Free religious fiction Kindle books for 20 Nov 18

Heritage of Praise

by Rebekah Morris

With the loss of her mother just before Thanksgiving, Marilyn feels anything but in a grateful mood. But a visit to Grandma’s attic brings to life a tradition long forgotten. Will this be enough to turn tears into praise?

Human Sap: RYP#66

by Trevor R. Fairbanks

SCIENCE VERSUS RELIGION IN A JUNKIE’S VEIN!!! Dr. Linus Noone is a drug dealer who has just discovered a new substance capable of producing the greatest high of all. For the right price, Dr. Noone can introduce you to God.

Sharpe is the bass player for marginally popular San Dimas piss-punk band The Terrified and a lapsed Mormon. Unknowingly, he is about to become the guinea pig for Dr. Noone’s new discovery. This grand experiment will introduce him to a world he never knew.

Dr. Noone’s quest for perfection will take him to the steps of Heaven, while Sharpe’s journey will find him on a journey to the Garden of Eden.

HUMAN SAP is a short, no-nonsense novel about the trials of addiction and the horrors of religion.

Momentum (Love and Faith Book 2)

by Robyn Dayna

Momentum is the second story in the “Love and Faith” series. The blissful newlyweds are home at last in Argentina. With an invitation to the country home of her in-laws for a New Year’s Eve party, her husband in a job with a generous income, and a spacious, lovely apartment, her life is perfect as Mrs. Nicolas Rossi. That is until during the party she excuses herself to use the restroom and opens the wrong door. From the rich culture of Argentina to the mountains of Central Virginia, far from the perfect life she believes she once had, Carolyn is unconsciously on a quest to find the one thing that is truly lacking in her life: a personal relationship with God.

Annabelle’s Diaries

by Julie Avalon

Beautiful, seventeen year old Annabelle Beckett has everything she’s ever wanted. Why, then, isn’t it enough?

Annabelle’s Diary is a coming of age story of a 90s girl who embraces life to the full. Traveling the country, meeting new people, living adventure, she longs to find her prince charming. But when she finally meets him, will he be everything she hoped for… or could he be even more?

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