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I Defeated, Dominated, Humiliated and Emasculated my Husband

by Ken Phillips

Mira, Kelly and Jade are just the start. These ladies are muscular, they know how to fight and they have a special itch that needs to be scratched. There’s nothing more thrilling than to defeat, dominate and control the closest men in their lives. Husbands, ex-husbands, adult-sons and siblings learn the power that females can wield. These gorgeous women enjoy being able to lift more than most men, they love holding guys down, lifting/carrying men up and they really have a passion for being the boss.
This book gets into the mind of the dominant woman and into the mind of the man who is on the other end. In some cases, these ladies look forward to teaching the fellas about humility and humiliation. In other circumstances, both the man and the woman find out during a fight or a wrestling match. Something always happens to both people when they gentleman is shown to be the weaker, inferior person. The lady gains confidence and often finds it arousing. The man usually has the strongest conflict possible. He gets turned on but also feels the horrible pain of emasculation mixed with some fear.
Get inside the room as these females defeat, dominate and humiliate the men in their life. Whether the humiliation occurs in a nice marriage or in a troubled-divorce situation, these events teach the reader a ton about the male ego, female desires and how the genders relate to each other when the woman is physically superior.
I am sure you’ll enjoy the pictures and profiles and yearn/lust for more! Please check out all of my other books on Amazon Kindle.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Guard Recovery Formula

by Ken Primola

Guard Recovery Formula is a must have for guard players.

You will learn how to beat a bull pass.

You will learn how to recover if you play upside down guard (used widely in competition)

-Go step by step and learn connections and concepts for a better guard without using energy.

Renaldo: A Tale of World Cup Soccer, Terrorism and Love

by James S. McCreath

Argentina 1978 . . .

A brutal military junta suspends civil liberties for anyone who opposes it. Distraught mothers of “The Disappeared” parade daily in front of the capital building. In retaliation, violent acts of terrorism shatter what is left of normal life.

Only one thing can unite all the people. The World Cup of football.

Two brothers, Renaldo and Lonfranco De Seta, chart a different course for their futures. While both brothers fall in love with powerful women, Renaldo, a young soccer prodigy, strives to make a place on Argentina’s national team. Lonfranco, angry and disenchanted, is seduced into becoming a Montonero terrorist.

From the plains of the Pampas to boardrooms, boudoirs, battlefields, locker rooms, and seething stadiums, Renaldo is a love story unlike any ever written and a novel shockingly relevant to times we live in.

Wu-Wei Lean: Lifting for Minimalists

by Ben Lucas

An overstimulation epidemic is ravaging gyms worldwide.

The disease corrupts innocent minds with the myth of more. Rush from HIIT to Zumba to circuits. Cram every fitness goal into your workout of the day, which is changed every day. Breathe only for selfies. Constantly confuse your muscles.

This cacophony of confusion leaves sufferers distracted, directionless and not lean.

Knowing no alternative, the sick desperately treat their symptoms with more novelty – the very root of their illness. Cleaning their plate with a dirty cloth, they descend into a vicious circle of overstimulation.

Wu-Wei Lean is the cure; a way out

Administered via an hour-long read, the tonic targets the disease at its root by fundamentally rewiring the brain.

Wu-wei is the Taoist principle of minimising unnecessary force. You focus not on what to do, but what not to do. An instinct is sparked to simplify, not complicate.

The master concerns himself with the depths and not the surface, with the fruit and not the flower.” – Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

In cutting the unnecessary, you retain power for the necessary and execute with conviction.

You make maximal progress with minimal time and complexity. After a blur of calm focus, you emerge energised, light and ready for the mischief of the rest of your life.

The tonic is split into four doses (also known as ‘chapters’)

  • Philosophy. The philosophy of wu-wei. Its effectiveness. The wu-wei method for approaching science.
  • Science. The science behind leanness minus bro talk, media pseudoscience and unnecessarily complex terms. Common exercise exercise questions answered in a wu-wei context. Exercise myths debunked.
  • Practice. Wu-wei routines provided, tailored to experience and gender. 1-4 hours in the gym per week. Practice 4-10 compound lifts. Progressively increase the resistance over time.
  • Ritual. Access your wu-wei mindset by removing wasteful decisions, distractions, rest periods and tension. Watch performance explode.

Your spreadsheet with wu-wei routines

Is here:

All proceeds will be donated to Kairos Community Trust

A wonderful charity dedicated to helping homeless men and women with drug and alcohol problems.

The Author

I’m passionate about research, experimentation, speaking, writing and coaching on the art of wu-wei lean.

On the wu-wei side, I draw on years of immersion in Zen, Taoism, qi gong, Alexander Technique, vipassana, yin yoga, and the Wim Hof Method. On the lean side, I’m certified as an online personal trainer by Menno Henselman’s world-leading online PT course and am a physique and strength competitor.

My circumstances have dictated my wu-wei approach to leanness. Fitness has never been my whole life; nor do I want it to be. I’ve refined the wu-wei lean dance while working at a world-leading law firm and bank, backpacking for months and dipping several toes into a fun lifestyle – all with the backdrop of tubby kid genes.

Pocket guide for survival in wild: Learn survival skills in forest and desert

by Samuel Greenberg

Learn how to survive in the forest and desert

Have you ever been on a hike, admiring forest flowers, looking at the tops of the trees – and suddenly realizing that you are completely alone and lost? What would happen to you if you did not find the way back and did not return safe and sound? While getting lost in the forest can be a terrible ordeal, survival alone in the wilderness of nature is in general a matter of common sense, patience and the wise use of the gifts of nature. If you want to learn how to survive in the forest and desert, read this book. It contains easy for understanding and to follow step by step instructions for survival.

What is inside the book?
This is small in size, but very comprehensive survival guide. It will allow saving lives to people, who accidentally got lost in forest, desert and any unfamiliar territory while on trip or hike. Whoever you are: experienced tourists or novice hiker – you will find answers to most of your questions before help will arrive to save you.
The guide covers important topics like: how and what to prepare for a hike; survival tactics; orientating at any type territory without compass; how to find shelter, food, water; how make weapons for hunting; cooking in wild conditions; how to avoid unpleasant encounters with wild animals; treat wounds; how to find way out and call for help and much more like proven practical tips.

Target audience
This book has vital information for any hiker. It was written with the only aim to save lives.â??

Fit around the world: How to stay in shape while travelling

by Albert Casanova Cabedo

Due to a mistake in the first edition, we are giving for free the book for the next 5 days. Don’t miss the chance!

If you love travel and wants to be in shape while abroad, this is for you. Workouts, exercices, nutrition and tips to stay healthy while you are discovering the world

NFL No-Brainers: Realignment & NCAA University

by Bryant Jordan

The National Football League (NFL) has never been more popular; however it’s also never been more ridiculed. Money is flowing like water while at the same time traumatic injuries seem to be increasing at an alarming rate. Simply put, the NFL is at a crossroads.

The above said, if the NFL really wants to maximize its earning and mass popularity potential, outside of doing whatever it takes to make the game safer for all who play it, there are two things I personally believe the NFL should do ASAP.

The first is realignment. The current divisions – with the exception of one – simply make no sense at all. Realignment isn’t merely a great idea, it’s a no-brainer! This book presents not only a strong case for realignment but details exactly what the new divisions should look like.

The second is that the NFL needs to create its own NCAA University, an NFL University as it were. This book makes a case for why the NFL needs its own NCAA University and details why and how such an institution could be of great benefit not just to the bottom line but to student athletes everywhere.

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