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10 Minutes Minimalism Guide: 11 Rules Of Having More With Less And Freeing Up The Hoard

by Renae K. Elsworth

 Hey, it’s time to cut off the clutter, gain control over your budget and experience the power of minimalism with less effort.

Imagine how your life will change if you can get rid of all the clutter from your mind and from your life? Imagine if you had the ability to clear out the useless thoughts that give you sleepless nights? If you could get rid of unnecessary belongings from your home? Imagine living the carefree, clutter-free, and financially stable lifestyle you so much desire?

You’ll experience a life many people dream of. A life where less is more. You will have the ability to smile through each day as you unburden yourself and take a proven minimalist approach to a better life and a better you. What’s more, you will have the opportunity to regain control over your finances and live a debt-free life.

This is possible if you incorporate the power and value contained in ’10 Minutes Minimalism Guide’. Each step in the book takes less than 10 minutes and contains actionable stuff to help you achieve a life of minimalism. Implementing the easy tips helps you get rid of the clutter in your house, effectively manage your finances, and free up the hoard in your mind and life. Think about it, what if you get the power to cut off the unnecessary fluff from your mind, life, and house? I can’t think of an experience that’ll be as life-changing as this.

Sparing just 10 minutes of your day will unburden you, free up the hoard and make your life a million times joyful, satisfied and fulfilled. Have you ever dreamed of a life where you are not as burdened as you are now? Don’t you think it’s time to get an actionable guide on how to declutter your mind, life, and house and enjoy the power of minimalism?

10 Minutes Minimalism Guide is effective because it zones into your pain points and empathically guides you from your point of view. What’s more, you put in less effort and less time but more commitment and consistency. It contains simple yet effective steps and approaches to a happier, minimalistic life.


In 10 minutes minimalism guide: 11 Rules Of Being More With Less And Free Up The Hoard, you will find:

  • Specific tips on how to declutter your mind and prioritize your thoughts.
  • Actionable guidelines on how to control your budgets, cut down on unnecessary spending and impulse buying to attain your preferred financial goals.
  • Step by step guidelines on how to get rid of the clutter in your home, spruce your home up and free up space.
  • How to regain control of your life and attract happiness instead of following it in futility.
  • Reconsider and repurpose your life to align with your goals and aspirations.
  • How to expertly organize your personal space for better productivity.
  • Proven strategies to save money by going the minimalistic way.
  • And much, much more.

You may be a step away from the clutter-free life you’ve always dreamed of, the sanity of mind you desire, a budget within your means and even the personal space you deserve. Just 10 minutes a day and you’ll be on the way to the calm, fulfilling, and tranquil life you’re missing out from. So, are you willing to drop the clutter and experience a joy filled life?

What seems possible in dreams is now achievable. So, why not go the minimalistic way?

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Cognition Switch #1

by Peter Harrison

Cognition Switch: An Artefact for the Transmission of New Ideas

Issue #1: December 2018
Featuring Ideas by: Peter Harrison, Marcel Zentner, George Zarkadakisis, Danielle Celermajer, Paul Raeburn, Scott Samuelson, Nicolas Langlitz, Andrew Taggart, Donald S Lopez Jr, and Regina Rini

Women Wrestle Trump for Power: Donald Trump Faces Female Impeachment Backlash

by Dave Masko

Women Wrestle Trump for Power, by Dave Masko. Americans want perfect truth, perfect honesty, perfect candor as qualities of character they want in a president. Meanwhile, there is nothing comparable to the endurance of good American women now in control of the House of Representatives and ready to remove one of history’s most odious self-proclaimed “nationalist” dictators. Donald Trump is not only a white nationalist racist but the most hated man in America. This is mainly because of Trump’s never ending misogyny that hurts women of color, women in the media and all women who hate men who lie. And just as George Orwell’s “1984” proved to be an abiding prophecy of Trump’s dystopic future for so many good women in America, Trump’s evil actions and tweets deliver “red meat” evil to Trump’s Republican backers who have turned a blinded-eye to the evil that Trump does to women over and over and over again without anyone stopping evil Trump. Why? This special “new journalism” report features essays that explain the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Trump misogyny and why women in this new “Blue Wave” House of Representatives are willing and able to impeach Trump “in a heart-beat for the pain Trump has caused all Americans over this past two years of living in Trump presidential hell,” explains #MeToo activist Pam Vogel of Newport, Oregon, during a recent “Impeach Trump” rally along Oregon’s usual peaceful central coast. “We are here today to say NO MORE TRUMP because our hearts and minds cannot endure this continued dystopic future demanded by woman hater Donald Trump,” added Vogel with a deep sense of chagrin “that good Americans must spend most of their free time fighting off the evil that Trump does to dismantle our values and democracy.” Vogel and others who are proud to say they participated in the famed “Women’s March on Washington” are now “embracing that quaint good American vision of enduring love, caring and protecting our nation from the pure evil that is and has always been racist, womanizer rich man Donald Trump.” In turn, Vogel’s disciplining of Trump impeachment rhythm and harmony chants “Impeach Trump, Impeach Trump, Impeach Trump” rants on a rainy Nov. 18, 2018 day along Oregon’s coast somehow reflects the deep angst being felt by this smaller proportion of older Americans who recall a time when “presidents had real class and would actually honor our fallen heroes on Veterans Day; while Donald Trump chose to sit out Veterans Day in the White House when all this odious fake president had to do was take a short trip from the White House on Veterans Day to pay respects to our fallen national heroes. Not only does Trump hurt and defame women, but he also ignores America’s veterans on Veterans Day. Who is that crazy and evil to do that? Well, its crazy 72-year-old Vietnam War draft dodger Donald Trump,” adds Vogel and other women protesting this horrible New York City millionaire with lots of “Impeach Trump” chants continuing at the end of 2018.

Freedom and The Will to Move Forward: A Compass for Today’s World

by Jamin Chavez

“Freedom and The Will to Move Forward” is an exhilarating philosophical guide to locate and nourish our own individual compass.“One of the most important and fundamental units of society is the family” -Grady Harp Hall of Fame Top 50 Reviewer“Interesting Book” -Valery ELook for the compass and the journey begins. What is this compass?

We live in a world of technology, ideologies, and government influence. But, philosophy is at the root of everything and this is about modern dayTranscendentalism compared to Romanticism and Intellectualism. Not knowing or misunderstanding these things has the potential to create confusion and misdirection getting us lost. With every opinion of
conventional wisdom out there we need to know where we come from, where we are at, and where we’re going. In doing this we need to know how to distinguish various types of information, what we see, and hear.

“Freedom and The Will to Move Forward: A Compass For Today’s World” provides
the reader with a map and guide to find their inner compass, teaching them how to navigate through the noise, find the blessings of spirituality, enjoy love, and draw closer to God. A person cannot use a compass if they don’t have a map.

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Behavioural Risk Factors of Non-Communicable Diseases Among Adult Women in Kathmandu

by Bibhuti Katel Karki

Master’s Thesis from the year 2015 in the subject Nursing / Foster Care Management / Social Services, grade: 1, Trichandra College-Tribhuwan University (Institute of Medicine), course: Masters in Nursing, language: English, abstract: Non-Communicable Diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide causing nearly 80% of deaths in low and middle-income countries. The World Health Organization has identified certain risk factors that are associated with an increase in the occurrence of Non-Communicable Diseases: they are physical inactivity, tobacco use, alcohol use and unhealthy diets.

A cross-sectional descriptive research design was used to assess the status of behavioural risk factors regarding Non-Communicable Diseases among the adult women of Gothatar Village Development Committee, Kathmandu. A total of 156 women were taken by using cluster random sampling technique. A semi-structured questionnaire developed on the basis of Non Communicable Diseases Risk Factors: STEPS Survey Nepal 2013 was used and face to face interview was done to collect the data. The analysis was done by using descriptive statistics (frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation) and inferential statistics (Chi Square test, Fisher’s exact test and Odds ratio).

The finding of the study revealed that 91.9% of women were taking inadequate fruit and vegetables as recommended by World Health Organization. Current smoking was present in 7.7% respondents, where older people were more likely to be current smoker (p=<0.001), current alcohol consumption was present in 7.1 % and was higher in underprivileged (p=0.020). Physical inactivity was found in 6.4% with 6 time higher prevalence among older age group. Nearly half (51.9%) of women were found to be overweight and obese. Systolic hypertension was present in 9% and diastolic hypertension in 13.5% of the respondent. The finding of study concluded that the use of smoking was higher among older women and among those women with education level below primary level. Alcohol consumption was found to be more among women of underprivileged group. The study highlighted the poor dietary habit among women indicating the need of education and awareness raising programs on diet and nutrition.

False Allegations of Sexual Harassment

by David Pierce

Citizens Against Reverse Discrimination is a non-profit foundation promoting a balance between reporting sexual harassment, and exposing false allegations of sexual harassment. Although illegal, sexual harassment still occurs and must be eliminated. Although legal, false allegations of sexual harassment destroy people’s lives. Dr. David Pierce explores the secret devastation these false allegations produce by using three case reports, explains the numerous reasons why false allegations are made, and exposes how these increasingly common false allegations of sexual harassment are harming our society.

Governance for Justice and Environmental Sustainability: Lessons across Natural Resource Sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa

Understanding the governance of complex social-ecological systems is vital in a world faced with rapid environmental change, conflicts over dwindling natural resources, stark disparities between rich and poor and the crises of sustainability. Improved understanding is also essential to promote governance approaches that are underpinned by justice and equity principles and that aim to reduce inequality and benefit the most marginalised sectors of society. 

This book is concerned with enhancing the understanding of governance in relation to social justice and environmental sustainability across a range of natural resource sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa. By examining governance across various sectors, it reveals the main drivers that influence the nature of governance, the principles and norms that shape it, as well as the factors that constrain or enable achievement of justice and sustainability outcomes. The book also illuminates the complex relationships that exist between various governance actors at different scales, and the reality and challenge of plural legal systems in much of Sub-Saharan Africa. 

The book comprises 16 chapters, 12 of them case studies recounting experiences in the forest, wildlife, fisheries, conservation, mining and water sectors of diverse countries: Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Sierra Leone and Cameroon.Through insights from these studies, the book seeks to draw lessons from the praxis of natural resource governance in Sub-Saharan Africa and to contribute to debates on how governance can be strengthened and best configured to meet the needs of the poor, in a way that is both socially just and ecologically sustainable.

Code of the Conqueror – The Journey: A 21st Century Crusade For Self – Mastery

by Mark Weeks


Welcome to the world of Zhi, ancestor of Genghis Khan’s chief adviser, as seen through the eyes of the hapless entrepreneur Alex, as he treks the Great Wall of China.

Through humour, humility and stories of the Mongolian Empire, Zhi opens Alex’s eyes to the Six Great Desires.

If you’re looking to change direction with your life and remobilize your â??mojo’ this book holds the key.

The Code of the Conqueror – The Journey is filled with ancient and modern wisdom, inspiring maxims, and proverbs that will keep you returning time and time again to guide you towards success and overall wellbeing.

Desire is inevitable. Surrender is optional.

Zhi’s teachings reveal what every slightly worn out adult already knows, life is littered with temptation and suffering, yet still we go on as before, hoping our lives will change by doing the same thing over and over. Why is this?

‘To this point, you have been willing to change everything except yourself but change you must. Either I help you open your eyes or time will, and this I can promise â?¦ time will not be so gentle.’ ~ Zhi

Are you ready to follow the mystical life of Zhi, as he unravels the first part of the Code of the Conqueror?

Conqueror’s Pledge …

Strive for excellence, control your desires, discipline your mind, speak the truth and exceed yourself. Respect your mother & father. Respect yourself. Savour friendships.

These principles will help you to conquer yourself, make you stronger, give you hope and create momentum for personal greatness.

Get your copy today and Unleash your Inner Conqueror.

Neutral Element: EMPEROR of your mind

by Alex Sebastianutti

A new paradigm of self-growth, a new approach starting from the concept that moves famous philosopher 3000 years ago to build all bases we have now.
“Unfortunately in the last 10 years we moved too fast to remember and adapt ourselves to the reality and we are seeing the problem, what are the basic rules that move emotions, decisions and success?”
The author start with this question and moved by antique philosopher technique build around the reader a new model of self-growth that gives the possibility to each of us to decide to become whatever we want to become.

Climate Change and Natural Disasters: Transforming Economies and Policies for a Sustainable Future

by Vinod Thomas

The start of the new millennium will be remembered for deadly climate-related disasters – the great floods in Thailand in 2011, Super Storm Sandy in the United States in 2012, and Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in 2013, to name a few. In 2014, 17.5 million people were displaced by climate-related disasters, ten times more than the 1.7 million displaced by geophysical hazards. What is causing the increase in natural disasters and what effect does it have on the economy?  Climate Change and Natural Disasters sends three messages: human-made factors exert a growing influence on climate-related disasters; because of the link to anthropogenic factors, there is a pressing need for climate mitigation; and prevention, including climate adaptation, ought not to be viewed as a cost to economic growth but as an investment. Ultimately, attention to climate-related disasters, arguably the most tangible manifestation of global warming, may help mobilize broader climate action. It can also be instrumental in transitioning to a path of low-carbon, green growth, improving disaster resilience, improving natural resource use, and caring for the urban environment. Vinod Thomas proposes that economic growth will become sustainable only if governments, political actors, and local communities combine natural disaster prevention and controlling climate change into national growth strategies. When considering all types of capital, particularly human capital, climate action can drive economic growth, rather than hinder it.

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