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Wildflower: An Abducted Life: A Survivor’s Memoir

by Nancy Jean Walker

Nancy Walker, a child abuse, rape, human trafficking, and domestic violence survivor, escapedâ??only to continue a tormented life that cried out for restoration. Her story goes deep into the mind of a victim who struggles to recover and finally come to personal redemption.

Nancy’s remarkable resilience surpassed expectations. Her book brings hope to victims and helps others understand how to recognize and reach out to aid those trapped in these atrocities.
As a survivor of a series of ongoing exploitation, and as a survivor of the disastrous life that often follows, Nancy Walker kept silent under shame and guilt. Decades of escalating abuse and emotional torment played like a continually loaded gun to her head. She often wondered why she was even alive. What Nancy thought was finally her end instead became the beginning of a remarkable new life.

Recommended audience: Survivors of child abuse, human trafficking, and domestic violence, Parents, Anti-human trafficking activists, people living with PTSD, College students, Teachers, Medical field professionals, The chronically ill and disabled community, Sexual abuse therapists and counselors, Spiritual leaders. Law enforcement agents, Church groups, Governmental representatives, Home health agencies, Chat room participants

Zoisite Shawl: A Chic Lace Knitting Pattern | accessory knitwear

by Jen Carrigan

Sometimes we need a touch of style and grace while keeping it modern and minimalist. The lace in this shawl is nowhere near fussy nor dated; you’ll be proud to wear it with a darling “LBD” (little black dress) or a chic jeans n’ tee combo.

Pattern Specs:

  • Weight: fingering
  • Yardage: 500yds (see note)
  • Needles: US 6 / 3.75mm
  • Minimum Size: 60″ on the long edge
  • Notions: markers and tapestry needle

Sideways knit asymmetrical shawl pattern. The main lace pattern is written out in entirety. For the advanced knitters, simplified written instructions are included. Charts included. Glossary included.

* Designer was able to knit the pictured shawl with only one hank of yarn (100g, 400 yds) with aggressive blocking. If you are using acrylic or a non-stretchy blend of yarn, you will need extra yarn. If you’re not comfortable playing “yarn chicken” or aggressively blocking, play it safe and grab an extra 50g of yarn. If you’d like to knit a bigger shawl, grab an extra 50g or two.

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Nature as A Teacher

by Amazing Creations

In this book we are trying to help people to achieve better intelligence by briefing simple but most important things. You can call it scientific method to achieve it.

You will feel that really included points are great and one should try and concentrate on it.

It helps us to know how to get intelligence easily. Through this we can grasp so many things from our day to day routine life. In very simple manner you can get lot of things from your own daily routine.

Getting cleverness is the important.

You will understand how to develop it and how you can develop it very easily. No one is born intelligent. After getting start up, the main and crucial thing is we all put it down after sometime.

Possibly because of lack of interest, get bored or not getting enough encouragement.

Here are the few explanations how to stay tuned with same pace or even more energetic level. Yes this book is for you and definitely you can do. Your venture is waiting for youâ?¦ Go aheadâ?¦ Here is the wayâ?¦

The Instability of Dreams

by CE Mirana

Conrad Wilson is a member of Task Force 7, and he’s been guarding and procuring Core Generation Sites all his life. But he’s never killed innocent people.

Now he’s murdered an entire town, not to mention been captured by the enemy. Can he survive his greatest fears? Can he save a defenseless child? Or will he die of his wounds and his old enemy?

As The Chasm Grows… (The Black HipHop & Black-American Cultural Contrast)

by Wesley N. Chase

When you think of Black-Americans, what image(s) come to your mind? Honestly, what do you see when you think of a Black-American male and a Black-American female? In addition to the image you have in your head, what thoughts come to your mind when you envision Black-American culture? Take a moment to now think if those images/thoughts are fueled by any stereotypes, possibly something you’ve seen in the media? Now let’s do the exact same exercise but this time I want you to think of HipHop culture. Is there any overlap in terms of images/thoughts you had when you envisioned Black-American culture? 

Given that many of the most popular artists in HipHop are Black, I don’t think it is uncommon if the two cultures were mentally aligned when you thought about both and therein lies the crux of this book. The HipHop Community has many subcultures and genres of art forms that are immensely popular worldwide; given the aforementioned statement regarding the race of some of HipHop’s most recognizable figures, it is easy for those outside of the Black Community to meld both Black HipHop culture and Black-American culture together. The goal of this book is to show how over time a divide has grown between the two and as this chasm grows it has now become a good idea to start defining each culture a little more clearly. As a representative of Black-American culture, this is the groundwork I hope to lay here.

panteikorekusyon (Japanese Edition)

by pcolle



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