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How To Get Over That Break Up: Yes you really can move on with this step by step tried and tested guide!

by F.R Ali


Even if you are at rock-bottom right now this book is going to help you navigate your way out.

You will learn how to deal and process all those crazy frightening emotions you are feeling.

After reading this guide, you will ultimately surprise yourself when you see how strong your come back will be!

Break ups can be tough actually they can pretty much destroy you!

When someone betrays you, hurts you or simply just walks away, your whole world can seem like it is shattering around you.

Yes it may shatter, but you can without a doubt put it back together again.

There is no need to cause yourself unnecessary setbacks and prolong your suffering.

Why would anyone want to stay in pain any longer than they have to?

This is a POWERFUL guide really digs deep into the pain following a break up and teaches you how to heal as quickly as possible!

Suzy’s Birthday Adventure

by Joe Clarke

This beautifully detailed illustrated book tells a story where the parents set up their child to experience an amazing fun in the city.

Parents are usually creative when it comes to celebrating their child’s birthday. Each year they often try to do something different from the last in order to provide a wonderful lasting experience for the their child.

Highly recommended for children less than 10 years.

IN A HURRICANE OF VIOLENCE: Fleeing the Storm of Domestic Abuse

by Nika Smith

A true story of one mother’s desperate journey to save her children and herself from a brutal abuser and a corrupt system.

The average life of two young boys quickly turns into a nightmare at the hands of their father. Their motherâ??isolated, abused, and debased by her husbandâ??begins a long and difficult journey to escape the storm of violence and manipulation. Their escape is fraught with peril and includes both real-life villains and true heroes. Eventually, they flee their formerly communistic country for England, and it is there that they truly begin to experience freedom and safety.

In a Hurricane of Violence is part memoir and part self-help book. Whether readers are caught in their own storms of violence or want to help someone else escape abuse or simply want to understand the mechanism of domestic violence, this book is for everyone. The story of Nika and her children unfolds in a dramatic, heart-wrenching tale that one wishes was fiction, but the underlying strength of this small family will pull the reader from the darkest moments. After each chapter, a retrospective is included to help readers understand how domestic violence ensnares its victims and how to find the path to true freedom and recovery.

How to Save a Marriage: 9 Tips of the Family Psychologist

by Andrew Sharp

  • Some tips from a family psychologist.
  • 9 pieces of advice to know how to save family relationships. In this article, you will find out the main causes of spouses’ disagreements and ways to solve them.
  • Tips of the family psychologist for married couples.

“The world of people who love each other is fragile and defenseless, both to the outside environment and to its inhabitants. Perhaps, the last is even more dangerous for this world, because they destroy the happiness with their own hands.

It really seems to be a fairytale at the beginning: flowers, first dating, shining eyes, getting electrical discharges even after an accidental contact, a state of inspiration, the ecstasy from a kiss. There is the whole world in marvelous, unseen colors.

Then your feelings are not completely lost, but there is coldness, hostility, and alienation between those who used to love each other, and it gradually leads to total indifference and break-up. Serious mistakes were made on both sides.”

Raising Happy Children: The Single Parenting Handbook

by Elsa Hughes

Teamwork is essential when it comes to the task of raising children. It is said that teamwork is made much easier when the two parents are together and living under the same roof, as each can take turns with the responsibilities that go along with child-rearing while giving the other a chance to take a short break in the interim. On the other hand, there is that group of single parents who do not have the luxury of relying on one another when it comes to the grind of daily life with the children. As the divorce rate continues its upward climb, single-parent families are seemingly becoming the norm.

As a matter of fact, single parenting statistics cite that approximately 13.6 million adults in the United States are presently raising their minor children in the one-parent environment. In many instances, the occurrence of raising a child as a single parent is the outcome of a divorce in the family. As a result, the number of single father parenting households is on the rise. Regardless, it is comforting to know that if a child must be brought up in a single parent home, he still has just as much a chance of successfully thriving in his future life as a child who has both of his parents together on a daily basis.

Book Content Includes:

Chapter 1 – Being A Single Parent Does Not Mean Raising An Unstable Child

Chapter 2 – How The Challenge Of Single Parenting Affects Your Decision To Divorce

Chapter 3 – Top Common Single Parent Fears

Chapter 4 – Benefits of Being a Single Parent

Chapter 5 – Tips On Dealing With Parenthood

Chapter 6 – What Are the Negative Effects of Being a Single Parent?

Chapter 7 – Support for Single Parents

Chapter 8 – How to Be in the Dating Game As a Single Parent

Potty Training: The Boss of the Potty: A tasteful and fun children’s story book for stress-free potty training

by Henry Aabb

The Boss of the Potty is a charming and effective story about a boy who runs off and hides whenever he needs a poo. The strong central message encourages a child to use the potty by showing the positive outcome of his actions.

The book was written and illustrated by a father trying to help his own son overcome a fear of using the potty. The pictures are drawn to a very high standard and are attractive to look at. The book is tasteful (no pictures of poo for example) and is presented in a matter of fact way. The main character’s Mummy explains to him what poo is. She tells him that he is in charge of where the poo goes – he, and nobody else, is the â??Boss of the Potty’.

The book is straightforward enough for a toddler to follow without being too simplistic and basic. The images are colourful and warm. The text is written in rhyme with a nice rhythm keeping the pace moving throughout the story. At the beginning of the story we see the parents’ sadness at having to change nappies, but once the main character starts using the potty his entire family gather round to show how happy they are.The book handles the concept of inevitable â??accidents’ well by reminding the reader that they will happen but what’s important is trying to get to the potty before they happen.

The book was specifically written for Kindle. As such it is formatted perfectly and is very readable on screen.

The author draws from his own experiences helping his son with potty training. A bonus at the end of the book is a brief poem for parents who may be frustrated by the experience – a welcome reminder that they are not alone.

Infidelity: Why People Cheat, Getting Over Being Cheated on, How to Forgive a Cheater and How to Help Your Partner Heal After Unfaithfulness

by Amelia Farris

Infidelity: Why People Cheat, Getting Over Being Cheated on, How to Forgive a Cheater and How to Help Your Partner Heal After Unfaithfulness

Cheating and Infidelity is a very complex subject. Most people’s definition of what constitutes as cheating is different. There are different forms of infidelity on both in the physical and emotional sense and they occur at varying levels. So infidelity isn’t as black and whist as some may think.

This book covers a whole host of subjects surrounding the topic of cheating. It discusses what constitutes and cheating and in what forms these things can come, the hidden reasons behind why people cheat, getting over a cheating ex and dealing with trust issues in future, forgiving your partner for committing some form of infidelity, re-building broken trust and much more.

So no matter what you’re looking for this interesting and informative book covers everything you will need to know about infidelity in a concise and easy to read format.

Improve Your Conversations: How Talk To Anyone, Improve Your Social Skills, Making Conversation and Small Talk, Keeping Conversations Going and Always … of Success and Self Improvement Book 5)

by James Umber

Improve Your Conversations

How Talk To Anyone, Improve Your Social Skills, Making Conversation and Small Talk, Keeping Conversations Going and Always Know What to Say

Many people experience problems in communicating socially as well as they would like to. Do you suffer from anxiety, insecurity, or a simple lack of knowledge about what it takes to make a stimulating conversation? If so then this book is perfect for you.

Sometimes you may find yourself eager to engage a stranger in a shop or a bus station, but something prevents you from going ahead. Maybe because you fear being boring or inappropriate. What should you say to open up a conversation? What if they reject you? This can really hold you back in life and stop you from gaining valuable new connections, friends and romantic interests. So it’s very important that we not only have the confidence to talk to other people but that we also know exactly what to say and how to keep an interesting and engaging conversation going without it seeming forced or false.

This book set you on the fast track to becoming a master of communication. You will discover that it is not actually too complicated to get rid of your fears, barriers, or preconceptions if you really want to improve your communication with people.

Preaching to the Stupid: How to stop being your own worst enemy

by P. Angelo

This book is not going to be fun to read, as it was never my intention to entertain you. But I will tell you what your parents and teachers never did: how to be street smart.

Your Pregnancy Wellbeing at Work: Managing Work and Pregnancy Successfully

by Emma Thomson

Updated and revised in 2018, this book offers a step by step guide on how best to plan your pregnancy journey at work. It includes a week by week checklist with key dates and deadlines. Most women working full time spend on average, three quarters of their pregnancy at work. With pregnancy discrimination still common amongst employers, the result is that many women find the experience of working whilst pregnant stressful and demanding. It doesn’t have to be. This book covers topics such as planning for maternity, how to look after your wellbeing and keep stress levels low and how to communicate with your employer effectively. It’s full of practical advice and no nonsense self-help tips on how to get the best out of what should be a unique and very happy experience.

Questions with the author:
Q: Who is this book for?
A: Anyone who is working and planning a pregnancy in the future and all those who are working and already pregnant.
Q: Won’t my employer tell me all this? Or my midwife?
A: No! Your employer has certain obligations which include keeping you safe at work and providing you with relevant maternity pay and leave provisions. They will advise you on their company maternity policy and your statutory rights but that is likely all they’ll do.
Your midwife will see you a few times through your pregnancy to monitor the health of you and your baby and advise on motherhood. Although they will do their best to answer any questions you have, they are experts in maternity care, not employment.

WHEN WORDS FAIL: Heart’s Desires From The Sickbed (HEART DESIRES)

by Doris Reinthaler

because it is a narrative of needs, hopes and desires from the perspective of the sick or exhausted person. Concise thoughts are offered to help gain new clarity about one´s own feelings, put them into words and be able to talk about them – with one´s self, with others and especially with the One, who created us.
To do this requires courage – or maybe just the right words – especially, when a person is reliant on the favor of others.
This book can provide help and benefit not just for patients, but also relatives, “healthy” people and those who work in health care professions.

With a foreword by Prof. Dr. I. Virgolini, Head of Institute of the University Clinic of Nuclear Medicine in Innsbruck and Council Member of the Medical University of Vienna

The Hall of Mirrors: How to Change Life Patterns and Avoid Toxic Relationships

by Kath Twigg

Are you trapped in an unhealthy relationship? Do you want to avoid past mistakes? Do you want to live a life free from abuse? Do you simply wonder why people find it so hard to escape abusive relationships?

The Hall of Mirrors is the compelling story of a professional woman who is also a survivor of domestic abuse, told in her own words. Her early experiences set the scene for later relationships, where patterns of abuse and unhappiness dominated her life. She tells of her struggle to escape from this cycle over many years, its power over her thoughts and actions and her ultimate success in escaping from its grasp; an emotional journey which enabled her to find and respect her true self.

This book is a gripping page turner with all the elements of a best seller. If you are trapped in an unhealthy relationship, seeking to avoid past mistakes, working with people who experience abuse or simply wondering why anyone would stay in an abusive relationship, this book is for you. The Hall of Mirrors is courageously written, talking openly about abusive relationships to help people in the same position to find the strength and courage to leave and move on.

246 Conversation Starters for Family Discussions: Start Dinner Conversation with Your Child, Get Them to Listen More, Improve Social Intelligence & Responsibility

by Ann R. Sutton

Is your family talking?

Are you doing much bonding at the dinner?

Many families tend to run out of things to discuss in order to increase harmony, love and deeper unity. No matter how busy you are, having a conversation starter will help you to begin a good conversation with your family, connect at a deeper level, and also reach a reasonable height of understanding. This is also advantageous in getting your kid and spouse to talk about their opinions freely and to request for a particular change where needed. Openness and honesty will be improved, and you will become a team.

The solution

Using these conversation starters, you will discover that there are new topics to talk about, depending on the type of conversation you want to have. You will be able to ask different questions and get their answers without making a family member feel like they are being interrogated. The issue of lack of trust will be put to rest, even as you ask the right questions and get the right answers. This will improve social and emotional learning between kids and parents, which ultimately equates to success in your personal relationships.
You are also going to learn how to ask questions about
– Emotions
– Money
– Alcohol and drug use
– Friends and peer pressure
– Love and sex
– Relationship
– School and learning
– Spirituality
– Morals, etc.
Out of 246 questions, you will realize that things will stay fresh and exciting for a very long time.

Add this book to your library and you will never regret it.

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