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Castro’s Lost Art: A Modern Cozy Mystery (Jack Seven Mysteries Book 1)

by Jamie Lane

When the shocking murder at a posh Key West art gallery forces a cancellation of the opening night show, a shadowy connection from Jack Seven’s past coaxes him into matching wits with the cunning culprit behind the ghastly crime.

With the body count risingâ??and a suspect list matching the entire exhibition castâ??will Jack be able to uncover and connect all their sordid secrets before the local police can railroad his old and dear friend?

CASTRO’S LOST ART is the first book in a new Modern Cozy Mystery series by Jamie Lane.

Visions of Sugar Plums: A Magical Sequel to Second Chances

by T.M. Franklin

It’s been nine years since Carter Reed’s mystical journey to an alternate reality taught him about love and loss . . . and second chances. Since his return, he’s made it his mission to be the best husband and father he can possibly be.

But as the holiday season approaches, Carterâ??s children face a crisis of faith, and it could be that only another miracle can save the day.

If you enjoyed Second Chances, you’ll love this peek into Carter and Kenzie’s happily ever after. Visions of Sugar Plums will take you on a magical journey where anything is possible . . . and Christmas wishes can come true, if you only believe.

Zapatitos de cristal: y otros cuentos psicológicos (Spanish Edition)

by Guillermo Pegoraro

Cada uno de los intrincados actos que generan amor u odio, felicidad o tristeza, pueden ser explicados por la psicologíaâ?¦ y también por la experiencia de sus protagonistas. “Zapatitos de cristal” es una recopilación de relatos que se inmiscuye en el terreno del desamor, las aventuras sexuales, el aborto, el femicidio, el ateísmo y en un sin número de situaciones en donde el humano es analfabeto.

Towards the Within

by Reece Willis

Sometimes the further you distance yourself, the closer you are to the truth.

What starts out as a simple trip around India soon becomes a psychological journey into the darkness of Sam’s past. One he knows there’s no running from.

When Sam decides to give up his mundane life and travel to India he has no idea what he’ll do when he gets there and it isn’t long before his lack of preparation takes its toll.

Vulnerable and alone, Sam is haunted by memories of his childhood and as he struggles to make sense of the pain he has suffered he follows a dangerous path that has devastating consequences.

Towards the Within tells the story of Sam, a young man who embarks on a journey to India to escape his normal life in England. It could have been anywhere, but the mystique of Asia and India in particular attracted Sam who was looking for a new adventure.

Along the way Sam meets many new people, some Indian residents of the country he is visiting as well as a number of fellow travelers. At times it can be hard to tell friends from foes, but Sam often has little choice but to put his trust in those around him and as a result embraces the friendship and even love he is shown.

Throughout the trip Sam is confronted by memories of his childhood and for the first time he tackles past relationships in order to try and understand the anxiety and depression that has followed him into his adult life.

As he comes to terms with his old life and looks forward to a new beginning, an unexpected enemy is revealed and Sam is left with a difficult choice to make.

High Time

by Tony Whelpton

High Time, by Tony Whelpton, is a gripping read that really made my heart ache…

Eight year old Ruth Reid has a major preoccupation in her life, summed up by the question she keeps asking her mother, and which her mother never answers: ‘Why don’t I have a grandma or grandad? All my friends at school do!’

Why doesn’t Ruth’s mother answer? Partly because she thinks Ruth is too young to be told, partly because she is afraid that the answer will reopen old wounds in her own heart.

Ruth’s mother, Susan, is a white working-class girl from Nottingham, who ran away to London with her boyfriend Courtney, a black immigrant from Jamaica, after constant rows with her parents, and after Courtney was assaulted in what the national newspapers termed the Nottingham Race Riots in 1958.

Author Tony Whelpton portrays with impressive realism this story from his own home town, and describes not only the highs and lows of the story of Ruth’s parents, but also those experienced by her grandparents, who don’t even know of her existence. There is heartache a-plenty on all sides, but a great deal of happiness too, as readers of octogenarian novelist Tony Whelpton’s works have come to expect.

Tony’s many admirers will be anticipating his latest novel with great enthusiasm. If you haven’t yet read any of his books, it is undoubtedly High Time that you joined them!

Rescued By The Dragon: Paranormal Romance

by Rachel S. William

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Spring Break has finally arrived and for a group of hard-working college students
at Harvard University, that means a well-earned week of binge-drinking and flea
market shopping in Cancun, Mexico.

Yet, for Jessica, even the allure of cheap alcohol isn’t enough to excite her.
For the chain-smoker with an attitude, nothing short of an adventure would satisfy her.

After a chance encounter with the stranger on the beach, she decides to go on
a hunt for the ancient Dragon-God everyone claims exists, but no one has ever seen.

Rescued By The Dragon is a standalone dragon shifter romance. No cliffhangers!

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Water Moon: Storie oscure di vita americana (Italian Edition)

by Nathaniel Lake

Tenebrosa e inquietante, questa raccolta di sette racconti rievoca i tempi ostili dell’America che fu. Quando la vita non era solo tè e torte di mele, come tutti i personaggi di questi racconti potranno confermarvi. Perché si sa, a volte le cose possono finire molto male… In questi racconti scoprirete un lato dell’America che non avete mai visto, luoghi dove la polvere nasconde molto più che la semplice memoria di chi non c’è più.

Questo ebook è realizzato con i migliori software disponibili sul mercato e le migliori procedure multimediali, tutto per offrire la migliore esperienza di lettura possibile.

A come armatura: Una storia degli anni 70 (Italian Edition)

by Oscar Logoteta

Questo libro è la storia di una vita, la storia di Nino.
Come in una bella canzone di De Gregori – “Nino non aver paura di tirare un calcio di rigore” in questo libro di rigori non se ne tirano, ma di paura se ne parla.
La paura di sapere, la paura di scegliere, la paura di amare, la paura di diventare grandi, la paura di morire, la paura di credere in qualcosa più grande di noi o semplicemente la paura di essere dalla parte giusta.
Gli anni di piombo sono stati anni cruenti, estremi per certi versi. Stragi, lotte armate, attentati, morti. Tanti morti. Troppi e inutili.
Questo libro racconta di questo.
Di un padre del sud immigrato a Milano negli anni ’50 in cerca di fortuna, di una dolce madre anch’essa immigrata e di un figlio, Antonino Laganà che crescendo inconsapevolmente viene accompagnato dal suo destino in una delle pagine più violente e controverse della storia politica e non-politica italiana. Non so se davvero questo Nino sia vissuto veramente in quegli anni, ma dopo aver letto questo libro penso di non volerlo sapere. Perché in fin dei conti è pur sempre una storia, e una bella storia, anche se inventata, credo valga la pena raccontarla sempre.

The Futures

by G.M. Whitley

It’s 2075. World hunger is a thing of the past. So is homelessness. It’s a near utopia. Or is it?

Guided by the caring Facilitators of Peace Out, society’s terminally ill and aged leave on their own terms.

Under the provisions of Basic Living, no American goes without food, shelter, and employment.

In Sanctuary, those who cannot care for themselves have a place as wards of the government.

It’s the futures. Which one is yours?

Underground Dragon Flames

by Rachel S. Williams

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Esme is all about appearances. With two parents who jointly own a fashion company,
she has no choice but to be. But aren’t we all? Isn’t there always a deeper secret we
use our mascara and our fashion labels to cover up?

For Esme, this secret is that she is not entirely human, or, in fact human at all.
Underneath the Parisian fashion scene is the Parisian dragon scene, an
underground network of fire breathing shape-shifters, Esme has but only to
phase to become a part of.

With her Age fast approaching, she must chose two dragon men to mate with so that
she may fully transform, only her budding interest in a human male has completely
distracted herâ?¦

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NOTE: This book contains adult themes and situations. It is meant for adult eyes only!

A Collection of Letters (ApeBook Classics 25)

by Jane Austen

“A Collection of Letters” is an early and not well-known work by the famous author of such great novels like “Pride and Prejudice”, “Sense and Sensibility”, “Emma”, “Northanger Abbey”, “Mansfield Park” and others. The book is written in the form of an epistolary novel what makes it seem to be very vivid and authentic. It´s a relatively short but also very interesting text, because you can already see a rough idea for the later “Sense and Sensibility” in it. A very nice read, especially for Austen fans.

Dragonâ??s Babe

by Rachel S. William

Who will she pick? Will she decide not to choose between the two men she finds
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Kate is your average girl. She grew up in a small town full of people who
constantly bullied her about her weight. Once she went off to college her
entire life changed.

She decided to be a burlesque dancer and it was the best decision she ever made.
It gave her the confidence that she never thought she’d ever have.

This same confidence is going to put her right into the arms of a dragon.
Two, actually. When she applies to work at a local club she can’t possibly
know what she’s getting herself into.

With two dragons fighting for her attention she suddenly finds herself in a very precarious situation. Who will she pick? Will she decide not to choose between the two men she finds
herself falling for?

Dragon’s babe is a standalone dragon shifter romance. No cliffhangers!

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