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If She Were Blind (The After Twelve Series Book 1)

by Laney Wylde

If She Were Blind is the first book in the engaging New Adult series After Twelve by author Laney Wylde. Perfect for fans of television shows like Revenge, Scandal, and Veronica Mars, the After Twelve Series is a gritty social-issue drama that delivers steamy romance, intrigue, and the most bittersweet revenge plots. Estlyn’s determination to right every wrong is sure to quench your thirst for justice, yet leave you wanting more.

Not everyone can get justice the traditional wayâ??that’s where Estlyn Collins comes in. A young lawyer in Santa Monica, her “legal” service, After Twelve, works outside the courtroom to tip the scales when the justice system has failed.

For a price.

Thanks to her powerful underground network, Estlyn’s success rate is stellar, and her inbox stays filled with inquires from the desperate and vengeful. But when one of those names is a ghost from her past seeking vengeance against her, she’s shaken to her core. Off balance and scared to be alone, she makes an impulsive move for a guy. He’s a complication she doesn’t have time for, but it turns out he may also be an unlikelyâ??if unwittingâ??asset.

Treading the rapidly thinning line between personal and professional, Estlyn pursues her target while outrunning the one on her own backâ??only to find she may be running into a lot more than she bargained for.

If She Were Blind is a current award finalist for the 2018 Romance Writers of America Contest, winners announced in November 2018.

“Laney Wylde may just be a magician with her ability to conjure the perfect scenarios and the ways out that no one else can see.” â??My Blissful Books Blog

“With plenty of believable drama, laugh out loud moments, and sexy situations and characters, If She Were Blind is well worthy of five out of five stars and my anxious hands long for its sequel.” ~Emily Shore – Author of The Aviary

“If She Were Blind is a genre defying page turner. If She Were Blind feels like a suspense, mystery, and romance novel all mashed up into one.” ~Amazon Reviewer

“If She Were Blind is the first in the new After Twelve series by author Laney Wylde, and it begs the question, what do you do when justice fails you, especially after what could be the worst moment of your life. The answer – if you can manage it, you hire After Twelve and let Estlyn issue her own brand of well-deserved justice.” ~Melanie’s Muses

“I am so addicted to these characters. Estlyn is strong and totally a badass. And Cal is swoon worthy. I fell for him right away.” ~Rabid Readers Book Blog

Novels inThe After Twelve Series by Laney Wylde:

  • If She Were Blind
  • If She Plays His Game (Available December 10, 2018)

Also, check out Laney Wylde’s new stand alone contemporary drama Never Touched

Sawyer is a survivorâ??gritty, determined. But the struggle to put it all behind her is something that’s with her every second of the day. Her abuser is in jail now, but he’ll never truly let her go. When she tries to shelter in something good, the darkness inevitably follows. The effects of the abuse flow through her life in this coming of age drama about finding the courage to keep fighting.

Pride and Prejudice and Passports: A Modern Retelling

by Corrie Garrett

2018 New Release!

Elisa Benitez is happy to help her family clean cabins over the summer, but when her older sister falls hard for one of their rich guests, Elisa expects heartbreak. Her sister is a Dreamer, an undocumented immigrant, and he’s an elected state representative.

Even worse is his infuriating friend Darcy! He’s arrogant, rude, and based on a comment she overheard, probably racist. He’s one of those guys who get by on money and looks, and she wouldn’t mind poking a hole in his self-image.

Darcy certainly didn’t intend to fall for a beautiful, opinionated Latina on his short vacation to the mountains. Elisa would sooner turn off his hot-water heater than agree with him about anything. Why is debating with her more fun than agreeing with anyone else?

But when her little sister runs away, and her parents are scared to go to the police, Darcy realizes just how serious Elisa is. And how serious his own feelings have become.

Pride and Prejudice and Passports is a modern variation with heart and humor, a wholesome romance that brings Darcy and Elizabeth to life all over again.

I Am An American

by Robyn Hobusch Echols

December 7, 1941 forever changes the lives of two central California friends.

The Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and the next day the United States declares war on Japan and Germany. For the families of two Livingston, California high school seniors, Ellen Okita, a first generation American who lives in the Yamato Colony composed of about 100 families of Japanese descent, and Flo Kaufmann, whose father is a first generation American in his family, the war hits home fast and brings unforeseen changes.

Safire: The Fall of an Angel


A black, beautiful, smart, tough, but broken young woman from Newark, New Jersey. Safire Porter is her name and survival is her game. Subjected to just about every abuse there is; physical, emotional, and mental. Life seems to hate her.
Safire endures lifes cruel hand at every turn as she seeks love, peace and happiness, but never giving up her faith. Then out of nowhere beauty finally finds her from an ugly source and this angel seems destined to fly. That is until life once again cuts her wings….

The Dog & The Writer: Amazing Literary Short Stories About Dogs (1)

by Classic Writers

I constantly seek wisdom from literature. Today, brainstorming the dog’s role in literature led me to stand in front of my bookshelf, jotting down memorable characters as I recalled familiar narratives. From The Dog That Bit People by James Thurber to That Spot by Jack London, from the unbelievably brave dog story â??A Dog’s Tale’ by Mark Twain to the memorable story â??Walking with a dog’ by Thomas Mann, the options for literary-inspired stories are few but unforgettable.

Charming a Rake (A Rake’s Redemption Book 2)

by G.L. Snodgrass

*** Steamy Regency Romance ***

Rich, powerful, and a rake, Nathanial Caldwell is every woman’s dream.

Beautiful, disdained, and impoverished, Lady Alice Weston is desperate. When offered an opportunity to guide the sister of Nathanial Caldwell through her first season, Lady Alice feels as if her prayers have been answered. All she’s ever wanted was a chance for redemption.

Of course, working so closely with a rich, handsome man can create a whole new set of problems. Can Lady Alice obtain her dream. And if so, at what price.

Mazie’s Diner

by I. C. Talbot

Divorced and between jobs, Katie goes back to her hometown and visits the places where she grew up, specifically Mazie’s diner where her mother worked when Katie was a child. Dear old Mazie is gone, the fate of her beloved diner is in the air. Katie finds herself vexed by an irritating waitress when she’d rather be lost in a lot of great memories.

Her hometown has issues and a lot of potential. However, nostalgia doesn’t pay the bills. If Katie is going to make changes in her life, she needs to get started.

This short story is 5.5k words.

The Last Lesson

by David Xavier

The tremors warned of incoming waves, high enough to drown every home in the tiny coastal village where an old man gave piano lessons to children who grew up to forget every note.

The old man faces a decision: flee with the villagers over the mountain to the other side, where every lesson he ever taught will cease to exist – faded in his former pupils minds the way a flame dies on a small wick – or stay and watch the waves crash around him and his notes and piano keys where he lived a full life and made a difference.

Evil Men: Short Stories

by Erik Wennermark

Evil Men is a series of short stories by Erik Wennermark, each detailing the exploits of an “evil man.” Some of the men are criminal, some are disturbed, some are pathetic, some are comical, but all have transgressed in some – often frightening – way. The stories are filled with inventions in language, unusual characters, and unconventional settings as they explore concepts of political and social “evil” and masculine identity. Throughout the collection, the stories shift in form and tone and length, consistently keeping readers on their toes, alert to the next twist.

Michael Martone says Evil Men “is an ambitious collection completely realized and expertly crafted. [Wennermark] renders in this Poe-ian, shaped-charged fiction a startling catalogue of very visceral and deeply disturbing tales. He is very perceptive to this world of his characters and also to the world around them and how they and their environment interact with the reality of our own reality. He is especially sensitive to the variety and complexity of the human psyche.”

This is the third (and final) incarnation of Evil Men and as such is expanded to 39 stories with dozens of illustrations. According to the author’s introduction, “It’s artier, stupider, prettier, beefier, and grosser. It’s more vapid, crass, and ill-mannered, while also being more intelligent, considered, and an overall more authentic picture of what I set out to achieve when I first started putting these stories together.” The majority of the stories in the collection have previously been published somewhere or another, while several have won awards or been anthologized.

Paris Over There: – A Freeman Cobb Novelette –

by Freeman Cobb

Clyde is forgotten in solitary. When he escapes, the world doesn’t care because there is no world. He’s alone until a phone rings, the love of his life, Rene.

A Letter from America

by Keziah Shepherd

Having left her education and chosen a more glamourous route, Rose finds herself trapped in deprivation and sexual and emotional dependency to her boyfriend Giles. With no hope of escape from her rut, one day an opportunity presents itself. Not sure where it will lead, she takes her chances on a new route, in a hope of an escape.

El amor y las moiras (Lecturas hispánicas nº 12) (Spanish Edition)

by Servando Gotor

El amor y las moiras (1994) es la primera novela de Servando Gotor y formó parte de la selección final de los premios Planeta de 1995 y Azorín de 1997. A lo largo del texto, la protagonista y narradora omnisciente novela la época de la contienda civil española y los odios y amores surgidos entre vecinos. Estos amores y moiras sobreviven subterráneamente a lo largo del tiempo y del relato. La obra presenta numerosos personajes y múltiples puntos de vista, además de diversos carriles temporales para la progresión de la historia. Al final de la narración confluye la realidad novelesca con el tiempo presente y el ciclo de la introducción y el mundo narrativo se completa con sutiles rasgos de humor. El amor y las moiras es un relato de buena calidad, escrito por un autor que conoce el oficio y dotado de una especial habilidad para la caracterización de los personajes.

Lecturas hispánicas

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