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The Ghost of Edisto Manor

by Edward Duke

The Ghost of Edisto Manor is a love story that originates on a quiet plantation near the Edisto River in South Carolina where the apparition of a young Civil War soldier was often seen roaming the grounds in search of the final resting place of his wife and infant child who were brutally murdered by local zealots during the Civil War. In an attempt to help The Ghost find the resting place of his loved ones, and resolve the mystery surrounding their deaths, Jack Winters and Jill Marlow find one another, fall in love, and enter into a late in life romance. Anomalous suggestions within the story regarding life, death, and life hereafter are suppositions that are worthy of consideration.

Riders of the Lone Star: Heck Carson Series Volume 1

by John Spiars

Writing in the style of Louis L’Amour, Larry McMurtry and William W. Johnstone, Best-selling western author, John Spiars has created a timeless hero of the old west. The first novel in the Heck Carson Series, Riders of the Lone Star brings the wild and lawless Texas frontier to life.

When the Law ain’t enoughâ?¦
He brings Justice.

The year is 1852. Settlers on the Texas frontier are at the mercy of hostile Comanche and vicious outlaws, and the only ones holding the line between life and death are a few brave men, known as Texas Rangers. Outnumbered and outgunned, they bring law and order to the untamed land. They face impossible odds with nothing more than grit, determination, and a fast gun. It is this adventure and excitement that lures sixteen-year-old Jesse “Heck” Carson to leave his families ranch to join the fight. Heck quickly learns that this life comes at a price, the cost of which is hardship, danger, and possibly his own life. The bonds of friendship, loyalty, and duty lead him into epic battles that test his courage and resolve, and along the way he learns what it means to wear the star of the Texas Rangers.

As fast as he could, he pulled the hammer back and fired, the first Comanche jerked once and hit the ground. The other warrior was no more than two feet away now. Heck wondered if he had another bullet left. Had he fired five or six shots? He couldn’t remember. Saying a silent prayer, Heck pulled the hammer back and looked at his approaching enemy. The point of the warrior’s lance was inches away from his chest when heck pulled the trigger. The barrel of the Walker was almost touching the chest of the charging Indian. Heck heard no sound, but saw the smoke pour out of the barrel and the big warrior dropped to his knees, and fell on top of the young Ranger.

Lieutenant Sutter and Corporal Anderson approached the men on horseback, ready to do what had to be done. Looking at the group of riders, however, Sutter immediately recognized he had made a terrible mistake. These men were not military, not even by Southern standards. They were unkempt, filthy, and armed to the teeth. His heart sank as he noticed that most of the detachment were Mexican and their guns were not in their holsters. “What is going on here?” he said, unable to believe what he was seeing.
The lead rider smiled and said, “This was even easier than Senor Cortina said it would be. Thank you.” Without saying another word, the man raised his pistol and fired two quick shots, hitting both Lieutenant Sutter and Corporal Anderson between the eyes.

The man wheeled around with his rifle as Heck landed on his back, but it was a fruitless gesture. There was a look of pained surprise on the man’s face as Heck covered his mouth and pulled him to the floor. Heck plunged his knife into the man’s chest several times, as he kept his hand over the man’s mouth. After several seconds his muffled cries were silent.

John Spiars is the author of the Heck Carson Series. He is a writer and amateur historian with a passion for the history and myths of the “Old West”. His hope is to keep alive the western genre for this generation and all of those to come, while both entertaining and educating readers of all ages. He is a native Texan and lives in North Texas with his wife and four children. When not writing western novels, he maintains a blog and Facebook page about Texas history and travel entitled Under the Lone Star.

A Pennyâ??s Worth of Affection: A Historical Romance Novel

by Rosemary Ani

“Ah, Penelope, my sweet one” Phillip muttered, his mouth so close to her ears, sending involuntary shivers running down her spine. His mouth captured her earlobe, sucking it into its hot depths. “So sweetâ?¦” he murmured again, moving lower to gently kiss the base of her throat.

Penelope Inglewood discovers her brother is in love with the betrothed of the most ruthless man in England, the Duke of Newbridge. She must find a way to save her family from ruin and turn her brother’s affections elsewhere.

When the Duke of Newbridge decides to confront his rival in love, he faces his rival’s sister instead and finds himself completely intrigued by the small but determined woman.

Will Penelope be able to keep her heart and her head in the presence of this dangerous yet intoxicating villain who seeks to punish her brother?

The Walls of Lucca

by Steve Physioc

Can love be found in the ruins of war? Find out in this thrilling and inspirational story of hope, redemption and the power of forgiveness in a broken world.

An enchanting debut novel by Steve Physioc

As Italy tries to heal from the shocks of World War I, one young woman brings together a number of strangers from disparate sections of the struggling country’s society. Isabella Roselli has an inner strength that defies understanding and her mission will touch those still hurting from the scars of war and violence.

When the orphaned Isabella happens on the Martellino vineyard, she pulls in a widowed mother of four, a shell-shocked soldier, and an imperious matriarch. As these and other characters in the town of Lucca get to know Isabella, they are challenged to surrender their fears. Fascism is taking hold of the heart of Italy, and it is ensnaring all Italians in a web of brutality and dictatorship. Will Isabella’s unconditional love and strength be enough to break its hold? Find out in this compelling novel about love, hope, and the family we choose for ourselves.

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Spitfire Ringers: A WWII Novel (Ringers Series Book 1)

by Ian Lindsey

After graduating from the US Military Academy at WestPoint, twins Payton and Dylan Anders abandon their future in the US Army and embark on an adventure to join the emerging war against the Nazi’s in France. Aiming to join the French Air Force, they journey through Canada and across the Atlantic. Arriving after Blitzkrieg has overrun France, the twins embark on a series of harrowing experiences and unforgettable adventures including taking part in the Dunkirk armada, and training with the RAF while befriending everyone from the King of England to unexpected new found loves. Fighting against the Nazis, and fighting for each other, the twins must use all of the bravery, ingenuity, and resilience to survive this daring adventure.

The Brotherhood

by Martin M. McShane

A Pope and a King conspire together to exterminate the Holy Order of Knights. One because the Order has become too powerful, the other because he owes it a vast fortune. They lure the Knights to a remote castle where mercenaries and assassins wait in hiding for their arrival.

Following a savage battle three brothers escape the carnage of the castle. They must find their way back to England to tell the world what happened to the Order of Knights. During their journey home they are pursued by the King’s Knights who will stop at nothing to arrest the brothers. They argue about who was behind the killing the Knights. One brother blames the King while the other blames the Church. This leads to a terrible rift opening up between them.

Once in England the brothers and their family are persecuted by Church and State to keep them from telling their tale. Their land and possessions are taken from them. They are left with nothing. In their fight for justice the family form a secret society and name it â??The Brotherhood’. Its purpose is to seek out those responsible for ruining them and make them pay for what they have done. Some Brethren attack the Aristocracy while others secretly attack the Church. The family rift widens further as sides are chosen and revenge taken. Which side will prevail?

Escape to the Biltmore

by Patricia Riddle Gaddis

It’s 1895. Beautiful Dr. Anna St. James has won the battle to earn the M.D. after her name when her father dies, suddenly throwing her into great debt. After moving to a shabby boarding house on the Lower East Side of New York, Anna receives a marriage proposal that would cancel her father’s debt but would chain her to a man she neither loves nor trusts.

Desperate to escape, she applies for a position at a TB clinic in Asheville, North Carolina, close to the home of her friend, Daphne Vanderbilt, who invites her to spend Christmas celebrations at Biltmore Estate. On her journey Anna meets the handsome Dr. Richard Wellington. She is captivated by the dashing British physician, but she soon becomes convinced that he is like every other male physician at a time when the American Medical Association does not admit female doctors into its membership. Can they put aside their differences and allow their love to flourish?

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