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ACE YOUR TEST for the busy professional: Learn anything and everything. Success goes to those who continually develop and improve.

by The BZ professional

ACE YOUR TEST gives you a framework to learn any topic or subject be it for examinations or for self-improvement. It condenses decades of learnt techniques and principles to bring success towards your learning goals.

Understandable Chemistry

by Yulai Baichurin

All *** consist of ***, *** and ***. *** connecting with each other with the ***. *** and ***. *** have a property called ***.

This is how a person who is unfamiliar with chemistry perceives some textbooks. The meaning of one new term is explained using other unfamiliar terms. It is difficult to find the end of this ball of tangled threads to turn it into a clear unfolded description. Exactly such an attempt is made in this book.

Why you shouldn’t send your child to school

by Carole Richards

Within these pages are the many approaches you might take towards your child’s education, they could be wrong – maybe not. But apart from location, and reputation, have you ever sat down and worked out exactly what you are subjecting your child to? Note that this book refers primarily to the education system in the U.K.
Will the discipline have a more detrimental than beneficial effect? Could it stifle creativity, or obstruct access to the very thing your child is talented at. Will it make your child into a compliant robot for the rest of their life lacking initiative – only able to be an ’employee’, always have to have someone to tell them what to do?
It has to be born in mind that – if a child is brought up in that way you could congratulate yourself for their good record at school, their obedience at home and school. But where ‘IS’ the child in the middle of that? Perhaps only those who just don’t fit in with the system do well when they grow up. It might be interesting to look at the childhood histories of some famous wealthy successful people. Were they advantaged ( in a certain way) went to Eton or public school – grammar school or was it, in the end, their personality wherever, and however, they were educated that made them successful? I think, in the end, unless they are utterly crushed by the system ( and that does happen) ‘that’ breaking through the barriers becomes the route to success.
Yes, I might be an advocate of home education, why wouldn’t I be? I educated my children at home? and now as adults they are successful both in their working and private lives, as are many or their home educated contemporaries. But, that does not mean that it is the best answer for all children, because it depends on the parent, and their suitability as teachers and also that parents wish to do it.
I have listed a multitude of issues related to the education system, not to mention its badly needed modernisation, this is something a lot of readers might touch on as an important issue for them.
I invite you to face all the possible things that arise in a child’s education, good or bad, then I hope you can as a result make an informed decision.

The Key Success Catalysts: The Key Tools for Achieving Success (Pathway to Success Book 2)

by Eugene C. Onyibo

There is a means to every end. There is also a road to every destination. In addition, there are tools for accomplishing every set goal. It is impossible to attain an end through the wrong means. It is also impossible to arrive at a destination through the wrong road. Furthermore, it is impossible to achieve a set goal with the wrong tools. Very unfortunately, many people try to do easy things in difficult ways by striving to attain a right end through the wrong means; trying to arrive at a destination through the wrong route; and also trying to achieve a set goal with the wrong tools. This is why their expectations, especially about achieving a happy and successful life, are always betrayed. This is one of the reasons the journey to success is very unpleasant to many people. This is also one of the reasons many people will never succeed in life, no matter how hard they try. What are the most important things you need to achieve success? What are the basic ingredients for achieving success? This book, The Key Success Catalysts: The Key Tools for Achieving Success, answers these questions. It enlightens you on the tools you cannot do without, if you are sincerely passionate about achieving success in life. It is designed to assist you achieve a blissful life.

Homeschooling for College Credit: A Parent’s Guide to Resourceful High School Planning

by Jennifer Cook DeRosa

“Recommended Resource” -Homeschool Legal Defense Association

The U.S. Department of Education reports that about half of the students who start college will never finish and 75% will graduate with student loan debt. Homeschooling for College Credit will challenge you to reconsider the wisdom of popular college propaganda, and how to make better choices for your family.

High school can be the most productive years of your teen’s homeschool career! Teens can start earning college credit in high school for a fraction of the price of regular college tuition.

Homeschooling for College Credit teens graduate high school with about 1 year of college under their belt, but motivated teens can finish an entire degree. Even if your teen graduates with ONE college credit, he is ahead!
Homeschooling for College Credit brings the goal post closer and teaches you how to pay cash as you go.
Even if you’ve never been to college, this book will turn you into a well-informed homeschool guidance counselor ready to proceed with confidence.

“Jennifer Cook DeRosa is THE foremost authority on Homeschooling for College Credit in the United States.” -Dr. Shawn Ambrose, Higher Learning Commission and the American Council on Education.

After two decades in higher education, Jennifer stepped away from college administration and teaching to homeschool her 4 sons. In 2012, Jennifer created Homeschooling for College Credit, a non-profit social organization that helps homeschooling families navigate the transition from homeschooling to college.
Jennifer and her husband have been married for 25 years and live in North Carolina. All of her sons have earned college credit in high school, and collectively her family has 9 degrees from 7 different colleges.



IN THIS BOOK WE HAVE PROVIDED BASIC AND SHORTCUT CONCEPT OF ALGEBRA. seeing the importance of algebra in various competitions examination we decided to launch a new conceptual and short trick book.

The monster that ate the ALPHABET: Learning ABC’s alphabet A to Z fruits & vegetables rhymes book. Ages 2-7 for toddlers, preschool & kindergarten kids. (Monster series Book 1)

by Maria Yiangou

A unique alphabet book teaching children the ABC’s as well as healthy eating.
Discover familiar and exotic fruits and vegetables while learning the alphabet.
This book is filled with fun rhymes, colorful illustrations and of course the adorable purple monster!
The ideal learning book for toddlers, children in preschool, kindergarten or a higher grade, for ages 2 through to 7.

2 thoughtful articles, you should read before you die. By Mohammed Raj Abdullah (6120 words)

by Mohammed Raj Abdullah

2 thoughtful articles, you should read before you die.
By Mohammed Raj Abdullah (6120 words)

Animal Alphabet: A Colorful Alphabet Learning Book For Kids (Age 0-3 Years)

by Starburst Books

This delightful colorful animal alphabet book will help your child learn the alphabet. They will enjoy learning the letters of the alphabet and identifying their favourite animal characters at the same time. The large print makes this book an easy and enjoyable read for you toddler!

Sentences, Subjects, and Predicates! (A Grammar Primer for Kids!)

by Emily Taylor

Explaining parts of speech to a child can be confusing and difficult. Emily Taylor breaks down the important aspects of verbs in language that is easy and understandable for small children using pictures, questions, and mini-exercises at the end of the book. This book will help parents explain these concepts to their children and improve their language arts skills.

Topics include:
What a sentence is
Different kinds of sentences

What to Say for Small Talk: 200+ Words, Phrases & Usages!

by Edit-Assist

Edit-Assist Delivers the Best English for Your Goals    This guide combines the 200 most common English words and phrases used for natural conversation. This is the quickest and easiest guide to fluently speak English in the ways most meaningful for you.
After 30 minutes of reading this guide, you will have the power of:

  • The most effective words for conversation
  • The most effective phrases for conversation
  • Knowledge of why certain words and phrases will work better than others
  • Quick access to hundreds of effective words and phrases
  • Confidence in speaking from dedicated research, rather than piecing phrases together from a workbook.

The Absolute Quickest Guide to Reach Your Goals
80% of all English used today is the same 100 words. This guide delivers the top 200 English words and phrases particularly for natural small talk, so you’ll have both general and specific things to say.
This book gets you up quick, and you’ll soon be running at top speed. Study with Talkabot after reading, and you’ll quickly grow comfortable speaking and writing English in the ways most immediately useful for you.
We compared the most relatable English to the most effective language for small talk, so you’ll have the best words and phrases to help you speak naturally as soon as possible.
Each vocabulary section contains instructions for usage as well, so you’ll know both what to say and how to say it in American English.
Free Study App Included!
This study guide includes a free Messenger study app for quickly learning English. No sign-up, download, or purchase required! Talkabot is a free tool for your best English. Try it now for free on Facebook Messenger by searching for “Talkabot.” You’ll have the most effective English words and phrases in your pocket.
Spend 30 minutes with this guide, and then message Talkabot for free in Facebook Messenger to study any time and any place.
Help Others by Purchasing This Guide
10% of sales funds the aid of international and internal refugees. By purchasing this guide, you’ll help yourself speak your best English, and you’ll help people who have been forced from their homes. The next donation is being sent to SCM Medical Missions.

55 Quotes to Greatness

by Patrick James

I’m here on the planet to motivate as much people as I can ! Unlock your greatness today !!

NEW PMBOK 6th Edition Study Guide 03: Project Manager (PMP Exam Cram Book 3)

by Adam Ding


This popular publication is the 3rd one in the PMP exam cram series, written by an experienced project management professional who had more than 200,000 books sold. It corresponds to the NEW PMBOK 6th Edition Chapter 3 Role of Project Manager. Study guide, practice questions and detailed answer keys are included.

Note: This book is ALREADY INCLUDED in “NEW Project Management Professional (PMP) GUARANTEED” by the same author. Please do a search on Kindle. You can also search for the “Project Management Jumpstart with Microsoft Project” book.

Preschool Math Worksheets

by C Ingram ECE

Preschool Math, An Activity Book, Counting, Adding and Subtracting Parents can elect the digital format and/or print out the worksheets. The worksheets reinforce basic math skills, improve cognitive skills and learning skills while introducing the child to the concept of adding and subtracting using images. This is the fun and easy way to learn about math. The digital worksheets can be printed and used over and over until the child fully understands the concept of adding and subtracting.

Concentration for young children has its limits. Repetition is necessary for the child to learn and remember what they’ve learned. It’s important to provide a fun learning experience in order to keep the child engaged. The more the child concentrates, the more they will progress in school and in life.

Worksheets is a universal learning tool used by teachers around the world. Completing a worksheet requires the child to use cognitive skills while thinking and organizing their thoughts. Worksheets also ensure the child is spending an adequate amount of time on the subject.

When and if parents print out the worksheets, printing in color is best. The author has removed the DRM (Digital Rights Managment) and printing the book is easy. The chalkboard is dark green and the numbers will show up better when printed out in color. Children can use crayons to write the answers. Depending on the child’s age, it doesn’t matter if the answers are correct or not. Gently explain why their answer is incorrect. What matters is the effort. As the child gets older the number of correct answers will increase.

Scroll up and grab a copy.

The 30 Second Elephant and the Paper Airplane Experiment: Origami for Design Thinking

by Daniel Stillman

Design Thinking can seem like a mysterious art or an arcane science, but it’s really more like a sport: The more you practice the luckier you get. You have to take action to learn. The interactive exercises in this book will help you facilitate crucial conversations in your team and organization, and build collaborative intelligence.

This book offers four simple paper-based exercises that you can do anytime and anywhere to teach teams to reflect on core design thinking skills like:

Asking better questions and problem reframing,
Mastering Collaboration
Rapid Prototyping
How to test ideas, iterate…and when to stop!

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