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South Carolina Travel Guide (Country Travel Series Book 144)

by R.G. Richardson

South Carolina Travel Guide – Interactive Country Guide
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Cruise Packing Made Easy: Stress-free and ready to relax

by Kyler Ayim

Reduce stress with this ultimate packing guide for cruise travel!

A must-have for first time cruisers and people with packing anxiety.

Packing for a cruise is different than packing for a regular hotel stay. It can be a challenge because of the diverse activities, both on the cruise ship and during shore excursions, and the limited space in most cabins.

Add on to this questions about the formal or theme nights and uncertainties about what’s provided on the ship, and suddenly it can all become overwhelming.

This book covers what to pack and how to pack it, plus some notes on what you’re better off leaving behind. You’ll find pictures with examples of typical cruise clothing for various climates; whether you’re on-board or in port. There’s even a couple of checklists to help you out.

Find the answers to these questions and many more:

  • What should I pack for a cruise?
  • How should I dress on a cruise to Alaska, the Caribbean, etc.?
  • What do I wear on formal night on a cruise?
  • How can I save space and pack lighter?
  • How many shoes should I bring on a cruise?
  • How do I prevent wrinkles or fix them if they happen?
  • Can I do laundry on a cruise (hand wash or machine)?
  • Which travel accessories will make my life easier and which are unnecessary?

This book will help make your entire cruise experience more enjoyable. You’ll reduce your stress, feel more prepared, and be ready to make the most of your vacation!




Contos de Escritor: Jardim Venenoso & Outras Histórias (Portuguese Edition)

by Thais Riotto


Por entre neblinas e jardins, existe um mundo que nem sempre conhecemos, as vezes o “bilhete para casa”, está além, muito além da imaginação.

Um colar roubado, uma planta diferente, um mistério de nossa existência na antiga dança das metrópoles.

Contos de Escritor: De Winchester até Poveglia & Outras Lendas Culturais (Portuguese Edition)

by Thais Riotto


Uma viagem ao universo sobrenatural e suas Lendas Culturais, sob a perspectiva da autora Thais Riotto e das muitas histórias que lhe foram contadas por encantados, sobre os lugares e arquiteturas das quais o tempo ainda mergulha em mistérios e lendas.

Assim, nasceu Contos de Escritores em parceria com as Lendas Culturais, com a intenção de que as histórias fossem contadas e ganhassem assas além das folhas dos papeis e dos sussurros.

Outros textos podem ser encontrados no BLOG, na página pessoal da autora Thais Riotto:

Egypt: Essential Travel Tips â?? all you NEED to know

by Sam’s Travel Guide

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Egypt: Essential travel tips – All you NEED to know

In this Sam’s Travel Guide on Egypt, you will find all the information you NEED to know about:

  • Things you MUST know about Egypt
  • Best places to visit in Egypt
  • Best Cities to visit in Egypt
  • Best beaches in Egypt
  • Souvenirs You Must Buy in Egypt
  • Most popular night destinations in Egypt
  • Best Restaurants in Egypt
  • Most Luxurious Hotels in Egypt
  • Local Dishes You Must Try in Egypt
  • Things to avoid in Egypt

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Guide for Walt Disney World Ticket Prices 2018-2019: a guide to the October 2018 ticket price changes (Short and Sweet Introductions)

by Joe Dodridge

It is harder than ever to understand Disney World’s ticket prices. And, they just made some major changes! This guide is your ticket to quickly and easily understand Disney World’s confusing ticket system.

Believe it or not, Disney World likes to make money!  The last several years, Disney World has increased ticket prices every February. In 2018 they surprised us (sort of) with a second price increase!

Here is an overview of what has changed:

*For the first time, your entire Disney World ticket price is based on variable pricing, depending on the day that you plan to first visit a theme park. In the past, single day tickets were priced depending the day you planned to attend, but now multiple-day tickets vary in prices based on your date as well.

*The number of days that you have to use your multiple-day tickets has changed. Mostly, you have fewer days to use up your tickets than you used to.

*One-day park hopper tickets only get you one extra admission instead of two.

*Single day ticket prices no longer vary based on the park that you plan to attend. Before this change, a single day in Magic Kingdom cost more than the other three parks.

This quick guide will help you understand Disney World’s new pricing. While you will still have to go to their website and put in your planned vacation start date to find exact prices, this guide will give you a great overview and help you get started!

1. What’s New in October 2018?
2. Ticket Overview
3. New October 2018 Ticket Prices
4. Number of Days to Use Park Hopper Tickets
5. Ticket Tips

Disney World is expensive and this short guide is a great deal! Save yourself some headache and time and buy this guide today!

Utah & Nevada Free Camping: Quick Reference Guide to Free Camping in Utah & Nevada

by Michael Horn

From the iconic arches of Moab to the bright lights of Las Vegas. If you are looking for snowy mountain peaks, or warm desert expanses this guide has you covered. Utah and Nevada are home to some of the most spectacular desert landscapes in the country, and when you have had your fill of the dry heat, you can head for the mountains for some sweet relief from the heat.

Details Include
* Links to all Public sites
* Contact Numbers
* Latitude and Longitude
* Where the closest groceries and gas are locate
* Details specific to the site

The content in this guide is optimized for use on a phone or similar mobile device making it easy to travel with and difficult to forget at home.

All important details will remain available even if you do not have an internet connection!

Over 100 Free camping spots and the information you need to find many more hidden gems.

Two Lane Gems Vol. 1: Turkeys Are Jerks and Other Observations from an American Road Trip

by Theresa L Goodrich

Two Lane Gems, Vol. 1, is a road trip romp from the Chicago area to San Diego and back. Theresa Goodrich grabs her laptop, her camera, and her journal and makes (asks, she means, asks) her husband, Jim, to drive 6,479.5 miles through thirteen states so she can fulfill a childhood dream.

Starting at the most important archaeological site in North America, their journey takes them through sand dunes, forests, plains, and mountains. They stayed in haunted hotels, a rustic cabin, charming bed and breakfasts, and the oldest motel in Arizona.

They also:
met a World War II vet
learned how to grow a date
made a wish at the Center of the World
drank a beer in the lowest bar in the Western hemisphere
toured an abandoned mountain lion zoo
rode a vintage train with a singing engineer
ate schnecks
touched goblins
did not get blown up by unexploded ordnance
did not kill each other

Two Lane Gems, Vol. 1 is an uplifting, inspirational, and often humorous love letter to America. From cliff dwellings to buried cars to more hoodoos than you can shake a switchback at, this tale follows their round-about journey to find the country’s treasures.

San Diego â?? Americaâ??s Finest City: Budget Travel 2018

by Steven Hirschfeld

I can report the latest places to visit and enjoy for free or with minimal costs. Would you like to know where you can find a parking space near the popular beaches, parks and recreation?
I provided surveys to tourists and long-term residents regarding the places to visit in 2018 and this has added to my own knowledge in my reporting. This is current for 2018 and provides important warnings such as beaches that are not safe or areas with higher crime in 2018.
The city has much to offer for even a two-day trip or a potential retirement location. You will obtain information collected through May 2018 that is published without delay.

Travel Guide for Kids – Porto – Age of Discoveries (Travel Guide for Kids (English) Book 1)

by Soraia Ferreira

Transform your trip to Porto into an adventure.
Your mission is to find Prince Henry – the Navigator sword and defeat the monster Adamastor by going to ten places.
During your tour, you’ll get to know Porto’s history and monuments in a fun way.
Are you ready to start your adventure?

Part I – Your Adventure
Part II – Historical information
Part III – Games

What is Travel Guide for Kids – Porto – Age of Discoveries?
It’s a travel guide that aims to give kids a fun experience while visiting the city of Porto. By following the story locations, readers will get to know the history and monuments of Porto, particularly the history related to the Portuguese discoveries and one key character – Prince Henry, the Navigator. It will be through Prince Henry eyes that the story will unfold.
How is this travel guide divided?
This travel guide is divided into three distinct parts: the story of Prince Henry (part I), additional historical information (part II) and games related with the story (part III).
Is Travel Guide for Kids only suitable for kids?
No. Travel Guide for Kids aims to give a great sightseeing experience to everyone. The first part of the book is ideal for smaller kids with simple language and the essential historical information. The second part of the book complements the first part of the book. It’s aimed to an older reader with more historical information.
What kind of information can I find at Travel Guide for Kids – Porto – Age of Discoveries?
Most of the story is based on real events, real locations, historical characters and traditions.
What is the story of Travel Guide for Kids – Porto – Age of Discoveries?
After almost 600 years, the monster Adamastor has freed itself from the bottom of the ocean and is on its way to destroy Porto! Prince Henry – the Navigator needs the help of the reader to find his sword and defeat Adamastor. The reader will have to go to ten locations to finish the story.
How many locations are in this travel guide?
Ten locations.
I won’t have time to go to all ten locations. Is that ok?
Yes. Enjoy the locations you have time to visit and read the rest of the story in your own time.
In which format is the travel guide available?
Paperback and Kindle.
In which language is the travel guide available?
English and Portuguese.

Travel Guide for Kids – Porto – Ã?poca dos Descobrimentos (Travel Guide for Kids (Português) Livro 1) (Portuguese Edition)

by Soraia Ferreira

Descobre o Porto de uma forma divertida com a tua família e amigos. A tua missão é encontrar a espada do Infante D. Henrique. Com ela serás capaz de derrotar o monstro Adamastor e salvar o Porto! Neste guia turístico existem dez monumentos e lugares que terás de visitar para completar a história. O Infante D. Henrique, um dos maiores exploradores portugueses, será o teu guia nesta visita. Apesar de as crianças serem as protagonistas desta aventura, os adultos encontram informação histórica na segunda parte do livro. Estás pronto para começar a tua aventura?

Parte I – A Tua Aventura
Parte II – Informações Históricas
Parte III – Jogos
Como surgiu este livro
A minha afilhada Tatiana vai celebrar o seu primeiro aniversário. Eu queria oferecer-lhe uma prenda especial. Depois de várias ideias, surgiu a ideia deste livro. Um livro cheio de histórias sobre a sua herança cultural. Um livro que a vai estimular a olhar mais além do que é conhecido. Um livro que nos vai dar a oportunidade de descobrir o Porto juntas quando ela for crescida. Espero que se juntem a esta aventura!
O que é o Travel Guide for Kids – Porto – Ã?poca dos Descobrimentos?
Ã? um guia turístico que pretende que as crianças tenham uma experiencia divertida enquanto visitam a cidade do Porto. Ao visitarem os lugares da história, vão descobrir a história e os monumentos do Porto, particularmente os relacionados com a época dos descobrimentos e um dos personagens históricos – Infante D. Henrique. Será através do seu ponto de vista que a história se se apresentará aos olhos de todos os leitores.
Como é que se encontra dividido este guia turístico?
Este guia turístico está dividido em três partes distintas: a história do Infante D. Henrique (parte I), informações históricas adicionais (parte II) e jogos relacionados com a respectiva história (parte III).
Este guia turístico é apenas recomendado para crianças?
Não. Este guia turístico pode e deve ser utilizado por todos. A primeira parte do livro é ideal para crianças mais novas, com pouca informação histórica e uma linguagem simples. A segunda parte do livro é destinada a um público mais velho, complementando a primeira parte do livro com mais informação histórica.
Que tipo de informação vou encontrar no Travel Guide for Kids – Porto – Ã?poca dos Descobrimentos?
A maioria da história é baseada em eventos reais, localizações reais, personagens históricos, lendas e tradições.
Qual é a história do Travel Guide for Kids – Porto – Ã?poca dos Descobrimentos?
Passados 600 anos, o monstro Adamastor conseguiu libertar-se do fundo do mar e está a dirigir-se para o Porto, com o objetivo de destruir a cidade! O Infante D. Henrique precisa da ajuda do leitor para encontrar a sua espada e derrotar o Adamastor. O leitor terá de visitar dez localizações.
Quantas localizações estão incluídas neste guia turístico?
Dez localizações.
Eu não tenho tempo de visitar todas as localizações. Existe algum problema?
Não. Diverte-te nas localizações que tens tempo de visitar. O resto podes ler mais tarde quando quiserdes.
Em que formatos está o guia turístico disponível?
Livro de bolso e Kindle na Amazon.
Em que línguas está o guia turístico disponível?
Português e Inglês.

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