

Now I need to get her back. And the only way to do that is to break another ruleâ?¦before it’s too late.

Catching Irish: a Summerhaven novella (The Summerhaven Trio Book 4)

by Katy Regnery

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Blueberry Lane series comes a new trio (and one novella!) of romances featuring the Haven triplets!

Finian Kelley and Tate Jennings met at a weddingâ?¦
â?¦but that doesn’t mean they had romance in mind.

Since meeting Finian Kelley at a wedding last fall, where they agreed to be physical with no strings attached, Tate Jennings can’t get him out of her head. So when an invitation arrives at her Florida condo, inviting Tate to spend St. Patrick’s Weekend back at Summerhaven where Finian works, she can’t resist heading up to New Hampshire for the festivities.

Having just gotten out of an awesomely bad relationship, Finian Kelley has sworn off romance, which is why it’s good that hottie Tate Jennings lives far away in the Florida Keys. They may have fooled around at Rory’s wedding, but at least they have no future together, right?

Wrong. When an annual celebration brings Tate back to New Hampshire, will Finian be able to stay away from the woman who’s already made an unwanted impression on his heart?

Return to Summerhaven one last time for this sweet, sultry, summer novella!


Book #1: Fighting Irish (Rory and Brittany)
Book #2: Smiling Irish (Tierney and Burr)
Book #3: Loving Irish (Ian and Hallie)
Book #4: Catching Irish (Fin and Tate)

Picture Imperfect

by Mary Frame

You’ve heard this story a thousand times.
Boy meets girl.
Boy and girl have a fake relationship.
Then they actually fall in love.

This is not one of those stories.

It should be. I mean, he’s Brent Crawford. He’s the new tight end for the New York Sharks. He’s one of the sexiest men alive. But his sponsors are threatening to drop him, and his job is in jeopardy due to allegations of assault. He needs someone to help recover his image.

She’s Gwen McDougall, former fashion model turned photographer and newly minted local hero. She wants more from her photography jobs than premeditated shots of B-list celebutantes, and now is her chance. She just has to agree to help Brent shine up his tarnished reputation.

They’re both young, beautiful, and talented. They would be perfect together.

Except she can’t stop making out with his brother.

This isn’t a perfect romance. Like most things in life, it’s rather imperfect.

Picture Imperfect is the fourth book in the Imperfect Series. It can be read as a stand-alone. No cliffhangers and a guaranteed Happily Ever After! Scroll up and one-click today!

Wild Elite: A Dark Captive Romance (Dark Dynasty Prequel)

by Stella Hart

A FREE peek into the dark, decadent world of a twisted billionaire and his future captive. Find out what America’s most elite men are hiding…

They’re rich, wild, sexyâ?¦ and dangerous.

I’m one of the wealthiest men in the world. My reach is boundless, and absolutely anything I want can be mine with the snap of a finger. Including her.
Tatum Marris, my newest obsession.
She’s young, beautiful, naïveâ?¦ and hiding many dark secrets. At least she thinks she is. She might have everyone else fooled with her innocent act, but she’ll never fool me.
I’ve been watching her for a long time, always lurking in the shadows, and I know the real her. I know exactly what she’s done. Every dirty little secret.
She hates men like me, but that won’t stop me from having her, because everyone has a price. Even her. So when the time is right, I’m going to take her away from everything she knows.
And then I’m going to make her payâ?¦.

Wild Elite is the free prequel to the Dark Dynasty trilogy.

Ghosts of Averoigne: A Paranormal Menage Romance (Chronicles of the Hallowed Order Book 1)

by Krista Wolf

As a ranking member of the ultra-secretive Hallowed Order, Kara LoPresti has seen some extraordinary things. Gifted with Retrocognitive powers beyond anything the Order has seen, her abilities make her the perfect paranormal investigator to help unravel the centuries-old mysteries of the spirt-plagued Averoigne Hotel.

But when Kara is paired with two other members – who also happen to be her ex-lovers? The resulting love triangle threatens to unravel their entire plan. Logan is the cocky, headstrong ,ex-military crush from her impetuous first year with the Order. Jeremy is tall and handsome and by-the-book – a beautiful summer fling she corrupted in the gardens at Blackstone Manor. Together both men spell trouble; but for Kara, they also offer a host of very provocative, even intoxicating possibilities…

A raging blizzard. A centuries-old ritual, yet to be completed. Snowed into the ghost-ridden hotel, the trio fights to solve the Averoigne’s ancient puzzle as the deadline of a dangerous winter solstice rushes up to meet them. Can they right a would-be warlock’s hundred-year old wrong while finally putting the hotel’s spirits to rest? Or will past differences – fueled by jealousy and insatiable desires – be their ultimate undoing?

Ghosts of Averoigne is the super-sized flagship book of the Chronicles of the Hallowed Order mega-series. The story is filled with mystery, suspense, twists and turns… but also love, lust, menage romance, and a series of dripping hot, steamy encounters written specifically with the goal of melting your kindle! HEA Guaranteed.

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