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Stray Parenting : The Awesome Parents’ Series: Becoming a Responsible Parent

by Abraham Bennett

Do you feel like you aren’t the best parent you could be?

Do you ever look in the mirror and sigh while looking back on days your child was much better behaved?

Do you ever pray that your child would “wake up” one day and somehow mature overnight?

Abraham Bennett has just the miracle you were looking for. Tons of amazing advice has been compiled into this unassuming little book on how to be a better, more responsible parent. He also tackles on tactics and strategies to help equip you to be the superhero parent you deserve to be. Included are tips on how to handle your child even if they have different personalities, backgrounds or even the growing pains affecting a young child’s mind .

Parents, new and experienced all inevitably fall into parenting pitfalls. They are not only harmful to parent-child relationships but making parenting an uphill task. Abraham Bennett has taken it upon himself to help you unveil these parenting pitfalls and you would be surprised how many pitfalls you’ve fallen victim to!

Do You Know Who You Are?: Embrace Your True Identity – Volume 2

by Tonya Williams

This second and final volume of my book series goes a little more in debt, encouraging the reader to embrace their true identity in their relationship with God.

Internet of Things Becomes Mental Prison for Users: Digital Detox Error Creates More Self-Service Analytics

by Dave Masko

Internet of Things Becomes Mental Prison for Users, by Dave Masko. Those who abuse information technology have developed what digital drug addicts dub as a “phantom vibration syndrome,” or a strange mental A.I. mind bug that “causes this sensation in your mind’s eye to hear or even feel this strange voice inside telling you to hurt yourself or others,” explained Darla, an 18-year-old self-proclaimed digital drug addict during a “sharing” session at a reSTART styled information technology addiction treatment center here along Oregon’s peaceful coast. The Silicon Valley “Secret State” mind-game is to keep technology users hooked into machine as much as possible because Big Data is “designed to be addictive.” Hence, if tech fans don’t pay attention to this mental manipulation by powerful online artificial intelligence (A.I.), they more or less become post-humans without any depth of feeling because the game is to “always suppresses feelings or emotions,” said Pam Foster, a retired ER nurse now serving as an information technology (IT) addition rehab treatment counselor at one of the growing list of nondescript reSTART-styled digital drug care centers along Oregon’s mostly unplugged coast. “When I ask many of our â??digitally drugged’ patients what’s on their mind when it comes to information technology today, I get an earful: they talk about the Internet of Things as if conducting a sort of self-service analytics, while also admitting that too much exposure to â??Dark Data’ has sort of blown their minds,” explained retired Nurse Foster with a deep sense of chagrin. “The true tech addict uses technology buzzwords to the point where they no longer sound or act human. Our job is to get the â??human’ back by simply having them life unplugged for a few weeks or even a few months until their brain is clear of the A.I. mind bug.” Foster goes on to say that “limiting or even ending this strange A.I. echo in their brains to harm themselves, to also hurt others and that suicide is the only way out is why they are here in tech rehab in the first place,” added the old nurse with tears in her eyes because she admits “all is lost because once the A.I. bug becomes part of your brains architecture, than a digital detox can only help for so long until they â??use tech again’ and return to this mental â??land of the lost’ where you have tech addicts eventually killing themselves and others because those who hurt are told by A.I. to hurt. IT never ends.” A.I. addictive behavior refers to the all-powerful dystopian autonomous intelligent behavior of software designed to keep users addicted to the Internet of Things, including their mobile devices. Moreover, IT is known that artificial neural networks (ANN) can control a young addicted technology user with so-called “predictive analytics methods,” said Nurse Foster to “keep the techie so comfortably numb and virtually entertained to death that the techie teen takes their own life or the lives of others because A.I. hierarchy says they must do so, and what’s more horrific than that?” Meanwhile, the real-life physical world becomes a blur to fans of the Internet of Things (lot) because their lives are now part and parcel of one big information system designed specifically to addict users as assimilated post-humans with existential angst about real life they now avoid. This special “new journalism” report features essays that explore the Who, What, When, Where, How and Why of being so addicted to “screens” and lot.

Strength for Parents of Missing Children: Surviving Divorce, Abduction, Runaways and Foster Care

by Marie White

Inspirational and transformational, leaves you feeling like you can conquer anything!

Strength for Parents of Missing Children guides readers through life’s journey and helps them find joy and deeper purpose in the midst of pain. It’s The Purpose Driven Life for hard times. Marie has used the pain of her experience to reach out to others who are desperate for answers to whatever life throws at them.

While written with parents in mind, radio hosts, television hosts and reviewers have all said that it is a book for every human being.   

Special features include:

  • Inspiration Cards to cut out
  • 4 weeks of daily checklists
  • Additional resources
  • Free gifts  

Winner of multiple awards as the solo medalist winner of the 2017 New Apple Literary Award and is the winner of the 2018 bronze medal from Reader’s Favorite. More than two million families in the United States have experienced a missing child. Numerous alienated parents, estranged grandparents, foster parents, pre-adoptive parents, and parents of drug-addicted children, are currently facing children missing from their lives. 

Some people break down mentally or suffer from PTSD. Other people become pathologically depressed, or turn to drugs and alcohol. Many choose to end their suffering through suicide. There are books that deal with stress, loneliness, or grief and loss. This is the first book to address all these issues in a comprehensive survival guide for hard times. 

Expert interviews include: 

Dr. Sue Cornbluth 

  • Dr. Cornbluth is an expert in high-conflict divorce. She is a nationally recognized expert in parenting and childhood trauma and was named Woman of the Year 2016, by Women of Distinction Business Magazine. 

Logan Clarke 

  • Logan Clarke has spent more than 20 years finding missing children. As one of the top investigators in the world, Mr. Clarke has been profiled in several books, Newsweek, and television shows around the globe. 

Dr. Tim Benson 

  • Dr. Benson is a clinical instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He specializes in treating elite athletes, celebrities and high achievers in the professional world. His areas of interest are in addiction treatment and fostering resilience in athletes and entrepreneurs. 

Dr. Raymond Mitsch 

  • Dr. Mitsch is the Associate Professor and chair of the Psychology Department at Colorado Christian University. He has worked for Promise Keepers, WorldVenture, The Evangelical Alliance Mission and authored the best-selling book, Grieving the Loss of Someone You Love. 

Michael Jeffries 

  • Mr. Jeffries is a speechwriter and former alienated-father. He turned his experience into the trailblazing book A Family’s Heartbreak: A Parent’s Introduction to Parental Alienation. 

Covering topics such as:

  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Nutrition
  • The body’s reaction to stress
  • Reunification
  • Grief

Special features include:

  • Inspiration Cards to cut out
  • 4 weeks of daily checklists
  • Additional resources
  • Free gifts  

This is a book every family needs.  
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