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The Strongest Smile

by Conseta Richardson

This book is about loss and how to cope and overcome. When writing this book I was thinking of ways to help me work through my feelings of anger and lonliness. The book is written around my life experiences as a child to an adult. I want to help someone like me to know that even though life gets hard there is a brighter day.

Going Through Hell on the Way to Heaven

by Michele D Robertson

On July 7, 2004, I excitedly patted the tiny plastic bag of dirt I’d asked my husband to get for me before he walked out of the prison as a free man. I wanted a tangible reminder of where we’d been. I knew God had spoken to me. On July 7, 2004, I was escorted into my private fiery furnace. The heat’s intensity incinerated my hopes, dreams, and faith. I thought I heard God correctly. Walk with me as I share the journey through the raging inferno of hell on my way to heaven.

‘i didn’t choose my pain’

by Carl K. Harris

The story of a life impacted by clustered migraine headaches. The author speaks of the journey and how pain influenced some bad decisions in his quest to be find relief.

The Charms of Miss O’Hara: Tales of Gone With the Wind & the Golden Age of Hollywood from Scarlett’s Little Sister

by Phillip Done

In 2012, beloved screen star Ann Rutherford, Scarlett’s youngest sister in Gone With the Wind, passed away. But fortunately â?? not her stories. The year before her death, Miss Rutherford invited author Phillip Done to her Beverly Hills home where she shared decades of heartening memories from her life in the golden age of Hollywood. Like a scene out of Sunset Boulevard, Done wrote it down in this masterful tribute and shrewdly crafted memoir.

With never-before-seen photographs from Miss Rutherford’s private collection, The Charms of Miss O’Hara takes readers on a guided tour through Ann Rutherford’s rich career, including such roles as Polly Benedict in the Andy Hardy pictures, Lydia in Pride and Prejudice, and Carreen in Gone With the Wind. Oft told in Miss Rutherford’s sharp and engaging voice, readers will discover delicious behind-the-scenes stories and anecdotes about Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Olivia de Havilland, Lana Turner, Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, Ava Gardner, Debbie Reynolds, David Selznick, Louis B. Mayer, and many others. Much more than a celebrity memoir, The Charms of Miss O’Hara will delight Gone With the Wind fans and classic movie buffs with valuable life lessons from a movie star.

Ida’s Witness: The True Story of an Immigrant Girl (Young American Immigrants Book 1)

by Karl Beckstrand

(Illustrated biography, immigrants) Young Ida lives in 1880s Sweden with her family. When she contracts scarlet fever, she almost loses her sight. After another brush with death, Ida learns that there is more than this life, disease has an end, and small miracles happen every day. With new faith Ida leaves her mother and brother and sails with her sister to America for a better life. But she knows no English. How will she share what she’s learned in a strange country? The prequel to Anna’s Prayer, Ida’s Witness is another delightful story of faith and courage for all ages and cultures (6 yrs. & up). 2,000 words by award-winning author Karl Beckstrand (The Bridge of the Golden Wood), 35-page, 8.5″x8.5″ soft cover or hard cover hybrid picture book (also an ebook) about immigration, religious persecution, and family history (nonfiction, 34 illustrations, Young American Immigrants series #1, worldwide rights © Nov. 2018 Premio Publishing) PremioBooks, Baker & Taylor, Brodart, EBSCO, Follett, Ingram, Amazon/Kindle, B&N/Nook, Overdrive, iBooks, Kobo, Target and Walmart online. JNF007120, JNF053240, JNF025200, JNF038060, JNF007080, JNF057000, LCCN: 2016962276, eISBN: 9780463292839, hard ISBN 9780985398859, soft ISBN 9781503247147

Earthe Folke’s Forum Worlde Ecology: Dime Store Novellette’s Two

by Donald Johnson

This Booke Identify’s The “Right Now Malady’s!” On Our Planet & Try’s To Explain In Simple Term’s! What We Need To Do! Thank’s Don!

ALEXANDER PICHUSHKIN: The Shocking True Story of The Chessboard Killer

by Roger Harrington

ALEXANDER PICHUSHKIN: The Shocking True Story of The Chessboard Killer

Born into a poor family in a cramped apartment in forgotten Moscow suburb Alexander Pichushkin would achieve something that none of his contemporaries in the Konkovo District would ever manage. His actions between 1992 and 2006 ensured that his name would go down in history. To some he is the Bitsevsky Park Maniac. To others he is the Chessboard Killer. To the people he grew up with he is Alexander â??Sasha’ Pichushkin an ordinary boy who would become one of Russia’s most feared serial killers.

After his father left Alexander Pichushkin grew up in a single parent family. Initially a shy child a playground accident turned him into an angry young man, unable to control his temper. This event also helped to turn Pichushkin into an outsider. As the child became increasingly unhappy his mother, Natasha, ran out of options. It was then that her father, Alexander Pichushkin”s grandfather, stepped in. For the next few years Pichushkin lived with his grandfather and learnt how to be a man. He also learnt how to play chess and drink vodka.

After the death of his beloved grandfather and loyal pet dog Pichushkin found himself to be increasingly isolated. By now he was once again living in a cramped apartment with his mother and half-sister. During this period Pichushkin took to drinking heavily and looking at pornography. Itis reported that he also found enjoyment in scaring the young children who played in the nearby Bitsevsky Park.

A few months after his 18th birthday Alexander Pichushkin committed his first murder, brutally killing a school friend, Mikhail Odichuk. Despite investigating the police did not have enough evidence to charge Pichushkin so he was allowed to go free.

This is the true story of these brutal events, which later earned Pichushkin the label ‘The Chessboard Killer’.

��्ष स��्या 6: ��न� �� लिए ��� नह��

by karthikeyan k

à¤?र à¤?à¥? à¤?मरà¥? मà¥?à¤? à¤?िरà¥?ह द्वारा लड़à¤?à¥? à¤?à¥? रà¥?प à¤?िया à¤?या हà¥? …….. à¤?à¤? परिवार à¤?र मà¥?à¤? रहà¥?à¤?à¤?à¥? à¤?र à¤?à¤? समस्याà¤?à¤? à¤?ा सामना à¤?रà¥?à¤?à¤?à¥? …. à¤?ुà¤? मर à¤?ए …. लà¥?à¤?िन à¤?à¥?à¤? भà¥? नहà¥?à¤? à¤?ानता à¤?ारण …. थ्रिलर à¤?र रहस्य à¤?हानà¥? .. à¤?मरा सà¤?à¤?्या 6

cool girls (Japanese Edition)

by Elijah Castellano


POW Love Story

by R. Merial Martin

Frantz was a young German teen-ager forced into WWII who was captured and shipped to American camps. While in the states he met and fell in love with an Army nurse who asked him to find her after the war. Life for Frantz took many turns before he returned to the states. From photographer, actor/extra in Jung movies,trapeze artist travelling Sud America,owner of color film developing lab in Brazil to aircraft production photographer in California. Along the way he found love but none greater than his love in Beverly Hills. Writing his autobiography he finds a letter from the Army nurse after 60 years in a place he remembered hiding it. Cancer caused him to attempt suicide and with the help of his grandson-in-law he searches for the nurse to fulfill his promiise to locate her. What happens between these lines makes for easy reading that leads to expansive thinking.

நம் �ாந்தியார் (Tamil Edition)

by Thanthai Periyar தந்த� ப�ரியார்

�ுயநலம் ���்�மும் �ல்லாமல், தனது முப்பது �ண்�ு வாழ்�்��ய�யும் �ந்தியத் துண��் �ண்�த்து ம�்�ளின் நன்ம��்�ா�வ�, தன் மனத்தில் �து நன்ம� �ன்று ப�்�த� �வ் வழியில�ய� �ழ�த்த ப�ரியார் �ாந்தியார். பலாத்�ார முற��ளில் ���்�மும் நம்பி�்�� �ல்லாமல் ��ிம்��ய�ய� தன் �ருவியா��் ��ண்�வர். மத �யலில், மதத்திற்�ு மதம் வ�றுபா�ில்ல� �ன்றும், மத மு�ிவு�ள் �ல்லாம் �ன்றுதான் �ன்றும் வற்புறுத்தியவர்.

– பà¯?ரியார்

Un Canto Del Preso: La historia de Arturo Carrera (Spanish Edition)

by Art Carrera

This is the true story of Art Carrera. Art had everything going for him, but poor choices and wrong turns landed him in prison for life. His conversion to Christianity while serving time in High Desert State Prison in Susanville, California transformed his life!

Great-Grandma’s Outlaw Cousins: The Notorious Reno Brothers

by Leslie Anne Perry

While researching her ancestors Leslie Anne Perry learned her great-grandmother, Catalina Reno, was related to ruthless outlaws who terrorized parts of Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois following the Civil War. The Reno brothers, along with other members of the Reno Gang, committed America’s first peacetime train robbery. Their train robberies, as well as numerous other crimes, caused local citizens in one southern Indiana town to take the law into their own handsâ??ten members of the gang were hung by vigilantes in three separate hangings. No charges were ever filed in connection with the hangings. [A short nonfiction book of 5,360 words]

Climbing Trees at 112: Real Life Inspirations for the Over 65s

by Vernon Coleman

These are inspirational, true stories to excite the spirit of anyone contemplating old age with fear, suspicion or apprehension. This is a book about people who did amazing things at a time of life when most people are content to look back on what has already happened in their lives, rather than look forward to what may happen in the future. Some of the individuals in Vernon Coleman’s book had already done great things and carried on doing them in their later years. But many had ordinary lives and only blossomed into greatness in their 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s or beyond.
Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA is a medical doctor who has written over 100 books. His books have sold over two million hardback and paperback copies in the UK alone and have been translated into 25 languages and sold around the world.
For more information please see Vernon Coleman’s biography on Amazon or visit

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