Free war Kindle books for 20 Nov 18

The Christmas Soldier

by Lexi Ostrow

Natalie knew serving as a combat nurse would break her heart in unimaginable ways. Serving in Northern Ireland shortly after America entered the war, all she can dream of is getting the injured home safely for Christmas.

Pierce always assumed he wouldn’t make it home from war – he just hadn’t imagined enemy fire would land him at a medic camp. It took him mere moments to fall for his beautiful nurse, and suddenly he wanted to return home, not the battle on the Atlantic.

The holidays stop for no man, and all the pair want is to see themselves safe at Christmas.

A Lovely Little War (The Emerald Baron Book 1)

by Rafindra Setiawan

When the Spanish Armada came for England, it was not assailed by storm and cannon but raised the Spanish flag over the Isles. More than 400 years later, Arthur Cunningham was born to a once glorious but now impoverished family of nobles. Their ancestors fought side by side with Kings, now they live out their days in a farm, beneath the world’s eyes. But Arthur was different; he was born with a sense of destiny, the same spark that drove great men to great deeds. Joining the Army, he dreamed of a life of camaraderie and greatness, climbing the ranks and serving King and Country, reclaiming his family’s heritage. When war came with their old enemy Spain, he was only too willing to go. On the fields of Spain, he shall find his true self, coming to grips with the horrors in store for him if he shall continue down this path to power.

The Invisible Invasion: The Revised Version

by W. Van Dorian

What happened three years ago in the United States, in Europe and even in Latin America proved to be much more efficient than any fully equipped army, invading territory after territory. People never dreamed it could actually happen. But then it was too late. As soon as their time had come, the Radicals struck fast and hard.Sean Gallagher is a journalist for the Washington Post. He and his Dutch friend, Hans Bergen, are witnesses to a gradual Radical take-over from within Europe. When Iran unexpectedly possesses nuclear weapons and the Radicals besiege a nuclear missile facility in France, the only option for the United States to prevent a global disaster is to strike hard and prepare a large-scale invasion of Europe. During the invasion, Sean and Hans, accompanied by Special Forces, discover the size of the horror the Radicals have been planning from the start. At the same time, Sean starts to suspect his partner Mona of involvement with the Radicals.

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