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Christmas in Time (Time Travel Romance Series, Book 6): A Sweet Time Travel Romance (Time Travel/Mail-Order Bride Romance Series)

by Zoe Matthews

What if the man you’ve loved since you were a child was from the future, and he is willing to do anything he can to return?

Colleen has known Garrett since she was ten years old when he traveled back to her time with his father and was forced to stay. In Colleen’s eyes, this was the best thing that could ever happen in her young life. She just knew that someday he would ask her to marry him and they would live happily ever after.

Garrett has struggled for years because he had to live in the past instead of the time he was born in. In his time, he was gifted at math and computer science, but in his new life, he wasn’t allowed to push himself academically. After all, he isn’t supposed to change history. Frustrated at being held back, Garrett became self-destructive by drinking too much and isolating himself from people. He finds a ray of hope when he learns about a portal on his Uncle’s ranch that can take him back to the future, the time he was born in.

When Colleen finds out that Garrett used the portal and then no one has heard from him for over a year, she decides it’s her job to use the portal herself and go find him, at least to make sure he is okay. But once she finds him, will she be forced to give up the idea of love between them when she finds out how happy he is in his time?

If you like time travel romances, you’ll love this series!

Book 1: Touched by Time
Book 2: River of Time
Book 3: Winds of Time
Book 4: Secrets of Time
Book 5: Changed by Time
Book 6: Christmas in Time

Where The Heart Is

by Argenis Mago

Rafael is a Hollywood star who seems to have it all…until his boyfriend breaks up with him. To avoid the media circus revolving his breakup, he goes back home to spend the Christmas holiday with family. He is convinced that nothing could make him believe in love again….until he meet the mysterious Joe.

Cab’s Lantern

by Jeff Russell

Cab Marin, owner of a struggling Caribbean dive shop, is helping marine biologist Vicki Jennings collect data for her thesis when they happen upon two amazing sights: an antique ship’s lantern that continues to glow deep underwater and a massive barracuda that appears to be standing guard. Cab is a scientist at heart and these mysteries renew a passion for discovery that died out when a previous reach for the stars fell disastrously short. He commits himself to uncovering the lantern’s secret while Vicki abandons her thesis to study the barracuda. Their intertwined quest for the truth endures competing priorities and a budding romance but takes a fateful turn when a local treasure-hunter concludes that they have found the gold-laden El Conquista.

Left with nothing and now an ocean apart, Cab and Vicki must continue their search for rational explanations while finding their way back to each other. In a world where nature alone makes survival a challenge they learn that life’s most rewarding treasures are found in unexpected places.

He Forced Me To Love Him

by Soulja Choc

Childhood best friends Tinashe, Robin and Jazmin couldn’t be any more different than the colors of the rainbow.
Tinashe loved her life. A bad boy with money was the kind of men she chased after. Robin and Jazmin would try to get Tinashe to try something new and find a good man, but Tinashe would laugh at them. That is until one night at the club she bumps into Jay’Sin. Everything about him screamed boss to her. His swag grabbed her attention and they exchanged numbers. Soon after, Tinashe learns that Jay’Sin is anything but a thug, but actually is the complete opposite, a square. Will Tinashe still take time and get to know Jay’Sin or will his plain lifestyle chase her right back to the clubs and in the bed of a gangsta?
Robin has been dealing with her boyfriend, Mikael, for three years now. Everything was perfect and she knew she was going to marry her man. But one innocent dance in a club led to a path of destruction. With no trust and back to back fights, Robin finds herself spending time with an old high school crush. Torn between right and wrong, will Robin stay in her current relationship with Mikael or will giving someone new a chance at love be her best bet?
Jazmin is considered to be the timid one of the three friends. The last to lose her virginity to her high school sweetheart, Timothy. He is the perfect man, hardworking and loves her equally. His job causes him to be away from home more than Jazmin likes, but with a wedding being planned and the couple wanting to buy a new house they know that sacrifices need to be made to achieve all that. Jazmin is the understanding fiancé, until she stumbles upon evidence that Timothy has been keeping secrets. Will Jazmin be able to forgive him or will it be too much that she calls off the wedding and walks away from the only man she has ever known?

Secrets: Mystery and Suspense

by James Kipling

A raft of secrets, lies, suspicious characters.

A gripping story full of action, suspense, mystery, plot twists.

Twenty-six-year-old Nicholas Clarke is lucky in both love and life. With a beautiful, live-in girlfriend, Yvonne Phillips, and secure in his dream job as a violinist with the Opera House Symphony, his future blazes with hope. The world is his oyster until the night he finds a creepy surprise in the back seat of his car. Terrified and suddenly mistrustful of Yvonne to snoop through her purse, Nicholas disappears one evening. When his body appears floating in a local lake, Detectives Ray Jones and Lisa Andrews catch the case. Combined with the horrifying death of Jennifer Nichols, a dancer in the Opera House Ballet Company, the case expands to reveal a raft of secrets, lies, and suspicious characters.

The only connecting link between the two homicides is a mysterious character: Sandra Davis. Jones and Andrews work together, and through their individual personal issues, to find a solution – and a killer.

If you enjoy gripping crime thrillers full of twists, be sure to check out other books by best-selling author James Kipling.

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