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Leptin Resistance Guide: Restore your Health, Lose Weight Naturally, Gain Easy Control of your Leptin Hormone with a Secret Diet and Supplement: (Leptin … Hormone with a Secret Diet and S Book 1)

by Shawn Rashid

Leptin Resistance: Restore your Health, Lose Weight Naturally, Gain Easy Control of your Leptin Hormone with a Secret Diet and Supplement

If endorphin is the stuff of happiness, then leptin is the stuff for diets.

Take control of this hormone that dictates the strength of your appetite and your metabolic rate. Recent research and discoveries in this field have pointed that leptin is one of the major contributing factors to obesity within the United States.
Learn the real secret of a healthy diet. It is not more on what you eat. It is more on how and when you eat.
Learn the basics of leptin resistance and sensitivity in relation to your body’s natural bundy clock. There is a certain time when your body performs important functions. Learn how some daily habits can damage this cycle and throw you off-balance, causing you to gain weight and feel at a loss when you need to be at your best.

The SOLUTION to overcoming Leptin Resistance is contained within this book

Discover the secret items that will allow you to control your leptin levels and keep yourself satisfied for hours without having to dabble in a single snack. Along with these secrets are the rules to make sure that your eating and sleeping habits meet the natural order of things within your body, creating harmony and a chance to get back into great shape. You do not have to starve yourself on stale salads and synthetic meals to do so.

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Prescription for Maximum Savings: Pharmacist Written Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Affording Your Medications

by Jason Reed

Forget the idea of a pill for every ill. In unpredictable economic times that concept can be a means to financial ruin. There is a way to prevent this from being your inevitable healthcare status.

Whether you dream of escaping a never ending medication cycle, eliminating high-end price tags, learning how to interact with your prescriber so your financial concerns are heard, or just living healthier and worrying less, Prescription for Maximum Savings is the blueprint.

As a practicing Doctor of Pharmacy, I have seen patients who end up in the emergency room when they can’t afford their medication. I have also worked for a large Pharmacy Benefit Manager for over 15 years where I learned the tools needed to navigate confusing health insurance loopholes. I put all the money saving ideas in a simple step by step manual for you to ensure you never miss out on either eliminating medications or obtaining them at the absolute best prices!

This step by step guide to a healthy and financially fit lifestyle teaches:

-How you can realize 50%-80% savings over your current medication spend.

-How to ensure you really need medication for the symptoms you have or if they could be caused by another medication.

-How savvy patients armed with knowledge have specific, actionable conversations with their doctor to optimize wellness.

-How to prevent future medication costs from wiping out your financial freedom.

-How to make sense of all the options thrown at you about how to save money, put them in order and optimize each method.

Move Freely: Get Your Life Back After Injury

by Helen Blake MD

Is Your Pain Preventing You from Moving Freely?

When an injury strikes, it is easy to feel helpless, uncertain, and fearful about the future. Pain after an injury can limit you. Your dreams can’t become reality when your pain prevents you from doing much more than moving from the bed to the couch.
Whether you were injured at work, struck in a motor vehicle accident, or threw your back out while at home, once pain strikes you need to get back to feeling your best – and back to work – as quickly as possible.
Helen Blake, MD is an experienced Interventional Pain Doctor who can help you rise above your pain – wherever it is – after your injury or accident. She will be your guide through a targeted process to help you to renew your energy and conquer your injury. You will also learn how to:

  • Rise above pain that continues for months or years, even after medical treatment or surgery
  • Eat nutritional foods that will decrease the inflammation in your body
  • Nourish your well-being
  • Exercise again – without injuring yourself!
  • Work toward your professional goals and aspirations
  • Whether your pain started six weeks ago or six years ago, Move Freely

    can help you reclaim your body and energy so you can pursue the things you love.

    Rewrite Your Life Without Dermatographia: The All-Natural Solution to Managing Hive-like Welts and Severe Itching

    by Sandra Graneau

    You can live your life freely without being affected by dermatographia.

    Do you suffer from severe itching that doesn’t seem to go away? Are you embarrassed by welts that seem to appear without cause, linger, and then disappear just as suddenly? Are you concerned that the type of clothing you wear will cause skin irritation? Do you feel helpless because you don’t understand what causes these symptoms? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you may have dermatographia.
    After suffering from severe symptoms for years, author Sandra Graneau was finally diagnosed with dermatographia. She refused to live in discomfort, so Sandra changed her lifestyle and has now been living free from the symptoms of dermatographia for two years. Today she’s helping others to do the same!
    In Rewrite Your Life Without Dermatographia, you’ll learn:

  • The possible triggers for your symptoms
  • Tools to help you overcome your symptoms’ triggers
  • When it is time to ask for and get help
  • How to take the steps in your lifestyle to prevent your symptoms
  • How to navigate your life without causing a reoccurrence of symptoms
  • You can take back control of your body and life. Only one question remains: are you ready make those changes? Let Sandra Graneau help you get started today!

    Melissa’s Manic Memoirs: 2002-2003

    by Melissa Ann Meade

    I was so good at secrets, I even kept them from myself. If you dare, go back in time with me and get in my head in 2002-2003. Everything was documented in these journals. I saw that my truth was not the truth. This book is heavy. I hope you can handle it.

    Survival Crafts: Learn To Make Own Weapons, Guns, and Knives, Store Your Prepping Pantry and Bunker, and Protect Your Property From Burglars

    by Patrick Harris

    Survival Crafts: Learn To Make Own Weapons, Guns, and Knives, Store Your Prepping Pantry and Bunker, and Protect Your Property From Burglars

    Book 1: Wise Prepping: Important Things Every Beginner Prepper Needs And List Of Mistakes To Avoid

    This book is meant for different categories of people – those that have never faced disaster and would not know how to handle it if it happened; those that have witnessed disaster and felt all trapped and confused; and those who are conversant with prepping but who may wish to refresh their memory.

    Would you like to be that person who panics and gets everyone else around panicking when something unexpected happens? Remember you stand to get into more trouble when you panic than if you didn’t. This is enough reason for you to make this guide a priority. It is a book with practical guidelines on how to begin prepping long before disaster happens, and it takes you along all the important stages of disaster preparedness, till the last minute when the best option is to bug out of your location.

    Book 2: Homemade Survival Weapons: 10 Badass DIY Weapons That Will Save Your Life When SHTF

    The ability to create a weapon from the materials that surround you is one of the reasons that humans have evolved above the other creatures on this planet. However, that same evolution has led to a variety of bad decisions which have put the world at risk of a global scale disaster. It can be argued that the effect of humans has caused global warming and the increase in dangerous storms; which have devastating consequences. In addition the balance of power across the world and the relative stability which goes with this is dynamically changing. The threat of a huge scale disaster is looming larger than ever; as witnessed by the doomsday clock.

    Book 3: Gunsmithing At Home: Simple Guide With Necessary Tools And Techniques For Beginner Gunsmith

    This is the first step into the world of gunsmithing. Once you realize how much your aim can be improved by making a few simple modifications you’ll quickly want to make more!

    Book 4: Blacksmithing For Men: Forge Your Own Dangerous But Beauteous Knife

    This book will guide you through the concepts involved and the creation of one specific design. But, this is just one example. You can design any knife you want and create it with the instructions in this book!

    Book 5: Homemade Booby Traps: Tricky But Simple Traps That Protect Your Property From Robbers

    This guide is designed to introduce you to the world of booby traps and illustrate how easily you can create them. You have the right to defend yourself, your family and your home; but the amount of force you use must be reasonable.

    Book 6: Survival Bunker: How To Build And Equip Your Own Bunker And Store Food And Water For 5 Years

    At this point you would be glad that you had read this book on how to build and equip your own bunker. At least you can feel safe whilst everyone else is running round panicking!

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