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Python Programming: 3 Books in 1: Ultimate Beginnerâ??s, Intermediate & Advanced Guide to Learn Python Step-by-Step

by Ryan Turner

If you’re looking for a way to become an expert coder and impress your friends with the programs you can make from scratch, then keep reading.

Here’s the deal. You’ve decided that one of the most in-demand skills is the best place to start when making money. However, learning how to code can be a very long and arduous process. However not learning it and hiring a programmer can be very expensive. You may want to build an app or code a website but the costs have always been too high, making it pointless and not very cost effective. Sound familiar?

If it does, then the information inside this book is your answer. You will be given all the tips, tricks, and practice codes that you need to learn Python, the solid programming language used in hundreds of industries around the world. This information allows you to become skilled much faster and perfect your coding skills in no time. Imagine cutting months off of your learning curve and get a strong base of knowledge in no time at all. Imagine getting your project done yourself for a fraction of the cost.

This all is possible with the help of this three-book bundle, beginners, intermediate and expert guides!

Don’t be fooled by other books on the market. They only take a brief look into Python, showing some of the topics but never going deep into the topics and actually showing you how to work on the code and make it yours. This guidebook goes more in depth about the Python language. This is detailed, scientific information compiled together by experts in an easy to read fashion.

In this Python guide, you will discover:

Book 1:

– The benefits of python
– How to get up and running with python
– Full instructions of how to code
– How to make predictions with algorithms
– Real world examples of Python
– The 3 different examples of coding
â?¦and so much more!

Book 2:

– The importance of Machine Learning
– The Basics of Working with Python
– How to Setting up Your Python Environment
– Data Preprocessing with Machine Learning
– Working with Linear Regression in Machine Learning
– The Benefits of a Decision Tree
– Working on the Random Forest Algorithm
– The Advantages of the Naive Bayes Algorithm
– How Can you Use the KNN Algorithm
â?¦And so much more !

Book 3:

– The best benefits of Python and why programmers around the world choose it
– How to download the Python language on your computer, regardless of the operating system you prefer
– How to write your first program in Python
– What is means to work with an object-oriented programming language
– How to write conditional statements, loops, functions, variables, classes, exceptions, and more
– How to read some of the errors that may show up in your code
– How to troubleshoot your own codes
– Sample projects that walk you through how to complete them and use many of the tools and techniques you have learned through this guidebook

If you want to learn more about how to get the best Python training and if you are ready to write your own codes and turn your ideas into reality, then simply click the buy now button on this page to get started.

Linux: 2018 NEW Easy User Manual to Learn the Linux Operating System and Command Line by Yourself (Linux Bible , Linux Tips and Tricks,Linux Pocket Guide Book 1)

by Brian Jones


2018 NEW Easy User Manual to Learn the Linux Operating System and Command Line by Yourself

Have you Installed Linux Operating System in your machine? I do hope so. Supposed you have not considered the action; you should hurry up and make the decision faster because you are missing a lot. The operating system allows you to control all of the system resources linked to the desktop or even the laptop. We have many bits related to an operating system, each with its own set of functions to help your computer perform the tasks that you assign to it.
In this guide, be sure to have a full understanding of all the necessary basics while installing Linux and how you can set it up. If you have not yet used Linux as your operating system and its time you want to try out, you are good to go because this book has every single step required from downloading, installation, setting up, Linux features and even how you can troubleshoot some of the problems. The guides provided are approved. Though some of them will need a technical approach, generally, they are all easy to grasp.
However, irrespective of your capability to use a Linux, this guide will highlight to you everything that you must have knowledge on, plus how to achieve more out of Linux usage.

Within this Linux Pocket Guide, you will find information on the following :

  • Linux history
  • Components associated with Linux
  • Linux download process
  • Learning some basic commands in Linux and Linux tips and tricks
  • Files categorization
  • Partitioning process
  • Directories
  • Information on inode

  • File modification
  • Types of Installation
  • The installation process
  • How to add a Graphical User Interface
  • Advantages of Linux
  • Comparison between Linux and other Operating systems

When you have Linux as your Operating system, be sure to achieve a lot that you have always wished for without any letdowns. Think and make a decision of installing Linux as your preferred operating system for your hardware and enjoy its services to ease your all round life. Linux is the best option.

Download your copy of ” Linux “ by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

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iOS 12 on iPhone Xs: The Ultimate User Guide with Tips, Tricks and Features

by i Publish

Apple has been the predominant source in innovation. Since inception, they have shown remarkable consistency in ground breaking innovations especially in the smartphone industry. This year is no exception where Apple has shown the world a glimpse of future by introducing iPhone Xs and iOS 12. We have tried to highlight all the new features and their applications in this book.

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