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Price-less Christmas: Create a Joyous Holiday for Next to Nothing (Priceless Holidays Book 1)

by Connie Neal

Priceless Christmas combines the joys of Christmas with the joy of saving money. It will more than pay for itself with the first idea you use! It is chock-full of FREE stuff, inspiring ideas for Christmas gifts, holiday happenings, crafts, low-cost or no-cost handmade gift ideas, family-friendly activities, outings, games, contests, and creative Christmas ideas for shopping, dressing-up for special occasions, and throwing great parties your guests will remember forever (like the Whoville Whobilation Celebration based on classic tale How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr.Seuss, )

This is not a hodge-podge of ideas collected from the internet. Each idea that made the cut for this book has been a raving success for the author’s own family and friends. This is the best of the best from a best-selling author who wanted to bring together her thrifty Christmas ideas to help her readers make the most of the season she loves best.

Special Features & Formatting
The author carefully designed this Kindle version with formatting and features to make your reading experience more rewarding and enjoyable:
-Each idea comes with:
oCost, Work/Effort Involved
oWhat It Is Description
oStep-by-Step How-To Instructions
oList of Things You Will Need (many with active links to where you get it)
oBenefits You Can Reap
oSome even link to online How-To Videos that show you how to do it
-Entertaining examples and stories to illustrate or inform
-Lots of illustrative photos
-A complete cross-referenced index that categorizes sections into:
oFamily-Friendly Activities
oFamily-Friendly Outings
oHoliday Parties and Get-Togethers

Additional Benefits
The benefits of this book go way beyond saving money to include:
-Giving more meaningful gifts
-Inspiring a spirit of generosity in children
-Religious experiences and resources that will illuminate the reason for the season, like reading the Christmas story by firelight (a script from the Bible story is included translated at a 3rd grade reading level)
-Escaping materialism and helping those less fortunate (which will make you feel rich no matter what’s in your bank account)

So, if you are thrifty, crafty, strapped for cash, budget-minded, discount-driven, trying to escape materialism that can overtake Christmas, bored with the same old traditions, or you’re longing for Christmas celebrations that will be priceless – regardless of how much or little you spend, this book is for you. It also offers sage advice and wisdom gained while raising a family.

Bonus Short Christmas Story
In the spirit of the gift-giving season, the author gives you a free Bonus Christmas Short Story that is great to read-alone or read-aloud.

12 Days of Christmas: A Christmas Devotional

by Matthew McCarrick

Christmas is coming. Are you ready?

This is the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas lights glisten throughout the neighborhood as familiar carols fill the air. Decorations are hung with care and the star is gently placed on top of the tree. Even movies feel like old friends as you spend time with characters you haven’t seen for a year.

Yet, with all this nostalgia, Christmas can also be the most chaotic time of the year. It is easy to get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday that you miss out of the true gift of Christmas.

This year, it’s time to try a different approach. Christmas will be much more meaningful for your whole family if you start preparing for Christmas now. I’m not talking about avoiding the last-minute shopping rush. I’m talking about preparing your heart.

12 Days of Christmas: A Christmas Devotional will allow you to see the birth of Jesus in a refreshing, new light. From Genesis to Revelation, 12 Days of Christmas will take you on a journey that will give you a unique perspective on the Christmas story and what it means for your life.

If you are longing to find true hope this Christmas, Click “Buy Now” above to prepare your heart for Jesus, the perfect Gift.

Love Found A Way Box Set: 6 Christmas Romance Novels

by Morris Fenris

A clean wholesome romance collection that’s touching and tender.

6 Sweet Christmas Romance novels in this gripping box set from Amazon’s No. 1 Best Selling author, Morris Fenris.

Do you love stories that touch your heart? Then you will love all six romance novels in this box set. All novels are readers’ favorites with over 300 5-Star reviews. These have been put together for a short time only for your reading pleasure.

6 Novels, over quarter million words of touching and tender romance.

Enjoy these clean and wholesome love stories with enough twists to keep you turning the pages. An inspiring Christian romance collection that will warm your heart and your soul at Christmas and all year long.

If you enjoy heartwarming Christian romance with a focus on love, faith and family, be sure to check out other books and Boxed Set Book Bundle Collections by Morris Fenris.

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Christmas Surprises

by Jenn Faulk

Rachel Johnson is about to have the best Christmas ever.

Her house will finally be full of extended family members for the holidays, and she can’t wait for all the fun Christmas surprises to begin. She’ll get more than she expected, though, when her guests arrive with their own surprises. Her brother’s marriage is a mess, her husband’s cousin and his family are moving in with them, her mother-in-law has a secret, and the cute puppy they’ve adopted is pure evil. Surprise!

As Rachel’s plans erupt into unexpected drama, she learns that God is still at work with everyone in their lives and that He may just have a few surprises left, even for herâ?¦

Advent for Grinches

by Anthony Anderson

A few short thoughts on what it means to wait for the arrival of Hope, Peace, Joy, Love, and how we all too often tend to get it all twisted. Not just during the holiday season.

The Ideal Wife

by Jacquelin Thomas

Newlyweds Jana and Lawrence return from their Caribbean honeymoon to Los Angeles, where Lawrence is a partner in a prestigious Beverly Hills law firm. After Jana moves into Lawrence’s home in Hollywood Hills, she undergoes a complete lifestyle change and now spends her time shopping and doing charity work with the wives of the other partners. Her days as a student at Bible College seem like a distant memory now that she’s a full-time wife..

Soon Jana and Lawrence’s values begin to clash, and the marriage falls apart. After a spat over Lawrence’s sexual appetite, he tells Jana he wants a divorce. Confused and heartbroken by the sudden turn of events, she slowly realizes that it was physical attraction that drew Lawrence to herâ??it was never about love. She was nothing more than a trophy wife. So when three months later she meets Garrett Ransom, a handsome widower, she vows that this time, she’s going to do things right. .

In The Ideal Wife , Thomas has written an engaging and inspirational novel featuring ordinary people facing everyday challenges, as they struggle to achieve personal happiness and success while maintaining their faith-based principles..

Patterns of Swallows

by Connie Cook

“In later years, Ruth couldn’t have explained why the swallows had become a symbol. But she was afraid that the moment her father had knocked down their nest, leaving one baby bird at the bottom, that act had become her symbol in her mind for her father.”
* * *
Set in the 1950s in rural British Columbia, Patterns of Swallows follows the fictional life of Ruth Chavinski. Ruth’s father deserted her and her mother when Ruth was scarcely old enough to remember him. That event set the pattern for a life of loss and seeming-tragedy. Yet, on a deeper level, her life’s pattern was woven on a loom of unfailing love and grace, the threads held firmly in the hands of One who makes no mistakes.

Patterns of Swallows is a story of the grace and redemption offered to every person and of the healing this grace and redemption can bring to broken lives.

Faith Without Borders: A devotional to inspire you to step out in faith.

by Virginia Martin

In her debut book, Faith Without Borders, Virginia Martin shares her testimony about experiencing God in her life. Virginia encourages you to embark on your own spiritual journey by stepping out in faith. Faith Without Borders combines simple readings, uplifting bible verses, and points for reflection to bring home the message that God transforms, redeems and restores you with his amazing grace. God is engaged in your life and wants to meet you in all the places that you need him.

Supernaturally Prophetic: A Practical Guide for Prophets and Prophetic People

by John Veal

Access the prophetic voice of the Spirit!

Every believer has received the Holy Spirit and the ability to hear God’s prophetic voice. God is always speaking; the question is are you listening?

The first step to hearing God is discovering that you are already supernaturally prophetic!

Prophet John Veal shows how you can become more in-tune with God’s voice. Through powerful teaching and transparent testimony, Veal’s guidance will help you navigate the realm of the Spirit with precision and clarity!

Supernaturally Prophetic will help youâ?¦

  • Develop your God-given prophetic “DNA.”

  • Operate within Biblical prophetic etiquette and protocol.

  • Identify wrong prophetic motives.

  • Avoid deception while prophesying.

  • Recognize truly prophetic churches.

  • Access deeper realms of the prophetic.

Hearing God speak supernaturally can become normal for you! Unlock your prophetic DNA today!

Bipolar Apple

by Tyler James

First story by author

BDSM: Kinks, Fetishes & Paraphilias: An Introductory List Of The Most Common BDSM Perversions For Vanilla People (BDSM: Kinks, Fetishes, Paraphilias, Perversions, … – Guides and Lifestyle Advice Book 1)

by Maxwell Diamond

A Clean Heart

by Deborah Schaulis

What does it mean to be pure in this “hook-up” generation? If I’ve already lost my virginity, can I make a fresh start? As their lives intertwine, three students at Bethel College in Newton, Kansas face these issues head-on.

Sophomore Katherine Bennett learns that moral purity is more than doing and saying the right things or avoiding what’s wrong. As she surrenders her heart to God, He uses her to touch an agnostic teacher and a rebellious freshman.

Katherine’s non-Christian roommate, Paige Harrison, finds that an unguarded lifestyle can have painful consequences. Through a crisis pregnancy, she learns to forgive the past and finds true love.

Paige’s ex-boyfriend, football star Kevin Todd, wrestles with the guilt of a less-than-stellar moral record. Through Katherine’s friendship, he learns about the “clean slate” Christ offers those who trust in Him. Will he return to his first love, or find a way to Katherine’s heart?

Little Cafe in Wonderland

by Lotta Smith

All the magick in the realm can’t make the food in Wonderland palatable, but maybe a little bit of Honey can!

FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Princess Hanako, Honey to her friends, is moments away from launching a career as a reality TV star when a mysterious portal whisks her away to another world.

Magick may rule in Wonderland, but no amount of hocus pocus can fix the terrible food. Cooking for her new family gives Honey a purpose, and hunky Alex from the Order of Falcon is nothing short of delicious, but when her popular café is burgled Honey begins to wonder what the powers that be really have in store for her.

Whipping up a fix for a ho-hum menu is a piece of cake, but can she keep Wonderland eating out of her hand forever?

A Christmas Sermon (Feathers Classics)

by Robert Louis Stevenson

This Work contains an active table of contents (HTML), which makes reading easier to make it more enjoyable.

By the time this paper appears, I shall have been talking for twelve months; and it is thought I should take my leave in a formal and seasonable manner. Valedictory eloquence is rare, and death-bed sayings have not often hit the mark of the occasion. Charles Second, wit and sceptic, a man whose life had been one long lesson in human incredulity, an easy-going comrade, a manoeuvring kingâ??remembered and embodied all his wit and scepticism along with more than his usual good humour in the famous “I am afraid, gentlemen, I am an unconscionable time a-dying.”

Silver Morning Song: Poems and Stories

by Christine Goodnough

Another morning dawns and birds take up their songs. Slowly all of God’s creation comes alive as people and animals rise to begin a new day.

Silver Morning Song is a celebration of the delightful world around us, together with stories of the foibles and complexities of the creatures that occupy it. Here you will find accounts of folks facing decisions, rumors, health issues, temptations, anger, envy â?? and you’ll see the wisdom granted to help them find their way to a solution.

Through parables and short stories, in a voice sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, the writer shares valuable insights into human nature and Christian living, interspersed with poetic descriptions of the natural world and the changing seasons all around her.

Christmas on a Mission

by Hannah R. Conway

Fitting Christmas in a shoe box has been her missionâ?¦until now.

Audria Rylatt is the school system’s liaison for homeless students. She strives to make Christmas bright for hundreds, while the season brings only heartache after her fiancé was killed in combat nearly two years ago. So when her family decides to play matchmaker, she is less than thrilled. To make matters worse, they’ve invited a soldier friend of her deceased fiancé to the family cabin for the holiday.

But she’s surprised to find this soldier, Quinton Nolan, standing at the door of heart. Faced with painful memories, the despair Christmas brings her, and the fear to love again, Audria is in desperate need of a Christmas miracle. Or at least some of the hope Christmas seems to offer so many. Can she embrace a new mission? If so, Christmas may stand to deliver a lifetime of magical memories.

“Christmas on a Mission” is a delightful story of hope, life, love, and second chances, filled with all the joy and cheer Christmas brings.

Surviving Life’s Storm

by T. L. Clause

Surviving Life’s Storm is a powerful book about an incredible story of friendship and family that provides a philosophical and spiritual journey for the reader about the meaning of life. The story follows Mary Elizabeth and Claudia, who are two close friends as they face the terrible prospects brought about by the Black Blizzard. During this journey, their core beliefs and survival are tested and their lives are changed forever. The reader will find that the journey is one that everyone will encounter as they are confronted with fundamental philosophical questions of life, death, love and friendship and what their own answers to them actually are. Claudia is the kind of character who all other ladies would want to be like, and Mary Elizabeth is the fun-loving and sisterly type who exhibits extraordinary toughness when tested. This book is about having faith and living in the lights of never ending connected energy and love.

Thoughts of a Woman (Color)

by Donna Hagaman

Thoughts of a Woman (Color) offers a unique and intriguing collection of insights penned by Donna Hagaman. Her daughter Debbie Walkingbird found the book of affirmations upon her mother’s passing and knew of her mother’s deepest desire was to be a writer. These books serve to honor the wisdom, memories, and dreams of her mother, Donna Hagaman. There is a recognized principle that the earlier generations pass on knowledge. Donna experienced considerable agony from abuse starting in her childhood, domestic violence in her marriage, and all the while struggling with instability in her own psychology due to mental illness. All these aspects of Donna’s Hagaman life provided her with the opportunity to forge a very personal path to salvation and the divine in all of us.

Chakras Awakened: A Beginners Guide to Chakras, How They Affect Your Life and Why You Need to Balance Them

by Max Covington

Chakras Awakened is a perfect start to better understanding the chakra system and how to manipulate it in your favor! If you are looking to delve deeper into the history and mystery of what the chakras are then let this book be your guide. Inside you will learn:

-What are the chakras and how do they affect your mood and well being
-What can you do to fix a broken or un-aligned chakra?
-How to use crystal healing for each specific chakra
-How to use rebirth breathing to awaken your chakras
-How to use affirmation and prayer to balance the chakras
-And much moreâ?¦

Looking for a beginner’s guide to the chakras, how they affect your life and wish to know why it is imperative that you balance them. Look no further and enjoy this quick read!

Creative Visualization Techniques: Improve Performance and Achieve Your Goals through Meditation and Positive Thinking

by James Umber

Creative Visualization Techniques

Have you seen people you know or on TV succeeding, even though they may not be the smartest or best at what they do? But they do well anyway? It’s almost always due to their mindset.

Creative visualization is a mental technique that will help you reach your goals by altering your mindset and gearing you towards success.

It’s actually widely used in sports and athletes’ training for enhancing performance and by thousands of people all around the world to help them achieve their dreams and aspirations.

This technique is the most widely used method under the law of attraction theory as it really is incredibly effective and it will help you achieve your goals.

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