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Putting Out The Lights

by Alex Ferguson

Have you ever wondered why it is always the bright child who is killed in an accident? Gifted children we need to advance our technology, to find the answers to our problems, die in incidents where others survive. In my personal experience, I mourn three such children.

Daniel Fallon believes an evil presence provokes innocent people to kill gifted children to impoverish us. A whisper of an imaginary slight in an innocent’s ear grows from irritation to anger, to homicidal rage, to murder. Daniel Fallon and a young woman, Sheena Galloway, become allies in the struggle to track down this creature and destroy it.

My advice: lock the doors, settle in your chair with your favourite crisps, a bottle of strengthening Lucozade, and a stout shillelagh. Don’t turn down the lights.

The Haunting of the Hadleigh Estate: Book 0

by Conner Donnelly

To Cassie King the small town of Playa del sol used to be an ironically named summer vacations spot for her family. But when she gets terrible news that takes her back her uncle’s home there she finds that the town isn’t as innocent as her childhood memories would have her believe. Strange things start to happen in the old house and soon enough Cassie is forced to deal with some hard truths.

215 Lexington Avenue

by Michael J P McManus

****Re-edited version****
Can a house really be possessed, and can a doll have a life of its own?
215 Lexington Avenue has all this and more and what lays in the basement is anyone’s guess.
It is down to a team of paranormal experts led by the demonologist Joseph Daniels, two police men, Sergeant Tom Smith and PC Alan Davies, and with the help of Father Gabriel and Father Driscoll they try to solve the case, to solve the haunting terror of, 215 Lexington Avenue.


by Nick Subjak

Two girls were taken as children and held captive. They know themselves only as “Sally”. They lived most of their life in thisâ?¦ strange prison. Their captors… even stranger. Sheltered from the outside, they live most of their days inside pitch black rooms only let out for one specific purpose…

To be read as story or as a duologue.

Steel, the Wandering Gunslinger, and the Cannibals of Knobby Creek Bend

by Keith Luethke

After surviving a grueling duel, Steel wanderings to a town where all the inhabitants are missing, all that is except a girl named, Carrie. She takes him in, tends to his wounds, and begs for the mysterious gunslinger to save her sister who was kidnapped along with the rest of the town by a cult group of cannibals. Steel rides into the unknown desert wastelands armed with only a black .45 pistol and a horse with no name.

Wake Up (Stories From Portville Book 1)

by Marek Záhorec

Bill Hodgson, a respected owner of a multi-million dollar company, has it all. Beautiful house, car, wife, and daughter. Now, an accident leaves him reliving the same day again and again. Forgotten events from the past are catching up to him in the worst way possible.
Welcome to Portville.

Evershade: The Shifter Chronicles

by Michelle Areaux

*New and Lengthened 2018 Edition*

Sixteen-year-old Elle thinks she’s got life in Shady Oaks all under control. She hangs out with her gorgeous best friend Maddox and enjoys the simple, small town life that Shady Oaks brings.
However, after being forced to spend her summer vacation hidden away from her family and friends, she returns home to find herself deep in the middle of a secret that has plagued her family for centuries. Everything is spiraling out of control for Elle and then a mysterious new boy, Asher comes to town. Elle can’t explain it, but she can’t deny the connection she feels to him. Finding herself immersed in a whirlwind relationship with Asher, her friendship with Maddox begins to crumble just as she is nearly attacked by a large wolf. Before she knows it, Elle’s life is spiraling out of control: Maddox is in love with her, she and Asher are in dangerâ?¦ and she learns she’s a Shifter!
If that wasn’t bad enough, she finds herself in the middle of an ages-old war between Shifters and Hunters.
Because Elle is no ordinary girl, she soon discovers her powers just in time to battle a terrifying enemy set out to destroy Shifters and everything supernatural.

Enjoy this first book in a fantastic Wolf Shifter Adventure Series.

The Tree: The First Book of the Chronicles of Ana

by A. White

Five-year-old Ana BuFaye looked across the semi-dark room over at her older sister Helena who was slightly snoring. To her, the shadows on the pastel blue wall-papered wall casted by the moonshine illuminating old tree outside their window are coming to life. The dark, gnarly branches are reaching into the room; across the wall and ceilingâ?¦reaching out to grab her. Her eyes widen when she heard movement. It was merely her sister turns over and pulls the covers closer around her shoulders and snuggles down in the fresh clean sheets mom just washed today. She’s scared but tonight stayed in her own bed because 13-year-old Helena doesn’t like to wake up in the middle of the night with her standing over her or trying to get in bed with her. She says that creeps her out. When things get seriously scary she takes her doll and climb into her sister’s unwelcoming bed no manner what Helena says. Helena mostly push her out or make her go back to her own bed on the right side of the room they shared.

Tonight, was looking like one of those scary nights. She looked at the reproduction a relative did long ago of “Starry Nights” and wished her nights were “starry” instead of scary.


by Zachary Smith

Bob may be a mechanic (and an oil-stained slob) by day, but by night he sees into the hidden world of the fae – and has come up against a foe unlike any he has ever dared face.

The Warlord’s Concubine: A Paranormal Romance Novel

by J.M. Keep

“You’ll serve me no matter what happens. If I come back defeated, and the witches sorcery has driven you mad, I’ll grab you by the hair and drag you into the north to rut still.”

The dark warlord has plans for his newly claimed kingdom. However, Mirella, an indentured servant to the former throne, sees the conquest of the land as an opportunity to elevate herself from slavery.

A life of callous disregard has made her hard. She battles the former princess’ will for the first time and finds new allies and friends, but does she have what it takes to win the love and favor of the brutal conqueror? Or will her station in life yet again be her undoing?

**A dark, paranormal romance with a HEA. Full novel length. Mature audiences only, 18+**

Accidental Death

by Chris Trites

Cassidy Burke is found dead at home lying at the bottom of her stairs. The police have listed her death as accidental. Her husband Jack, doesn’t believe it was an accident but he can’t find any evidence of foul play. When Cassidy returns from the grave and says that their five year old daughter Emma, is in danger he knows he must find out who killed Cassidy and why before it’s too late.

The Vampires of Tor Cliff Asylum

by Amy Cross

Even vampires lose their minds sometimes. And when they do, there’s only one place to send them.

Tor Cliff is an asylum for the most insane and dangerous vampires. Run more like a prison than an asylum, and ruled over by doctors who themselves seem crazier than their patients, Tor Cliff is widely regarded as one of the most hellish places in existence.

Kidnapped and sent to Tor Cliff, Abby Hart soon learns that someone is trying to get to the secret hidden in her mind. Teaming up with the mysterious Madeleine Le Compte, Abby tries to escape, only to discover that something even more dangerous is lurking in the forest beyond the asylum’s walls.

Anasa’s Awakening Immortals Book Three

by Michael Mandrake

To what lengths will Anasa go to find a worthy companion?

Downtrodden and beaten by his Master, Anasa leaves his home for the solitude he can only find on earth. He must decide if serving a demon lord who has no love for him is worth eternal suffering. But the very thought of leaving his master’s side chills him to the bone.

Shifter Neil Arcenaux is content with his life as a loner. His ravenous sexual appetite often overrides his need for substance in his lovers. Relationships don’t agree with this gator. Why start now when life in the Big Easy is just thatâ?¦ easy?

When Neil spots Anasa wading into his territory, his natural instincts kick in, but not the ones he expects. Instead, Neil develops an overwhelming desire to mate with Anasa, even if only for a short while.

Will surrendering to lust and passion give Anasa what he’s always craved?

WARNING: This is a dark Romance! Flashbacks of torture and rough sex as well as on the page violence.

All books in Immortals must be read in order to obtain full enjoyment of the demons from the third plane.

Immortality’s Gift Immortals Book Two

by Michael Mandrake

Bloodsuckers can’t reproduce, or can they?

Vampire Ryland is fiercely committed to his lovers. However, his feelings for the devil’s son are stronger than first thought. Recently, Ryland discovered his two biggest nemeses are part of the horde. Though this infuriates him, his emotions for his master remain.

Despite Ryland’s warnings, his lover Dale is ready to become a vampire. Dale’s dreams of furthering his music career are secondary to this life changing transformation. Until he gets that deeper connection with Ryland and Ryder, he won’t feel complete.

The demon has set his sights on destroying their chance at pure bliss, no matter what the cost. One of the three will carry the symbol of his undying affection through all eternity.

Warning: This is a dark romance! Book contains MPREG, violence, rough sex, and elements of torture.

All books in Immortals must be read in order to obtain full enjoyment of the demons from the third plane.

St Aymon: A Horror Novella

by George Gordon

The year is 1997.

An Englishman moves to his newlywedded wife’s village in the Canadian wilderness. Through a series of letters intended for his family in England, he recounts his experience in his wife’s rural village, St Aymon. The village is located deep inside the boreal forest in the Northwest Territories, hundreds of miles away from civilisation.

In the letters, the newlywed documents sinister activities and the reasons for his rapidly deteriorating physical and mental health. Life, and his new family, are not what he expected. Dark times, the end is nigh.

Evil lurks within the woods.

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