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Mail Order Bride: The Bride’s Christmas Blessing (Christmas Brides Book 3)

by Emma Ashwood

Annabelle was raised in poverty, by a single yet devout mother, who had been banished from her own middle-class home. Annabelle had the beauty rivaled by very few, and the benefit of an expensive finishing school tutoring. A fire took everything from her at the age of seventeen, and she contented herself to a life of hidden solitude, working as a sought after, but never seen, seamstress by day, and sharing a tenement apartment with others at night.

One day the Lord verily blew the opportunity of a secure future as a mail order bride into her life. After a year of writing letters to Jason Scott of Montana, the two had struck up an easy friendship, based on their Christian values.

Jason Scott had inherited a successful farm from his newly deceased and much loved parents, and he knew that life was passing him by. Wanting a family of his own to enjoy the beauty of his Montana ranch, he advertised for a bride, and very soon had propositioned a New York lady, who was soon to join him out West. When he sees her at the train station however, his eyes are opened to her unforgivable omission, and he cannot find it within himself to be with her.

Is it possible for a man to love a woman in a Christian way when she bears such deep and unconcealed scars, believing her to be deceitful in her presentation of self? Can a woman, strong yet beaten down by life’s consequences, rise up and live the life she knows is her right? Will this Christmas be different to those that have gone before, out in the crisp and picturesque plains of Montana in the days of the Wild West and the Mail-Order-Bride?

Kristian Clark and the Agency Trap Book One – The Bachelor Missions (The Kristian Clark Series 1)

by Jes Drew

The good-guys, the bad-guys, and the wild card- it’s the ultimate game of cloak and dagger…
Kristian Clark, private eye, thought his days as a special agent were behind him, but when he’s drafted into action, he finds himself reunited with his old team- and painful memories of why they broke up in the first place. But as he plunges into mission after mission- from a ‘holy heist’ to babysitting a young hacker to going undercover in a cult- Kristian find that everything he tried to leave behind is coming back to haunt him with a vengeance, and then some. First there’s the mysterious woman who knows more about Kristian- and his past- than makes sense while using science fiction weapons that don’t make sense period. Then there are the shady powers-that-be who are responsible for drafting him back into this world to satisfy their own nefarious agendas. It’s all Kristian can do to keep from being pulled into their games as he tries to figure out who to trust and what to fight for, even as the trap put in place to destroy him is set with a ticking clock.
When did espionage get so complicated?

Devlin In The Pulpit

by Yatta Rose

We often look to the church for help, love, and guidance but sometimes we get the opposite or nothing at all.

Three Members Tell The Story Of One Bishop By The Name of Devlin C. Latimore. From His Dark Secrets, Infidelity , Abusive Behavior, and Evil Ways. The Bishop of New Holy Temple is NOT Your Ordinary Bishop. Behind Closed Doors He Lives His Life The Opposite Of What He Preach.

The story Bishop Latimore and all of his dirty secrets unfold through three members of his congregation. The Bishop’s God daughter, British Williams, Deacon Kenneth Robinson, and Tory Brooks.

In this Novel we discover that even a Bishop could live so foul while preaching the word of God. So get ready to receive Bishop Devlin C. Latimore….

The Fast (New Greater Hope Series Book 1)

by TJ Wells

On the brink of closing its doors, Reverend Stewart, the pastor of New Greater Hope, challenges his members to go on a fast.
But giving up a vice for just one month proves to be easier said than done.
When Tanya Bell, daughter of a former mother, decides to let go of her promiscuous ways, it sends her on a mission of self-discovery and into the arms of a married member.
At the urging of family, Kordell Harper chooses to try and put drinking aside. But when everyday pressures suddenly increase, can he truly man up and try to abstain?
And not to exclude the leadership, even the pastor has dug in deep.
The fast will bring about a change in the church, but is it the type they were praying for?

Subtle Deceit

by Alma L. Davey

Jessica had grown tired of partying, failed relationships, and one night stands. She’s convinced God has answered her prayer for a perfect mate, until she receives a phone call that leaves her hopeless and doubting.

Desperate, Jessica allows herself to be coerced into attending Mercy Seat Church in pursuit of peace and healing; but her search was shattered when ghosts of her past began to confront her in the church.

Jealousy, lust, secrets and lies seemed to daunt her every move. Craving companionship and validation, she discounts every fiber in her body that says King (the charismatic church leader) is less than genuine with the interest he’s showing. Yet, she feels the pull of his web. In the midst of all the chaos, she unleashes her heart to Jehu (singles ministry leader) and is determined to dispel the rumor that he’s on the down low. Vulnerable and confused, Jessica wonders if coming to Mercy Seat is a mistake.

As she fights for spiritual freedom, will Jessica allow the word of God to change her heart or will her desires lead her to follow the beckoning road of temptation? Only time will tell.

Up on the Housetop (Gold Valley Romance Book 7)

by Liz Isaacson

Two next-door neighbors vying for the same job…who will win? And who will lose their heart?

Archer Bailey has already lost one job to Emersyn Enders, so he deliberately doesn’t tell her about the cowhand job up at Horseshoe Home Ranch. Emery’s temporary job is ending, but her obligations to her physically disabled sister aren’t.

Archer is beyond angry when he sees Emery at the ranch, but things go from furious to fun when the owner of the ranch announces a contest to see which cowhand applicant can earn the most stars by Christmas. Whoever does will win the job.

Will Emery and Archer be able to navigate the ranch, their close quarters, and their individual circumstances to find love this holiday season?

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2. After the Fall
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7. Up on the Housetop
8. Around the Bend

More than a Reflection (True Beauty Series Book 1)

by Michelle Craddock

Holly Davenport is great at finding beauty in the flowers she’s surrounded by day by day, but seeing the beauty within herself proves much more challenging. For years men have looked at her with nothing but friendship on their mind, and she’s given up on ever finding someone who might love her just as she is – all 215 pounds of her.
Blake Anderson’s timing is perfect, albeit slightly embarrassing, when he is witness to Holly’s most embarrassing moment: a kiss to her not-so-pregnant belly in a very public encounter. Now Holly is determined to make a change â?? except chocolate is awesome, and working out â?¦ not so much. What’s a girl to do? Why fall in love of course!
Blake, along with his family and friends, will have an uphill battle to teach Holly that there’s more to her than her reflection.

Billionaire Rock Star Romance: Buxton Peak Book One

by Julie L. Spencer

Billionaire rock star, Ian Taylor, controls everything in his lifeâ?¦ except love.

His girlfriend dumped him on New Year’s Eve, and everyone else becomes close to him for his money and fame. His best chance at finding love is to meet a girl who has no idea he’s a rock star.

Quiet, unassuming Megan wants nothing to do with love. Her goal is to finish her last year of college, focused on her studies. Having a boyfriend can wait until after graduation.

When they meet in the most unlikely place for romance, Ian’s ready to win Megan’s hesitant heart, but not ready to reveal his superstar identity.

Once she learns the truth, Megan finds that she doesn’t fit into Ian’s world of private jets, backstage parties, and star-crazed girls throwing themselves at him.

Can Megan see past Ian’s dishonesty and lifestyle? Or will their love song end before it’s begun?

The Final Judgement: A Short Story

by Thomas J. Torrington

In the not so distant future, the United States is split along political lines and tensions are at an all time high. With a controversial Supreme Court decision due in the coming days, the country erupts in protests, riots, and violence. At the center is Ramiel Stern, a top member of Senator Sarah Alpert’s staff. As the political unrest grows, Ramiel finds herself as the target of a homeless street preacher’s prophecy. Ramiel works to both unravel the mystery of the homeless man’s rantings, and help the Senator with a fundraiser in her role as a staff member.

An intriguing and topical short story in which all-too-real modern political conflict collides with Biblical and classical mythology.

“That which divides us will divide the earth.”

The Thanksgiving Gift (The Holiday Collection Book 1)

by Joyce Swann

Inspired by a true story from the author’s family, this heartwarming tale of how one small orphan girl brings faith, hope and love into the lives of a lonely farm couple in Depression-era Kansas is a reminder that God’s best gifts come in the most unexpected ways.

When young reporter Michelle Madison goes to Gracerville to interview the town’s oldest resident, Esther Cooke, on Esther’s one hundredth birthday, Michelle has no idea that her own life is about to change forever.

An ordinary woman of remarkable faith, Esther tells Michelle the story of how a chronically-ill orphan in Depression-era Kansas transformed her family and taught her what it really means to trust God.

Book One of our new Holiday Collection, The Thanksgiving Gift was inspired by a true story from the author’s own family. It is our hope that this simple story of faith and trust will transform your family this holiday season.

The Holiday Collection features timeless tales of faith, hope and love that celebrate the Reason for the season.

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