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by Mike P

Marinism is a dirty realism novel about a teenage guy who all at a sudden has decided to become a sailor. He comes back from the USA after nine months of being away and shocks his parents with his new obsession. Endless arguments and fights, final year in high school, graduation and enrolling. Things go by so fast. But, the guy, against the will of his parents, finally becomes a cadet of Marine Academy. Stubborn are meant to succeed. Well, it appears that his shiny dream is not that romantic and delightful. Awareness of failure comes for dessert, but there’s no way back anymore.
The novel is sarcastic mixture of nonsense, bloody fiasco, and youth backed by optimism and booze. Marinism is a story about a sailor who has never put out to the sea, inspired by one hell of a thing called real life.

Simple Tricks and Nonsense

by Sameer Ketkar

Imagine a scifi world where disco dancing is a form of prayer, spacesuits are required burqa-type clothing for both sexes, and the Star Wars movies are a sought-after Holy Grail.

This is the Adolfist religion. In its humble beginnings, though, naïve young messiah Adolf H. Canon doesn’t want any of these things. He is a peace-loving son of God or Dog who hopes to spread the word of peace throughout the galaxy.

But when no one listens to his words of peace, Adolf starts approving of war as a means to an end. He just doesn’t know how far his followers will go to achieve that end.

This scathing religious satire spares no faith from its scorn, and casts God himself as the ultimate unreliable narrator.

One Life Of Lies

by London Poitier

One Life Of Lies is ah Tv show pilot put together by London Poitier. It is based on some San Francisco Bay Area residents in the year 2021. Kanye West is president, and Healthcare is free. But unfortunately Randy is cursed. Every girl he meets has one fatal flaw. Rather it’s a girl who thinks she’s the ghost of 9/11. Or ah girl who throws up, and passes out ever time she hears music. Randy has no luck with the ladies. Along with his asshole friends Jerome The Virgin, and Butch. Randy navigates the difficult world that is his life. Hopefully avoiding Tiffany Saunders Butch’s psycho ex prom date. Prepare for bad language, and tons of gay jokes. As these friends take turns humiliating each other for their own amusement.

Pickup Lines: The Ultimate Book of Pickup Lines. Over 200 Funny, Clever, Cheeky and Adult Pickup Lines and Comebacks (Humor of the Funny Kind 1)

by Puma Pants

Pickup Lines

The Ultimate Book of Pickup Lines. Over 200 Funny, Clever, Cheeky and Adult Pickup Lines and Comebacks

So, you want to brush up on your pickup lines? Well at Puma Pants we have got your back. We know what it’s like to approach a nice piece of crumpet, only to realize that you have nothing to say and to just end up standing there awkwardly looking at her chesticles.

We are also fully aware this this book is great for reading while you’re honking out a dirt snake. So if it ends up being kept in the toilet, fair enough. We have come to terms with it. We have also made sure the pages are as non-absorbent as possible, so if you run out of toilet paper you couldn’t use this book as a makeshift ass wipe even if you want to.

Anyway, get reading and let’s get on with making you into a complete studly dreamboat!

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Yo Mama Jokes: The Ultimate Yo Mama Joke Book with Over 200 Funny, Clever, Cheeky and Adult Yo Mama Jokes (Humor of the Funny Kind 2)

by Puma Pants

Over 200 of the Best and Most Hilarious Yo Mama Jokes on the Planet!

This Book Makes a Fantastic Gift! Get Your Copy Today at This Low Price!

Yo Mama Jokes – The Ultimate Yo Mama Joke Book with Over 200 Funny, Clever, Cheeky and Adult Yo Mama Jokes

Ever had a “Yo mama” battle with someone and wished you have more insults that you could use to degrade their mother with? Well, here at Puma Pants, we know exactly how you feel.

There’s nothing quite like a good yo mama joke. It’s strangely satisfying about insulting the character of someone we have never met just because they happen to be the mother of someone that we don’t like!

We really have narrowed these down to the 200 best mother insults we could find. After countless hours of research and reading, we have compiled a really comprehensive list of all of the very finest, cleverest and of course the most hilarious yo mama jokes on the face of this good earth!

So get reading and fill you heard with the perfect ammunition for your next bout of mother insulting.

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Diary of a Minecraft Lone Wolf (Dog) – Book 4: Unofficial Minecraft Diary Books for Kids, Teens, & Nerds – Adventure Fan Fiction Series (Skeleton Steve … Diaries Collection – Dakota the Lone Wolf)

by Skeleton Steve

Love MINECRAFT? **Over 21,000 words of kid-friendly fun!**
This high-quality fan fiction fantasy diary book is for kids, teens, and nerdy grown-ups who love to read epic stories about their favorite game!

How does a lone wolf save his friends against all odds??

Dakota is lost down near the bedrock, deep underground. His new pack mates, Rex and Winter, are poisoned and webbed up as future food in a huge cave spider nest in a dark abandoned mineshaft! They’ve all lost their alpha, and have no idea how to get home…

Could this misadventure in the cave system under Dakota’s village get any worse?! Now, the lone wolf is alone, starving, still lost deep underground, and has to save his new friends–his new family–from dozens of venomous spiders AND find the way back to Steve on the surface! Will the lone wolf survive and bring his new pack to safety? Or will he be defeated by any of the number of dark and terrible things against him??

Love Minecraft adventure??

Read Book 4 of the Lone Wolf!

Join the Skeleton Steve Club! Check out my main website for details–it’s in the book!
(Get free Minecraft goodies, tips, books, maps, skins, seeds, and more!)

Author’s Note: This is an unofficial Minecraft book. Minecraft is a registered trademark of, and owned by, Mojang AB, and its respective owners, which do not approve, endorse, sponsor, or authorize this book.
Minecraft®/TM & © 2009-2016 Mojang AB/Notch

Murder Trims the Tree: Yooper Christmas Short (A Gertie Johnson Murder Mystery)

by Deb Baker

Yooper Mystery Short, Murder Trims the Tree
From National Bestselling Author, Deb Baker

When Gertie and her cohorts decide to do their court-ordered community service at the local assisted living home during the Christmas season, they get more than they (plea) bargained for.

“A hoot with a heart.” Cozy Library

“A delight to read. In addition to the engaging mystery, it’s a wonderful story of the love of family and friends.” Mysterious Review

“One of the most memorable heroines in recent crime fiction.” Lansing State Journal

MEMES: Ultimate Memes & Jokes 2018 â?? Pretty Man Girl â?? Funniest Memes on the Planet: Funny Memes 2018, Dank Memes, Memes Free, Memes XL, Pikachu Books, Roasts

by Toothy McScrumble

NEW MEMES IN EVERY BOOK! Fresh and hilarious memes from 2018


Download for FREE using Kindle Unlimited
Dank. Fresh. Hilarious.

This book contains over 2000 pages of memes! I’ve gathered here the best memes on the internet for you to easily browse in one place.
Since we love laughing at funny memes and pictures, we decided to create a series of books showcasing hilarious memes we find throughout the day from all over the internet. We’ve even found some memes in that old crusty sock you keep under your bedâ?¦
Book is not appropriate for young kids. May have adult language or adult themes. Reader discretion is advised

HAVE FUN! And let us know what you liked and where we can improve by leaving a review!
Memes n memes n memes n memes n memesâ?¦all day every day memes

More Nursing Home Mayhem: A Humorous Look at Life as a Volunteer Nursing Home Piano Player: Year 3

by Lori O’Brien

The hilarity continues as Lori O’Brien faces her third year as a volunteer piano player at the Happy Haven Nursing Home in New England. Will the staff acknowledge her? Will the residents embrace her? Will the third time indeed be a charm, as the saying goes?

Look no further than the title of this book for the answers to those questions. More Nursing Home Mayhem is exactly what transpires. The saga continues, with ornery residents, aloof staff, and one lowly piano player with a dream: a dream to make people happy with her music.

Following on the heels of Would Mick Jagger Put Up with This? and Play Something Peppy!, More Nursing Home Mayhem delivers the same knee-slapping humor. You’ll be rolling on the floor as you read about everyone’s favorite character, the Clapper, along with many other charming, aggravating, quirky, and bewildering residents of the Happy Haven Nursing Home.

Play Something Peppy!: A Humorous Look at Life as a Volunteer Nursing Home Piano Player: Year 2

by Lori O’Brien

Lori O’Brien’s first book, Would Mick Jagger Put Up with This? A Humorous Look at Life as a Volunteer Nursing Home Piano Player, introduced the world to the enthusiastic Clapper, the feisty Speedy Gonzalez, and other colorful residents of the Happy Haven Nursing Home in New England.

More hilarity ensues in Play Something Peppy! as Lori contends with many new residents, including the less kindly old lady, Miss Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and Don Juan, in addition to all the old regulars whom her readers have come to know and love.

Laugh out loud as Lori continues her struggle to please the residents, befriend the staff, and attain that elusive peace of mind that volunteering is supposed to bring!

Dad Jokes: 101 Hilariously Awful Dad Jokes

by Dave Smith


Dad Jokes are the funniest, unfunny jokes around! Whether they make us laugh or groan, they’re sure to put a smile on all of our faces!

This book contains 101 hilariously bad family-friendly Dad Jokes that anyone should be able to understand and enjoy, illustrated for the authentic “Dad” experience!

Tease your Dad about his corny sense of humour with this amusingly awful joke book!

Experience the joy (or agony) of Dad Jokes inside!

Movie Dynasty Princesses: Irene Mayer Selznick and Edith Mayer Goetz

by Jennifer K. Lafferty

The fascinating lives of celebrated Broadway producer Irene Mayer Selznick (“A Streetcar Named Desire”; “The Chalk Garden”), and leading socialite Edith Mayer Goetz, are explored in this revealing double bio. As the daughters of iconic MGM mogul Louis B. Mayer, they were Hollywood royalty. Through their marriages to high profile film producers — Irene to David O. Selznick (“Gone with the Wind”) and Edith to future Universal mogul William Goetz — the sisters each carved out her own distinctive niche in Hollywood, while supporting and influencing their husbands’ work. Edie rose to prominence as queen bee of movie industry society. Irene left her husband and started a new life in New York, where she embarked on an ambitious career as a theatrical producer, not only succeeding with major hit plays, but blazing a trail for women in the theater. Set against the glamorous backdrop of Hollywood’s Golden Age and post-war Broadway, “Movie Dynasty Princesses” chronicles the exciting, inspiring and sometimes heartbreaking journeys of these rivalrous sisters who strove to make their dreams come true

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