Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 23 Nov 18

How Will Santa Find My Den (Christmas story about Santa, bears, Christmas presents, and the wonder of the night before Christmas. A perfect bedtime story for ages 2-4.)

by L.D. Shankle

On a cold, snowy night, brown bear dreams of Christmas…but how will Santa find his den? As the crisp December wind blows through the night sky, brown bear hopes for a wonderful Christmas morning filled with presents, and fun. In a story that helps children see the wonder of the holiday and fill their mind with dreams of Christmas, they will love and identify with brown bear in hoping Santa finds THEIR “den” too.

If you love Christmas and love the vintage spirit of hand drawn children’s books, you will love this book. So, before bedtime, get warm and cozy in your favorite chair with your little one…pull out a quilt and sip some hot cocoa, read the story of brown bear and help them get ready to dream of the most wonderful Christmas ever.

Crux of Paramour, Genesis

by Jim Neville

Governments around the world track our emails, phone calls, and browser history. Most people know this and don’t care, but there is a shadow organization that tracks much more. They are the Thought Police. They influence every method of communication, and therefore, our lives. Nearly everything the world knows to be true is misdirection and misinformation. Politics, finance, news, war, entertainment, opinion, everything … is influenced by the Thought Police. It is an autonomous organization that answers to no one.

It is only fitting the people who work for the Thought Police are found living in the shadows. Rose Uhyrek is a gifted mechanic working in a small auto shop in the middle of nowhere. Zach Saxon is a computer programmer who influences others from the back of the pack. Neither are in the spotlight. Their simple and uneventful lives would change radically as they’re thrust into a world of espionage and intrigue.

Zach Saxon is unlike any recruit identified by the Thought Police. He’s remarkably perceptive of human behavior and has an uncanny intuition. It’s almost supernatural. Zach is a master manipulator of people, not unlike the Thought Police. It’s the perfect work environment for someone like Zach. The Thought Police work in the shadows and that’s where Zach lives and thrives. It’s almost like the organization was custom made for him. There’s only one problem for Zach. It’s difficult to hide in the shadows inside an organization that knows practically everything. It doesn’t take long for Zach to shine, advance, and then become dangerous.

Mysteries of the Hidden World

by Sahith Karra

“Mysteries of the Hidden World” is a fast paced action and thriller short story filled with intriguing plot twists, heart racing moments, and the desire to read more. The story is taken through the eyes of not humans, but in fact through the eyes of a capybara, the world’s largest rodent. The creativity instilled throughout the story brings the book to life and transports you right next to all the action. The story is unique to the core and will leave you with the question of “what will happen next?”

Save This Penguin: He’s In Big Trouble (Garson The Penguin Book 1)

by Aunt B

A young penguin from South Africa accidentally finds himself off on a big adventure when he wanders onboard a cargo ship. As a stowaway, he is threatened with having to walk the plank. Who will help him? How will he ever find a family to love and care for him? And just what is his name, anyway?

(PLEASE NOTE: Although this book is illustrated, not every Kindle page has an illustration due to the amount of text. But the illustrations are extremely cute!)

Treasure Island (Classic Literature)

by Robert Louis Stevenson

“Treasure Island” is an adventure novel by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, narrating a tale of “buccaneers and buried gold”. Its influence is enormous on popular perceptions of pirates, including such elements as treasure maps marked with an “X”, schooners, the Black Spot, tropical islands, and one-legged seamen bearing parrots on their shoulders.

“Treasure Island” is traditionally considered a coming-of-age story and is noted for its atmosphere, characters, and action. It is one of the most frequently dramatized of all novels. It was originally serialized in the children’s magazine Young Folks between 1881 through 1882 under the title “Treasure Island, or the mutiny of the Hispaniola”, credited to the pseudonym “Captain George North”.

Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen (Feathers Classics)

by Hans Christian Andersen

125 of the most famous, classic fairy tales.
Includes The Ugly Duckling, The Toad, The Emperor’s New Suit, The Ice Maiden, Thumbelina, The Princess and the Pea, The Snow Queen, and many, many more.

Celia and the Glue Man: A Girl’s Journey to Becoming Gluten-Free and Happy

by Maggy Williams

Celia isn’t like the other kids in class. She has a gluten allergy.
Life without cookies, cake and pizza is no fun, so Celia decides to break the rules – just this once. She eats a cupcake. What follows is what you might expect. Celia gets sick. Really sick. So sick she decides to give up gluten for good. But she’s not happy about it. Then, she meets someone who changes her perspective.

“I love this book! What a beautiful message to send to young people about how to turn circumstances around. It’s all about the food of love and friendship that is the most sustainable, energetically charged nourishment, not only for young people but for our shared humanity. There should be an open space on all book shelves to welcome this heartwarming story.”
–Laura Parisi, Food Shaman, Reiki Master, Founder of Rooted Angel Cooking School

“I cannot say enough good things about this book. I LOVE it! The biggest challenge to following any special diet is the emotional component, rather than a lack of knowledge. Maggy finds a creative way to guide kids who are struggling with dietary restrictions to reach a place of acceptance. I also appreciated the very useful visual of the glue monster, especially since that’s essentially what gluten is!”
–Ashley E. Daub, pediatric dietitian, MS, RD, LD

“A book that is both fun (and rhyming!) and important for kids to understand how celiac disease works and what it means for kids at school. It will appeal to those who have the disease, as a comfort and explanation, and to their friends who may not understand why they can’t share some foods.”
–Jacqui Lipton, author and literary consultant, Authography LLC

“Finally! A book for young children that describes one girl’s story of learning to look at her food sensitivities in a different way. Instead of making her feel isolated and lonely, this book shows that living gluten-free can be a bonding experience. Written in rhyming verse, this book teaches about compassion, acceptance, embracing who you are and finding happiness.”
–Tyla Taylor, teacher, coach, mentor, musician, and gluten-free eater

Learn more at
From Loving Healing Press

The Chipmunk Who Wanted to Be a Bear: A Children’s Picture Book on Overcoming Fears of All Kinds (Wantstobe)

by Valerie Harmon

Has hit #1 Best Seller in Category!
Chipmunk is so afraid of everything that he hates to leave his tree house! When he notices a grizzly bear who doesn’t seem scared of anything, Chipmunk gets an idea that shows him to be braver than he thinks. Along the journey he rides on the back of a trout, learns to growl like a bear, and much more. This is not a typical “Be content with who you are” book, but rather “Working hard toward a goal changes you into something more.” Which is why in the end (don’t spoil the surprise for your child!) after working hard to become a grizzly bear, and conquering his fears in the process, Chipmunk turns into CHIZZLY! A metaphorical example of how we all change after accomplishing hard things.

Add to your cart this fully-illustrated children’s picture book about overcoming fears with hard work, perseverance and friendship. Winner of a 2015 Family Choice Award, the animated enhanced version is available now.

112 Things for Fingerprints: The Drawing Book for Kids : Funny Fingerprints Step by Step with Jeffrey Daffy

by Jeffrey Daffy

Learning to draw is fun! Using fingerprints and a few simple shapes, Jeffrey Duff will teach you how to draw various things: octopuses, basketball players, sweets and, of course, cats and other animals.
Step-by-step instructions will help a novice artist to create a masterpiece the first time!
Download your copy and learn to draw fun using the Jeffrey Daffy’s method.

Gifted and Talented Test Preparation Workbook for children in preschool and kindergarten Test prep Practice test for pre-k and kindergarten: NNAT2 (R) NNAT3 (R) OLSAT(R) COGAT(R)

by Pre-K Lab

The book’s programs help to cultivate creative problem-solving abilities and invest your child with the knowledge needed for the test. Our programs not only teach foundational concepts – such as sequence ordering, pattern completion, and similarity and difference identification – but they also reinforce these concepts throughout every subject, allowing students to learn these skills in new and exciting ways.
Your child must be familiar with test material AND be able to focus on test material for longer than the typical 4-5 minute attention span of most young kids. This book offers a chance to do both.
This resource focuses on three aptitude tests commonly used for gifted program screening: the OLSAT® (Level A), NNAT2® (Level A), and the COGAT®.
Our program also seeks to expose children to a wide variety of objects, people, jobs, and situations and is proven to increase children’s vocabularies.
Such exposure to multiple life scenarios and world cultures as well as the development of children’s vocabularies are important for G&T Testing as the exam may ask a child to identify unfamiliar public figures, items, or concepts.
It’s important for parents to understand the intent and content of the Gifted and Talented (G&T) test to best prepare their child for the entrance exam.
Some exams may even consist of several components such as the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT), the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test 2 (NNAT2), and the Cognitive Abilities Test (COGAT). Below outlines what each test covers.
The OLSAT tests students’ Verbal Comprehension and Reasoning Skills – such as their ability to follow Multi-step Oral Directions. It also tests students’ abilities to Think Abstractly and Make Connections Using Verbal Cues.
The NNAT2 tests students’ nonverbal problem-solving skills such as: Abilities to perform Spatial Visualization, Serial Reasoning, Pattern Completion, and Reasoning by Analogy.
The COGAT test measures students’ Reasoning Abilities in the three areas that are linked to academic success: Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning.
Exercises focus on cognitive skill-building, reasoning skills, and problem solving abilities and thoroughly cover the tests’ sections: OLSAT®, NNAT2®, COGAT® .
Test preparation booklets can only familiarize your child with the exam format. That is why at Gifted and Talented Test Preparation we believe success on the test is not a result of cramming before the test, but a result of a continued successful commitment in a child’s education.
Investing in early childhood education pays huge dividends for getting students in the G&T program in school.
(COGAT® is a registered trademark of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. OLSAT® and NNAT2® are trademarks of Pearson Education. These test publishers are not affiliated with Gateway Gifted Resources and do not endorse this product.)

Zing & Zang’s Fantastical Zoo

by M. Gulin

Read the story – Create an adventure!

Zing and Zang’s Fantastical Zoo children’s picture book is the perfect book for your child to get engaged and excited about storytelling, reading and creative play. It combines an adventurous story with hands on printable paper toys to inspire and fuel the imagination.

“I’ve finally found it! The rarest animal in the entire world, the golden beak giant bird! Zang said excited”

Will Zing and Zang’s Fantastical Zoo for rare and unusual animals finally be complete? And will it be as fantastic as they always imagine? One thing is for sure, it’s going to be a great adventure. Follow Zing and Zang’s journey to achieve their hearts desires.

Suitable for ages 3-5

Cool Kids Cook: Gourmet Party Everyday (Cook Kids Cook Book 2)

by M.L. Obermaier

This cookbook shows inexpensive ways to make everyday food turn into party food. This is volume 2 of a series and has more photos than the previous volume because we were surprised to see our book get downloaded in 9 different countries and felt the more photos the easier it would be for more people to follow.The recipes are prepared by 10 year old twins that love to cook and make the finish product look fancy. This book is a perfect way for the entire family to spend time together and learn some new cooking ideas. Remember to supervise your children while they cook. Be safe! Enjoy!

How To Adult (Better than I do.): A Book By and For a Twentysomething

by Kimbra Luger-Kellby

Being an adult is really hard. Literally nobody prepared you for this.

Kimbra Luger-Kellby’s new book How To Adult (Better than I do.) will help young adults navigate thier new environment, with such chapters as:

  • How to Adult (At Home) including “Doing your chores without getting an allowance for it,” and “Feeding Yourself (more than ramen and potato chips)
  • How to Adult (In Relationships) including  “Hоw to Be a Gооd Pаrtnеr” and “Online Dating for Non-Outgoing People.”
  • How to Adult (With Finances) including “Pay your Bills, Dammit.”

Luger-Kellby creates an easy to read, very easy to follow manual to flourishing as a young adult in the real world. 

Over the Bridge and Through the Streets

by Dianne Miller

Created by landscape painter and author and illustrator of the Little Bunny series, Dianne Miller, Over the Bridge and Through the Streets is a contemporary retelling of the traditional Thanksgiving song, Over the River and Through the Woods. A young girl experiences anticipation and excitement on a bus ride to visit her grandmother for Thanksgiving.

Shamunta And The DemiGods

by Sadana Avinash

About the Author –
I am Sadana Avinash. I am 12 years old and studying 7th Grade in Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyasharam, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. This is my first Fiction and i am glad that my book is available all over the world with the help of Kindle Direct Publishing from Amazon. Apart from writing novels, I also play Keyboard and Veena (A String instrument). I am also a vocalist. I love Cycling. Science is my favorite subject and i have dedicated a chapter in this novel for Science. I also thank my teachers and parents for their help and support.

About the book –
Shamunta is attacked by a demigod named Madan, who kidnaps her friends. To save her friends,
Shamunta has to cross a course set by Madan. In order to cross the course, Shamunta has to choose
a livelihood. She travels across the country where she hears about Mrs. Olives’, disappearance.
Shamunta goes and checks it out, where the huge sign showing the word â??BEWARE’ opened to reveal
a secret house. In the house, Shamunta fights her heart’s desire and finds a paper which transports
her to a street full of rocks. There, Shamunta finds the six pieces of the map of the course. Then
Shamunta proceeds towards the first obstacle which is a waterfall. She has to collect the key from
the bottom of the pool by surfing down the waterfall. Shamunta emerges victorious. The next
obstacle Shamunta faces is a pool of knowledge. She has to pick four chits which contain general
knowledge question whose answers will lead to the formation of a sentence. Shamunta emerges
victorious with the key again. Then next obstacle’s entrance captured Shamunta’s heart. It was a
science obstacle in which Shamunta has to answers questions. Shamunta is victorious with the key
and proceeds towards the next obstacle. The next obstacle is about friendship in which Shamunta
has to use her heart. There are questions about her friends and Shamunta answers them all.
Suddenly everything is black and Shamunta finds herself with her fiends Ranani, Danan and Patil,
who are in a very bad state due to Madan. Then a song is dedicated to Shamunta. The final obstacle
meets Shamunta’s eyes when she opens the door with the three keys she had collected. After
surfing down a waterfall like the previous one, She is told to write about the world of demigods.
After completing it, Shamunta finds herself facing Madan where they have a sword fight. Shamunta
is triumphant. She also finds out how her mother and father disappeared. After a while, Shamunta
meets her friends. Shamunta’s Mum and Dad appear, and the party picks up speed. After a year,
everyone is in Shamunta’s house. Then, a little girl comes and informs that Madan disappeared all of
a sudden. Shamunta too disappears and finds herself in a room with Madan. After everyone else
appeared, they tried to break out of the room. After doing so, they fly to the fort of Madan into the
never ending sky.

Colorful Me: A Rhyming Story on Colors and Creativity for Children

by Olive Coronado

What if you had a red nose, blue hair, or yellow lips? In this story, a little boy looks at his reflection in the mirror and sees different parts of himself in different colors, opening him up to all sorts of visions and possibilities.

Let your children’s creativity flourish as they learn about colors and rhyming words in this fun picture book. Geared toward kids ages 4 to 7, “Colorful Me” will surely ignite the imagination and tickle both the mind and the heart.

Pixel Trapped: The Fall of Earthcraft

by Ash Schmitt

Did you know that Earth and Minecraft used to be one world called Earthcraft?

Long ago there was a world call Earthcraft. People and mobs lived together in peace until they began to develop technology. Magic lashed out at those who developed the technology and began to destroy Earthcraft. The only way to save it was to split the world into two worlds, Earth and Minecraft.

Grab a copy of Pixel Trapped: The Fall of Earthcraft and find out how it all ended.

My Sister Is a Monster: Sibling Book for Toddlers and Older Kids; Funny Story on Big Brother and New Baby Sister How He Sees Her

by Agnes Green

Sometimes, the scary thing that goes bump in the night is none other than your new baby sister!

“My Sister Is a Monster” is a tale of an older brother coming into terms with a new addition to the family; a family who is oblivious to the little monster living under their very roof.

Between all the kicks, screams, weird smells, and messes, this brother comes to find a new friend who he can go on all kinds of adventures with.
And before he knows it, apprehension and even fear turn into what this story is all about: unconditional love.

Watcher – Book One of the Watcher Series

by AJ Eversley

“First came the Bots. They were meant to serve us, but they turned and thousands died. Then the Carbons arrived and we were left with only a few hundred humans. After ten years of war, I’m one of the few survivors. I’m a Watcher, and I won’t give up the fight.”

As a Watcher, Sawyer Russo has sworn to protect her fellow humans. But the Bots and Carbons that overran her city are evolving, and are picking off her comrades one by one.
Embarking on a desperate mission to save humanity from extinction, Sawyer discovers that the line between friend and foe is no longer easily drawn when one of her own betrays them. Faced with a choice between fulfilling her vow and avenging those who have fallen, she must ultimately decide who can be saved â?¦ and who can’t.

Divergent meets Terminator in this epic YA Trilogy.

Chris Obiyah’s Rites Of Passage: The Kandake’s Amulet

by Tajh Abdulsamad

Coming of age adventures of Chris Obiyah and his grandfather Alpha as Chris begins his rites of passage into manhood.

A White Christmas Wish

by Lorayne Miller

A town that has never had a white Christmas finally gets one after a wish was granted. This is a holiday book that shows colorful pictures of every child’s wish come true. And on Christmas too!

Scary Short Stories : Book 4; Best Scary Stories that you have not read or listen beforeâ?¦.

by Muhammad Shoaib

This book have all Best Scary Stories, when kids, adults & elders reading these stories they will not bore and wait for what will happen next and nextâ?¦
Specially Adults when they sit together with their friend at night party eat, drink and want to spend some time together, they can read these stories. One can read and the other friends listen together, because they want to forget their boring day which passes very badly. And they can start their next new morning happily.
Once you start reading you will not close the book until read to the last page.
Every story is very interesting.
As I think that these stories will not be heard before our book, you can tell to your friends and neighbor families about these interesting stories to listen to your kids, Adults and everyone can read on any occasion or party in the night.
This book has full of best Scary Stories; every moment you will enjoy when hearing these stories and picks a cup of tea in your hands.
Every horror story is full of Suspense and makes your every night dreamful, interesting and you will not sleep before reading this book.
In this book you will find all the stories which you have not listen before this, because all the stories are very famous and unforgettable.
So read this book once in life must and must share with your friend, neighbors and familiesâ?¦.
Read once in your life must these books, because these books are full of Scare, horror, ghost & suspense also makes your evening full of happiness.

Message from the author:

Thank you for reading this book of Best Scary stories.
I hope you enjoyed reading this book, as much I enjoyed when I was writing this book.
The next book will available soonâ?¦.

Please leave a Review or feedback after reading this book, that what type of stories you want and it will help me in writing another book with full of taste of my dear reviewer.
Let me know what you think of the book so far.
Thank you,
See you in the upcoming books full of Scary Stories.

This is the 4th Book of Best Collection of Top Scary Stories & the 5th Book of Best Collection of Top Creepy Stories will soon be available.

So let’s startâ?¦â?¦â?¦ Scare BEGINSâ?¦

EMAIL: [email protected]

Nick and Sal’s Bigfoot Adventure

by Lorayne Miller

Nick and Sal have been best friends since the age of five. They decide to go searching for Bigfoot and jump on their bikes and along the way they find adventure — and Bigfoot.

A Border Collie Christmas

by Lorayne Miller

This picture book is for the beginning reader and is a holiday book for
dog lovers!

Attack of the Garden Gnomes!!

by Michael Winter

A humorous adventure story for children aged 8-12. When a horde of angry garden gnomes attack, Matthew and Sarah must find a way to save the town of Damp Falls.

The Fated Fantasy Quest Adventure Books 1-2 Bundle (Awaken & Shifting)

by Humphrey Quinn

Meghan and Colin Jacoby have never questioned their uncle’s only rule to live by–never stay in one place for too long. Instead, they’ve traveled the countryside with him in his travel trailer, moving from place to place for nearly thirteen years never having a reason to question why he chose this unsettled life–until now.

All they’ve come to know is about to change in this fast-paced, action-packed saga that blends the modern-day world with the enchantment of a classic fantasy adventure.

Through an unexpected series of events and strange encounters, they enter a foreign world that straddles their own–one of new friends, magical mysteries, and spellbinding twists that send them on dangerous missions and facing deadly enemies that are only supposed to exist in the world of make believe.

But as these encounters and events get stranger and scarier and become all too real, the true quest reveals itself and the adventure will take on a whole new meaning–to unravel the mysteries about their past and revealing why they have to stay on the move, as well as discover where they truly belong and if there’s such a thing as a place called home.

Humphrey Quinn delivers an epic coming of age fantasy tale that captures the imagination and has created a new literary classic for the ages.

The adventure begins in Maine with our characters just turning thirteen and ends eleven books later with them aged seventeen. It’s a mix of fun and humor, sibling rivalry, magic and misadventure, coming of age struggles as well as darker themes like betrayal, and consequences of choices made, and even has some age appropriate romance nearer the middle to the end.

Please Read in Order…
Book 1: Awaken
Book 2: Shifting
Book 3: Embrace
Book 4: Broken
Book 5: Divided
Book 6: Taken
Book 7: Control
Book 8: Forsaken
Book 9: Sacrifice
Book 10: Redeem
Book 11: Ascend (The Final Book in the Series)

Portal fantasy, urban fantasy, epic fantasy, exploration and discovery, supernatural suspense, paranormal adventure, fantasy quest, time travel, young adult fantasy, teen paranormal, children’s adventure books, magic, witches, middle grade, juvenile fantasy, action adventure, coming of age, completed series

100 Writing Prompts: Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

by Mickey Crabtree

Want to write a story but can’t think of what to write about? Have a child who loves to write? Are you an educator looking for fun writing prompts for your classroom? Look no further! 100 Writing Prompts to Get You Thinking is the PERFECT book for all ages! Filled with 100 wacky, thoughtful and out-of-the-box writing prompts, you can’t go wrong! There is room to write inside of the book below every prompt and wide margins perfect for doodling. Gift this to your budding author, your child’s teacher, your teenager or even yourself! Let your ideas run wild with this fun writing prompt journal!

Valentine’s Day Book Bundle (4 Books in 1): Cute Valentine’s Day Stories for Kids, Fun Activities, and Jokes for Kids

by Arnie Lightning


Love is in the air! You and your child will enjoy these special Valentine’s Day stories for kids. Each story shares a cute message about Valentine’s Day and includes BIG & BRIGHT ILLUSTRATIONS for younger readers.

These stories are great for early & beginning readers, reading aloud at home, and bedtime stories.

  • 4 books in 1
  • Cute stories for kids
  • Perfect for early and beginner readers
  • Funny and hilarious Valentine’s jokes included
  • Bright and colorful images for early and younger readers
  • Fun Valentine’s Day activities included

These stories are great for quick bedtime stories and cute tales to be read aloud with friends and family!

Fun for the entire family!

Kids and children can practice their reading skills and enjoy a few laughs. These special Valentine’s Day stories are sure to get you and your family in the loving spirit. The hilarious Valentine’s Day jokes will have everyone laughing!

Story & Activity List:

  1. Bobby Bunny and the Valentine’s Day Visitor
  2. McKenna and the Special Valentine
  3. Valentine’s Day Activity
  4. Catnip’s Secret Admirer
  5. Valentine’s Day Activity
  6. Gina and The Valentine’s Lights
  7. The Very Best Valentine
  8. Valentine’s Day Activity
  9. A Valentine for Estela
  10. Valentine’s Day Activity
  11. Happy Valentine’s Day, Aniah!
  12. Valentine’s Day Activity
  13. The Blue and Green Valentine
  14. Valentine’s Day Activity
  15. Daffodil’s Valentine’s Day
  16. The Valentine’s Day Pool Party
  17. A Tweet Valentine
  18. Rowan’s Snowy Valentine
  19. Valentine’s Day Activity
  20. Happy Birthday, Valentine
  21. A Dog-gone Happy Valentine’s Day
  22. Valentine’s Day Activity
  23. Piney The Valentine’s Tree
  24. Valentine’s Day Activity
  25. The Perfect Day
  26. The Story of Valentine’s Day
  27. What Does it Mean to be a Valentine?
  28. Katie
  29. John Cupid
  30. Plus Valentine’s Day Jokes!

Best-Selling Children’s Book Author, Arnie Lightning

Arnie Lightning is a best-selling children’s book author with a straightforward goal. He wants his work to create a positive impact in the lives of others through children’s books. Learning morals, lessons, and good character can start at a young age. Arnie’s books reflect this. By providing a comfortable and entertaining environment, learning can be a fun activity!

Scroll up and click ‘buy’ to make some special Valentine’s Day memories with your child!

Rufus the Doofus: Rufus’ Big Summer Move

by Nicole Gotje

Rufus finally graduates fifth grade and is looking forward to enjoying his summer break with his friends. Next year is 6th grade and he is moving up to middle school! In a stroke of bad luck however, Rufus’ father breaks the bad news to him…they are moving to a different state for a new job!

Follow Rufus on his journey as he moves from his home and friends in Florida, all the way across the United States to California, forced to leave behind his best friend Charlie and his sweetheart crush Shelby. How will he handle this? Will he fit in and make new friends? Are his detective days over? Ages 8-12.

Baby Animals

by Lorayne Miller

Here is a book of baby animals and their proper names. A baby dog is called a puppy. A baby cat a kitten. Bright delightful photos of baby animals. Children will learn their proper names.

Dragon Slayers (Slayers & Protectors Book 1)

by Kristin D. Van Risseghem

A reverse harem with a powerful magical heroine, a mystery that’s dying to be solved, and four smoking hot dragon shifters. This series will be your latest reading addiction!

Brooklyn is New York’s newest up-and-coming dragon slayer. Known as a Kill Shot, an elite assassin who can destroy dragons with one blow, Brooklyn is descended from slayer royalty. As her magic becomes more powerfulâ??and more destructiveâ??than it should, she seeks the help of four guys with unique abilities of their own.

Then love happens. The boys are hiding something, and are more than they appear. They’re stronger. Faster. Dangerous.

But things are about to go from bad to worse. Brooklyn isn’t just the strongest slayer aliveâ??she also has no idea who she really is, and once she discovers the truth, her entire world will be changed forever.

* * *

A suspenseful urban fantasy combined with the best of paranormal romance, Dragon Slayers is a young adult novel packed with spells, secret kisses, and multiple forbidden romances. This edgy book by USA Today Bestselling author Kristin D. Van Risseghem will have you turning the pages all night!

* * *
This is a reverse harem urban fantasy – paranormal romance series appropriate for ages 16+.

Mild language/swearing, open mouth kissing, low burn heat level, behind closed-door sex scenes, while the 17yo main character is dating four guys.

If you want to ease yourself into reverse harem, find out what the hype is all about, then this Dragon’s Story series is right for you!

This book ends on a cliffhanger.

Kidnapping Death’s Daughter (Book of Geists 1)

by Arbie Krae

“Death has a daughter, steal her.”

In Woodbark, hidden beneath a snow coated gravestone, a mysterious discovery leads Robin to a librarian with an odd sense of humour, and an even odder creature for a pet. In the wake of his brother’s death, she reveals to him an irresistible opportunity: if he can kidnap Death’s daughter, he can bring Peter back.

He leaves for a medieval city by dusk.

In York, cathedral spires claw at the moon, gargoyles peer down on cobbled streets from wooden beams, and the creatures of Yr Oerfa feel their skin prickle as they sense the change war brings.

Amongst them, Sophie discovers she is at the heart of a plot to turn that war against her father, if his enemies can capture her. In an unfamiliar city, stalked by those once considered loyal, her adversaries seem to have forgotten one important detail: Sophie is the daughter of Death, and she is not so easily for the taking.

A coming of age fantasy, Kidnapping Death’s Daughter is for those who find themselves at home with the unusual and the dark, but who also look for that touch of lightness to prevent the furnishings from becoming a bit too grim.

Written for teens, but a book for all ages, it follows the stories of Robin and Sophie, two teenagers whose worlds, although very different, have collided as much as they have fallen apart.

Terraria: Another Day Under the Glass

by W.T. Barney

â??Death never stops surprising you.’

A sentiment Aria knows all too well. Her world on its surface is perfect.

A completely enclosed ecosystem protected from the nuclear winter of the Outside World. No sickness, no famine, nothing to worry about. Nothing that is except for Spectre, the computer system that determines who lives and dies annually based on their importance to society.

Somehow everyone around her seems to cope, but seeing as how Spectre has taken every member of her family, Aria struggles to fall in line with the status quo.

Whether it’s pressure from the powers that be, her first potential love, or full on revolution, Aria seems to be pulled in every direction, each one with drastic consequences, and no clue which way to go.

About the Author

William “Tony” Barney originally hails from the media portrayed war zone of Englewood on the South Side of Chicago. It was here that he learned to fabricate stories. Whether it was his athletic prowess or the authenticity of his CZ earrings, his adolescence was filled with storytelling.

After graduating Southern Illinois University with a degree in Music Theater, he and his wife Tricia embarked on a Los Angeles journey that spanned 5 years. While taking the entertainment industry by storm (or a light drizzle if we’re keeping actual score), acting, modeling, and singing, in featured films, national commercials, and international campaigns, he enrolled in writing courses in UCLA’s Extension Program. It was here that his skills were polished and that a passion became an ambition.

W.T. currently resides in Chicago with his wife and 3 year old daughter, Aria. He is an avid fan of Chicago sports, as grueling as that is at times. You can usually find him in front of a word processing app or on the constant hunt for proper caffeinated balance.

Where is my green boot?

by Vytor Fonte

There was a green dwarf walking around the forest, he losted his green boot and now its time to find what he chosed;

Patrick The Rabbit, Zack and Lucy (Perfect for 1st to 4th graders)

by Roy Popson

Three amusing and educational stories for 1st to 4th graders:


Patrick the rabbit loves carrots, but an aching tooth gets in his way. Now he must be brave and go the dentist.

There, our rabbit will learn about Vitamin A and C, and why he needs both of them to stay healthy!


Zack likes sports, but he can’t make up his mind on which one he wants to play. Maybe basketball? Or perhaps tennis? Or soccer, or volleyball?

Help Zack choose his sport and learn a valuable lesson about friendship.


It’s Valentine’s Day, and someone left a heart-shaped Valentine’s card on Lucy’s desk at school. But who was it? Was it Brian? Ted? Or maybe Jeffrey? Help Lucy find out which one of her classmates she should thank.

Easy language, colorful illustrations.

3,800 words, 50 pages

Jingle and Bella Save Christmas

by Chris Beckman

Aside from his reindeer, Santa has two St. Bernard dogs named Jingle and Bella. The two serve as Santa’s guides, but when Mrs. Claus gives her husband a GPS, new jobs are found for Jingle and Bella. For a while they perform local deliveries. Then Santa receives a better sleigh, and the dogs are sent to guard the stables. Jingle and Bella begin to feel neglected and Santa knows he needs to find a new job for his loyal friends. With it’s catchy story line and colorful illustrations, Jingle and Bella Save Christmas is sure to find a place in your home for many years to come.

The Lonely Dirt Block: A rhyming Minecraft inspired story for beginner readers (The Guild Crafters Block Books Book 1)

by Ty The Hunter

Life is tough being a Minecraft dirt block, especially when all the other blocks ignore you and won’t play with you.

So, when one little block is shunned by all the others, his family decides to move away from their home to teach the other blocks a lesson that dirt is important, too.

Will the other Minecraft blocks miss him and see the error of their ways? Can they learn a valuable lesson that it doesn’t matter about the differences we have, but what we share in common?

This classic story of acceptance is brought bang up to date with the inclusion of one of the best-loved games around. Told through rhymes, it is perfect for young readers aged 5 to 8 years and is certain to become a favorite bedtime read.

Whether your child is new to reading alone and would benefit from having a rhyming pattern that keeps them going, or if they just love sitting on the couch with you while you take them on a journey with a funny story, you will both love this series!

In Search of Thanksgiving – Episode 1 (In Search of Thanksgiving serial novel)

by Danae Whyte

14-year-old Kristopher discovers what it really means to be thankful.

Mississippi Cotton (A Southern Novel)

by Paul H. Yarbrough

Paul Yarbrough’s critically-acclaimed debut novel, MISSISSIPPI COTTON, brings to light the complex history of rural Mississippi in the 1950’s.

It is 1951. Young Jake Conner gets on a bus to visit his cousins in the Mississippi Delta. But when the body of an unknown man is found in the Mississippi River, Jake’s summer vacation gets a little more adventurous as he and his cousins snoop around in a mystery that is better left to the grown ups.

“First time novelist, Paul H. Yarbrough, masterfully transports readers deep into the world of Mississippi Cotton, where life is not as simple as it seems.” ~Julie Cantrell, editor, Southern Literary Review and bestselling author of Into the Free

“In Mississippi Cotton a 20th Century Huck Finn has a real adventure. No matter that his raft is a Trailways Bus along the river, the trip is no less toward maturity. If you like a good story, this is your book, a book told by someone who knows the terrain–its history, people, landscape and culture. Only a proper native could have his narrator say that his daddy taught him never to hold onto anything with Lincoln’s face longer than you had to.” ~Dr. James Everett Kibler, author, Walking Toward Home, Memories Keep, and Our Father’s Fields

“Set in 1951, in the fictional Delta town of Cotton City, the story is more broadly a Southern story…an agrarian story. It is also a murder mystery. The body of an unknown man is found in the river at the Greenville Bridge. Jake’s bus ride visit to his Delta cousins begins a parallel journey that ends in the discovery of the dead mans identity.” ~Noel Workman, Delta Magazine

“Earl put his brown hat in the chair next to him. In his work clothes, he looked tanned and strongâ??a real cotton farmer. His blue cotton shirt sleeves rolled up revealed big hairy forearms, with hard-looking muscle that came from farm work. He had a gentle way about him, but a mannerism that made you know he was definitely no softy. One of his big hands swept around the cup, not using the crook, and took a big swallow. Black. No sissy coffee for Earl Hightower.”

Grandpa Teaches Me About Diabetes

by Nicole A. Jones

Knowledge is power in Nicole A. Jones’ tell-all children’s book, Grandpa Teaches Me
About Diabetes. With little information made available to help educate children on
diabetes or shed light on what being diabetic could entail, Nicole A. Jones takes on the
straightforward yet endearing narrative of a kind grandfather speaking to his inquisitive
grandson in this clever children’s book.
Grandpa Teaches Me About Diabetes is great tool that provides some crucial, yet
sensitive insights and tasteful illustrations. Help erase any trace of fear or shame that
may be found in young children who suffer from – or knows someone who suffers from
– diabetes today!

Rufus The Doofus: Happy O’s Detective Kit

by Nicole Gotje

Rufus has been waiting weeks for his Happy O’s Cereal Box Detective Kit to come in the mail. That day has come and his kit has finally arrived. Follow along with Rufus to see what mysteries he can solve! His 5th grade class is in for a surprise when he teams up with his best friend Charlie to try and save their class trip. Will Rufus succeed or will the Bullies get in his way? Find out in Rufus the Doofus, a book for children ages 8-12, now for the first time on Kindle Select!

SASA: The Everyday Ninja (A Fun Book For Kids): A fun book for kids about a toddler ninja (SASA: The Toddler Ninja: Ninja books for kids 1)

by John Kahn

Join Sasa, the ninja kid, on his first ninja adventure! Sasa : The Everyday Ninja, is a Children’s book that teaches babies and toddlers the days of the week. Accompany Sasa through the ups and downs of a normal week in the life of a ninja kid. The best toddler toy is a good book. This is the first volume in a series of action adventures with the lovable toddler ninja Sasa. This book is great fun for babies and toddlers alike!

I Sat On An Ice Cream Sandwich

by T. W. Fuller

Everyone makes mistakes. But not everyone owns up TO those mistakes. “I Sat On An Ice Cream Sandwich”, a poem by T.W. Fuller, author of “The Boy And The Rock”, delves into the inner conscience of one girl as she struggles to find the courage to own up to a mistake she absentmindedly made which caused another girl to suffer humiliation and embarrassment. Will either girl find a happy ending to this sticky situation?

Also by T. W. Fuller:
“The Boy And The Rock”
“The Peanut Butter And Jelly And Cheddar Cheese Sandwich, And Other Selected Poems”
“Make A Wish, And Other Selected Poems”
“Welcome One, Welcome All, And Other Selected Poems”
“Children’s Poetry In Motion: Volume One”

Ellie the Elephant Makes New Friends at School

by Agnes Green

Is your little one nervous about going to school for the first time?
Starting fresh in a new environment, meeting a teacher and new classmates, making new friends?

Start off the first weeks of school right with the perfect picture book!

“I woke up this morning, as happy as could be,
Excited for the day ahead, dressing hurriedly,
I raced downstairs and kissed my mom, on my first day of school.
Although I knew I’d miss her, I thought school would be cool!”

Join Ellie the Elephant on a seemingly typical first day at school!
From the initial excitement and first day jitters to learning new facts and making new friends.

However, things start to head in a different direction when a chair Ellie sits on breaks in two.
She may feel clumsy, awkward, and larger than her peers, but she ultimately embraces herself and the others follow suit.

“Ellie the Elephant Makes New Friends in School” is a story about being who you are, imperfections and all.

Are you ready to experience life through a friendly, fun-loving elephant’s eyes?

Purchase a paperback copy and get the Kindle version FREE! (Kindle MatchBook)
Add the book to your cart now to enjoy or to give as a gift.

Butterfly in English and Amharic

by Fasika Adefris

Did you know that the painted lady butterfly can travel up to 2,500 miles on it migration journeys? Read about the birth and grow of this beautiful insect in “Butterfly” – an early reader book in the Ready Set Go Books collection.

Ready Set Go Books, an Open Hearts Big Dreams Project, is focused on increasing the literacy rate in Ethiopia through giving readers books with stories in their heart languages, full of colorful illustrations with Ethiopian settings and details. Profits from books sales will be used to create, print, and distribute more Ready Set Go Books to kids in Ethiopia, Africa’s second most populous country. Ethiopia’s population is 44% children, ages 0-14 (43 million out of 97 million total). Only 5.5% of children attend pre-school or kindergarten, and the adult literacy rate is 49%. Our books are based on wise Ethiopian sayings that often rhyme in Amharic. If an adult says the first half, many children can chant the second half. Sometimes the meaning of these sayings is clear. Sometimes it has to be puzzled out and argued over. But sayings and idioms and proverbs help people express truths and beliefs in unusual ways. Open Hearts Big Dreams Fund (OHBD) is a 501(3)(c) not for profit organization that believes the chance to dream big dreams should not depend on where in the world you are born. Our focus is to support nonprofit organizations and their programs that provide literacy, K-12 education, and leadership as well as that support the parents and communities where the kids live, in Ethiopia.

Episode 1: Summer Camp: The Epic Misadventures of Caden Parker (Old High Knights Year 1: Age 10)

by T. H. Heiner

S’mores and campfires and sleeping under the stars! Caden can’t wait for summer camp.

But he doesn’t count on sunburns and tornadoes and buried treasure and obnoxious cabin mates.

Not to mention a ghost that haunts the campground.

Will Caden and his friends survive their one week in the outdoors? Or will this be his last camp out ever?

The Naruto Drawing Book for Kids: Learn How to Draw Characters from Naruto with the Easy and Fun Step-by-Step Guide

by Raphael Marino

Children do not become artists overnight. There are a number of different things which help them improve their drawing skills. Without practice, they will not improve. Without dedication, their technique will not develop. And without a simple, step-by-step guide like this one, which is designed to make drawing fun, they will not be passionate.

One important thing to remember is that no child will create perfect sketches. When we are younger, it is in our nature to be messy and to experiment as we learn. This means that as a parent or guardian, teaching your children to draw requires a lot of patience.

It is likely that your children will want to produce quality drawings straight away and may become frustrated when they cannot do this as well as you can. This is why having a guide such as this one is so important. It teaches kids that learning to draw does not happen at once – much like drawing itself, it is a gradual build up to a final result.

Therefore, the instructions in this book will not only teach children important skills and techniques – it will allow them to have fun whilst they learn, so much so that they will improve without really noticing that they are practicing!

Interactive ABC for Kids: Complete with beautiful illustrations and pictures

by Samson Carl Miller

*Awards: Top 100 eBooks under “Preschool & Kindergarten” category.

Learn ABC the fun and interactive way with Hector the Hedgehog.

Filled with beautiful illustrations, the pictures and characters come alive with in-text pop-ups that are sure to delight your child.

Carefully organised and wonderfully written, Samson Carl Miller brings you a quality children’s book for the young ones to enjoy reading.

**Author’s Note: Please write a review of this book if you like it. I’m waiting to hear what you say…

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