Free religious fiction Kindle books for 25 Nov 18

Raising Lazarus

by Mike Bierwiler Jr.

Charles Douglass lost his only son in a savage wreck on the freeway. Only one person can change the past, and that’s his brother, Colonel Joe Douglass, who worked deep in military Black Ops.

Joe retired from the Air Force after a career of researching time and spacial displacement. The elusive dream of time travel was his nemesis.

Charles is persistent: Joe must send him back in time to save his son. Joe relinquishes his misgivings about treading into God’s territory and usurps the Heavenly right to determine history.

The question is whether Joe can raise Lazarus in the first science-fiction novel by father and son Texas authors, Mike Bierwiler, Jr, and Michael English Bierwiler.

A Helpless Bride Pulled From The Ashes Of Abuse By The Heroic Rancher

by Emma Morgan

Desperate to escape her abusive fiancé, Charity Bridgeton quietly runs away into the night. With nowhere else to go, she heads west as a Mail Order Bride, in hopes of finding a kind man that will have her as a wife. But her plans go astray when a stagecoach accident leaves Charity and the rest of the passengers stranded on the side of the road, on a remote ranch.

Fortunately, the group is offered shelter by the handsome rancher, Levi Wyatt. And it is with this kind and generous man that Charity soon realizes her pain goes much deeper than she realized. Levi is a good man, and he senses the fear in Charity from their first meeting. And he is determined to save her wounded heart.

But can she accept his rescue, and his love?


by Michael English Bierwiler

November Snow is the saga of two brothers. Big brother Lynch is the alpha son who generates excitement. Wind him up and he goes crazy. No matter how badly he screws up, he always basks in the love of a first-born child. Younger brother Tom gets tired of picking up the pieces and deserts the family. Tom fights the fact that they are blood, genetically imprinted with the same capability for heinous thoughts and malicious behavior.

Summer Lee’s 18-Book Mega-Pack (Includes Three Complete Series!)

by Summer Lee

Christian thriller author, Summer Lee, serves up a MASSIVE heaping of adventure and thrills in this generously over-stuffed mega-pack! Crammed inside are 18 bestselling novelsâ??including THREE COMPLETE SERIES! All for $2.99! Love archaeology? Love Biblical adventure? It’s all inside…and more!

What do you get? Check it out below:

The Staff of Moses
The Sword of Peter
The Fleece of Gideon
The Crown of Christ
The Ark of Noah
The Coins of Judas
The Sling of David
The Commandments of God

The Shroud of Turin
The Jewels of Jezebel
The Sons of Destiny

Under the Blood Moon
Harvest Moon
Shoot for the Stars

Comes the Pale Horse
Angel Heart
Warrior Woman
The Babylonian Queen

Scroll up, click “Buy Now”, and happy reading!

(2018 – Revised and Updated Edition!)

The Echo of Your Voice: Poems for God Volume 5

by Marci Peterson

Sometimes when I’m experiencing difficulty, the idea of picking up a peppy book doesn’t seem very helpful. This set of poetry by Marci Peterson is meant for when you need someone to be emotional with. The Echo of Your Voice is a more moody work. These particular poems work through some of the more sorrowful emotions, taking into consideration the comfort God provides those who call on Him in Jesus’ name. It’s meant to weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice.

Some Happy Day (Rescued…A Series of Hope Book 1)

by Elaine Littau

Nobel Reeves had his hands full when he found a little toddler wandering in the tall grass of the Great Plains. Who was this child? Where were her parents? How would he evade the law long enough to see that she was safe? Would he ever have a home of his own or was he to remain a fugitive?
Kidnapped on her way home from school, fifteen-year-old Myrtle Jennings finds herself in the clutches of unsavory men. Their intent is to give her over to their boss who gathers young girls for his traveling brothel. She must escape, but how? If she does get away, how will her family and friends accept her after they find out what has happened to her?

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