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A Gift of Gratitude: A Community Book Project

by Donna Kozik

A GIFT OF GRATITUDE is the third edition in The Community Book Project series, where people come together to write and submit essays on a particular theme. In a weekend.

The gifts of gratitude described inside include the subjects of children, pets, nature, travel and, in one case, mushrooms. We also list our favorite causes we support.

And we are pleased to share the results with you in this book celebrating gratitude: the inspirational essays, narratives and insights. The intention of this book is to empower and uplift you, too, to notice what’s around you and give appreciation.

Thank you for readingâ??and celebratingâ??gratitude!

Contributors include Martin Salama, Holly R. Fitzpatrick, Rich Liotta, Crystal Rector, LaVerne M. Byrd, Katherine Cobb, Carol Brusegar, Irena Kay, Rick Binder, Rebecca Brown, Patti Smith, Jen DG, Linda Bittle, Shona Battersby, Ruth McGarry, Uranchimeg (Urna) Belanger, Roberta Gold, Bill McCarthy, Kerri McManus, and Asha Khalil.

Also Judi G. Reid, Gwyn Goodrow, Joe Raab, Veronica Hollingsworth, Nikki Brown, Anne M. Skinner, Susan P. Sloan, Daphne Bach Greer, Fiona-Louise, Grace Kusta Nasralla, Merwyn Evans, Lisa S. Campbell, Dr. Ola B. Madsen, Carol Trant Dean, Connie Ragen Green, and Heidi Miller-Ford.

Also Marcelle della Faille, Carol Stockall, Michelle Francik, Michelle Barrial, Mary Anne Strange, Paula S. Webb, Norma Bonner Elmore, Ruben J. Rocha, Linda Faulk, Leasha West, Maxiann Forbes, Shari-Jayne Boda, Ellen Watts, Diana Bianchi, and Lorrie M. Nixon.

Also Charlisa E. Delancy-Cash, Carol Caffey, Barbara Watson, Nancy J. Haberstich, Mary Duggan, Rachel A. Kowalski, Joel Bloom, Carla Parvin, LC Plaunt, Steve Sponseller, Diane Kurzava, Holly Pitas, Corynne Stickley, Tara Kachaturoff, Mary Choo, Letitia Hicks, Karen Hannon, Susan Hayes, Debbie Bolton, Metka Lebar, Rocky Henriques, Donna Mogan, Bonita Bandaries, and Maria E Davis.

Also Gregory Hoffmaster, La Wanna G. Parker, Alberta Fredricksen, Dawn Rafferty, Margy Lang, Robyn MacKillop, Audrey Berry, Caroline Ravelo, Brenda Lanigan, Taeko Hayatsu, Clay Morgan, Ingrid Cook, Peggy Lee Hanson, Donna Burgher, LuWanda Ford, Tonia Sample, Julaina Kleist-Corwin, Kit Rosato, and Cherry-Ann Carew.

Also Adrienne Dupree, Anne Domagala, Warren L. Henderson, Jr., Ruth Strebe, Katie De Souza, Gabby De Souza, Suzanne Cousins, Melissa Ellen Penn, J. Russell Burck, Louise Lavergne, and Katrina Oko-Odoi.

Find Your Thing: Escape Monotony in Your Mid-20’s & Do Work That Matters

by Lisa Zelenak

Are you feeling frustrated in life? Are you questioning whether or not you’ve chosen the right path? Are you wondering what your purpose is and how you can impact others to gain a sense of fulfillment?

Find Your Thing will challenge and inspire you to make one simple shift in your approach that will allow you to escape monotony and do work that matters. In this book, you’re going to find clarity that will bring you a new level of fulfillment.

Find Your Thing is for the young professional in your mid twenties feeling lost and stuck in your current job. You have a desire to impact others and make BIG things happen in the world, you just haven’t found your thing yet. You’re living your day to day life in a way that is repetitive and monotonous, when all you really crave is to do work that matters. It’s likely you’re you’re getting by in your marriage or relationships, barely surviving in your work or career, and you’re lacking fulfillment in your life.

Find Your Thing is the result of Lisa Zelenak’s background in human services counseling and life coaching, along with her extensive research and exploration in how to live a life that is fulfilling, purposeful, and impactful. Zelenak was dissatisfied with the way that she saw others just going through the motions of life, and developed a path that will give you clarity on what matters most so you can live a life that matters. After testing this over the past decade with her clients, and helping thousands of people to live a more fulfilling life, Find Your Thing will move you to discover the clarity you so desperately seek.

Find Your Thing will help you escape monotony and do work that matters by:

  • Revealing the #1 shift in your mindset to break free from monotony

  • Illustrating 10 simple steps to clarify your purpose and enhance your emotional intelligence

  • Demonstrating a concrete process to increase awareness of your deepest insecurity

  • Breaking you free of the rules that limit your potential

Follow the advice in this book to stop spinning your wheels and going nowhere.

What’s stopping you from living a life that matters?

Don’t let your life keep passing by. Make the decision to Find Your Thing.

Mercy and Grace

by Stephanie Anne Rollins

A widow’s tale of abuse, neglect, mercy, and grace

Divine Design: God’s Complementary Roles for Men and Women

by John F. MacArthur

Divine Design calls us back to God’s original intent for men and women. Clearing away the cultural noise and misconceptions, author John MacArthur tackles big issues such as authority in marriage, mothers in the home, and God’s view of equality, all while exploring the innate differences between men and women. Throughout, Divine Design provides an indispensable guide for understanding your mate, and shares how embracing your unique design can foster security, blance, and love in a marriage and family.

Woman of Man: Sweet Clean Romance Book Collection

by Macha Pinto

Get FOUR sweet amish and clean romance stories and enjoy over 40,000+ words of the romance stories inside!

Free Me – Clean Billionaire Romance
Hearts on Fire -Amish and Firefighter Romance
The Last Cowboy in West Texas -Clean Cowboy Romance
The English Doctor’s Love -Amish and Doctor Romance

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Standalone short stories all ending Happily Ever After and unlimited reading with Kindle Unlimited!

Thanks and Yes: 365 Days of Coffee Drinking and Grateful Living

by Daniella Whyte

This isn’t as much a book about giving thanks as it is about living thankfully. Not the words of thanks which are cheap and usually insincere, but the attitudes and the actions, the thoughts and the behaviors, the intentions and the perceptions. This type of gratitude is what helps us to determine whether we look and live on the bright side of every encounter in life.

Through the early morning traffic, the spilt milk and the frequent coffee runs, to the annoying co-workers and the frustrating workload, to the aching head and tired feet dragging through dinner, through homework, to bed at the end of the day, this book is about embracing all those parts of life that we mostly endure when we could really enjoy.

THANKS and YES is a daily call for us to stop rushing through life and start appreciating life, embracing situations as lessons or blessings, and saying yes to every God-sent opportunity.

Writing Meditations: 36 Prompts to Inspire Meditative Writing

by CM Hamilton

Many of history’s greatest minds spent countless hours writing things that were never meant to be seen by anyone. Scientists like Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin, politicians like Benjamin Franklin and Winston Churchill, artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Ernest Hemingway, and historical figures like Marcus Aurelius and Abraham Lincoln all spent considerable time writing to no one but themselves. They understood that the deliberate practice of writing had significant benefits to their creativity, self-awareness, memory, productivity and well-being.

Writing meditations are short, 5- to 20-minute focused writing sessions that encourage creativity through mindful, diligent concentration. Writing meditations are an effective form of meditation and deliberate practice to reflect on important matters and improve decision making. Research has shown that writing exercises can have significant health benefits and increase productivity.



Basics of Writing Meditation

Types of Writing Meditation Prompts

Section I – Creative Thinking

Section II – Reflect and Decide

Section III – Plans and Getting Things Done

Tips for More Effective Writing Meditations

Very Short Writing Meditations

About the Author

Writing meditation prompts described in the book include: 10 Bad Ideas, Stream of Consciousness, Time Capsule, Gratitude Journal, Proust Questionnaire, Limerick, Letter from a Space Ship, Decision Tree, Stoic Virtues, Mind Map, New Year’s Resolutions, Worry About It Later, Elevator Pitch, Predictive Journaling, and many more.

EMF Protection: 12 SIMPLE WAYS TO REDUCE YOUR Radiation Exposure: (Cell phone, WiFi, Mobile, Laptop, TV, Meters, Cell Towers) â?? BONUS INSIDE

by QuanThor EMF Protection

Cell phones emit radio frequency energy, a form of non-ionizing radiation. Our bodies absorb this radiation and have a difficult time processing it – leading to numerous bodily complications.

It’s easy to see why protecting yourself from cell phone radiation is more important than ever.

The eBook shows the most important tips for reducing exposure.

Like a Flower Grows

by Jori Reijonen

In the first volume of Like a Flower Grows, Dr. Reijonen shares sixty personal devotions based on her reflections on scripture. She shares her journey to sharing these devotions in this devotion from Week 1 of Like a Flower Grows:

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. (Galatians 2:20)

The process to begin this writing did not go smoothly. I argued back against His prompting to do this writing for about four months. After all, I am a relatively new Christian, and trained as psychologist, not a writer or Bible scholar. What business do I have thinking that I could write devotional material?

The idea would not leave me, and echoed throughout the Bible study that I was taking. The subject was Jonah, interruption by God (which was reframed as divine intervention), and the futility of running from God.

Then, at a conference, the speaker demonstrated a method for journaling about scripture. I decided the next morning to try her method. I was not sure if I could write about scripture. However, as soon as I started, the words and ideas flowed. I abandoned her more structured system almost immediately and just wrote.

I see that God has been preparing me in ways I did not even realize at the time. A couple of years ago, a writing opportunity opened up for me to write about neuromuscular disease. I have been learning that my writing becomes much more powerful when it includes “me” in it. I have been learning to share from my experience and my heart.

Following this process has amazed me. As I write, I feel the flow of words coming through me, not from me. I am writing in a way I know would not be possible on my own.

It turns out that the writing I am meant to do right now is so much more personal than anything I expected. In some ways, this has been even more of a stretch for me than expected, opening up my heart and my life in these writings.

I had not been expecting to share this writing so soon. My husband, however, encouraged me to share a piece of my writing with our teaching pastor that related to one of his sermons, and he, in turn, encouraged me to share this writing with my church, and now you.

God has been so faithful to me through this experience. Despite my objections, he has worked in my life and worked in my heart to bring me to a place where I can write, and now share, these devotions. I have found so much freedom and joy through my obedience in this writing.

Thank You Lord for all You have been teaching me. I confess that sometimes I let fear keep me from following You as quickly as I should. Help me to be obedient in all that You ask of me and to choose Your way over my own.

21 Prayers of Gratitude: Overcoming Negativity Through the Power of Prayer and God’s Word (A Life of Gratitude Book 2)

by Shelley Hitz

Prayer changes things. It changes me. When I pray consistently to God something changes within me. And it can change you too. However, sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and not take the time to pray. This book can help you form a habit of coming to God everyday in prayer.

They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. And so I have shared 21 prayers of gratitude with you to help you form a habit of prayer in your life. I have taken key truths from scripture and reworded them into prayers of gratitude. Combining prayer with God’s Word is powerful. I have experienced this in my own life and now want to share it with you.

I pray that these prayers help you to overcome negativity through applying the power of prayer and God’s Word to your life.

Like a Flower Grows

by Jori Reijonen

In the second volume of Like a Flower Grows, Dr. Jori Reijonen offers sixty new devotions on scripture. In these meditations, she reflects on scripture, relating it to her everyday life and her walk with Christ.

The Wonderful W

by Gwen Gordon

Princess Willa has everything, but instead of enjoying her bountiful riches she only laments what’s wrong, bad, and missing. Until one morning, she tries to wake up but only _akes up instead because, to her horror, the letter W has disappeared. This W deficit is a very big problem. People aren’t well, only _ell, which is too close to ill and when wonder goes _onder they feel even _orse still. But that’s only half the problem. What had once been a great seamless whole, without the Wonderful W is riddled with _holes. There are holes in the ground and holes in the sky, but the _orst of the holes are the ones deep inside. Princess _illa is at the end of her _its. Until one day, terrified but determined, she does the only thing left to doâ?¦and that’s when the magic begins.

The Wonderful W is a delightful story of transformation told as a fairytale for adults. Through Seussian rhymes and quirky illustrations, it describes the journey into our holiest holes to discover the wholeness that resides within us.

Amish Bonnet Funeral (Amish Romance)

by Esther Weaver

The Kanaghys are distraught when eleven-year-old Katie just vanishes one night. It had been a normal evening and the family had just finished their dinner, when little Katie begged to go out to play for a little while longer.

With the help of the Ordnung, Daed Jacob goes out with the search party. Maemm Sarah is bereft as she grows concerned about Katie’s fate and her fourteen-year-old sister Mary just watches from the sidelines.

Katie is not found and despite another search at dawn, the Bishop and the Elders come to the conclusion that the child is dead. She is with Gott.

A funeral is arranged and Mary begins to question how the adults around her can behave like Katie is dead. She thinks they have given up too easily but her mother has taken to her bed and her father spends his time in the barn, Mary has no option but to force them into her way of thinking.

LIFE AIN’T PIE: A True Story of Adultery, Trials and Redemption

by Charmaine Clark

Every young girl dreams of the day she’ll meet her soulmate and become married right?What happens when those dreams turn into nightmares? LIFE AIN’T PIE takes you through the journey of the different dimensions of marriage, life, spirituality and womanhood. A True Story by Philosopher-Poet Charmaine Clark who gives compelling accounts through deeply intimate stories of her life and the empowering spiritual truths she’s learned. Charmaine offers readers wisdom to navigate the journey from bitterness to Sweetness through grace, to discovering the voice God has given you. With a poignant history of sexual abuse, infidelity, addiction, and crisis of spiritual turmoil Charmaine lived much of her life feeling unworthy of love or value. And like so many of us, she struggled to adjust after the residue of life’s pains and heartaches covered her, but now she fiercely fights on after it all, after the life line of grace was thrown out to her pulling her from the storms that sought to destroy her. Charmaine’s compelling and invitational writing will draw you to the voice of God who speaks into your life saying you are seen, you are loved, and although life is not pie his grace is the sweetness to our bitter life moments. With timeless wisdom, LIFE AIN’T PIE will help you uncover your God-given identity and a voice of your very own.“God gave me the sweetest slice of them all.”

Flying Free: How to Reach Your Full Potential (Flying in God’s Airplane Book 3)

by Helen Phillips

Flying Free.
In this book, Flying Free, you will discover who you are and where you are, in regard to all the segments of your life. You will learn how to analyse your life and see where you would like to be and work towards this goal which will bring you to a place of victory.
You will see yourself in your soul; the mind, will and emotions, and how to improve all these areas as you reach for your full potential.
You will see how your life is made like a wheel with your own unique self in the centre. You learn to analyse yourself in these areas; Family and Home, Physical Fitness, Friends and Social, Finances, Emotions and Attitudes, Mental and Academic, Work and Integrity, and Spiritual and God.
You will learn about the Reticular Activating System, a God given Brain system which helps you to focus and change for the better. In twenty-one days you can achieve victory in your life starting with what is the most important to you.
One step at a time, you learn to improve and grow in your whole life. Each time you succeed your self-image improves, giving you hope and momentum for the next topic that you wish to tackle.
You will learn how to put God in the centre of your wheel of life which will give you the power to grow and achieve and give you peace and happiness over and above all your expectations. This is your full potential. The reason you were created.
You will learn about communication which holds all the segments and spokes of your wheel together for a smooth ride. You will be able to help others either in a social scenario or work-place to reach harmony and cooperation for the best journey through life.
You will climb step by step up the ladder leading to the highest crags where the eagle flies, soaring on the thermals of success.

What God Says About How You Defeat Strongholds in Your Life: Got Strongholds in Your Life? Learn How to Arrest/Evict Your Strongholds, Using the Power of God

by What God Says Ministries

As a believer, you cannot allow this (build-up of negative mind invaders) to happen, as it will eventually (if not cast down with the power of God), lead to the full construction / completion of a negative mental stronghold. As a born again Christian, it is important to always remember that your mind is to be reserved for the Word of God, and the Word of God only. You don’t have the luxury to dwell on things contrary to God – not for a second. 1 Corinthians 2:16 (AMPC) states “For who has known or understood the mind (the counsels and purposes) of the Lord so as to guide and instruct Him and give Him knowledge? But we have the mind of Christ (the Messiah) and do hold the thoughts (feelings and purposes) of His heart.” From this verse, you learn that you are to have the mind of Christ (for all areas of life) and nothing contrary to the mind of Christ. No matter how small it may seem, you are to see all negative mental invaders (to your mind) as negative building blocks, that will aid in the construction of a negative mental stronghold. And every time you cast down a negative mental facet that enters your mind, you can equate this to taking away a building block that is going towards the construction / completion of a negative mental stronghold.

Please check out the following e-books by J. London (also available on Amazon):

What God Says About Sexual Activity Outside of Marriage
What God Says About the Mighty Blood of Jesus
What God Says About Praise & Thanksgiving Being a Supernatural Weapon
What God Says About Your Supernatural Weaponâ?¦Faith
What God Says About His Mighty Word
What God Says About Your Spirit, Soul, and Body
What God Says About His Righteousness
What God Says About Temptation & the Fear of the Lord
What God Says About the Mighty Holy Spirit
What God Says About the Angels of God
What God Says About the Armor of God
What God Says About Kingdom of God
What God Says About Apostasy & Hope
What God Says About Getting Deliverance via Biblical Meditation
What God Says About His Grace
What God Says About How You Win the Battle in Your Mind
What God Says About Jesus & the Cross
What God Says About Repentance & Condemnation
What God Says About Salvation

A Miraculous Thanksgiving

by Daniel Whyte III

Eight-year-old Adriena Atkinson is very concerned about Thanksgiving this yearâ??will they have a turkey with all the trimmings and will they have her favorite Green Giant Golden Sweet Kernel Corn? Things are not looking good as there are only eight days left until Thanksgiving. But as she makes her daily countdown to Thanksgiving, she learns the true meaning of the holiday and the importance of prayer and faith in God.

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