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Virtual Living: Losing the Second Experience of Life

by The Avatar Collective

An account of the negative experiences and financial losses endured by residents in a particular virtual world, examining the infringements they are alleged to have committed and the lack of adequate due process given to each case resulting in their being removed from that virtual world with the company believing the hearsay declarations and statements of one person over another, whether that be from an employee or another resident.
The text has been compiled from interviews and conversations with present and past residents of that virtual world and so this work is theirs, hence the listed author being The Avatar Collective.
You will be invited to review the work but the uploader does not ever read reviews. Should you agree that the company is required to make changes to its policies, there are references in the text of how they may be contacted but it is doubtful any will receive an adequate response.
There can be no conclusion to this first report unless and until the actions outlined in the closing section are enacted by the company concerned.

വി�യത്തിന്റ� രഹസ്യ�: �ാ�്�് മാ

by karthikeyan k

��ന�സ് ധനി�നായ �ാ�്�് മായ� �ുറി�്�് �ഥ

Prison Days: True Diary Entries by a Maximum Security Prison Officer, June 2018

by Simon King

Hidden behind these walls is a world with no rules, no honor and where anything really is possible.

Maximum security has never sounded like this before. The rapes, murders and assaults are just the beginning.
No two days are ever the same, as officers deal with an endless barrage of violence, threats and danger.
As told by a prison officer directly from behind the walls, these are the day to day stories you never hear about.

Welcome to Maximum Security.

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