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The Little Book of Studying Horrors: Annihilating Them!: (aka The Independence Maker â?¢ Conquering Tertiary Education)

by Beba Papakyriakou

This little book of studying horrors is not a crib sheet for various subjects. It is not a study guide for any subject on any syllabus, anywhere. It is not a book about how to format a written end product or how to use in-text references.

This little book is about crashing through some of the common challenges faced when starting on the journey of tertiary education. It is, however, generic, and only from the author’s perspective.

This little book is aimed at the average person who is on the starter blocks of tertiary education before registering with an institution of higher learning, and for the time after that. It is also aimed at bridging the gap between certain undergraduate studies and postgraduate studies (they are like two different worlds but the bridge-to-postgrad is surmountable and simple, if not easy).

This little book of (seeming) studying horrors mostly wants to be the jumper cable for your tertiary academic life to get you going and to keep you going on your journey.

The â??Annihilator’ aims to turn some of your sleepless nights and minor nightmares into the fulfilment of your major dreams.

Armed with a PhD and a love of anecdotes and parables, the author shares some insights to make the journey to – and through – tertiary education easier and more fulfilling.

48 LAWS OF POWER AND MONEY: How To Obtain Power and Money (LAWS 1-12) (Money Making Book 1)


Cash REWARDS ACTION. It generally has. There is no uncertainty about that. Alternately, the way to disappointment is cleared with the dormancy of the individuals who do nothing with their lives.

You can wander off in fantasy land all that you like however on the off chance that you don’t back up your wants with strong activity, NOTHING will occur for you. In any case, when something that we want turns into a fixation then our brains start to invoke a wide range of thoughts for us to achieve whatever it is that we need.

Unsuccessful individuals do everything in invert. For example, many want to wind up rich. A typical dream is to need to end up a mogul. All things considered, that is OK however in what manner will it be accomplished? What are you going to do to accomplish your objective?

What is the SECRET of the Universal Law of Wealth?

Riches comes to people as a side-effect of serving others. It’s scriptural. It is a UNIVERSAL law. Put just, on the off chance that you convey an incentive into the lives of other individuals, the vast majority of them will be upbeat to pay cash to you to get that benefit. Not all will do this, obviously. Some will swindle you and some will take from you.

On the off chance that you need to end up a mogul, focus FIRST on the METHOD that you will use to accomplish it. When you have settled on that strategy then you can apply the activity to convey your item or administration.

This is the general law of cash and riches – serve others.

Endeavoring to do it some other way will conflict with this all inclusive law. Good fortunes in the event that you surmise that you can overcome the widespread law of riches. You will be the specific FIRST individual in history to do it. It is safe to say that you are that astute?

Along these lines, sound judgment should disclose to you that there is an endlessly more noteworthy possibility of achievement by following the demonstrated Universal Law of Wealth. Take the concentration off yourself, serve others with something that they need and you will have all the riches that you can want.

“Anybody can accomplish budgetary opportunity,” this astute man said to me. “Neediness and riches are nevertheless perspectives. Both are decisions we make,” he went on.

“Perspectives?” “Decisions?” I said to myself. “Who might pick destitution?” Every feeling inside me needed to provoke him.

He grinned, appearing to detect my test and stated, “Destitute individuals, my young companion, are the individuals who have neglected to rehearse the laws that administer the amassing of cash. These laws are basic, and are inside everybody’s revelation.”

Since the very beginning just a couple of shrewd individuals have learned and drilled the mysteries of aggregating cash. Unfortunately, numerous individuals lead lives of money related disappointment. Obligation, banks, and uneasiness bother at them. Many can’t fiscally make due more than a few months without a paycheck. Indeed, even those sufficiently lucky to transcend these difficulties live well beneath their abilities.

Anybody can appreciate expanded life reason, individual influence, and thriving in the event that they know and practice the Laws of Wealth and Abundance……


[LAWS 1-12]

The Mass Looting of Public Universities: How University CFOs are Laundering a Multi-Billion Dollar Wealth Transfer from Societyâ??s Working Poor to the Wealthiest 1% in the Land… (

by Kenneth White

The fact is, the wealthiest one percent of society own forty percent of the world’s treasure and claim twenty percent of income annually by some estimates. And thanks to some foolishness by certain university CFOs, society’s wealthiest 1% are now the grateful recipients of billions more over the last several years straight from the hands of the working poor. These billions, in large part, come in the form of federally guaranteed student loansâ??and not without the appearance of complicity and indifference from our good friends at the Department of Education. The beauty of non-profit education and its purist origins and aspirations is, in some instances, being effaced openly and egregiously by the for-profit good â??ol boys, who are being aided and abetted by a host of sycophants who are mainlining the Kool-Aid almost subconsciously. It is imperative that trustees, faculty, university leadership teams, student, parents and university doners become fully engaged and aware of a form of outsourcing that is riding the wave of enrollment growth in online degree programs at public universities. In many cases, the illegal, predatory behaviors by certain for-profit universities have gone underground and resurface disguised as some of our most trusted public institutions of higher education.

10 Ways to Sponsor More Downlines in Your Network Marketing Business: Discover how to sponsor more downlines in your network marketing business without stepping on wrong toes.

by Olawale Daniel

Building an empire in network marketing industry starts with introducing others to see what you’ve seen. The excitement to bring all our friends, relatives and co-workers into the company as soon as possible has most of the time blocked our views of the reality that not everyone has dreams. Let’s get it right, you can’t help everybody around you, but you can ONLY try to offer help. It is left for these people to either embrace the offer or not to.

With this book, we intend to expose the readers to techniques and guidelines for sponsoring more people in their network marketing business.

We hope you’ll find your path to fulfillment in your network marketing journey.

Philosophical Insights: Eye-opening and rare insights into the complexities of life

by Ram Pavan Kumar Melam

A concise expression of moral and other life principle and an observation about the world presented it as a general or universal truth. Presented many commonly used aphorisms from literary, philosophical, political, and religious texts.

Multiplication Table Book With Goku Teacher worksheet: mathematics Times Tables 0 to 12 with testes for kids

by rahimo belga

multiplication Table Book With Goku Teacher worksheet mathematics Times Tables for kids times tables 0 to 12 with testes circles multip time

Flutes Of The World

by Marcia Oppermann

`Every flute has a heart, a soul of its own. It is the fate of the flutist to awaken the flute´s soul and bring the flute´s heart to life. After all, the flute itself is the flutist´s voice, the flutist´s heart, the flutist´s soul´. (Marcia Oppermann)
Prima, Tilina, Ocarina, Bambina and Little Pine are flutes from different parts of the world with their own distinct and unique personalities.
Then, one day they start life in the hands of teenage April opening a whole universe of musical expression which is accessible to everyone.
The musical journey goes deep and offers a very good insight into music learning and music making as well.
Enjoy the musical journey in the company of the FLUTES OF THE WORLD !
Illustrated with full colour photos and suitable for the dyslexic reader.


by Pradeep Sonker

We have given some important points on geometry

Bambina, The Bamboo Flute

by Marcia Oppermann

Bambina, The Bamboo Flute invites us on a journey of creativity and wisdom in the tale of Mary, John and Bambina.
From the natural life cycle of the bamboo plant, the musical knowledge of a farm labourer and the inner desire of a girl to express herself, Bambina, The Bamboo Flute is born.
Join Mary in her impatient and curious journey into the cycles of nature and human creativity.
Learn the knowledge and wisdom John, the farm labourer, brings to life throughout the seasons.
Meet the simple and magic transformation Bambina goes through while the world around her is changing dramatically.
Illustrated with full colour photos and suitable for the dyslexic reader.

The Little Black Book Of Speaking Secrets

by cliff townsend

Have you ever overcame any obstacles or challenges in your life? Do you believe that your story of overcoming those challenges will help others who are in similar situations? Do you have a story that you want to share with the world? Do you want to inspire and motivate others to change their lives and make a difference in the world but you just don’t know how or where to start?The Little Black Book Of Speaking Secrets will help you overcome all of those challenges, because after reading it you will learn the little known secrets that ALL the top speakers and storytellers in the world use to inspire-influence and impact their audiences.Once you have implement the secrets and strategies in this book you too will be able to turn your challenges-obstacles and message of hope into a structured masterful story just like the top speakers and storytellers in the world, and you too will soon be inspiring-influencing and impacting people all over the world to take action on their goals and dreams and make a bigger impact in the world just like you are doing.

What’s The Deal With Charter Schools?: Determining Whether a Charter School Is the Best Fit for You

by Lauren Lyman

What’s The Deal With Charter Schools? provides a clear and concise picture of the advantages and disadvantages of attending or working in charter and public schools. Written by an educator who has worked in both settings, the author’s keen observations of the dynamics between students, teachers, administrators and parents in these educational institutions will help the reader rise above misconceptions often purported in the heated charter vs. public school debate. Additionally, this short book not only allows readers to form their own opinions on these two school types but presents guidelines and poses questions to help students, parents, and teachers determine which school would be the better fit in their pursuits of academic excellence or employment. A great read for students, parents, or educators who are contemplating their academic or career options in these school settings.

Work in Canada- Harvest Helper

by Nina Parisi

Work in Canada as a harvest helper. Make money and get to visit and see the many beautiful cities and provincial parks Canada has to offer.Get all the information needed to get a job as a seasonal harvest helper with our information guide. Nina Parisi has been assisting newcomers to Canada since 2008. The first important step is to understand the Canadian job market and what employers look for when they hire. Canada has many opportunities for unskilled and skilled workers.

Tilina: The Tinwhistle

by Marcia Oppermann

Celebrating 175 years of the Clarke Tinwhistle, TILINA, The Tinwhistle is a brief account of the successful life of the humble and poor farm labourer Robert Clarke and his musical invention in the year of 1843.
The Clarke Tinwhistle has conquered the world for more than 170 years with its unique flute-like `chiffy´ tone and plays lots of different musical styles these days.
Enjoy the journey into the fascinating inspiration of the Clarke Tinwhistle !
Illustrated with full colour photos and suitable for the dyslexic reader.

German Short Stories : Captivating Stories to Learn German & Expand Your Vocabulary the Easy Way, With the L-R Method: German – English Parallel Text

by Edgar Allan Poe

Improve your German reading and listening and expand your vocabulary!

This book can be used in many ways. On the one hand, you can sit back and relax, read German and, from time to time, let your eyes wander to the translation and brush up your German this way. In this case, you can skip the chapters about tips for quickly building up your vocabulary, the L-R method and those with many more tips.

Alternately, you can first get an initial overview of the proposed learning methods for effective language learning and the variety of bonus material offered with this book. Try the techniques! You’ll be surprised how quickly your reading and listening skills will improve!

Bonus material offered in this book, Download link for Free MP3

If you send us an EMail, you will get the following free material:

  • Download links for the German audiobooks of the short stories
  • Download links for an Anki – Deck to learn the most important German vocabulary

About the Short Stories

Edgar Allan Poe paved the way for Gothic crime fiction. Masterfully crafted, his suspenseful stories create an uncanny atmosphere that draws readers into his bizarre world. His fantastic and creepy tales render plausible the implausible. With their tendency toward the macabre and the supernatural, his stories offer an unforgettable reading experience of all shades of horror.

Table of contents (German-English)

  • Der Untergang des Hauses Usher – The Fall of the House of Usher
  • Die Maske des roten Todes – The Masque of the Red Death
  • Das Fass Amontillado – The Cask of Amontillado
  • Das schwatzende Herz – The Tell-Tale Heart

Your advantages:

  • The original text and the literary translation are placed in parallel vertical columns side by side.
  • Therefore you can check almost instantly whether you understand or not. This is ideal to increase your vocabulary significantly very fast.
  • So you can truly enjoy the story since you need only a split second to check the translation.
  • Rich, alluring language
  • Quick vocabulary expansion
  • For advanced learners (advanced vocabulary)

Extensive reading and learning German with parallel texts: Why?

Extensive reading means reading a lot in a foreign language. It is not essential to understand every word. You continue to read to find out what happens next. The pleasure of reading is what increases language abilities. Kato Lomb was a Hungarian interpreter who spoke several languages fluently. She described in her book “How I Learn Languages” how she used extensive reading to increase her vocabulary fast.

The American linguist Stephen Krashen has said that free voluntary reading is “the most powerful tool we have in language education”.

Maximum Dumbbell Training: Quick, Easy and Effective Dumbbell And Kettlebell Programs

by Rhadi Ferguson

Maximum Dumbbell Training Is A Quick, Easy, Effective and Reliable Programming Solution for any and everybody who utilizes dumbbells and kettle bells. No matter if you workout at home or are the strength and conditioning coach of a professional team or college program, you will find workout in here which are potent, effective, scalable and provided with the proper progression.

There are 10 workouts in this manual which start at the beginning level and literally progress to a more advance level. Each program is a building block for the next one. Also all of the exercises are explained clearly and with illustrations so that you know exactly what to do and how to do it. Lastly, you are not just handed some exercise as others have done. In Maximum Dumbbell Training all of the guess work is eliminated. You are handed the exercises, the sets, the reps, the programming and what to do and how to do it. This is the workout solution that you have been looking for.

Self-Education: Using Self Education to Teach Yourself and Learn Anything, Achieve Financial Freedom or Land your Dream Job (The Secrets of Success and Self Improvement Book 4)

by James Umber


Using Self Education to Teach Yourself and Learn Anything, Achieve Financial Freedom or Land your Dream Job

Do you want to improve your life by learning almost any new skill or skill set you can imagine, from the comfort of your own home, in your own time? Do you want to simply learn what you want, when you want, for free and build a better future for yourself and your family? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you have come to the right place!

Let me ask you something else. Are you one of the few people smart enough to break away from the crowd and realize that there is a much better, faster, easier, cheaper and more efficient way of learning? That’s exactly what self-education is! It’s so cheap and can fit within ANY budget, even if you don’t want to spend a single penny, it’s up to you!

In this book James show us how we can find a lot of free information to educate ourselves on pretty much any topic you can think of. He talks about the various benefits of self-education (which there are a lot of!), gives examples of some famous household names that are surprisingly all self-educated, tells us how we can educate ourselves with motivational tips and tricks to keep you on track, information on goal setting and much, much more besides.

This book is packed with fantastic information that will get you started on the path to a brighter and better tomorrow, no matter what direction you want to go in, from making money from the comfort of your own home, to starting a new career and even building on your existing skill set at your current job, this book is here to help!

Swallows Town Ocarina

by Marcia Oppermann

Based on a true story, Swallows Town Ocarina is about the togetherness and warmth that music and dance can bring to the every day life of simple people in a small town in Brazil at the beginning of the twentieth century.
Enjoy the inspiration of migrating birds, ocarina music and dance as they create the fun and joy citizens of a small town had longed for.
Illustrated with full colour photos and suitable for the dyslexic reader.


by Miguel Oliveras Jr



Math Boot Camp E Sample / 1-digit plus 1-digit addition without regrouping

by zPublishers

Welcome to Math Boot Camp!

This is a sample version of Math Boot Camp.

Math Boot Camp is an unprecedented program to improve “basic calculation ability”, “concentration ability” and “memory ability”. Regardless of whether you are good at calculating or not, you will have much fun in calculations by performing calculations like playing games.

You can experience innovative learning method, optimized for eBook format, very different from traditional math worksheets. But, don’t worry! The problems in Math Boot Camp are very simple so that many first-year elementary school kids can solve them.

For lower grade kids in elementary schools, Math Boot Camp will be a good material for class activities and for daily homework. It can be used as a tool for calculation contest.

For higher grade kids in elementary schools, middle school and high school students, it can be used as a tool to improve “concentration ability” and “memory ability”. Also, you can increase the calculation speed.

For adults, it can activate brain function by using your brain differently. It will be a perfect tool for those who feel they do not use the brain much recently.

We will post articles on interesting use of Math Boot Camp on our website (

Nathaniel Branden FightMediocrity Animated Book Review – How To Build Self-Esteem – The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem: YouTube Video Transcript (Life-Changing-Insights 30)

by Stefan Kreienbuehl

With everything we do, we aim to serve your insights. We aim to serve your thirst for discovery and understanding. Our service breaks new ground. We just happen to serve your perception of a new world. You realize that you are capable of more than you thought you could do.


Are you a visual learner? You learn by reading and seeing pictures?
You’ve watched a fascinating YouTube speech? You wanna read it quietly again?
In this Edition you will find a transcription from a YouTube Video, made by Nathaniel Branden.
Title from the YouTube Video:
Duration: 6:27

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