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Roadtrip Journal – Iberian Peninsula

by Carla José

After almost a year planning this trip, the day to hit the road finally came:

*Viana do Castelo > Vigo > Ilhas Cies > Santiago de Compostela > Corunha > Asturias > Gijón > Santander > Bilbao > Burgos > Madrid > Toledo > Granada > Motril > Málaga > Gibraltar > Sevilha > Faro > Sagres > Sintra > Ericeira > Vila Real*

This aventure had it’s departure in the 30th of May and the arrival was on the 23th of June. And had a total amount of twenty five days and 4650km, exploring the Iberian Peninsula.

During the whole trip, we kept one boarding diary that reports all of our adventures, misadventures, our happy and not so happy occurrences, long walks, incredible landscapes above of all, our unique experiences, that we will definitely repeat.

Each day was reported in the boarding diary approximately one or two days after, with the exception of the last days of the journey, which were written some days later. This version is an abridged summary based on a personal and original script, available to borrow if you wish (“filter free”).

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Drugs Danger and Dysentery: Travelling Rough on the Hippie Trail

by Asta Gray

In 1967 Asta lives in Sydney’s Kings Cross, famous for strip clubs, gambling dens, artists and beatniks. After a failed relationship she drops out of her office job, joins a band led by an Aborigine blues singer and is introduced to LSD by a mysterious older man at a teenage party.
When she meets her new partner they decide to
seek â??spiritual enlightenment’ in India. They hitchhike to Darwin via the crocodile-infested Kimberley in Western Australia.
Working various jobs along the way, they save enough money for their trip and head to India on the cheap.
What begins as a hilarious adventure soon reveals the First Noble Truth of the Buddha – â??existence is suffering’. As they trek through Southeast Asia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey and Europe to the UK, Asta’s inner journey of discovery and healing forms an essential counterpoint to the physical challenge of travelling rough on the Hippie Trail.

India: See it, smell it, taste it, love it, hate it… (Twisted travel tales Book 4)

by Bryce James

The latest story in my twisted travel tales. The usual same ol’ thing, raving, drugs and drinking. This time though in India. What more do you expect? What’s happened to the trance scene in Goa? Where are the hippies now? Did you ever want to know where to buy Ketamine in Delhi? What’s the best way to cook it down? We go in search for all of it. The colours, the laughs, the shits the aggravation. The Long Road…. There’s also some sound advice on drug trafficking if you read into it enough. There’s not really much about India or even trying to get to understand it. Don’t expect to read much about the local culture, this is just an arrogant and ignorant drug taker’s guide to India.

Happiness Is: 500 Danish quotes on happiness through life

by Mette Odderskov


We are all drawn to happiness. This very special state that grants us courage, fills us with driving power and opens our eyes to the light side of life.

More than once, the Danes have been named the happiest people in the world. But is it a title they can pride themselves with forever, or will they have to work to find and keep their happiness?

In the book Happiness is…, Danes of all ages offer their perception of happiness. The book is a collection of touching descriptions, beautiful images, fun facts and wonderful quotes from hundreds of Danes on their happiness.

About the author: Mette Odderskov (b.1973) is a twin, married and mother of two girls. She is a qualified drop-in center manager and today works as department head. Like many Danes, Mette Odderskov has family who emigrated to the United
States in the beginning of the 20th century.

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