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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotional Intelligence: Overcome Anxiety and Depression, and Develop Your Social, Communication & Leadership Skills to Influence … the Success You Want (Psychotherapy Book 1)

by Daniel Wallaces

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Do you want to construct more meaningful connections in your relationships, be it in the workplace or in your personal life? �Do you want to master the ability to communicate effectively with those around you to avoid conflicts and achieve your goals smoothly?

Well, this special edition has been put together with the goal to help you improve every area of your emotional, personal, and relationship growth. It will quickly lead you to more rewarding and fulfilling relationships, as well as a more successful and enriching professional life.

Developing a deep self-awareness, quickly identifying your trail of thoughts, emotions, bad feeling and blocks and knowing how to easily handle and tackle them will give you a strong feelings of inner peace, freedom and self-confidence that will impact and transform your daily life!

Let’s have a better look of the most important topics that have been treated in this audiobook bundle.

In Emotional Intelligence: Mastery of Modern Psychological Techniques, you’ll discover that EI is a mind faculties that has a strong impact in our daily life. Understand and control your emotions directly influence your motivations, behaviors and results.

The good news is that while intelligent quotient is largely determine by genetics, emotional intelligence is something that can be shaped through habits to deliver wealth and achievement. Yes, we can continue to increase EQ through consistent practice. By the end of this audiobook you will be able to:

  • Develop impressive Social Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Obtain full control over your emotions and actions
  • Break down the Mental Barriers of Shyness & Social Anxiety
  • Boost your social awareness
  • Connect naturally with others in a more productive manner, and
  • Easily navigate through interpersonal relationships to be able to get the most out of life

In the second title Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Course Made Simple the author will present you a unique simplified framework of proven practical concepts, strategies and techniques that he has personally developed to make this therapeutic approach really simple and easy to follow for all who wish to promote personal growth by facing their challenges and improving their wellbeing.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a proven real effective form of psychotherapy that is often the first-line of treatment recommended for managing depression, anxiety, worry as well as for behavioral activation, goal setting and overcoming procrastination.

All this can be achieved through CBT, the best proven method for successfully treating mental or psychological blocks that limit our full potential.

Exactly What You Will discover how to:

  • Understand How Your Trail of Thought is brought about
  • Tackle Anxiety Head-On!
  • Challenge Intrusive Thoughts
  • Build a Better Relationship with Yourself and others
  • Break Bad Habits so as to Enjoy Life to the full!
  • Optimal Life Managing Skills + Tips to follow to start this life-changing road to success and fulfilment.

So what are you waiting for? If you would like to improve your social, professional and personal life, chances are, you won’t find anything like this resource audiobook.

Pope John Paul II: A Life of Love

by Wyatt North

Pope St. John Paul II was known for many things. In his youth, he had a passion for the theater. He eventually became one of the most charismatic and influential bishops in the Roman Catholic College of Cardinals.

That a Pole should be elevated to the papacy shocked many within the church and around the world. During his long pontificate, he was one of the most beloved, but also most controversial, people in the world.

Still, in order to understand what motivated his life, it is crucial to understand that he wasâ??above all elseâ??a thoroughly devoted and convicted disciple of Jesus Christ.

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy: A Short Guide to REBT

by W.C. Olmsted

According to Albert Ellis, founder of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), we make an error when interpreting our emotions. When we experience intense emotions such as anger, depression, or anxiety, we assume that something outside of ourselves caused our feelings. But, according to REBT, it is our underlying beliefs about our circumstances that control our emotions. By changing our underlying beliefs, we can change how we feel.

The therapy presented in this book is based on the ancient wisdom of Stoicism and the more contemporary Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). By putting their advice into practice, you may be able to get better control of your emotions. By following a simple, common-sense approach to confronting your unwanted beliefs, which influence your emotions, you may begin to get a hold of the underlying cause of your unwanted feelings.

At its core, REBT is the idea we make ourselves miserable, most of the time. We are the cause of our unwanted feelings, and we can change our feelings by changing our underlying philosophy behind our feelings.

REBT is based on some of the philosophy of the Stoics, especially Epictetus, who said: “Men are disturbed not by things, but by the view which they take of them.”

For Ellis, achieving tranquility of mind was not about changing what was going on in the external world, but rather, changing our underlying philosophy of life. Events themselves don’t cause us to be miserable, it is our beliefs about the events that control our emotions. By changing our underlying beliefs, we can change how we feel.

Baby Names: 3 Books in 1- Unique Baby Names with Spiritual Meaning For Boys and Girls+ A Complete Guide of Baby Names that are trending with their respective origins+ Beautiful Baby names

by Suzanne Thomas

Choosing a baby name is quite a complex process. For one, the number of possibilities is outstanding. It can be a little too overwhelming. This book is here to help you figure out the most suited for your baby.
Most people have the impression that spiritual baby names are only for parents of religious background. The truth is it doesn’t matter what your background is. Traditional baby naming may have been very strict but the rules are more flexible now.

Today, you will meet little girls with boyish names although parents are a little more traditional in picking baby boy names. If you have not named a baby in the last two decades, you might be surprised on how much things have changed. It is likely you will encounter names that may have sounded ridiculous in your time but sound so cool today with kids.
Whether they are cool and trendy, unusual and exotic, classic and timeless, all the names in this book have one things in common. They are all inspired with powerful spiritual meanings. They are a price for your precious little miracles.

The second book is your complete guide to the top trending baby names of 2018. It’s easy to get lost in the ocean full of baby name options. And because tradition doesn’t hold parents back now, at least not as it used to, the sky’s literally the limit. Today, anything goes with almost everything including your choice of name for your little one. But what should it be?
In this book, you will get to know the most popular names this year and of the decade. Find out what other parents are choosing and their reasons for choosing them. Our top 100 trending baby names list will allow you to get a better idea of what seems to be widely acceptable. Let the list help you limit your options and come up with the most suited name for your little darling.
I’ve also included a list of celebrity baby names just in case you’re thinking of going that route. Some of them are totally random while others are impressive. You decide!

The third and the final book is a great resource for you and other new parents in search of a distinctive baby name that carries a deep spiritual meaning.
For some parents, choosing a baby name is a piece of cake. For others however, like yourself, it is a complex process. After all, your children will carry this name for the rest of their lives. You are responsible for giving them a name they will be proud to bear. No pressure! I’ve got you covered.
For religious people, Christians for instance, the Bible is a great resource of stories about inspiring characters. The main Bible characters such as John, Joseph, Matthew, Mark, Anne, Mary, Martha, Eve and Magdalene among others are taken by numerous people. The challenge then is to find more distinctive names but equally admirable. I have a long list for you in this book.
Buddhist names represent calmness and peace. Even non-Buddhist parents gravitate towards these names because they speak of universal truths about life in general. In this book, I offer you the most unique baby names with the deep soul behind them.
Hinduism has among the most colorful traditions. Hindu names are a standout too. They are far from boring and you will find out the best suited for your precious little one.
Then there are names based on virtues. They have been in use since the 17th century. In this book, I offer you different variations of such virtues.
So whether you choose from the Bible, Buddhism, Hinduism or Virtues, you can count that you end up with a name like no other. What makes it more special is the inspiration behind them. Your children will surely appreciate the effort you put into choosing their name.

What are you waiting for? Grab this fabulous pack of 3 Books bundle which gives you an array of Beautiful and Unique Baby Names!

Self-Discipline Paradigm: The Secret Guide To Taking Small Steps To Bigger Goals

by Walter Bridshore

Become the very best version of yourself and reach your goals without feeling less-inspired.

Ever wondered how someone successful worked through all the hardships and barriers to achieve what he set his mind to?
The necessary trait required for someone to live the best possible version of their life is self-discipline. The Goals that you have set for your life will only remain in your head if you do not have the ability and attributes to achieve them.

Self-Discipline Paradigm shares one of the most powerful ways you can improve your life by implementing self-discipline habits into your everyday life. You will allow yourself to resist temptations and even your worst impulses by learning to focus on the end-goal. You have always had the capability to acquire self-discipline and consistently exercise it on a daily basis.

Unchain yourself from procrastination and laziness that is keeping you from realizing your goals and objectives.

-Learning Habits and Routines to improve the self-discipline within you
-Being able to resist the temptations that come your way
-Creating an environment to flourish
-Filling yourself with positivity for yourself and for your future

Develop habits that are exceptional to your mind, body and ultimately your life. It is often said that one’s life is determined by the habits they have. So if your habits are all bad, then engaging in this book might be a start to changing your everyday life.


by Lorayne Miller

This is a book about all different kinds of aquarium fish tank set ups.

Mariposas Amarillas: Las trampas del árbol genealógico (Spanish Edition)

by Sara Silva J.

El contenido de este libro es sencillamente extraordinario y único en su género, un libro de autoayuda que presenta al lector un exquisito menú de emociones, debido a los conflictos que se presentan en una familia tóxica, en dónde cada uno de sus miembros desarrolla un patrón de conducta determinado en un desesperado intento por salvarse del naufragio, “¡sálvese quien pueda!” es la frase predominante en una familia con tal grado de desesperación ante el abandono afectivo de sus progenitores. Las personas generalmente viven conflictos similares a los que se abordan en este libro, pero no consiguen salir del laberinto porque simplemente se niegan a aceptar que pertenecen a una familia tóxica. El dolor de admitirlo es tan grande que huyen de un enfrentamiento con él, es más fácil acudir al médico para que les suministre una aspirina para calmar el dolor.

Cada ser humano sobre la tierra ha tenido una infancia, proviene de un padre y de una madre cada uno con sus heridas y dolores, traumas y frustraciones que a nivel genético lo pasarán a la siguiente generación. Hay que tener presente siempre que nuestra biografía se convierte en nuestra biología.

En este libro se aborda precisamente la manera en que el ambiente tóxico del entorno familiar va tomando forma en cada uno de sus integrantes, como en los colores del arco iris. Cada uno integrará sus experiencias de forma distinta, porque aunque todos compartan el mismo ADN, la percepción de los hechos será muy distinta en cada uno de ellos. En una familia, todos provenimos del mismo origen, el mismo número de ancestros, pero la relación con nuestros padres es muy distinta para cada uno de los hijos, eso marca la diferencia, por eso los síntomas son diferentes, porque las carencias experimentadas durante la infancia, cada uno la vivió en solitario y la procesó a su manera, a su propio estilo. Unos se vuelven adictos a substancias, es decir narcodependientes y alcohólicos, otros simplemente congelan sus emociones para protegerse del dolor, otros presentarán diferentes síntomas, que combatirán con medicamentos. Por lo visto, nadie se pregunta a qué se debe, de dónde viene este síntoma, qué lo está causando; lo único que quieren es que no les duela.

Las circunstancias de la vida obligan acorralan en una encrucijada a una de sus miembros y la obliga a acudir a psicoterapia, pero los psicólogos se limitan a escucharla una hora semanal durante años. Por lo visto, el método freudiano se está volviendo obsoleto, en realidad no sé si alguna vez alguien se benefició de él, los psicólogos seguro que si, ya que tienen que sobrevivir de alguna manera.

La protagonista de este libro llega a consulta con una Sara, la especialista en Bioneuroemoción® y master coach con PNL, con quien tendrá muchas confrontaciones a medida que los dolores camuflados en forma de secretos familiares, y muy bien guardados por generaciones, empiezan a salir a la luz, a tal punto de llegar a identificarse con algunas de sus ancestros, para tomar consciencia de que ella era la persona elegida por el clan para sanar a todo el árbol.

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE AND MENTAL TENACITY: Discover Practical Techniques to Gain Mastery of Your Emotions, Improve Your Emotional Intelligence and Boost Your People Skills


Emotional intelligence has been proven to be a skill necessary for effective self-management and developing better relationships. Mastering your emotions is what ultimately leads to mental tenacity.

Individuals who possess these skills are the ones who everyone likes to relate with at work. They light up everyone’s day and there are no dull moments with them. More importantly, mastering your emotion translates to a happier, successful and more fulfilled life.

In this book, April Wills provides you with a practical guide on how to enhance your emotional intelligence skills. She carries you through the process of knowing what your own feelings mean, recognizing these feelings in others and building mental tenacity. She then guides you on what to do with these feelings so your reactions do not hurt the people in your life.

However, there is more to emotional intelligence than just learning to avoid hurting people. You can have a great family life just by being emotional intelligent. You can cultivate great friendships and leave lasting impressions on the people you meet if you have this quality.

This book carries you through the process of understanding what the concept is and of practicing it. You will learn:
-How to gain control of your emotions
-How to choose your impulses
-How to interpret emotions in other people
-How to engage the power of optimism and hope
-How to enhance team work using emotional intelligence.
And a whole lot more!

The best result can be gotten by reading this book more than once. Go through it until it becomes a part of you. Click on the buy button to get your own copy!

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