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Proper fat-burning. How to lose weight so that can always stay in shape. Workouts plan. Part 2.

by John Strong

Hello! I decided to make a second part of book «Proper fat-burning». We talked enough about nutrition in the previous part of the book. And now it`s time to add the right workouts as an addition for your diet.
There are a lot of stereotypes about workouts with a diet. You can see many athletes, which are giving recommendation, but most of these achieved their shapes by dint of steroids.
I wrote this book in order to that you don`t have false ideas about the right workouts in a gym with limited caloric intake. I give you a ready plan for how and what to do in your workouts.
In this book you can find some answers for a row of questions:
-How to do right a cardio workout?
– Why metabolism is slow down on a diet?
– How to assemble strength and cardio trainings?
– Which dietary supplements helps better to burn subcutaneous fat?
This scientifically-based information from this book will helps you achieve the results you have always aimed at.
Who can use the workout plans in this book?
– Men and women older than 16 years and all who want permanently to get rid of subcutaneous fat forever and look good all their lives.
-Beginners and more intermediate athletes, who are engaged in the gym and want to get a good return on workout.
I hope you will enjoy engaged on these workout programs. Write to us how it works for you. There is still a lot of similar material.

Porsche Legend: The Can-Am L&M Penske Porsche That Made Racing History

by Stephen Cox

The mighty McLaren racing team had dominated the Can-Am series for five years.

Roger Penske joined forces with Porsche for the sole purpose of dethroning the finest road racing team in the world. The result was the blindingly fast L&M Porsche, one of the most recognizable sports cars in history.

This is the story of the L&M Porsche’s 1972 Can-Am season as told by racing legends George Follmer and Mark Donohue, with the never-before-published, inside account from their chief mechanic, John Woodard.

Told by racing driver and television motorsports host Stephen Cox, this ranks as one of the most riveting stories from the golden age of American road racing.

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The Practical Guide to Bicycle Touring: 2nd Edition

by Jason Sickle

New and enhanced 2nd edition with hundreds of photos added! Completely reformatted to work with the latest e-book readers.

The Practical Guide to Bicycle Touring is a comprehensive guide on how to get started in the wonderful sport of long distance bike touring. The authors have spent countless hours touring by bike throughout the United States, Australia and across Europe and want to share their experience with you.

Designed for both beginners and experienced cyclists, this guide is your complete source of practical information on how to plan and do a multi-day or multi-week bike tour.

This book includes information on bicycle safety, selecting a touring bike, touring equipment, how to pack for an extended bicycle tour, how to plan your route, where to stay, and much more.

Strength Training for Women: A Beginnerâ??s Guide to Bodybuilding for Women

by Hailey Jackson

Strength Training for Women

Strength training seems, to most people, like an inherently male pursuit. Women often looked down their noses at the concept of bodybuilding due to concerns about becoming ‘overly masculine.’ Instead many women tend to spend a lot of time in doing other types of exercises such as light toning and cardiovascular exercises. Although these exercises can help to reduce body fat and tone your muscle to some degree, you can never truly change the shape of your body unless you start strength training.

Even a beginner’s strength training routine will burn calories and fat. When you lift weights, you put your body through a series of resistance training moves in order to build muscle. This type of training not only replaces fat with muscle, it also increases your metabolism.

This book features a strength training plan that can be used right at home. By reading this book, you’ll learn:
– The benefits of strength training for women
– Strength training exercises and a 7-day training plan
– Bodybuilding nutrition and clean eating recipes
– Strength training tips for beginners

Try the strength training workouts in this book, and it won’t be long before you begin to look and feel better.

Download your copy of Strength Training for Women right now!

The Rodgers Revolution: How Brendan Rodgers transformed Celtic

by Scottish Football Short Reads

This short book will look at how Brendan Rodgers has completely transformed Celtic, both on and off the park.

It starts with a terrible evening in Gibraltar and ends with a glorious and record breaking double treble. It looks at his set up at the club, the signings and the departures, his style of play and how he deals with the media. It shows the dominance his team have over rivals (Rangers, in particular) and it also highlights how he has managed to reinvigorate many players who seemed to be on the wane. It also looks at areas where there is room for improvement and how Rodgers is the man to deliver such improvements.

More than anything, this short book shows that Celtic are lucky to have Brendan Rodgers as manager of the club.

How to Visit Antarctica: The Adventure of Your Life on the White Continent

by Emily Trenton

Imagine waking up to glitter and beauty. Imagine the awe-inspiring views as the intense power of nature sweeps away your soul. This is what an experience in Antarctica is like. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler looking for your next great adventure or simply somebody looking for an escape, Antarctica offers astonishing natural views, framed with the remote charm of unsoiled nature.

“How to Visit Antarctica: The Adventure of Your Life on the White Continent” aims to make your planning and vacationing process as painless as possible. From gathering the facts needed to plan your trip and deciding on how to get there to planning a jam-packed itinerary, this quintessential guide covers it all.

Learn all about the fantastic sights and thrilling wildlife, follow the suggested packing lists, travel by air or by sea, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Prepare with the comprehensive information offered in this guide, including:

– How to plan your trip and what to take with you
– Considerations for your health and traveling with your children or family
– The costs of various modes of transportation and vacation plans
– Sights to see such as the Sub-Antarctic Islands and sights along the Antarctic Peninsula
– Exciting activity ideas such as camping, kayaking, scuba diving, hiking, and wildlife experiences
– Shopping destinations (yes, you can even shop in Antarctica!)
– Information about rules and regulations to help you enjoy a stress-free adventure

Stop whatever you’re doing and “chill out” while you picture yourself taking in breathtaking sights, having run-ins with beautiful wildlife, and smiling as you embrace the most refreshing and amazing aspects of nature. Antarctica is waiting.

GolfThink: Stop Anxiety-Based Mishits

by The GolfThink Collective

If you have been playing golf for years and developed a decent swing, but your every round is marred by round-wrecking mishits, this book is for you. It’s not a “golf swing mechanics” book and it’s not a “mental game” fix either. What it will do is get you to feel that invisible third hand grabbing your club at the top and destroying your swing. Moreover, it will teach you how to blot the anxiety from your mind that causes it. Best of all, the GolfThink System is practiced on the course in your real rounds of golf, not in long sweaty hours at the range. Finally, its principles apply to your every swing: drives, irons, wedges, and putter. Think your way through your swing. Play better golf!

Green Machine and the Mototaxi Junket: An Overland Race Across Peru

by Nathan Doneen

Traveling across Peruâ?¦in a what?

Join Nathan and his teammates as they cross Peru in the most temperamental machine ever. Half motorcycle and all adventure, the mototaxi isn’t suited to leave the reach of its mechanics. For the sake of charity though, Nathan and his teammates will join a group of international travelers racing a fleet of mototaxis from Peru’s northwest coast across deserts, over the Andes, and through jungles to the Valley of the Incas in the south.

Come along for an unconventional trip, one that explores geography, biology, and contemplates not only the role of tropical rainforests in our global ecology, but also the role of humanity, all while dealing with language barriers, stomach bugs, and breakdownsâ??mental and mechanical.

So are you ready?! Get set. Go and join the Mototaxi Junket!

The Preppers Apocalypse Survival Guide To Bug Out Bags

by Steve Rayder

This comprehensive guide to bug out bags covers everything you need to know about choosing, storing and packing your bug out bag.

Full of fantastic tips, ideas and items you may not have thought of this book makes a great read for everyone. From those of you who are just starting out to more experienced survivalists who are looking to refine their kit.

This book suceeds where many in the genre have failed by packing loads of valuable information and ideas into a small package.


by Hugo Ã?ngelo Silva

A cultura oriental e a particularidade dos seus princípios de vida, bastante diferentes dos valores ocidentais, são orientados por uma lógica de equilíbrio, gestão de forças e fragilidades, respeito, nobreza e pela procura da harmonia entre os opostos, em todas as vertentes da vida do ser humano, a nível profissional, pessoal e espiritual.
Através da análise dos 20 princípios do Karate-Do escritos por Gichin Funakoshi, o leitor é orientado para um conjunto de reflexões que podem ajudar a mudar a sua forma de olhar e vivenciar as situações mais banais do quotidiano, de forma inspiradora, construtiva e harmoniosa. � fundamental conhecermo-nos primeiro, entendermos os nossos pontos fortes e pontos fracos, qualidades e defeitos, numa verdadeira análise constante de nós próprios, de forma a conviver com as nossas próprias adversidades, para podermos avaliar melhor o que nos rodeia e vencermos os nossos desafios, como se de um combate se tratasse. Um livro que o ajudará a crescer profissionalmente e não só. Para todos os que procuram conhecer novas vertentes do conhecimento oriental numa perspectiva marcial e de como esta nos pode auxiliar no dia a dia.

Photo Gallery – Wonders of the Mist: 10 of the most beautiful mist photography in the world

We have compiled 10 of the most beautiful mist-images ever taken. Have a look and get lost in the mysterious mist-filled backdrops for you to enjoy for months to come. Please leave us feedback and request other types of books. We would love to hear your views.

Up McHenry Creek Without a Paddle: The Bodacious Fishing Adventures of a Simple Man from Rural Arkansas

by Terry Bryant

Every outdoorsman has had one or two misadventures.

Terry Bryant seems to have made a living of it! He has fallen out of a boat eleven times, lost the motor off the back of his boat four times, lost the boat off the trailer three times, has been bitten by a cotton mouth moccasin in 2015, fished part of a day with a lure hooked in his head, broken assorted bones while falling into and out of the boat, and he’s had his head stuck in the mud at the bottom of a lake!

Everyone that has included fishing trips as part of their lives can tell you a story about something that happened at some point during their experiences. Most times these are just funny situations that sprang up out of nowhere and gave us a humorous story to tell our friends and family.

Terry has lived to tell nearly one hundred of these fishing and hunting adventure stories and his hope is that as you read, you will be able to believe that you are in the boat with him.

Terry said, “Wherever I go, someone will ask me to tell them a fishing story. So I do. People kept telling me that I should write a book, so I did.”

This is a factual account of his outdoor life. In order for the adventure to continue, you need to start reading and I’ll keep fishing. Or you can go along with me on my next trip. Bring a camera! (pssst, the password is 911)

Golf Swing Magic: Get a Pro Golf Swing and Hit 40-70 Yards Longer (…Even If You Have Always Been a Lousy Golfer)!

by Ty Bowes

Want to fix your golf swing and hit 40-70 yards longer?

This book shows you exactly how to lower your golf score so you will regularly launch 300-yard tee shots, even if you have been a lousy golfer all your life.

The easy golf techniques and tips in this guide will make all your golf buddies jealous when you step out on the course and hit shot after shot like a pro.

All this will be possible because you will learn a simple, consistent swing that you will effortlessly repeat every time…even if you have tried and failed many times before.


The Preppers Apocalypse Survival Guide to Everyday Carry or EDC and PSK

by Steve Rayder

The Preppers Apocalypse Survival Guide book series by Steve Rayder is quickly growing in popularity in the prepping community. With thousands of copies being read by preppers around the world within months of the release of the very first book.

This latest installment in the series covers the topic of EDC’s and PSK’s or Everyday Carries and Pocket Survival Kits. In this book Steve gives some great recommendations on some of the products has tried and tested over the years. He also talks about the various types of EDC and gives some handy tips on how to scale things down to meet your size and weight constraints.

This book will give you some great ideas on items that you could include in your EDC, adding functionality and effectiveness to your kit. But this book isn’t just for those of you looking to refine your kit. If you’re just getting involved in the Prepping and Disaster Preparedness community for the first time, and you’re thinking about putting your first EDC together, this book is perfect for you. It will take you through your options and give loads of fantastic tips along the way.

The Preppers Apocalypse Survival Guide to Camp Fires and Fire Pits

by Steve Rayder

Fire is the most important tool you will have at your disposal in a survival situation. It is vital that you have a strong understanding of how to make and use fire to increase your chance of surviving.

This book will tell you how to make fire in any situation. Even if you have no fire lighting tools and you’re stuck out in adverse weather conditions.

After reading this book you will have the knowledge and the skill set you need to make fire no matter where you are, and most importantly, survive.

Jam packed full of concise information and fantastic tips that may well be new information to even experienced survivalists, what you get is a small book that really packs a punch.

This book is part of Steve’s books series that really has been a revelation in the survival and prepping genre. So you know you will be getting a fantastic product that any survivalist needs to read.

“This book is, in a word, fantastic. It tells you not only how to make the most important types of survival fires but also how to use them to increase your chances of survival. I would like to think I know a lot about survival, but even I learned from some of the great little tips in this book! A brilliant job by Steve, big pat on the back from me. Can’t wait for more!” – Prepper Survival Supplies

On The Road with a Foreign Service Officer Entertaining, Unpredictable and Sometimes Dangerous: Mozambique, Kosovo, Armenia, Iraq, and the Hash House Harriers

by William Penoyar

This is a journal of experiences and observations written by a retired U.S. Agency for International Development Foreign Service Officer about his entertaining, unpredictable, and sometimes dangerous adventures in Mozambique, Kosovo, Armenia, Iraq, and with the Hash House Harriers from 2009 – 2013.

Much has been written about U.S. Diplomacy, the operation of U.S. Embassies, the challenges and dangers faced by Foreign Service Officers and their families. However, there has been little attention given to the adventurous and fun side of the Foreign Service life. Despite all the work and hardship which the Foreign Service Officer career entails, many people are still attracted to this life. Why?

Every FSO has his or her own unique explanation. Adventure was my most motivating consideration. Also, the portfolio of USAID projects in most countries: health, economic development, agriculture and food security, democracy building, and environment ensured that I would not be bored.

Although the world is a big place, I discovered there is much that people, terrain, and environment have in common. The enjoyable experiences that were shared with the Hash House Harriers (H3) running-walking-social clubs in Mozambique, Kosovo, and Armenia were particularly memorable.

I hope you enjoy this lighter side of the Foreign Service life.

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