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Dark Sentinel

by Adam Matlow

Dark Sentinel

Marcus doesn’t know why the Legion is chasing the girl through the radioactive wastelands between settlements, but when he crosses paths with her, he feels compelled to help. The brutality of the Legion is well known, and he couldn’t leave her to that fate. Besides, people have been going missing, and he wants to know why.

Perhaps this girl has the answers? If he can ever get her to talk.

She, on the other hand, is on her own mission. One that will determine the fate of what is left of the world. But she’s in over her head, and she knows it. If she ever wants to succeed, she’s going to have to ask for help, something people in her past have been less than willing to provide.

Together they must fight to stay one step ahead of the Legion, because the repercussions of failure extend much further than Marcus could ever imagine.

“Superb book with plenty of twists and turns”

“A deep and entertaining read”

Doyle’s Law

by Sam Roberts

In the not too distant future, on a decaying space-station from a high Venus orbit, a cantankerous and disgraced scientist awaits the delivery of a mysterious shipment. He hopes to use it to invent a new propulsion system and, in doing so, salvage his reputation. However the station’s decommissioning crew, led by Chief O’Connor, are sceptical about his plans. They believe them to be nothing but drunken delusions, a theory which seems more than plausible given the bold and outlandish claims he has been making of late.

A routine docking going seriously awry, and a number of other strange goings-on around the station have thrown the crew into chaos. Accusations of theft and sabotage are thrown around, and for a while it seems as though everyone is doomed. However the source of the mystery is far beyond any of the crew’s comprehension, and the key to their salvation lies in the hands of a very unlikely hero.

A Not So Distant Dream: Book One

by Nick Koehne

A space trader discovers a planet filled with rich resources for BPco an intergalactic space mining company. He crash lands and discovers a new alien race that is more advanced than he first realizes. The whole planet becomes at risk of destruction when BPco (the space mining company) begins its extraction of precious minerals.

Specter City

by Jesse Moore

Max, an operative for the Watch for Another Identity Theft, opens his eyes one day to find himself in the afterlife. The Ghostworld. Great. If that wasn’t bad enough, everyone he encounters there thinks he is Wake Marrow, his office nemesis.

He is given a job at the Specter City Possession Institute, where his role is to travel back to the Lifeworld to temporarily take over the bodies of those still alive in order to complete missions delegated by the Institute.

As he works under the supervision of his instructor, the wise-cracking and quite possibly attractive Trixie, he and his coworkers – a motley crew of the also recently departed – discover a sinister plot threatening the progression of souls moving on to the next plane. Working together in an attempt to resolve this, the group uncovers an even greater threat to both worlds.

His Beast Mate: #4.5 (Beast Mates)

by Milana Jacks

I sit in a house in Highborn Hills ready to play a poker game I ain’t never played before, in a suit so preppy, it makes my skin itch. My target crawls around my feet. Felicia, who they call Kitten. When her big green eyes lock with mine, and when she smells her Alpha on my clothes, her eyes light up, and I know I have her attention. When I win her in a hand of poker, I promise her we’re gonna stroll right on out of the house.
But her owner has other plans for me.
We’re stuck in a secured house.
We are unarmed.
No backup is coming.
And I gotta get us out of here.

***In His we transition from book 4 to book 5. Book 5 will make more sense if you read His. Not written as a standalone but will stand alone if it must.***

The Forgotten Outpost

by Gus Flory

Maj. Diego Zanger is deployed to Camp Hammersteel on Saturn’s moon of Titan. He is the information operations officer for the Solar System Federation Army’s formidable and decorated Dragon Brigade. But this is a peacekeeping mission. The war on Titan ended three years prior and Camp Hammersteel is a forgotten outpost far from the action on Callisto and Ganymede.

After a savage terrorist attack catches the Dragon Brigade by surprise, the infamous Neo-Fascist mastermind Amad Robodan announces that war has returned to Titan and will not end until the last Federation soldier is killed.

Diego receives a mission to infiltrate the terror cell of a beautiful Neo-Fascist spy named Pristina Sage. He becomes the focus of the effort to capture or kill Robodan. But where will his feelings for Pristina lead?

Murder at the Mars Colony

by Raymond Halyard

Life is discovered on Mars near a hot water vent beneath its South Polar Ice Cap. However, the man credited with the discovery dies under mysterious circumstances and a jaded cop and his android partner are sent to the Mars Colony to solve the mystery. The cop soon falls in love and then solves the mystery but must decide if he is willing to remain at the colony in order to marry his love.

The Scions of Night: Inception

by Eli Talrin

Book one of The Scions of Night series, Inception follows a young man, Talrin, in his exploration of what it truly means to become the world’s first vampire. He struggles with accepting the darkness within him that is slowly fighting to take control, and dissolve what’s left of his humanity. While under the all seeing eyes of the Gods, he challenges the very nature of what it means to be human in accepting what he has become. As his new life unfolds and his abilities begin to manifest, the secret behind the Gods origin and their purpose on Earth, slowly comes to light. For Talrin, the fight begins for not only holding on to his humanity, but the fate of the planet from an otherworldly adversary.

I Will Never Leave You (Wake Up, O Sleeper Trilogy Book 2)

by Jed Wright

Jack Wilson had promised Lori, ‘I will never leave you,’ but this promise was beyond his power to keep. Evil had invaded their quiet mountain community. Jack knew the path that had been chosen for him but he and Lori had run away in the opposite direction. Charleston was the last place they should have gone, but exactly where God wanted them to be. Imprisoned in a sweltering crawlspace, Jack is beaten, bloodied, and gasping for air. Clinging to a hope that Lori might still be alive, he searches within his soul for the strength to fight, but finds himself empty and spent. Jack doesn’t realize how far he must fall before it is time for God to intervene and orchestrate an impossible escape. I Will Never Leave You picks up where Wake Up, O Sleeper left off. Jack and Lori fight to survive in a world that has become their enemy. Secrets are revealed and true love is finally realized. From Charleston to the Tellico Mountains, from the White House to the mysterious City of Refuge, this amazing story will never leave you.

The Soulmate Project

by Nathan Leon Rodriguez

Married couple Abigail and Oscar agree to undergo a scientific experiment their friend Zoe has designed. The trial is intended to put the couple into a state of lucid dreaming where their consciousness is reintroduced to each other in a variety of different ways, and tested to see if they will continue to fall in love regardless of circumstance. But when the couple’s real-world secrets seep into their subconsciousness, the dreams turn into nightmares, trust becomes suspicion, and certainty withers to doubt. Zoe is the only one with the power to stop the experiment, but she hasn’t been entirely honest about her true intentions, and she’s determined to finish no matter the consequences. Neither Abigail nor Oscar will be the same after waking. That is, assuming they wake up at all…

The No Blinks: (Based on actual events)

by Greg Ricker

I dare you, to behold the stars. That’s right, I dare you. Look up from your devices, and bear witness to what is taking place over your heads in the night. I did. That’s how I discovered the No Blinks.


by Gary Tarulli

Three months outbound from Earth and the starship Desio approaches its planetary destination, her crew eager to commence a mission of scientific discovery. One crew member, however, has a personal reason for being on boardâ??an obsession with self-reflection that will compel him to explore both the unknown depths of an enigmatic ocean world and the nebulous recesses of his inner psyche.

The Only Human

by Rick Mofina

With THE ONLY HUMAN, internationally acclaimed bestselling author Rick Mofina takes young readers on a white-knuckled, heart-pounding thrill ride across New York City.

Thirteen-year-old Tyler Price is struggling with his parents’ divorce as he pinballs between their apartments in Manhattan. One day after school a troubled old man sits next to him on a city bus. His voice filled with fear, the man says, “the awakening” has begun, and reveals that Tyler is the only person who can stop it. The man thrusts a satchel at Tyler, telling him to never let it go, minutes before he is killed in a traffic accident while fleeing police. Against the backdrop of a series of strange happenings in New York City – the disappearance of a packed tour bus – Tyler and his school friend, Ella Shaw, become fugitives hunted by police who want the satchel.

The worn leather bag contains a notebook with passages in an ancient language and a pair of old goggles similar to those worn by stone cutters who carved the city’s gargoyles. As Tyler and Ella work to unravel the mystery behind the old man’s foretelling, they determine that Tyler is a descendant of a stone cutter who’d worked on most of New York’s buildings. Tyler’s ancestor had opposed a stone cutter who practiced the Black Arts and put an apocalyptic curse on the city and the world. With powerful forces pursuing them, Tyler and Ella battle time before the curse, which encompasses the human race, is complete.

New York City is a majestic metropolis rich with myths, legends and lore. On a recent trip there, I discovered some true and disturbing facts about the city’s history. Those facts not only served as the inspiration, they also appear in key scenes of THE ONLY HUMAN.

Rick Mofina is a former crime reporter and the award-winning author of several acclaimed thrillers. He has interviewed murderers face-to-face on death row; flown over L.A. with the LAPD and patrolled near the Arctic with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He’s reported from the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, Africa, Qatar and Kuwait’s border with Iraq. His true crime articles have appeared in The New York Times, Marie Claire, Reader’s Digest and Penthouse. New York Times Bestselling author, Tess Gerritsen, says: “Rick Mofina’s tense taut writing makes every thriller he writes an adrenaline-packed ride.”

The International Thriller Writers, The Private Eye Writers of America and The Crime Writers of Canada have Rick Mofina’s books as being among the best in the world. His titles have been published in some 20 countries and have been praised by James Patterson, Dean Koontz, Michael Connelly, Lee Child, Tess Gerritsen, Jeffery Deaver, Sandra Brown, James Rollins, Brad Thor, Nick Stone, David Morrell, Allison Brennan, Heather Graham, Linwood Barclay, Peter Robinson, HÃ¥kan Nesser and Kay Hooper.

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Incursion (Taylor Neeran Chronicles Book 2)

by J J Mathews

A.D. 3485

Twenty-year-old Taylor Neeran is settling in to her new life on the forest planet called Aeden, but all is not well in paradise. She has sent messages off to the stars to let the crew know she is alive, and hopes that one day her mother and the crew will return. She has also transmitted details about the Illiya and the exotic wonders of the planet to the crew of the Zanzibar and the University, but others have intercepted her messages.

A ship arrives bearing comforts of home, and a terrible secret. When the visitors’ true purpose is revealed, Taylor finds herself fighting to defend her new home alongside unexpected allies.

Trapped on an alien planet ten thousand light years from Earth, Taylor will soon bear witness to the fate of Aeden as the planet is engulfed in a war they have no hope of winningâ?¦

Beasts: Beginning of the End

by Ana Levley

The future seems beautiful in the World Collective. This nation exists 1,000 years from now and is the perfect utopiaâ?¦ or so it seems. A deadly truth lies underneath the dome force field that is chilling. Atlia, a member of the World Collective, discovers the truth when she is wrongly accused for her father’s murder. She was one of the prospective leaders until she is framed for the crime of telecide – murdering her father via his telegraphic, an advanced biotechnology. Once she finds out the truth, she has two choices: (1) to tear down the only world she knew or (2) go back and forget what she learned. Will she bring the truth to light or bury it deep within the fake utopia that the World Collective exudes?

“I have smiled, laughed, marveled, fell in lasting love, and faced momentary despair along side her characters as I experience their lives unfold in the words. “
-C.L. Hogan, writer, advanced editor, and fan

“OMG! Reading Beasts I had a hard time putting it down! When I read the first three paragraphs the hair on the back of my neck was standing up!”
-LivShakti – avid reader

One Dinosaur One Bullet

by Dane Hatchell

In the near future, the synthesization of dark matter makes time travel a reality. Dan Webber and his son guide wealthy hunters 100 million years back into the Jurassic Period where Tyrannosaurs rule and Velociraptors scavenge. New understandings of physics alleviate the once-honored fear of altering the future by new actions committed in the past. But when an anomaly interferes with the time machine’s programming, Dan and the others find themselves in a life-threatening situation no one has prepared for!

Paying homage to the SF classics A Gun for Dinosaur by L. Sprague de Camp and A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury, One Dinosaur One Bullet pits six time travelers against vicious dinosaurs in the prehistoric past. One Dinosaur One Bullet is a novella 22,000 words long, available at this time for the special price of .99 cents.

The secret of the «Philosopherâ??s Stone». The answer. Rosette Stone and Quantum Physics: briefly about interesting

by Ulybyshev Vladimir Aleksandrovich

My book (in different Google translations) which you can find on

Wake Up, O Sleeper (Wake Up, O Sleeper Trilogy Book 1)

by Jed Wright

Jack Wilson found himself riding in the back of a pickup truck wondering how everything could have gone so wrong. He looked up the road and caught a glimpse of the strange, enclosed city looming in the distance. His father had agreed to leave the safety of their secluded cabin in the mountains and travel hundreds of miles with him to try and find Lori. It had been over two years since he saw her last. Jack loved her desperately but had no idea how she felt toward him. They had prepared for months, planning out every detail–or so he had thought. Now Jack’s father was dead, the plan was totally shot, and he was making it up as he went along with his life in the balance. He had four days to infiltrate the city, find Lori, and escape before he would surely be discovered and killed. He couldn’t have dreamed how the next four days and a mysterious letter from his father would forever change his life. Wake Up, O Sleeper is a page-turning thrill ride that you won’t be able to put down. The shocking ending will leave you asking: ‘Am I awake or asleep?’

Safe Haven – Rise of the RAMs: Book 1 of the Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Horror series

by Christopher Artinian

From the multi-award-winning author Christopher Artinian, comes the first book of the post-apocalyptic zombie series people are calling, “Gripping”, “fast paced and full of action”, “very realistic”, “captivating”, “inventive”, and “emotional”.

The planet has succumbed to a monstrous virus. Those who die from the infection return as savage predators hell-bent on spreading the virus to the rest of the human population. The UK and Ireland are the last hold-outs, but when the infrastructure supporting their self-imposed quarantine collapses, it’s everyone for themselves.

Mike Fletcher and his sister Emma live in Leeds. With the city’s streets overrun by the dead, their only option is to flee. They take their younger siblings and set off to find their last remaining relative in the far north-west of Scotland.

As they travel north they encounter other survivors – but who can they trust? Their terrifying journey will require them to confront horrors both human and inhuman, in the outside world and within themselves. Will they ever find a safe haven?

The Children of the Future: A paranormal sci-fi thriller and mystery ghost story from Cornwall

by P. A. Moran

When a young girl in his care falls victim to mind control and is kidnapped by a rich and powerful, psychopathic occultist, John Angel has to act fast to find and rescue her.
But Angel has a dilemma. Where does he start and who does he trust and listen to? A bunch of persistent schoolchildren with extraordinary brain powers? The Authorities who are happy to use the girl as bait? Or a ghost that’s been haunting him, who has its own agenda and demands a heavy price? Can he even trust himself or dare risk his own children?
A dark fast-paced, magical and thrilling, paranormal road trip around the rugged coast and moors of the ancient mystical borderlands of Cornwall.

Riven: The Bad Rescue of Devon Streeter

by B.C. Johnson

Devon’s a teenage medic. Bloom’s a wannabe gunslinger. Just two best friends hanging at the end of the world.

When Earth and another world smashed together, everything went sideways. Some people survived, some inhumans too, and they all made for bad neighbors. Fighting for scraps on the face of a changed world, Devon and Bloom have to face alien magic, inhuman monsters, and the inescapable fact that the Merge is going to change them. Deviate them into . . . something else.

But when circumstance flings Devon and Bloom apart, can they find each other across the wild wastelands?

Will they recognize each other when they do?

Good Sister, Bad Sister (Heart of the Staff Book 1)

by Carol Marrs Phipps

Sometimes, the people closest to you can cause the greatest harm…
Magic. Hidden Agendas. Supernatural Creatures. Sibling Rivalry.

Enter the Kingdom of Niarg in the first book of the Heart of the Staff Series, a fantasy adventure collection by husband and wife writing team, Carol Marrs Phipps and Tom Phipps.

“What I loved about this story was the author’s magical ability to transport me through time into a believable world that felt like long ago.”

Minuet Dewin, eldest daughter of the wizard Razzmorten, practically raised her half sister Leeuh, who was abandoned by her mother.

For many years, Minuet is Leeuh’s passionate champion. As time passes, Leeuh becomes increasingly hard to defend as she grows determined to be awful at every turn.

Whilst undoing her dangerous pranks, Minuet finds herself the target of her hatred and jealousy. And when they fall for the same prince, it looks like war.

One day, Leeuh vanishes. She returns years later, compliant and sweet as she always should have been. Minuet is stunned.

Should she trust her, or will it be the very death of her?

Zenketsu no Heishi: Omni-Blood Soldier (Zenketsu Series Book 1)

by Haley Shepard

In the aftermath of a chaotic series of events colloquially known as “The Collapse” and the millennium following, a lone city has been sealed off from the world. Ciel, the last known bastion of the once-great republic known as the United States, is surrounded on all sides by enemies known as the “Shepard’s Children”. This loosely organized militia of religious fanatics swept across much of the country, seizing control of everything in their path.

But, an idealist stood between the Shepard’s Children and the city of Ciel. Using the philosophy of escalation, the idealist climbed quickly to the top of the ladder and kicked it over; by creating a technology so powerful, it is said to give its bearers the power of the gods.

Now the gods have an impenetrable kingdom and all of the power in the world. In so doing, though, the city of Ciel has fallen into stagnation, and humanity’s drive for progress has ground to a halt. With the complacency so abundant in the city, something must change, and break the trance of safety which humanity has fallen into before something worse shatters the same.

Sometimes, that something is little more than a little girl.

Seneca Rebel (The Seneca Society Book 1)

by Rayya Deeb

What if your one chance to change the world means you have to leave everything you love behind?

In the not-too-distant future, math genius Doro Campbell is introduced to the Seneca Society: a secretive, technologically-advanced subterranean utopia dedicated to inventing and perfecting the most effective ways to benefit our planet.

But there’s a hitch. Like all that have come before her, Doro is given the ultimatum: Stay in Seneca forever, or leave now with no memory of the place, its goals, and its inhabitants.

She stays.

Her ideals are shattered when, together with biotechnology whiz, Dominic Ambrosia, Doro uncovers profound deceptions beneath the surface of this all too-perfect community.

Will one teenage girl have what it takes to go up against swarms of drones, psychological manipulation and biological attacks, to uncover the truth and change the trajectory of the world?

Mystery Quest.

by Dominique Freeman

Hulk frowned. Hulk knew Cap. Hulk liked Cap. Cap brought Hulk many things to smash. Cap showed Hulk how to stomp on tickle toys. But now Hawk man was trying to take away Hulk’s toys. Hulk growled at Barton and went back to demolishing any trace of the enemy drones.

“I can’t get Hulk to listen, Tony,” Clint said helplessly.

Hulk might listen to Iron Man, because Bruce trusted Tony; but Tony couldn’t leave. He was scanning the mountain of dirt for Cap, trying to filter out the interference from all the smashed and sputtering drones.

“Leave it to me,” Thor told Iron Man. He spun Mjolnir and launched himself into the air toward the Hulk.

“But Hulk doesn’t even like you,” Tony muttered. Of course, his mutter carried clearly over the comms, but Thor only smiled. He was counting on that.

The thunder god landed beside the archer. “Forget him, friend Barton,” Thor said. “We don’t need him to help our captain. I can dig twice as fast as the Hulk.”

Hulk heard the boast and roared his displeasure. “Hulk dig!”

Thor winked at Clint, then scooped him up and flew back to Tony with the Hulk pursuing angrily.

The brilliant AI Jarvis had located Captain America, several yards beneath what seemed to be loose dirt and sand. The rising water was not an old memory plaguing Cap, but a real threat. The explosion had fractured the solid rock between the subterranean tunnel and the ocean. Rising seawater was filling the cracks and turning the dirt to freezing liquid mud.

Iron Man began digging straight toward their trapped commander, but the dirt kept falling back into the hole. Thor sprang to his right, Mjolnir twirling like a digging machine. Dirt sprayed backwards in a steady fountain. Hulk shouldered Iron Man out of the way on the left and began digging like a dog, his shovel-like hands flinging great mounds behind him between his legs. Tony switched to shoring up the sides of their makeshift tunnel, blasting the ceiling and sides, fusing the dirt and sand into a thick wall of glass that prevented more dirt from falling. But it was a fragile roof and he had to keep an eye on it, patching it whenever the violent motions of his two digging machines threatened to crack it.

Remnants (Remnants Saga Book 1)

by Stacy Xavier

Nations lie shattered and cities are desolate shells after the worst tragedy the world has ever seen. Following the illness that decimated Earth’s population, pockets of survivors seek to rebuild civilization. But even in the wake of so much death, tyrants and dictators like Stefan Novick seek to consolidate power and rule the world’s struggling inhabitants using terror and cruelty. Desperate to save the remnants left behind, Rob Hale leads a band of renegades to oppose the rising darkness.

The Prologue, Part 1: The Exile of Dulfo (The Telling of Two Worlds, Vol. 1)

by Michael Franchetti

Please enjoy the newly repackaged and edited “The Exile of Dulfo”, a split prologue of my exciting series, “The Telling of Two Worlds”
“The Telling of Two Worlds: The Prologue, Part 1 – The Exile of Dulfo”
The Dwelg, or the living trees as they were called by their fellow inhabitants of Sanista, descended into the mountains over four thousand years ago and have been quite content to stay there. While in their isolation they built a great city they called the Great Dwelg City, which was divided into three layers. Dulfo, a professor within the middle layer of the Great Dwelg City, called Neirgh, desires to be the first to leave the city and explore the world of Sanista.
Coming Soon:
“The Telling of Two Worlds: The Prologue, Part 2 – The Rise of O.C.N.A.R”

Center of Magic (The Source Triliogy Book 1)

by J.S. Fields

Thirty years ago a spell was cast that exploded the magic in those who wielded the power and millions were consumed by fire. Countries and Governments that had grown dependent on wizards for the new arms race were left floundering and confused. Tensions rose and bled into World War III, and the world was broken by the global bombardment. Magic was thought lost forever.

Reese, a young girl, knows the stories and the lore. She has grown comfortable with life in the miles of caverns that make up Mammoth Cave. When Tereo, a wise traveler, arrives to weave a tale of fantasy and fact, the pulse inside her screams out that she is meant for more.

Tereo knows that Reese is the only one that can help him perform an unimaginable task. Together, with her cousin Erik and her friend, Emily, the team departs to move the Center of Magic.

Dangers, both magical and mundane assault them from all sides. New faces and allies find them, while betrayal lurks close. Can they accomplish their goal before the gathering evil finds the Center of Magic and destroys what’s left of their world?

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