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Resistance Rising (Second American Civil War Book 2)

by Matthew Savage

Nolan and Sarah Hunter have returned bruised and battered from their first battle. With the inevitable war creeping ever closer, the Democratic Insurgence has a new mission for their top squad. Having virtually no time to deal with their physical and mental wounds, the Hunter twins are forced on separate missions. Sarah is sent north, tasked with the feat of coercing a valuable, albeit reluctant, ally to join their cause. Nolan, in charge of his own squad, is sent to recruit a resistance group led by none other than his cousin, but soon after he arrives, he stumbles upon a secret – a secret that could be the spark that ignites a fire that could change the entire course of the war.

Muster (Lost Nation Series)

by Christoff Orr

If you are called, will you stand?

In book three of the Lost Nation Series, the number of those still loyal to America continues to grow in size. As Camp Zion survivors struggle just to see another day, Fox War heroes unite to answer the call. The questions still remain. Who turned out the lights and why? Though a bigger question linger on the horizon, how to reclaim America, and give the power BACK to the PEOPLE?

Muster picks up right where Forbearance left off. As the fight for America gets closer, a call goes out for all those still loyal to the Stars and Stripes. If you have a weapon and are willing to use it, you are needed.

North Korea Basketball Diplomacy

by Steven Hirschfeld


The first crisis begins with a North Korean cargo ship rescue by an American clipper off the coast of Africa. Somali pirates board the ship and the nuclear bounty is taken. The hawkish, right-hand General of Kim Jong lies and deceives his leader about the rescue as though it were a hijacking by Americans. Only one, of several messages from the ship is turned over to Kim Jong. The second crisis unfolds into a coup by the General’s men. Nuclear warhead tips that can be married to an ICBM are railroaded into the nation from China in the disguise of a coal shipment being returned. The best diplomatic channel during the crisis is an effective college coach who has been trained to coordinate the transport of CIA agents to intercept the shipment in the disguise of players on his team. An incredible adventure is about to begin.

About the author:

Steven Hirschfeld lives in New York with his wife and son. Since graduating from the University of Utah and Baruch College (CUNY) he has written over 20 journals and books. Prior to publishing he worked at New York ad agency, Lowe & Partners.

Love In The House Of War (Army of One Book 1)

by Scott A. Meehan

Ron Hawkins is a dedicated, compassionate man who finds his calling in the Army Special Forces. Like his father, who served on Delta Force, Ron fights for principle – a cause beyond his personal interest.

But when Ron is sent with his team to Afghanistan after the 9/11 terror, he faces a life-changing decision. After he rescues the beautiful Afghan girl, Sarah, from a Taliban execution, Ron finds out that the girl has her own plans of escaping the war-torn land that is keeping her from living her dream.

Told through the lives of a career soldier and his family, Love in the House of War is an epic story of America in the 21st Century, spanning the tumultuous war on terror years from Afghanistan to Iraq while facing both the Taliban and ISIS head-on. It is a modern day tale of the life-and-death struggle of physical and spiritual, good versus evil, in today’s dynamic warfare.

Saving Vengeance (Rob Madden Series Book 2)

by John Witzel

Rob Madden has a score to settle, and he is saving vengeance for maximum impact.

“Do you hear me, Rob? We know who killed your wife and daughters and where they are.”

Rob Madden, still holding the cell phone in his shaking hands, tried to grasp what DEA Special Agent Bonnie McCord had just said. Three years ago, his wife and two young daughters were brutally murdered by terrorists as payback for his Special Ops drone strikes on al-Qaeda leaders in Yemen.

For Madden, the call halted his plan to complete his doctorate in education and triggered a clandestine mission back to the dusty and dangerous oil fields of Yemen for revenge courtesy of the US Air Force. Saving Vengeance will have you on the edge of your seat as the unlikely Special Forces team navigates treacherous encounters and high-risk maneuvers to find and punish the killers.

THE SKY BETWEEN TWO WORLDS: From Earth to the Stars

by Glen Erin Books

The saga of the Johnson family continues through and past the Great Oil War of 2034. Kantak serves as Member of the new North American Parliament. He transfers the family robot business to his daughter Luanne, to be assisted by a special robot named James.
But times are difficult. Fast-money speculators play rough, and human workers fear for their jobs. Then old quarrels between East and West reignite conflict , this time using robot armies.
The robots, learning from history and experience conclude that humans can’t be dissuaded from greed and war. They take appropriate action.

Threads of Destiny: Linda’s Story

by Glen Books

In Europe, Engineers experiment with an advanced system for communication and transport, discovering that it can transport things–even people–through time. They explore the near future, finding that imminent disaster stemming from the distant past threatens all of Europe. Ex-Special Forces Medic Peter Murphy and Nurse Linda Swanson travel back in time to ancient Rome to change history, fight the fall of Rome, and possibly save the future of Europe.

To Challenge the Present (Royal COntinuum Book 1)

by James Huber

Real History: Near the end of the American Revolutionary War a group of Colonels delivered a letter to General George Washington requesting that he assume the leadership of the new nation and to make himself King of the English Colonies in America. Washington considered all of this and told them that he did not care to be a King. He declined the honor.

So now, several questions arise: What if the Revolutionary War was a lot different from how we have learned? What if General George Washington had accepted the crown and had become King of the new colonies? How would N. America look now?

What if, ten generations later, his twenty-first century descendent, Edward Lake, known as King Edward V, of New England, has to fight a war to keep his Kingdom free from a foreign power?

Cidadão de Jerusalém: Parte I (Cidadão de Jerusalem Livro 1) (Portuguese Edition)

by Jacob El-mokdisi

A saga de um menino árabe em busca da mãe desaparecida e que acaba tornando-se espião francês na Alemanha durante a I Grande Guerra.

Lionheart – A Chasing Atlantis Thriller

by Gunner Brooks

Retired MMA fighter Jeffry Charles was ready to hop on a flight home after vacationing in the Philippines. But his overactive sense of empathy drives him headlong into a web of international conspiracy involving Islamic extremists, a billionaire’s kidnapped granddaughter, a United States Senator, and a mysterious group known only as ‘Atlantis.’ Murder, intrigue, politics, and gunfights greet him at every turn, but this unlikely hero pushes on at grave personal peril to help Ruby, the kidnapping victim, escape the fate spun for her by the mysterious Atlanteans.

To survive the harrowing gauntlet he finds himself trapped within, he will need to accept the aid of enigmatic ‘allies’ who might be every bit as dangerous as the gunmen trying to kill him at every turn. But more than that, he will need to employ every skill he has acquired over his largely misspent life, and his courage will be tested time and again as his enemies seek to break him both physically and emotionally. To win against such odds, he will need to prove himself worthy of his fighting moniker:


The Sky Between Two Worlds–Robot Ascension

by Glen Books

This is a near-future science fiction thriller of intrigue, love, war and survival for humans and robots. The Johnson family Robalaska factory developed robots to assist Alaskan miners, and fortuitously, those robots proved ideal for cleaning up and rebuilding war-damaged cities.
Respected as a war hero, Kantak Johnson served as Governor of Alaska and was elected to the Parliament of the North American Alliance. While he contemplated closing the robot factory, his grown-up daughter, Luanne, fresh from college, pleaded to run the robot business.
She and Kantak designed and made a special robot named James to assist her in the business. The three of them designed a Robotic Cloud to receive, store, and redistribute what their robots learned.
But times are uneasy. Fast-money speculators play rough, and human workers fear that robots will take their jobs. Then old quarrels between East and West reignite conflict, this time using robot armies.
The robots, concluding that humans cannot be dissuaded from greed and war, take appropriate action.

Von Steiner’s Gold: A Cantor and Zalianty Adventure

by Trevor Hobson

All the ingredients of an explosive thriller. An island paradise. A South African drug baron. A squad of rogue Myanmar soldiers. Two good people who don’t know when to quit.
Steve Cantor and Carrisa Zalianty have each been in tight spots before, but never have the odds of survival been so low. As their enemies multiply, they become as hardened as the ruthless hunters that stalk them.

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