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Intensity (Rose Series Book 1)

by Eden Fortae

He came out of nowhere, and then he was everywhere. Creating encounters so intense that it left her wanting. Had her doing things she wouldn’t normally consider and without regret.

Mourning the death of her mother and battling resentment toward her estranged father, the last thing Kya Rich needs is to add a man to the mix. However, the tall, dark, and ruthless career criminal, Antonio Cortes, isn’t going to let her slip away. Doesn’t care about her law-enforcing father nor how much of a threat either of them poses to his empire as long as he feeds his need for the one piece of forbidden fruit that could end him for good.


Caught by You (Secret Agents Book 1)

by Kris Rafferty

It takes a specialized task force to bring down the most notorious criminals, FBI agents with the guts to go for the glory, and the smarts to know what rules to breakâ??for justice and for love . . .
Avery Coppola is a woman on the runâ??not from the law, but from the lawless. Her ex-husband, mafia boss Dante Coppola, never forgets or forgives, especially since Avery stole incriminating files from him. For now, she’s found sanctuary in the North Country of New Hampshire, working as a waitress to support herself and her
 ten-year-old sister. But not only are Dante’s men on her trail, so is the FBI . . .
Special Agent Vincent Modena is at the end of his rope. After a year-long attempt to infiltrate the Coppola organization, his only chance to ensnare the crime lord now lies with the ex-wife. After locating her,
Vincent makes contact, unafraid to use his good looks to capture Avery’s attention. But she turns the tables on him with an intoxicating combination of innocent beauty . . . and the mind-blowing skills of a stone-cold killer.
On the run from Dante’s hit men, Avery takes Vincent on a wild ride of danger and deceit, hiding a secret that could destroy Vincent’s trust in herâ??and in himself . . .


by jamie nicole

What does an airplane – aka “death trap in the sky” – have to do with true love? If you like flying and you’ve never been dumped, well, nothing. Lucky you! But, if you were Elliott James Hallowell, the answer to that question would be easyâ?¦that tube of death hurtling through the sky at 600 miles per hour meansâ?¦Everything.

This is the story of what love looks like when it’s been sucker punched by the boy of your dreams. The same boy you’ve given the last six years of your life to, only to be played the fool in the end. What happens when you feel like there is absolutely no other choice but to face your greatest fear in order to put the image of that boy – THE boy – out of your mind for good? Maybe in the end you’ll see yourself in a way that surprises you. Maybe you’ll see that all along you’ve been the arm candy to his Thor and not much more, but no longer. Maybe, just maybe, you learn to follow your dreams, and even make a few come true along the way.

The Boyfriend Sessions (City Love Book 1)

by Belinda Williams


Christa Morrison has commitment issues, a fact that quickly becomes apparent after she flees a romantic proposal in Paris, the thunder of impending wedding bells ringing in her ears.

Back in Sydney, she turns to her closest friends for reassurance. Instead they offer her a startling and painful diagnosis: she’s a relationship junkie. The cure? An extreme rehabilitation program guaranteed to reform even the most L-word illiterate.

With her girlfriends along for the ride, Christa commits to their radical plan and the chances of recovery look good. The only problem is Max Spencer. The one guy Christaâ??and her friendsâ??never expected her to fall for. But he’s proving to be a temptation she may not have the willpower to resistâ?¦

For a shot at happiness, is being with Max worth betraying her friends? And will Christa have the strength to trust her heart when her colorful relationship history comes back to haunt her?

It might just be enough to make a poor girl leave the country (again).

Choosing You (A Cedarville Novel Book 3)

by Bree Kraemer

Carly Graham had chosen the life she lived. And she liked it. She had the best friends a girl could ask for and a loving family that would help with anything. Falling in love was not something she’d longed for. Not since college. 

Until Anthony.

He was bossy and arrogant and goaded her whenever he had the chance. So why was it then, when he walked into a room, the world felt normal again. Except for her racing heart. The same heart that had cracked into a million pieces years before. Pieces she had carefully swept under the rug and kept hidden.

Just when she was ready to deal with her feelings for him, life threw another curve ball at her, forcing her to make a choice. A choice that would change, not only her life but the life of her friends and family. 

Moonshine Eyes (Seattle Soundbytes–A Seattle Sound Novella Book 1)

by Alexa Padgett

Sometimes, one glimpse is all it takes to fall in loveâ?¦

Seth didn’t come to Barcelona for a girl. All he wants is a genuine connection with a rock star father who took off a decade prior. But when he catches the eye of a stunning girl across Avenida Diagonal, his plans for a boring, normal life go straight out the windowâ?¦

After a family secret sent Ramona’s engagement crashing to the ground, she fled Milan in a hurry. Her heartache finds a cure the moment she spots Seth. Soon enough, she feels more alive than she ever had with her fiancé.

Even though Seth makes her happy, Ramona can’t help but feel the pull of her family back to Milan. She must ultimately make a choice: retreat to the safety of the life she once knew or take a terrifying leap into love.

Singing in the Wilderness

by Elizabeth Harris

â??A Wonderfully descriptive and enjoyable read.’ – Reader’s Panel

After the tragic death of her first husband, Jo Dillon has finally built a new life around Hal, her one-year-old son Edmund, and new baby, Sammie. But Hal’s increasing preoccupation with work leaves Jo isolated and resentful.

Sensing a growing rift between them, Hal travels alone to Crete. There, he finds solace in the company of Angela Swayne: charismatic, free-spirited, and everything Jo used to be . . . Jo knows she must act.

She remembers the small house in Kent which came to her rescue once before. Inside its peaceful walls, she at last understands what she must do to save her marriage â?? and her true self.

Singing in the Wilderness is a moving sequel to a A Good Man’s Love.

About the Authorâ?¦

Elizabeth Harris was born in Cambridge and brought up in Kent, where she now lives. She graduated from Keele University with a degree in English and Psychology, and more recently gained a Certificate in Archaeology from the University of Kent. After graduation she had a variety of jobs including driving a van, being a lifeguard and working in the Civil Service. She spends much of her time travelling and researching, and lives for part of the year in an ancient stone cottage on the edge of a forest in Brittany.Elizabeth Harris was one of the finalists of the 1989 Ian St James Awards. She is an acclaimed writer with many novels to her name.

The Sheriff’s Woman

by Jackie Weger

Rachel Cameron prefers to lick her wounds and protect her children from gossip and shame in isolation on a small homestead in the Ozark Mountains.  But life-long bachelor and ex-Marine Sheriff Garrett Stark has other ideas. Drawn to Rachel, he wields all the power and charm he can muster to insist Rachel return to town for her safety and that of her children. Rachel balks, but does not anticipate the raft of dizzying emotions stirred by the Sheriff’s relentless attention. The moment Garrett Stark takes her into his arms, Rachel knows she has to make a choice. Honor the truth and face her fears or live forever as an outsider.

El Diablo

by M Robinson

“A seductive tantalizing read that will for sure leave readers begging, wanting, craving, crying, and dying for more of El Diablo!!” -Four Chicks Flipping Pages

From USA Today Best Selling Author
I was ruthless.
I was feared.
I had sacrificed.
Myself. Her. Everything…
Living in a world where I was worth more dead than alive was a choice. I was a bad man, never claimed to be anything else. I’ve done things I’m not proud of. Seen things that can’t be unseen. I’ve caused pain that I can’t undo.
It was all my choice.
Every decision.
Every order.
Right and wrong never mattered.
Until her.
She was under my protection, until she became my obsession.
But who was going to save her…
From. Me. The devil himself.

Fate brought us together. Destiny destroyed us.

STANDALONE. New Adult Contemporary Romance: Full length novel.

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