Free war Kindle books for 19 Nov 18

Tides of Blood and Steel: The Northern Crusade: Book 2

by Christian Warren Freed

War has come to the North. The kingdoms of Rogscroft and Delranan are engaged in a bitter struggle that can only result in the total annihilation of an entire kingdom. Yet while the opposing armies battle away a new threat approaches. An army of Goblins marches from the Deadlands, summoned by the nefarious Amar Kit’han and the Dae’shan. This new army will tip the balance of power and give King Badron total control.
Locked away in the dungeons under Chadra Keep, Bahr and his small band of would be heroes suffer Harnin One Eye’s torture. Evidence of the Dae’shan is quickly discovered, leading the last surviving wizard, Anienam Keiss, to believe Bahr and the others are all that stands in the way of the dark gods long anticipated return to Malweir. Lord Argis, the traitor lord, helps Bahr escape and the tiny, beleaguered band races off into the night in search of an ancient book containing the whereabouts of the mythical Blud Hamr. Only the hammer has the power to stop the dark gods and save the world.
The mystical Dae’shan continue to manipulate the politics of the northern kingdoms from within the shadows, eager to drive the balance between light and good irrevocably evil. Once that balance is undone the way will be open for the dark gods to return and claim Malweir as their own once again.
Darkness approaches as the flames of war burn brighter. One king shall stand. One shall fall. Malweir’s fate hangs in the balance as a weary band of adventurers struggles to find the Blud Hamr and end this war.

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