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Expanding Passion: A Book Of Poetry

by Steven Jennings

Expanding Passion is a book of Poetry written by a man with many passions. It explores sensuality, spirituality, sexuality and social issues. This compilation of poems is intended to stimulate thinking, bring about reflection, and ultimately, expand the passions of the reader

Love, Lust, and Betrayal

by Mrz Different

MrzDifferent presents a pure adrenaline rush in her new poetry collection about sexual encounters and relationships of all types. She is redefining the genre of sexual fiction with her stylish and intimate verses about love, passion, jealousy, rage, neglect, distrustâ??and all the other positive and negative emotions a relationship inspires. Some of MrzDifferent’s poems read as odes to desire. Others serve as careful warnings about getting too entangled in unstable relationships.

Many poems focus on the pure ecstasy of a sexual encounter or forbidden tryst. MrzDifferent’s heroines take control of their own pleasure and know exactly what they want. Sometimes this ends in a passionate embrace. In other cases, it leads to scandal and betrayal. Poems like “Used” and “Rebound” show the flurry of emotions that result when a lover is dishonest and disrespectful.

MrzDifferent also chronicles the many forms pleasure can take for both men and women. Her characters explore bisexuality in “Female King,” “Double Life,” and other vignettes. Her work is honest, raw, and intimate. You’ll be hooked by the surprising twists and humorous moments. Tempting encounters and hidden passions make Love, Lust, and Betrayal a tantalizing read.


by Adam Lansing

Come on a journey of the heart and soul, of images painted, and images abstract with this first full length publication from Adam W. Lansing.

Notes Along the Way: Zen Poems

by Robert A. Sommers

Entertaining and enlightening, these thought-provoking and inspiring poems reflect the spirit of Zen. Robert A. Sommers is a clinical psychologist and long-time Zen practitioner. He has worked as a psychotherapist, teacher and mental health center administrator, and is the author of My Zen, Your Zen.

my love is enough for the both of us?

by Aleksandra A. T.

”Aleksandra writes about love. All its rough edges. Never saccharine, but sometimes sweet. Always painful but never hopeless.”
Krislin Jõgi

Aleksandra A. T. is an Estonian poetess. She was Estonian Poetry Slam’s winner in 2014. Her first book ”Armastus vaikib mind maha” was nominanted for Betti Alver’s award.

One For the Books

by Leslie Vardaman

Leslie Lorraine Vardaman, known mainly and formally by her official monikers, Samantha Komodo and “Cheezi D”, is a gray wolf and American author, poet and songwriter.
She has been writing series of more than many fiction/action/thriller series
books since the pup age of five; with her most famous hits apparently
being “Lone Wolves” and her most recently self published, all anti-villain
main cast crime drama saga, “Lobo Thunder/The Hystericals”. So far, her
current writing ambitions include writing to express not only her
own physical emotions into her works, but also those maybe of other animal
beings around her in the world as well.

La Toma del Poder por la Poesía (Spanish Edition)

by José Luis Contreras Vargas

Una recopilación de 17 poemas de otros libros publicados por el autor.

1. Voy a Ser Panfletario
2. Héroes de Nuestra Íntima Utopía
3. Memoria y Olvido
4. Comunicado No. 1
5. Comunicado No. 2
6. Ortodoxia
7. De una Vez y para Siempre
8. De Querer y No Querer
9. Me dijiste
10. Conspiramos a un Lado del Mar
11. Con la Parvada Rebelde
12. Ellos y Yo
13. Ágora
14. Utopía
15. Te Debo un Poema Insurrecto
16. En el Inventario
17. A una Mujer que no Entendía Poesía

Sky Ray Lolly

by fiona pitt-kethley

A collection of satirical poems that made a big hit in 1986

Pocket Words

by Phoenix

Words that fit in your pocket.

Poems scrawled wildly on the back of bank slips, scraps of paper, as phone text messages, and composed in the head on the spot.

Conceptual poetry meets the Minimalists: the technique of the concept and the brevity of minimalism.

Brief and pithy, short and sweet, detached and isolated, anti-lyrical and descriptive.

Pocket this.

Greetings Earthlings For Your Sweetheart Vol. 1: 99 Rhymes For Greeting Cards ECards Notes Sent With Flowers Flirtatious Texts or Toasts

by Mark Dexter Lewis

Lost in thought? At a loss for words? You are right where you need to be, you must have heard. Here you will find the words that will say, the things you’ve been trying to say all day. “She’s so lithe and so lovely”, “he’s so brave and so true”,. The one I can trust for the right thing to do. “Nice to have met”, “Can we do it again?” “I’m so looking forward to remembering when.” Rhymes that will stir the heart and more, possibly shake you to your very core. Though not likely, I think, though you may be bemused. What are they like? Well, I’ve given you clues. Rhyming is cool, as everyone knows. Poetry says it much better than prose. Would I use them myself? Yes! They all have my vote. It’s so handy a reference for passing sweet notes. I believe you will find this a worthy collection of rhyming lines meant to convey your affection.
99 greeting card style rhymes. The answer to the question “What would you like on the card”. Two, four, six and eight line rhymes designed to to say something nice to someone you care for. Sometimes three little words (I love you) are enough, yet often you want to say something more. Something with rhythm that flows when it’s read, that touches the heart before it goes to the head. From this collection of 99, you will find something to suit the occasion, be a card with a gift, or a note for no reason, or raising a glass in salutation. The rhymes are arranged in alphabetical order. Each rhyme’s first line is a chapter title. Each rhyme is a single page chapter. Arranged for easy navigation. Thank you!, for reading this far. Please look at the other books in this series, also available here.

Breaking at the Mouth

by S.T. Fujikoh

A collection of finger-whispers to the void-net, spanning between adolescence and adulthood, crossing silent storms to questions that have colored my life in hues of blue. I offer you poems and journals of truth, an attempt by my fingers to translate for the mouth when the verbal was broken.

Relatos De Amor y Delirio (Spanish Edition)

by josé Fabio Herrera Valerio

Relatos cortos dedicados a sueños, pensamientos, experiencias y personas,


by Jeremiah Goldmann

“Get it now!!!!”

Enchantingly sweet, funny, and always on point, Womanly Poetry is all about understanding the complex nature of the modern woman through that timeless medium that is poetry.

There are some things that only a woman will experience and understand. In six chapters and 33 (some short, some long) poems, we delve into the wonderful and mysterious world of women, and give you laughter. From “Woman Saves the World” to “Woman Becomes a Mummy”, each chapter is filled with an honest portrayal of the trials and tribulations of what it means to be a woman; and as a woman you’ll nod your head with recognition and as a man, you won’t be able to do anything else but appreciate them, except to laugh with them.

***We’d love to hear your views and ideas and the magic that happens inside your heads, so please do leave a review when you read this book.This can only help us improve our writing.***

OVER THE YEARS: A compilation of Poems, Sketches & Micro Stories..

by Maneesh Dutt

We are all looking for our streams to flow in in the currents of life. “Over the years” is a an expression of thoughts and feelings of the author Maneesh Dutt conveyed through his Poems and Sketches coupled with Micro Stories on the the inspiration behind the poems. Whether you are a student or a working professional or a homemaker, you will be able to easily identify with some of the life situations captured in the poems. And who knows this may well motivate you to start compiling your own chapbook of poems and experiences….

Distance From The Hurricane

by Amethyst

My life has lied to me

Told me the truth

And hurt me

My life has scarred me

Wounded me

And brought pain to others

Let my lessons be yours

Let my defeats guide you to victory

10 Poems of past love

10 Poems of lessons learn

10 Poems of future hopes

And dreams

Read my heart

Read my mind

Read my soul

Ingest my sorrow

Digest my experience

The Hurricane is upon us

Let distance save are hearts

And minds.

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