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Rush: A Reverse Harem Romance

by Lane Hart

An innocent bookworm is about to get an education in falling in love from three incredibly hot football players.


When college football star Graham Lawson is given one last Hail Mary chance to pull up his GPA or lose his spot on the team, he turns to the sweet but shy bookworm from his hometown – the girl who saved his ass back in high school.


Skyler Sutton is beyond stunned when her longtime crush asks her to come stay with him for the entire summer. She’s even more surprised when Graham’s two incredibly hot, fun-loving roommates decide to educate her with a lifetime of firsts she’ll never forget.


Charlie and Tyson show Skyler friendship, compassion, and love that knows no limits. They even try to protect her from having her heart broken when they convince playboy Graham to keep his hands off of his sexy, little tutor.


But can two amazing guys really replace the one man who Skyler would give anything to be with?


After Graham caves and can no longer resist Sky, will she have to choose between her unconventional relationship with Charlie and Tyson? Or will Graham decide to team up with his roommates to give Sky everything she’s ever dreamed of and more?

Eve in Exile and the Restoration of Femininity

by Rebekah Merkle

The swooning Victorian ladies and the 1950s housewives genuinely needed to be liberated. That much is indisputable. So, First-Wave feminists held rallies for women’s suffrage. Second-Wave feminists marched for Prohibition, jobs, and abortion. Today, Third-Wave feminists stand firmly for nobody’s quite sure what. But modern women — who use psychotherapeutic antidepressants at a rate never before seen in history — need liberating now more than ever. The truth is, feminists don’t know what liberation is. They have led us into a very boring dead end.

Eve in Exile sets aside all stereotypes of mid-century housewives, of China-doll femininity, of Victorians fainting, of women not allowed to think for themselves or talk to the men about anything interesting or important. It dismisses the pencil-skirted and stiletto-heeled executives of TV, the outspoken feminists freed from all that hinders them, the brave career women in charge of their own destinies. Once those fictionalized stereotypes are out of the way — whether they’re things that make you gag or things you think look pretty fun — Christians can focus on real women. What did God make real women for?

“Well-researched…this book has enough sass to keep it lighthearted, and lots of vision about building the culture of the home and bringing dignity instead of disgrace to the vocations of wife and mother.” –~Touchstone Magazine

“A total pleasure. This book is an excellent treatise on both society s and current cultural Christianity s view on women gone wrong and how we should fix it… I laughed. I cried. I highlighted. I wanted to high-five someone several times while reading this.” ~Summer White Jaeger, co-host of Sheologians

“This is my new go-to recommendation for a book on biblical femininity. Merkle is excellently nuanced and not inappropriately prescriptive, while still being clear and unshrinkingly scripture-based. –~Rachel Schultz, author and blogger at On Homemaking

“Winsome, witty, and conversational, Eve in Exile is also a grand and inspiring call for women to reject the selfish pursuits of feminism and give their lives away to serve family and home for the sake of Christ.” ~Nicole Mahaney Whitacre, co-author of Girl Talk and True Beauty

“Fresh and edifying perspective on a woman s role in the world. Without relying on any of the usual mommy-blog tropes, Merkle gives us a reason to be truly excited about what we get to do and be as Christian women living in the 21 century.” –~Tilly Dillehay, author and blogger at While We Wait: Practical Theology for Busy Pilgrims

Einstein had it… Part LXIX: The Hippocratic Oath in Mathematical Form and why â?? so often â?? it will be of no Use

by Norbert Schwarzer

…Now, for demonstration, we might come back to our example with the Siamese twins. As described in the section “The Hippocratic Oath”, we assume the two human beings to only have a chance of survival if one of the two is sacrificed for the other.
In order to keep things as brief and simple as possible, we only consider the properties time and their two lives as individual dimensions. These are only three dimensions and directly from our earlier papers we can extract the following three metric solutions to the corresponding Einstein-Field-Equations:

After in was demonstrated earlier in this series that it is possible to find the “optimum good” for an arbitrary and sufficiently well-defined system in completely logic mathematical form, it was also clear that such a form could be applied to many fields being of need for such a definition of the “optimum good”.
The way medical science should be applied on a living entity – being truly in the intention to HELP the very entity and not just the “helper” – does belong to those fields where the need for a clear guideline towards a fundamental good is obvious. So far, this guideline has been given in verbal form and is known under the expression of the “Hippocratic Oath”. This oath dates back to the antique Greek physician Hippocrates who lived from 460 to 370 BC and it is of little wonder that it was adapted many times ever since.
In this paper we will give a mathematical form based on the optimum good solution for a given system.

…Thus, we conclude that our holistic approach – naturally – is immensely complicated even in the simplest cases. This does not come unexpectedly, because the problem we tackle is of highest complexity, too. However, and this needs to be emphasized, now at least we have a way to mathematical handle the problem without incorporating too many flaws already at the start simply because we began not fundamental enough but arrogantly jumped on the wagon too high up…

Not Harvey Alone: Sexual Harassment In The Workplace And Why They Get Away With It

by TTWII Books

As recent news events have shown us, sexual harassment is a pervasive and harmful issue. Despite the progress we’ve made as a society, it’s still a major problem working women face every day. While they can seek redress through agencies like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the process is often long and drawn-out, and doesn’t always result in victory. Companies frequently measure risks versus rewards – will paying the victims cost less than the money they’d lose by firing the harasser? It’s a moral quandary that’s far too common nowadays.

In this book, the stories of dozens of sexually harassed women are revealed. Their gut-wrenching tales will leave you shocked as you realize the how widespread this issue is across the country. But more importantly, their bravery in coming forward will prove that a new age has arrived. Their recollections may inspire others to come forward, and soon enough, sexual harassment may become the ancient relic it’s supposed to be.

Saving Africa from Lies that Kill: How Myths About the Environment & Overpopulation are Destroying Third World Countries

by Kay Kiser

In Saving Africa From Lies That Kill, Kay Kiser exposes the long-standing crimes committed against developing nations by the United Nations, World Bank, USAID and Planned Parenthood. Under their guise of “aid,” these organizations mire the underprivileged in isolation, poverty, sickness, and ignorance.
In her book, Kiser argues:
-Poverty, not overpopulation, causes environmental damage. Higher standards of living and lower infant mortality can improve the environment and stabilize the population.
-Developing nations need access to reliable electricity in order to end energy poverty. This will, in turn, provide clean water, develop transportation, and power hospitals, homes and industrial investment.
-Africans aren’t lazy; they’re weakened from malaria, parasites and dysentery. They need insect and disease control for a healthy workforce.
-The Green Revolution and modern agriculture can feed everyone and end deforestation.
Fortunately, you can do something about the problemâ??and Kiser shows you how!

Nights in Haunted Houses

by Peter Underwood

For over thirty years, in his position as President and Chief Investigator of the Ghost Club of Great Britain, Peter Underwood was actively involved in undertaking night vigils and carrying out research into ghosts and paranormal activity in controlled, scientific conditions.

This volume presents accounts of nights spent in haunted houses – and the stories associated with them. The majority of these nocturnal enquiries are conducted by a group led by Underwood – practically every investigative visit includes a Ghost Club Society Council Member (a full list of ‘the places and the people’ is provided in an appendix to the book).

Chilling accounts of hauntings that will make you shiver include:

– The tragic young man who returned to his former home and the site of his suicide, drawn by his love of the daughter of the house’s latest tenant.
– The spirit monk and mysterious knocking and rapping of Shingle Hall.
– The evil, invisible presence at Eton Vicarage that gripped the vicar’s wife tightly by the throat and almost strangled the terrified woman.
– The horror of the spirit of nine-year-old Isabelle of Berry Pomeroy Castle, whose power was so strong that she followed investigators home…

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