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Black Tequila: Love and Drama with Patterson suspense and Grisham intrigue

by J.D. Bernal

The enthralling story of a woman who finds herself unravelling the invisible threads that join religion, politics and the world of high finance.

Jericho, 2010. Rania Roberts, a young, humble girl and daughter to Palestinian-American parents, enjoys a quiet existence in her hometown, dreaming of a future alongside her beloved Abdul. All that is until a brutal sequence of events shatters her lifeâ?¦

David Ackermann, a captain in the Israeli army, finds himself in a desperate situation. One of his men, drunk on duty and enraged at events in his personal life, has abandoned his post and is making for Jericho, armed to the teeth. When Ackermann finally succeeds in locating the AWOL soldier, he has to make a decisionâ?¦

Max Bogart is a successful New York trader living the high life and dating the beautiful and famous TV reporter Debra Williams. Then he gets a call from the most powerful man on Wall Street, with an offer to run a newly created, specialist hedge fund. It is the chance of a lifetime, and he accepts without a second thought. But things will never be the same againâ?¦

Bernal presents an exhilarating thriller that touches on the worlds of politics, global markets, and age-old religious tensions. We gain insight into the perspectives of Wall Street’s most powerful individuals, tussles in the corridors of western power, machinations within the secret services, and governmental manipulation of public opinion. Compelling and urgent, BLACK TEQUILA delves into both solitude and compassion, and presents love as the only answer in a world of barbaric cruelty. It shows us the modern world in all its true facets.

With the intrigue of John Grisham, the suspense of James Patterson and the novelistic eye of John Le Carré, A literary debut with all it takes to be a bestseller.

About the Author

Internationally reviewed and world traveling author Javier D. Bernal is passionate about life, living and adventurous storytelling.  In this, his first book “opera prima”, he introduces readers to regular people whose lives are forever and abruptly changed by unexpected, even calamitous happenings.  Follow along with high-stakes suspense and intrigue.  Feel the love, drama, twists and turns of lives transformed — all in a very real, exotic and contemporary setting.  A proven entrepreneur, global marketer and banking executive, he is also a loving husband and doting father who always takes time to dance with 4-year old Claudia, play chess with 6-year old Diego and cheer on the Real Madrid soccer team with his other sons: Sergio, Yago and Diego.

Customer reviews

“Extraordinary story. Drama, intrigue, suspense and romance that deals with some of today political and economic events with realism. Most interesting book I have read this year”

“Excellent, excellent, excellent. Very original plot that take us from ancient Jerico to New York, through amazing characters I couldn’t stop reading”

“Excellent opera prima, his detailed descriptions of Jerico and glamorous life in NYC plus complexity of every character make this novel a must read. Highly recommended.”

The Sweetest Kiss: A Duke’s Life: The Scandalous Brother (Sons of Worthington Book 1)

by Marie Higgins


What readers are saying about The Sweetest Kiss…

* This was a beautiful story and this last chapter was amazing. I love Judith and Trey and I can’t wait for your next book!
* Great!!!! An amazing story!
* I loved this story!
* One of the best books I have read. You are an amazing storyteller. I might have to go to amazon and get this whole series. Totally enjoyable read.
* Awesome story….. I enjoyed it … thank you for writing beautiful and wonderful story. I will continue to read all your stories.

Trey Worthington isn’t about to give his heart to a woman. He does not want a marriage like his parents. But when his mother brings in a childhood acquaintance into the home to sponsor into society, Trey has to get Miss Faraday trained properly. The more he gets to know Judith, the more he yearns for something he doesn’t dare reach for. Judith is after a faithful husbandâ??something Trey has been convinced most of his life he’ll never become.

Judith Faraday is only after one thingâ??to marry her Naval Officer and enjoy a life full of love. She’s doubtful her dream will ever come true while living as the ward to the dowager duchess. However, the longer Judith is with the dowager’s son, Trey, an attraction blossoms. Judith now wonders if God has different plans for her life, because Trey doesn’t believe in the sanctity of marriage . . . the very thing Judith cannot do without.

Masks of War

by J. Kathleen Cheney


For Lieutenant Grey, after the loss of a leg, the Great War was over… leaving him fighting another war within. The Tin Noses Shop gave him purpose, but it wasn’t home. What he needed was a little hope, and perhaps a little magic.

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