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Backwoods Station Keeping House: A science fiction adventure

by Chris Lowry

Congratulations. You’ve been assigned to Backwoods Station.

Life in Musk is full of technological marvels that make everyday living a utopia. At least that’s how the founders envisioned the colony. The bad guys had other ideas.

Smugglers and criminals control the markets. Galactic Marshal Spurlock Jennings just wants to clean up Musk. But when he shoots one of the mafia’s top capo’s, his bosses want him out of sight and out of mind. They send him to the backwater station on the edge of the dome and at the end of the line. Backwoods Station.

It’s a place just like he grew up in, and he hates it. Even the criminal element reaches this far out. If Spurlock’s learned one thing it’s that his job is to stop the bad guys, no matter how much it costs. And in Backwoods Station, the price may be too much.

Grab book 1 in the brand new series following the adventures of a Galactic Marshal as he tries to save the world, or himself, whichever comes first.

Fans of sci fi adventure and cowboy heroes are going to love this throwback to John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and Gary Cooper on Mars. Grab your copy of book 1 and disappear into the Martian landscape.

Grinding My Gears: An off-the-rails Ice Era Chronicle: 1:30 a.m.

by C.M. Moore

Adam, aka Gears, is a brilliant scientist, doctor and the creator of the water bases that all underground dwellers use to survive.

His family and friends would give him anything he desires. The world is at his feet. But for all his good fortune, the one thing Gears wants he can’t have. A long and healthy life.

As he faces his slowly worsening heart condition, he meets an unlikely savior in the form of Luna, a member of a rival organization known as The Originals.

Luna is part of a group that is out to see the destruction of everything that Gears has built. Even though she is connected to a world Gears can never be a part of, she risks her life to meet him and save him from death.

The two of them set off on a road trip that neither of them can evade, and have no idea if their journey will lead to a happily-ever-after or catastrophe.

Luna’s illogical ways has Gears questioning everything he thinks he knows about life and love. But she is his only hope for survival before the final beat of his heart.

Chesapeake Bay: re-release (mousehouse Book 2)

by chad harter

The exciting follow up to A Trapper’s Tale

A Trapper’s Tale : Re-release (mouse house Book 1)

by chad harter

Post apocalyptic story of a lonely old man and the secret he holds

Candyland: re-release (musehouse Book 3)

by chad harter

The conclusion to A Trapper’s Tale and Chesapeake Bay

The Epsilon Syndrome

by Mark Anthony Hall

The year is 2063. After organised crime runs rampant in the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigation fights back. By altering an individual’s DNA, the FBI has the power to change an undercover agent’s physical appearance, allowing them to look identical to the crime lord they have replaced, empowering the Bureau to break the criminal syndicates at their core.

The Stealth Image Initiative (SII) is a success, until a technical issue, the Epsilon Syndrome causes fear. When one of the programme’s agents, Leon Webb, inexplicably turns into one of Philadelphia’s most wanted days later, his options begin to run out.

Fearing the SII’s untrustworthy oligarch is behind this change simply to frame him, Leon has to run from both sides of the law to prove his true identity and to find out who is behind the Epsilon Syndrome.

Sacremon (Harmony War Series Book 1)

by Michael Chatfield

Stay in Earth’s slums or carve out a life in Earth’s Military Forces. Two brothers make a choice that will change their lives forever.

Mark and his brother Tyler survived the slums with a gun in their hand and a blade in their sleeve. While it won’t get them hired at a corporation, the Troopers are always looking for trained killers.

The EMF offers education, medical care, food, and real pay. They have a chance at a new life, one where they don’t have to worry about a rival gang killing them in the street.

With a thirty-five year EMF contract the Victor brothers might have a new life, but it comes at a hefty cost.

Peace doesn’t last and the EMF doesn’t care how many troopers die as long as they complete their mission.

Among the Roaring Dead

by Christopher Sword

Set in the near future, in a world where there is no need to learn how to drive a car, a flash of light explodes in the sky, blinding those who see it. Worse yet are the waves of radiation that come afterwards. Only those deep underground or carefully barricaded will have a chance. The rest will become something else, shambling, angry corpses.
Jess is a subway driver, deep under the city. He could have been a star quarterback where it not for a knee injury. He drinks to forget, though his computerized personal assistant does its best to make sure he doesn’t forget his children, who are on the other side of town.
The city is almost barren at first. Cars are crashed everywhere and the occupants inside look burned, or worse. Strange sounds can be heard down certain streets. A hollow moan like that of a dying dog.
Jess must get back to his family on the other side of this dead and dangerous city.

El visado y otros relatos de zombis: Margranda (Spanish Edition)

by Margranda Margranda

Relatos cortos de zombis.
El visado: ¿un visado para ver zombis o salvar a tu chica?
Zombis mediáticos: ¿puede un zombi ser una estrella mediática?
Sara Z: ¿Qué hace un zombi al levantarse?
Los 4 hermanos: ¿Recuerdan los zombis a sus hermanos vivos?


by Anthony Grayling

At the twilight of his life, in an era considered to be the golden age of humanity, Mr. Thompsen is led to tell one last time what happened on December 16, 2020, the day that changed the face of the world forever. However, the shadow of the technological powers that reign on Earth is about to provoke a new turning point.

Angola Burning: Episode 1: The Escape

by Kerry Quinn

In a future America becoming less fictional as each day passes, Jacob must escape the Southern Territories after an Angola jailbreak. His only help is Smokey, the enigmatic southern beauty that put him in prison in the first place.

Tracing The Stars (Corwint Central Agent Files Book 3)

by C.E. Kilgore

As the search for Orynn and the truth continues, four lives collide and will be forever changed. Sometimes love has been there all along, waiting for you to have the courage to reach for it. Other times, love hits you out of the blue like an asteroid and can uplift your entire life, if you can survive the impact.

Hankarron Eros has loved Tara since she had pigtails, but his fear of losing their friendship provides leads him to keep his heart’s desires locked away. When the truth about his family is exposed and leaves him grasping to hold onto his ship, his crew and his sanity, words are spoken that can’t be taken back and the presence he had grown so used to having at a convenient reach is gone.

Tara Flint has never denied her heart’s attraction to the floppy-haired, brown-eyed Hankarron, even if he can be a stupid limik sometimes. Her strong will falters as she is forced to decide between a promise she made to her father, a boy she has loved since she had pigtails and the possibility of finding out what her life might be like without the presence of Hankarron always by her side.

When you get knocked down, you get back up and hit the other guy harder. Trip ‘Wild Fists’ Weston is a Runata’ji combat fighter at the top of his career with a fame and fortune he doesn’t want and a Lucky Clover tattooed across his heart to remind him of the girl who is always just out of reach. When Tara’s luck lands her in his lap without Hankarron on her heels, Trip wonders if this is his chance to capture his Clover, or if Tara’s luck has other ideas in mind. Fate doesn’t always give you want you want, but it will always give you what you need.

Jennadri Szina doesn’t have time for matters of the heart or trying to get two wayward agents back on track. She’s got a mission to run, a Director who is dying and a mother who isn’t easy to impress. When Jehdra sends her to save Hank and Tara, Jen takes her mother’s mission on at full speed, but she isn’t prepared to manage ‘Wild Fists’ Weston and his damn dimple.

They say that the stories of our time will one day be traced into the stars to help guide others home. Fate strings intertwine with skipping stones across the stars of the universe, pulling it forward and writing new lines in the night sky as the Corwint Central Agent saga continues to lead Ethan, Orynn and Jarren towards a collision that holds the power to change everything.

*This book is intended for mature readers and contains mild violence, coarse language and romantic scenes of intimacy.

About The Series: Corwint Central Agent Files
Corwint Central Agent Files is set in a galaxy far, far away. Various planetary systems and alien species, some human-like and others very unique, offer a backdrop to the adventures, struggles for power, character development and romance. As a space opera, character development and world building are the key ingredients. As a romance, ideals of love and relationship development are what drive the stories forward.

The Corwint universe is a constantly growing, changing and evolving universe. From space stations to newly discovered planets, each story in the series adds to a universe rich with life, struggling with conflict, and evolving its own sense of existence.

Love is the key theme in the series. Each book explores different aspects of love; from ‘love at first sight’ to unrequited love, from ‘friends to lovers’ to ‘opposites attract’, and everything in between. It also explores both sides of love – the good and beauty that can come from it, as well as the destructive force it can unleash when love turns to obsession.

Everything, and everyone, in the Corwint Universe has a past, present and future. Nothing is stagnant or an island. Every action, or inaction, has the potential to cast stones across the universe, creating ripple effects that may not be realized until years later. Fate mingles with choice, and consequences follow every decision.

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