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by Enrico Ercolani

Che cosa si intende con ARTE MARZIALE, SPORT di COMBATTIMENTO, sistema di DIFESA PERSONALE all’inizio del 21° secolo? Questo saggio vuole dare una risposta moderna al quesito senza dimenticare la tradizione del passato. Nel seguito si utilizzano le seguenti sigle:
Questo variegato mondo viene analizzato nell’ottica di ciò che serve all’individuo per difendersi nel mondo moderno e quindi sono prese in considerazione solo Arti Marziali, Sport di Combattimento, Sistemi di Difesa Personale che, come parte preponderante del loro programma, utilizzano tecniche disarmate. L’unica arma sempre a disposizione è il corpo umano, è pertanto la prima ad essere utilizzata in un contesto non militare. Anche in un contesto militare o in attività di ordine pubblico (forze dell’ordine), il corpo umano è fondamentale, perché può essere impossibile utilizzare le armi in dotazione. Utilizzando il termine â??sistema’, in modo generico, per indicare una qualunque disciplina (sia AM, sia SC, sia DF), qualunque sistema deve avere efficacia in ambito DF, ovvero almeno parte delle sue tecniche si devono poter utilizzare nella difesa personale. Questo è ovvio per i sistemi di DF, nati per questo, ma può non essere vero per AM e SC. Qualunque AM o SC non efficace in ambito DF è un sistema fine a sé stesso e pertanto non è da considerarsi valido (se non per la pratica spirituale/sportiva) avendo perduto il suo scopo originario. Nei sistemi che utilizzano tecniche di lotta, anche in ambito sportivo, è previsto un combattimento reale, nei sistemi che utilizzano solo tecniche di percussione, l’evoluzione moderna ha fatto evolvere (ma tale termine è improprio, si tratta infatti di un’involuzione) alcuni di essi verso sport senza contatto pieno snaturando completamente il loro scopo. Purtroppo molti sistemi, che non praticano il così detto contatto pieno, vengono ancora ritenuti erroneamente AM o SC. Un’altra caratteristica comune che devono avere questi sistemi, è il fatto che devono essere internazionali. In pratica ogni nazione del mondo ha sviluppato sistemi di combattimento, ma molti sono rimasti locali o relegati a pochi paesi, la stessa cosa può valere per maestri, più che rispettabili, che hanno creato un loro stile che però è rimasto relegato in patria o comunque in pochi paesi. Pur non negando la possibilità che possano esistere sistemi efficaci anche fra questi, la realtà è che questi sistemi non hanno avuto modo di confrontarsi in altre parti del mondo e quindi la loro efficacia rimane sempre dubbia. Con il termine â??internazionale’, si intende che il sistema deve essere conosciuto e praticato in ognuno dei 5 continenti (Africa, America, Asia, Europa, Oceania), questo non vuol dire che deve essere praticato in tutte le nazioni di un continente, ma almeno in qualcuna. Un’ultima caratteristica, è che questi sistemi devono essere noti e verificabili nel www, questo perché, per un qualunque sistema moderno, devono esistere informazioni pubbliche accessibili globalmente e conseguentemente verificabili.

Man in a Puddle: The Nightmare, Canepatch and Ten Thousand Islands

by Mark Rutkowski

Illustrated by the artist Twelve days alone in the labyrinth of the Western Everglades looking for direction and identity.

How to become a sponsored athlete: 10 secrets to get fitness sponsorship

by Tarun Gill

Everything you wanted to know about on how to become a sponsored athlete. This book is very to the point. It gives you ten key points if you implement, you will get sponsored.

And the takeaway from the book is that you don’t need to be an athlete or a bodybuilder or even a fitness model, to get any brand sponsorship.

Stories from the motoring world

by Daniel Davis

My lifelong passion for cars and motorsport led to the creation of the website in 2017. The website was established in Melbourne, Australia with the main focus being on old and new performance cars and motorsport events. The original intention of the site was to give visitors free access to an extensive catalogue of photos taken at motorsport events including the Australian Grand Prix, historic events at Sandown and Phillip Island and Targa events. As the website’s grown, I’ve included used car reviews and have been fortunate enough to get cars from CarAdvice to review.

More recently, I’ve managed to undertake some new car reviews from Kia, Toyota and Hyundai. The aim is to get more new cars to review in the future and hopefully provide accurate and non-biased advice to new car buyers. I’m also adding in some content from new car releases and have been uploading some in car-footage of my drives. Hopefully this area of the website can really grow in the future.

This e-book focuses on new and used car reviews, significant road and race cars, Australian motor racing circuits, the Aussie Driver Search competition, great driving roads in Victoria and cars that feature in computer games. I’ve included my favourite images into these articles.

I hope that you enjoy the diverse range of content and find it interesting and informative.

How to protect your child in emergency situations: The secrets of the Green Berets officer to young mothers

by Samuel Greenberg

How ordinary mother can survive and save her child in most life-threatening situations

This book will teach you of proper behavior in emergency situations such as terrorist attacks, explosions, fires, street assaults, hostage situation, plane crash, shipwreck, personal threats, mass riots, kidnapping and much more. We live in unpredictable world and life-threatening situations can happen with anyone, anytime and anywhere. If you know how to behave and what to do in these kinds of menacing situations, then you will have more chances for saving yours and your child lives.

Start to learn lifesaving methods and skills in life-threatening situations
The knowledge and skills how to behave and what to do in different menacing situation are not taught at schools and colleges. Usually people act according to their own life experience, feeling of fear or like other people occurred in this situation, which in most of the cases is not right and can worsen position and endanger human lives.

The book will examine each of the most common life-threatening situations, which can occur with any ordinary mother and her child these days. Step by step it will teach you how to act in proper way in each dangerous situation for saving you and your child lives.

Target audience
Mothers with child or ordinary women of any age, who wants to learn how to save her life in menacing situations. After learning these lessons you will feel more confident in any situation: at street, club, public or private place, lost in the city in or wild.

An Open Letter to ALL Regarding Donald Sterling

by Bryant Jordan

Bryant T. Jordan, the renowned author of both Saving the Lakers: A Be the General Manager Book and Saving the Celtics: A Be the General Manager Book, two ingenious titles that mix the fascinating and fun Choose Your Own Adventure Style of writing with an amazing attention to details such as NBA financials, and the Collective Bargaining Agreement, sprinkle in a large dose of humor and deliver two of the most unique sports-centric titles of the past 20 years, makes his initial foray into the moral side of sports with An Open Letter to ALL Regarding Donald Sterling. Simply put, An Open Letter to ALL Regarding Donald Sterling is a 112 page MUTS-READ, thought-provoking book, and one that should inspire a great deal of debate!

Author Bryant T. Jordan examines and breaks down, not only the exact words of Donald Sterling as recorded by V. Stiviano in the infamous TMZ and Deadspin recordings, but those of NBA celebrities such as Shaquille O’Neal, Magic Johnson and Isaih Thomas. Jordan also examines themass public’s reaction to such thought-to-be-private words and even explores NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s public condemnation of Mr. Sterling’s words and the subsequent punishment handed down to Sterling, and whether or not such a punishment truly fit the crime.

From quoting Martin Luther King to Tupac Shakur (aka PAC) to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Bryant T. Jordan raises important questions such as:

Did the TMZ and Deadspin recordings really prove Sterling was a Hitler-esque racist or merely that he was an upset Sugar-Daddy?

Did the media leave out important information that would have painted Sterling in a different light, in favor or creating ratings nirvana?

Did Sterling deserve a lifetime ban for uttering private words?

Are politically incorrect words worthy of a far worse punishment than actual criminal actions like
assault, rape and even murder?

Are Donald Sterling’s private words unforgiveable? If so, what does that say about the mass public?

Author Bryant T. Jordan’s An Open Letter to ALL Regarding Donald Sterling neither justifies racism or racist speech, nor ignorantly condemns a single individual without first actually examining what that individual said. Simply put, this book is an eye-opening, thought-provoking breath of fresh air that is indeed a true MUST-READ for all sports junkies, fans of freedom of speech and just plain free-thinking people everywhere!

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