Free literary fiction Kindle books for 20 Nov 18

The Key (Clairvoyant Serial Book 1)

by Kathryn Wise

He who controls social media controls the world.

A sinister force seeks to do just that, and nothing is going to stand in the way. All it needs is one final piece of the puzzle.

When a disruptive pattern of social media outages escalates, bad ass data forensics specialist Rachel Vaughn is called upon for her expertise, setting her on the hunt for an algorithmic key with the power to take down the entire global infrastructure.

Guided by an otherworldly group of four, Rachel has been entrusted with the missing puzzle piece, and the bad guys know it. With Special Ops agent Grayson Blaine by her side she survives her first day on the job, outmaneuvering the enemy in what may prove to be her most dangerous assignment ever.

Will Rachel find the key before the entire social media infrastructure is hijacked? And as the outages continue, can the world function without its social media fix, or is it too late?

For fans of eclectic page-turning thrillers, The Key is the first book in the Clairvoyant Serial by Kathryn Wise. Grab it today.

My Brother’s Best Friend (The Lakeland Boys Book 3)

by G.L. Snodgrass

*** A Young Adult Sweet Romance ***

*** The Lakeland Boys 3 ***

Sixteen year-old Marla Turner had been in love with Tank Gunderson her entire life. He had always been her hero. Unfortunately, to him, she would never be more than his best friend’s little sister.

Tank Gunderson knew one thing for sure in his messed up life. It didn’t matter that she lit up his world. All that mattered was that Marla Turner was as far out of bounds as a girl could get.

American Branded

by Ethan Blackhouse

Steven Brand, a young senator from New Jersey, quickly rises to the highest position in American politics, promising vast reforms to his nation as President. He holds true to his vows, but whether that is a good thing or not is debatable.
In this speculative story of a near-future, Canada and Mexico become American properties, thus creating the United Nations of North America. Yet, is President Brand the true-blue hero he seems to be? He grants particular freedoms while eliminating others, and his stance on bioethical behavior leaves many shaking their heads.
What is the cost of progress in this new world?
Is Steven Brand truly a great leader, or is he a lunatic tyrant?
That, my friend, is for you to decide.

The End of May

by KB Richards

Marcella Burke, an ambitious young woman, forms a friendship with a deceitful New York City escort. As Marcella’s dreams begin to unfold, she encounters an unimaginable setback–the loss of a loved one. Subsequently, her life spirals out of control, and she struggles to maintain her lifestyle. Her new friend offers a solution to her problems, but it comes with a price. Tough times force her to question her morality, ponder her worth, and cross paths with a man who alters the course of her life forever.

O Eco do Machado: O Meio, o Início e o Fim (Portuguese Edition)

by Soares Mota

Em busca de uma justificativa para seu ideal de que o mundo pode ser um lugar melhor, o jovem Diego Padavona ingressa na Polícia Federal e trilha um caminho que o torna um exímio delegado, colecionador de casos de sucesso no combate aos desvios de conduta na sociedade brasileira.

Vinte anos depois, no entanto, quando três padres aparecem mortos, abandonados em diferentes locais da cidade, Padavona se depara com seu maior desafio. A brutal série de crimes choca a população e coloca em questão sua carreira dentro da corporação; ele precisa agir para interromper os assassinatos e salvar a própria pele.

Para decidir qual o melhor caminho a tomar e chegar até o assassino, mais uma vez o experiente Padavona terá que entrar no inóspito e violento jogo dos psicopatas, cujas palavras lhe são enigmáticas e indignas de confiança. Restam poucas informações ao delegado, que terá de resolver o caso o mais rápido possível, antes que mais um padre apareça morto.

Mas, embora a sinopse deixe transparecer, O Eco do Machado – o Meio, o Início e o Fim não tem pretensão de ser um romance policial, com suspense e mistério. O livro é mais uma história de uma jornada que busca compreender como chegamos a ser quem somos.

Love, Or Something Like It: A Connection Of Stories

by Todd Foley

Love forges commitment. It shatters hearts. It guides as we make our way back – and can lead us further astray.

In the chaotic world of Los Angeles, there is a chain reaction of love, loss, rage, vengeance, shame, bravado, paranoia, tenderness and hope:

  • A fate-determining reunion at a Hollywood hot spot.
  • A far-from-enjoyable holiday cruise.
  • A romance for the ages started in a funeral home.
  • Two very different road trips taken by two very different women . . . with one married man in common.
  • A family dinner ruled by a cold patriarch.
  • A high school sophomore taking a long shot for the girl of his dreams.

With two acts and seven short stories, this is one big, tangled, twisted, all-American tale about love – but not a love story.

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