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1628-2003: History of biologists

by Miracle Emmanuel

The title “1628-2003” comprises of the history of biologists from the famous William Harvey that started with demonstrating that blood circulates and the hearth is a pump to 2003 that ends with the Human Genome Project. The title won’t only tell about their impact on biology but also tells about their
-early life and career,
-child hood,
-awards and honors,
-the research they made not only in biology but in different aspect and as well as their contributions .

The Paranormal Files (Mike Covell Investigates Book 10)

by Mike Covell

This book offers an in-depth look into weird and wonderful cases that defy explanation, and cannot be pigeonholed into any category. Included are chapters on superstition, witches, psychics, and phenomena so weird that it remains unexplained.

See how cases are investigated, researched, and how professional bodies reply to some of Mike’s stranger requests for answers.

Packed with case studies including when the River Hull turned blue, witchcraft trials, the Satanic Panic, and more.

The Safavid Empire: A Captivating Guide to the Persian Empire That Fought Against the Ottomans in the Ottomanâ??Safavid War

by Captivating History

Explore the Captivating History of the Safavid Empire

Free History BONUS Inside!

The Safavid dynasty was one of the most notable ruling dynasties of Iran. This Islamic Empire was powerful enough to challenge the Mughals in the east and the Ottomans in the west.

Their story has shaped what we know as modern Iran more than any other period in its history. In this captivating history book, you will discover all about this remarkable empire that was responsible for one of Persia’s golden ages in terms of power and culture.

In The Safavid Empire: A Captivating Guide to the Persian Empire That Fought Against the Ottomans in the Ottoman-Safavid War, you will discover topics such as

  • Religious Beginnings: Ismail I
  • Foreign Relations: Tahmasp
  • Short and Bloody: Ismail II
  • Cultural Consolidation: Abbas I
  • Saru Taqi: Shah Safi
  • Interlude: Shah Abbas II
  • Internal Decay: Sulayman
  • Fall: Sultan Husayn
  • And much, much more!

So if you want to learn more about the Safavid Empire, click “buy now”!

OVER 1 MILLION AMERICAN TROOPS MURDERED: BY 3 BUSHES AND A. HARRIMAN: (It was premeditated and they murdered over 10 million allied troops as well)

by Ada Roby

All of the information in this book is now historical fact. The reason you may not be aware of it is because very little shows up in a google search, for whatever reason, and because USA mainstream media, for whatever reason, prefers to keep this knowledge to themselves rather than share it with the American people.

North Korea is the US project. North Korea in service of the West

by Red Guardion Red Guardion

The problem of global resource overruns is long overdue in the world. So the United States of America is home about 325,700,000 people, which is 5% of the world’s population. They consume 50% of the earth’s energy and gives 40% of the world’s garbage. If this continues, Pax Americana won’t last long. If you provide such prosperity of 5% of the world’s population, it is just not enough resources; they are limited and are not taken from the air. And if this continues, then one day the resources will run out. This would entail a global crisis that could destroy all humanity. No one needs it. Including the global elites of the USA and the UK who rule the world. For them, this problem has become apparent for averylong time.
The global elites of these two countries have been solving this problem for a very long time. By reducing the consumption rates in the world, the whole world is transferred to other standards of consumption, to more economical.
Also, to solve this problem, the global elite of the US and the UK created the North and South Korea project. Then, after Stalin’s death, the USSR joined this project. North Korea is conducting a global experiment in the management of human society. In North Korea, a special type of person is created – a “serviceable person.” Such a person must have three basic options: the first is a limited self-consciousness, for that would make it easier for them to manage. The second is a controlled reproduction that would control their number so that they do not spawn more than required. The third is the low level of consumption. Such a person should do the least. He or she should have the minimum requirements, austerity in housing poor diet and, consequently, to allocate less waste. Such a person should do the smallest but provide the technological environment of mankind on the planet Earth.
And in South Korea, the necessary technological base is being created. In the Northern cortex, a necessary type of person is being created. When a certain level is reached, the two Koreas must grow together.

The Lincoln Assassination Conspiracy Trial Transcripts Vol I

by David Hunter

This is Volume One of Three, of The Lincoln Assassination Conspiracy Trial Transcripts.
This is the complete transcript of the Abraham Lincoln assassination conspiracy trial of David E. Herold, George A. Atzerodt, Lewis Payne, Michael O’Laughlin, Edward Spangler, Samuel Arnold, Mary E. Surratt and Samuel A. Mudd.
This transcript is complete and unabridged, it is the entire trial from May and June in 1865; with all the witnesses, the defense arguments, the arguments on jurisdiction, the closing arguments, and the verdicts.

Other trial transcripts by this historic trial editor: British Investigation Into The Loss Of The S.S. Titanic; Titanic Disaster Hearings and U.S. Senate Report, William A. Smith, Chairman; Charles Bingham, “Lord Mersey”, Presiding; The Lizzie Borden Trial Transcripts, Official Stenographic Report By Frank H. Burt; Lizzie Borden Inquest Testimony, Josiah C. Blaisdell, Presiding; Lizzie Borden Preliminary Hearing, Josiah C. Blaisdell, Presiding; Conspiracy Trial For The Murder Of The President by Ben Perley Poore; The Lincoln Assassination Conspiracy Trial Transcripts, Major-General David Hunter, Presiding Officer; State vs. Hauptmann, The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping and Murder, Thomas W. Trenchard, Presiding; Report of the Trial of Levi Weeks by William Coleman; United States v. Jeffrey R. MacDonald, Franklin T. Dupree, Presiding.

HANGAR ONE: 1932 to 2014 and Beyond

by Leslie Anne Perry

Moffett Field’s Hangar One has been a familiar landmark on the San Francisco Peninsula since 1932 when it was built to house a massive dirigible, the USS Macon. After the loss of the Macon in 1935, the hangar was used for a variety of purposes. But it was closed in 2003 due to the presence of harmful contaminants. In 2011-12 the U.S. Navy removed the hangar’s siding and stripped down the hangar to expose its steel skeleton. Then, in 2014, Google signed a 60-year lease on Hangar One and other portions of historic Moffett Field, thus assuring the hangar will be restored and preserved. This short 5200-word book tells the story of Hangar One.

Hitler’s Businessmen: Greed and Profit in Nazi Germany

by Christopher Broschell

War is always a profitable time, even for shoe, soft drink and margarine companies. See how great (and some not-so-great) made millions by supplying the Nazis during World War II (and it wasn’t just the German companies either)

History of Western Europe

by James Robinson

History, in the broadest sense of the word, is all that we know about everything that man has ever done, or thought, or hoped, or felt. It is the limitless science of past human affairs, a subject immeasurably vast and important but exceedingly vague. The historian may busy himself deciphering hieroglyphics on an Egyptian obelisk, describing a mediæval monastery, enumerating the Mongol emperors of Hindustan or the battles of Napoleon. He may explain how the Roman Empire was conquered by the German barbarians, or why the United States and Spain came to blows in 1898, or what Calvin thought of Luther, or what a French peasant had to eat in the eighteenth century. We can know something of each of these matters if we choose to examine the evidence which still exists; they all help to make up history.

à®?ாந்தியும் à®?வஹரும் – Gandhiyum Jawaharum (Tamil Edition)

by Ve Swaminatha Sharma வ�. �ாமிநாத �ர்மா

�ாந்திய�ி�ள�யும் �வஹர்லால் ந�ருவ�யும் �ரண்�ு தரா�ு�ளில் வ�த்து�் �ா�்�ு�ிற �ந்த ந�லில், �ருவரு�்�ுமி��ய�யுள்ள �ற்றும�யான �ம்��்�ள�ன்ன, �ருவர�ய�ருவர் �ந்த�் �ண்��ண்�ு ந��்�ு�ின்றார்�ள் �ன்பன ப�ன்ற பல விஷய�்�ளும் �ராயப்ப�ு�ின்றன.

â?«Ø¹ØµØ± اÙ?Ù?Ø£Ù?Ù?Ù? â?¬(Arabic Edition)

by أحÙ?د فرÙ?د رفاعÙ?

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