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Social Media Marketing: A Beginners Guide To Making Money Online And Generating Leads With Facebook Advertising

by Michael Ezeanaka

Are you looking for a cost effective way to advertise directly to the audience that is most likely to buy from you?

Would you like to remove the guesswork from your advertising and instead have results that are measurable and speak for themselves? If so, this beginner guide can help you

A report from comScore reveals that users access Facebook pretty frequently. In fact, the average Facebook user checks the platform about 8 times each day. Imagine being able to engage with your customers online, build relationships with them, stay top of their mind and be the brand that comes to mind when they’re ready to make a purchase!

Amazon bestselling author, Michael Ezeanaka, provides a concise, step-by-step beginner friendly guide to growing your business online and making money with Facebook Advertising.

In This Book, you’ll discover:

  • What the Facebook Advertising platform has to offer your business and why you need to get on board today (Chapter 1)
  • A concise overview of more than 10 incredible Facebook features including one that allow you to interact with potential customers without sending them a private message or email alert! (Chapter 2)
  • How to open a secure Business Page using two-layer permission model that allows you to securely maintain and manage your Pages, Ad Accounts and Catalogs. (Chapter 3)
  • How to leverage the Facebook Ads Manager to create highly optimized and profitable Facebook Ads (Chapter 4)

â?¦and much, much more!

If you’re ready to remove the guesswork from advertising and discover how to reach an audience that’s eager to buy what you have to offer, grab your copy of This Book today!

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NAUGHTY hotwife on vacation

by Jae John Rose

Daniel and Samantha are vacationing in Honduras in an attempt to spice up their once bustling sex life. Tiger and Marc are on the Island looking for new couples to introduce their lifestyle to. They set their eyes on Daniel and Samantha. Will they give in and put the spice back in their life, or will they remain in their dormant sex life?

This short and steamy number will have you moaning for more.

Build A Pro Home Recording Studio: Under Your Budget (Step-By-Step Home Studio recording Book 1)

by Gautam Roy

This book is based on the personal knowledge of author Gautam Roy who is a pro studio owner. He has started his recording career with just a PC and a 2 channel audio interface. Now he is top most recording engineer in Bollywood as well as working in several regional projects.
This book is the essence of his experience about home recording studio. In this book you will find the formula of building your own home studio even you are shortage of money.
This book will guide you to produce best quality music through only 7 essential audio recording gears. As well as you will read the right acoustic treatment and design for a home studio which won’t cost you much to apply in your studio.
This book will help you a lot if you are just starting out your musical journey.
All the best

Style: The Modern Ladyâ??s Guide to Elegance and Charm

by Eliza Chamber

Modern charm involves much more than knowing what utensils to use at dinner or how to eloquently excuse yourself from unpleasant company. Charm is an everyday practice and attitude that helps you become an enriched person. Instead of aiming to simply please others and cater to antiquated social norms, you can grow within yourself and enjoy modern life, culture, beauty, and style in a bold new way.

This updated version of the traditional charm school guide offers adaptations and insights on how to be a woman of charm and grace in the modern, fast-paced world. Style: The Modern Lady’s Guide to Elegance and Charm conquers everything from etiquette and manners to women’s clothes and how to be chic and elegant in an intuitive three-part format that makes it easy to quickly navigate the style guide and find the information that is important to you.

PART 1: Interacting with Others by Charming Yourself First

  • Beginning your journey by empowering yourself through charm
  • Learning how to be a woman who is unique and confident
  • Letting go of imperfections and using flaws to increase your charm and appeal
  • Appreciating the world, including art, literature, and music through your own unique tastes
  • Etiquette and manners for communicating via phone, text, and web (including social media), saying no politely, introductions, and dining
  • A style guide to behaving stylishly and impressing others by being yourself
  • How to be charming during conversation, including etiquette and manners for introductions, goodbyes, finding conversational partners, and exciting go-to topics to keep things going
  • Tips on how to be a lady from masters of charm Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly

PART 2: Beauty and Fashion for the Charming Individual

  • Comprehensive style guide to obtaining and maintaining a good appearance
  • Selecting the best skin, hair, and nail products to achieve easy and beautiful looks
  • Tips for conquering bad hair days, chipped nails, and situations where you need to look good fast
  • How to be chic and elegant through proper choice of women’s clothes
  • Pampering yourself with easy spa remedies and relaxing treatments that renew your beauty
  • Posture tips that teach you how to be a lady in any situation
  • Women’s clothing style guide that covers all pieces of your ensemble from head to toe
  • Applying makeup, perfume, and finishing touches to perfect a look
  • Shopping for women’s clothes and accessories on a budget and selecting staples for quick and easy fashion solutions

PART 3: Maintaining Elegance and Charm during Various Situations

  • Etiquette and manners for traveling, including airport visits, plane travel, hotel stays, touring foreign countries, tipping and more
  • Women’s clothes and fashion choices for on-the-go charm
  • How to be chic and elegant during trips by selecting the proper luggage, fashions, and behaviors for unique situations
  • Item suggestions for the stylish traveler
  • How to be a lady during visits to Paris, Rome, London, and locations in Europe
  • Planning events and how to be charming as a hostess while keeping guests entertained
  • Information on table and place settings, menus, drink selections and cocktails, seating arrangements, and decorations to create perfect parties
  • Handling unexpected and overnight guests with elegance and flair
  • How to be a lady when you are the guest
  • A comprehensive style guide for professional environments and being charming in the workplace

Understanding Aperture & f-Stops: An Illustrated Guidebook (Finely Focused Photography Books 4)

by Al Judge

This is the fourth book of the Finely Focused Photography Books Series.

Finely Focused Photography Books is a series of books by Al Judge for people who prefer to study photography one topic at a time.

Each Book of the Series draws upon Al’s longer and more comprehensive books for content. Like all of Al Judge’s books these books contain numerous photos and illustrations to help facilitate clear and concise communication.

Understanding Aperture and f-Stops will painlessly provide help and insight into the often confusing and intimidating f-Stop adjustment.

The Aperture Adjustment is arguably the most important setting on your camera. This one setting dictates the artistic feel, clarity, and exposure of your images before you even press the Shutter Button. Understanding Aperture Settings will facilitate understanding Shutter Speed, ISO, Exposure Compensation, and the use of ND Filters.

Digital Cameras don’t have to be intimidating. The underlying principles are surprisingly simple but rarely presented in layman’s terms. Like any other area of specialization, photography has its own language. Fortunately, you only need to understand a few of terms and concepts to get started.

This guide to PHOTOGRAPHY BASICS builds a solid foundation of photographic knowledge with easy-to-follow discussions of everything that you need to know in order to get started with confidence. Every photographic term used in the book is clearly defined and thoroughly explained. All terms are also highlighted by using BOLD CAPS so that you can easily find them again to refresh your memory.

This Photographic Guide will take the mystery out of digital cameras, camera choices, and Photographic Jargon.

This book is filled with charts, illustrations and photos that take the discussion to new levels. You will not only understand the terminology and techniques discussed, but you will have a much better understanding of how your camera works and what is actually happening when you make adjustments. The charts and photos should help you to retain what you learn and put it to good use immediately.

Although this book provides a fast-track approach to achieving photographic competence it does not rely on previous knowledge.

This book will:

  • Save you a great deal of time and effort.
  • Help you take better pictures and know why they are better.
  • Present the details and language of digital photography without intimidation or confusing terminology – all terms are clearly defined and explained.

You may also be interested in Al’s other books.

Digital Photography Like a Pro!

Mastering Aperture, Shutter Speed, Iso and Exposure

Mastering Digital Cameras: An Illustrated Guidebook

To see a complete list of Books by Al Judge, visit his author page at:.

Thank you!

Chimney Bluffs (Northridge Photography Presents Book 37)

by Northridge Photography

Northridge Photography is a family operated business. We strive to capture the cinematic qualities of the natural world.

We hope you enjoy our art, and that you learn something along the way.

Thank you for your support.

Ravishing Red Portrait and Fashion Photography

by Roy Silva

Ravishing Red Portrait and Fashion Photography: Completely illustrated Portrait and Fashion Photography.

101 images included within this digital ebook. It portrays a behind the scenes perspective of a fashion photoshoot.

We present to you an engaging and provocative internet book with fashion photography. A beautiful model poses in various shapes and forms to provide a unique experience.

For art students, the images can be used as a guide or emulation for sketching and artforms for other art mediums. Or you may also want to read the content, for enjoyment of artistic beauty. Appreciate the high quality of beautiful model photography taken by professional photographers.

All photographs are professionally shot, and display in gorgeous and glorious COLOR on the iPhone, iPad, apps, other smartphones and PCs. (Images are otherwise rendered in artistic black and white on non-color kindle devices).

Amish life is not simple (Sample)

by Michael Diaz

Amish life seems to be peaceful but you don’t see what happens behind closed doors. Amish people are some of the most secretive people and hide a lot of things. You may think they live a nice quiet and simple life but they really don’t. Amish people make up their own rules and laws among their community and we have no idea what they are really doing This book tells you the truth of the Amish life with fully colored pictures and details of their life.

“this book is very interesting and fun to read”
-Chris A.(NJ)

“I like the Amish people it interests me how their lifestyle is and this book is very good to read”
-Jane H. (NY)

“I watch the tv show of the Amish people and I like to read up on them to and learn more with this book” -Todd S. (MA)

“Amish people can be very weird and horrible all at the same time you think their nice”
-Henry G. (CA)

“I like the book it is very interesting these people are real and live among us with their weird life style” -James R. (FL)

“Love the book I love the crazy Amish people and their odd life style amazing”
-Jen T. (WA)

Left Hand Writing, An Art 101 Book, 2nd Edition: With modified Neat font and added Dance font and new line-arts. Trace letters and words, Learn line-arts, … mind (Handwriting For Lefties Book 3)

by Derek Schuger

This is the second edition of the published “Left Hand Writing, An Art 101 Book” with modified the Neat font and newly added Dance font and new line-art figures for tracing practices. The modified Neat font has more left-handed friendly letter structures and the Dance font opens children’s eyes to creative and artistic thinking. This book is for left-handed children to learn and to practice handwriting. Unlike the traditional ineffective and boring practices of simply tracing letters after letters, this book uses line arts that are much more fun to practice with. The content of this book has letter structures for the fundamentals of writing a letter and emphasizes line art, short stories, numbers and math, and riddles. It’s a fun book to work with. The thought process is to first establish the foundation of the letter structures and an aesthetic mindset, and then let children lead themselves to their own legible and artistic writing style. It’s well-known that mindset and motor skills determine how a pen or pencil is handled. Given the intuitiveness and creativity of left-handed children, they will gradually grasp and quickly master the pen and pencil through tracing with this book. Tracing requires the precision pen or pencil movements controlled by fingers. Scientists have pointed out that left-handed people have a right mind, meaning the motivation is primarily connected to the right hemisphere of the brain, indicating highly intuitive and creative mind capabilities. Besides, left-handed people tend to process the information faster as per an Australian study showed in 2006. 10% of Americans are left-handed, including Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Zuckerberg, Julia Roberts, Bruce Willis, Oprah Winfrey, Robert De Niro, Albert Einstein, and David Rockefeller, just to name a few. Among the last 16 elected presidents, 5 of them are left-handed, 9 are right-handed, and 2 are ambidextrous. The proportion of left-handed presidents is much higher than the proportion of lefties in the United States. That probably means something, don’t you think? Like an unpolished diamond, left-handed children are gifted creators. Training and practice will jump-start their sleeping mind and trigger the unleashing hidden genius. This book is one of the tools will do the trick.

Please Let Me Go: a play in two acts

by Alfred Buttigieg

Richard and Fiona, a happily married couple, have a long-awaited baby, Graziella. However, she suffers from an acute case of omphalocele, requiring her to undergo various operations if she is to survive. Even if successful, she will never live a normal, independent life. Neonatal surgeon Dr Alberta Borg has the expertise to operate her. Yet, as the nurse who cares for the baby asks, Is it worth it? Are the doctors saving the child’s life or condemning her to a life of suffering? Why do they want to do it, anyway?

Richard and Fiona, overwhelmed by the demands made on them by the baby’s condition, have to decide whether to operate her. And they slowly realise that they are facing a challenge they hadn’t expected – the baby is driving them apart. Engrossed as all these characters are in their personal motives and agendas, no one asks the big question that echoes throughout the play: What would Graziella herself want?






These pieces will give you great material to work with, if you are a perfumer. They are unique PERSONAL CHARACTERIZATION AUDITION PIECES. GREAT FOR truly individualized PERFORMANCES, The monologues ALSO prove VERY INTERESTING for readers who are interested in how the world is dealt with by A YOUNG ADULT . With interesting PERSPECTIVES, these pieces are great sharing devices for parents, teachers, and anyone who needs a little entertainment in their world, and understanding

Asian Girl Portrait and Fashion Photography

by Kentaro Akihito

Asian Girl Portrait and Fashion Photography: Completely illustrated fine art nude photography.

192 images included within this digital ebook. It portrays a behind the scenes perspective of a fashion photoshoot.

We present to you an engaging and provocative internet book with fashion photography. A beautiful model poses in various shapes and forms to provide a unique experience.

For art students, the images can be used as a guide or emulation for sketching and artforms for other art mediums. Or you may also want to read the content, for enjoyment of artistic beauty. Appreciate the high quality of beautiful model photography taken by professional photographers.

All photographs are professionally shot, and display in gorgeous and glorious COLOR on the iPhone, iPad, apps, other smartphones and PCs. (Images are otherwise rendered in artistic black and white on non-color kindle devices).

A Little Bit of Arizona: Volume 26

by Paul Moore

This is a photography book; it does not explain or attempt to teach you about photography, in Arizona or anywhere else. One of the greatest pleasures about photography is experimenting to see if the image you capture resembles the image you had in your mind when you took it.
This book is small; it is intended to be small. It is an attempt to bring the cost of photography books down to as low as they can go without sacrificing digital quality of the images within. This is the twenty sixth volume in a series, length or number unknown at the moment. However, when the series becomes sufficiently voluminous, they will be combined into a larger, and unfortunately more expensive, volume.
This volume contains about 40 images. Future volumes may contain a few more or a few less depending upon final digital size. I sincerely hope you enjoy the images within.

Raw: A Book of Erotic Poetry

by Diana Guzman

Raw is a book of poetry that aims to break down the stigmas and barriers surrounding women. The poetry in Raw espouses that no woman should have to pick and adhere to any label that pleases society, but rather every woman should get to embody everything they feel they are meant to be. Diana is an advocate for women’s freedom of expression, their ability to enjoy simple pleasures, and their right to embrace a sexual awakening.

On Minors, Midlife Crises and Fast Motorbikes: a play in seven scenes

by Alfred Buttigieg

The play is a snapshot of the forces unleashed by a Maltese couple’s reaction to middle age. Henry and Kate struggle against their ageing and bloated bodies as they strive for one last sip of the summer wine. For the embittered, depressed Henry, this comes in the intoxicating form of his son’s girlfriend, Fay. She promises to revive his masculine pride, battered as it has been by years stuck in a degrading job and in a loveless marriage. To make matters worse, his teenage son boasts of his sexual prowess at every turn. So electrified is he by the sexual passion she arouses in him that the line between reality and delusion blurs and Henry goes over the edge. His wife Kate, a guidance teacher, appears to be sensible and in control of her life. But it is merely a front. She has become invisible at home. But at her school, however, she is not allowed to fade into the background. Boys with all sorts of problems are beating down the staffroom door clamouring for her, especially Donald, who sees her as more than a mother figure. As her husband goes through every cliché in the midlife book and reason falters, Kate is sucked into a dangerous intimacy with the underage Donald.

Futurist in the Present: a Book About Art, Design & Life

by Dani Foroux

As artists, we are continuously seeking inspiration for our art. However, often, we exaggerate and overcomplicate our quest. As a result, we get stuck in our work and forget the reason why we make art in the first place.

Unconsciously, we influence our art by the search for meaning: 

  • What is the future? 
  • What is perfection?
  • What do design & art mean? 
  • Who is the designer or artist? 
  • Why are art, design & life connected?

We should be cautious about these philosophical issues since they instigate our struggle to make art. They try to undermine our creativity and aim to limit our potential. But all it takes is a different perspective on the answers to these questions. Therefore, in this book, Dani Foroux redefines old definitions of paramount concepts and explains their relationship with your art- it illustrates the simplicity of creating meaningful art and is a reminder of why you make art in the first place. 

Futurist in the Present is both a guide and biography by Dani Foroux for anyone who wants to elevate their art. Initially, it was intended as a booklet to an exclusively released shoe, The SOFIA, a silhouette inspired by his mother. The design and story of the footwear differ tremendously from the notion of traditional footwear, which placed the young designer in an intricate process. 

Thus, Dani felt an urge to explain the design and its complex and extensive development process. An important reason for the intricate process was crafting the shoes not as a product, but as art; the creation of art has an entirely different foundation than product development. 

But soon Dani’s desire to explain the design narrative manifested in a full book of unique philosophy on design, art, and life. He applied the concepts in the book to his work and life and experienced their positive effects in both areas. Therefore, for the first time, Dani is sharing them with others to help elevate art in general; Dani believes that art is a road that we all share. 

Ultimately, as an artist, Dani has written this book to stimulate fellow artists to kick-start their art. Because one is not born an artist; one chooses to become an artist.



Al igual que se ha estado haciendo en otros conceptos de nuestra vida, véase smartphones, coches, etc. en este manuscrito se destapa lo que no se llega a comprender que se haga ya en cualquier sociedad, que es la actualización de los edificios al S. XXI. Todo visto y explicado por alguien que no teme a las críticas, siempre y cuando se avance de una vez en el buen camino.

Masquerade (Book 1)

by Dione Robinson

This book has been updated as of 12-01-2014. Errors were found and has been corrected.

Two stories of determination, loyalty and seduction forever ties the lives of two women desperate to support their families.


Young and beautiful Alicia Sanchez, sacrifices her virtue and morality to save her sister from a life of violence in Cienfuegos, Cuba at the hands of their abusive father. Out of desperation, she becomes a masked escort to raise enough money to start over in America. Can she escape her torrid past or will her sordid profession as a call girl prevent her and her sister from the freedom to pursue the American dream?


Fifteen years later, our story follows Kamaya, a young, single mother who has it all; a daughter she adores, a budding romance and a future fulfilling her lifelong passion as a professional dancer. One fateful night, life bubbles over in turmoil when her daughter is struck by a drunk driver. Unable to afford the costly surgery and rising medical costs necessary to save her daughter’s life; Kamaya ultimately assumes the identity of a masked vixen and spirals out of control into a high stakes world of sex, money and blackmail.

THE RESURRECTION TOUR DIARIES: A Man Of Bad Humour (The Shooting Star Series)

by Simon Northouse

The diary of a reluctant and grumpy rock star, his dysfunctional band, a dodgy tour manager and the reunion tour from hell!

This is his acerbic and hilarious tale of life on the road.

“If you like Ben Elton, David Sedaris, Nick Hornby and the like … you’ll love this!”


“I’ve already explained how important it is to keep one’s body adequately fuelled, hydrated and exercised while touring. But, I forgot to mention another equally important rule. One must keep the brain engaged!

The mind must be stimulated on a daily basis to ward off the ravages of dementia and senility. The fact is, life on the road can be extremely boring for most of the time.

From hotel to coach, from coach to hotel, from hotel to drug dealer, from drug dealer to brothel, from brothel to sound-check; the whole thing can become mind-numbing!

And then, there’s the added danger of inadvertently talking to the road crewâ??these sort of interactions can leave one’s brain in permanent stasis.”

Well Versed: To Shakespeare, Poets, and the Performing Arts

by Abdiel LeRoy

“For lovers of Shakespeare, fine writing, challenging thoughts, and a wondrous sensitive humor, these poems, and the journeys on which they take us, will become part of the psyche. Outstanding!”
San Francisco Review of Books

If Dante had gone down to Argentinaâ?¦

This is what he might have come up with! A whirlwind tour through the performing arts of a secret underworld, a demonic descent into the depths of Tango’s dark side, followed by an ascent to God’s throne with an Old-Testament prophet!

Meanwhile, the bard alights on the stages of three capital cities: London, Beijing, and Buenos Aires to dance with a writhing sistershood of shapeshifting goddesses, to spar with the villains of Shakespeare, and steal secret kisses with his star-crossed lovers.

All this awaits you in this enchanted and enchanting book, where all the world’s a stage and all of us are players! Now take your place among the immortals!

#storygames:What is a Witch?: Photo prompts to beat writerâ??s block

by Lady Betwixt

Are you writing genre fiction and you end up with the same old magical characters all the time? One key to strong creativity is to have fun, and in this creative writing prompts ebook you will find writing strategies and writing techniques to play with your imagination and generate creative ideas, plus 30 beautiful photo prompts that tell you what the life of a real modern witch looks like, written by a practising witch. Ignite your creative genius and start writing fantasy fiction and fantasy characters that feel genuine and authentic to your readers, by adding some magic into your writing!

In this ebook I also detail a successful technique loved by the students of my creativity course years ago: “How to capture an idea”, along with other 5 methods to start playing, accumulating page after page of new stories. It can also be used as a journaling prompt book, by authors, writers, scriptwriters, dramatists, and artists in general.

#storygames:Art Prompts: Photo prompts to beat writerâ??s block

by Lady Betwixt

Anxious to get rid of writer’s block and get the creative flow running smoothly? This is a photo prompt ebook with a secret to being creative at all times: having fun. #storygames has 30 beautiful photo prompts (photos, illustrations, photo montages, drawings) that will boost your genre fiction writing, while you beat writer’s block.

Writing fiction demands you keep generating ideas for your characters and plots, whether you are writing stories, novels, fiction, non-fiction, visual arts, music, movie and tv scripts. It also has writing strategies and writing techniques to generate ideas when you need it. This writing prompt book will enchant you with the magic of playfulness, inspiration, beauty and joy.

In there I explain the technique I taught in my creativity course years ago, “How to capture an idea”, along with other 5 writing tips and tools to start playing, accumulating page after page of new stories. It can also be used as a journaling prompt book by authors, writers, scriptwriters, dramatists, and artists in general.

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